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  1. HijackThis Thread
  2. constant pop ups - winantivirus
  3. Hjt Log Help Please
  4. I have a weird icon on my toolbar that keeps flashing
  5. XP Support: Virus [Moved from Windows]
  6. Spyware Infection
  7. I have a red Biohazed sign on my desktop with popup windows.
  8. 1.reg virus again :(
  9. Constant IE pop ups...problem is, i use Firefox
  10. Win32.Reson
  11. I just want to cry
  12. [SOLVED] what is WebIQEngineSetup.exe
  13. Ultimate Defender, yourprivacyguard - HiJack - log included
  14. DSS wont complete-viruses,trojan downloaders and popups
  15. popups; Trj/Downloader.OZB, Generic Malware, Trj/Downloader.PCQ
  16. Possible Trojan - PLS Help!
  17. Security Toolbar 7.1 Virsus Plus Spyware
  18. Somethings knocking my printer offline and sapping my speed.
  19. Auto Restarts-Slow-Spooldr.sys
  20. SiteAdv.exe multiplying, multiple programs not loading
  21. constant popups and browser hijacking (vundo?) vtsts.dll awtqpqr.dll ststv.ini
  22. slimsay's thread
  23. Think I'm all clean now. Would like to double check, posting latest Hijackthis log.
  24. SVChost.exe eating up CPU on 1 core - NOT update process
  25. help with hijack this, please
  26. Constant popups gone, but PC full of spyware (Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent found)
  27. No incons, start button or anything logged in as Admin
  28. Vista takes about 4 minutes to start every time...
  29. Trojan Suspicion
  30. Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  31. Trojan Loosky, First Hi-jack-this user.
  32. inefected by mIRC/ Momma.565505 or something, from Win ME support
  34. backdoor.hupigon, comp slowdown, broken Firefox
  35. Several Viruses Including Trojan/Downloader and Trojan/Galgar.DY
  36. Machine Slow Down and Popups galore
  37. netadv.dll
  38. multi site trojan/search-daily problem
  39. Random Browser Hijack and popup notice...
  40. pc very slow, multiple trojans/malware, hijackthis log
  41. winantispyware removal - impossile
  42. WinAntiSpyware malware - Kraigers's laptop
  43. Holy WOW!! Nothing gets rid of this ad/spyware!
  44. Need a binary shotgun for Trojan.Vundo
  45. Adaware SE crashes and computer restarts
  46. Spyware Problems... HELP!
  47. WinAntiVirusPro - 5 steps completed
  48. Need help with my comp.
  49. Help I don't understand this log
  50. Technicolor screen, Popups, Error messages running programs, random programs starting
  51. HijackThis Log - Virtumonde virus
  52. Computer constantly freezing
  53. Repeat pop-ups "Pigeon PP" with AOL
  54. First time user in need of help.
  55. Some Malware
  56. Flash Drive Hidden Data.
  57. Remoteaccess:win32/GhostRadmin
  58. Possible Boot Sector Virus
  59. rightonads pop-up
  60. [SOLVED] Combofix Log - Suspected major problems with computer
  61. whataboutadog and add-ons?
  62. Printer.exe, stdole32.exe, administrator restrictions
  63. Possible Infection
  64. trojan.w32.looksky, Forced adaware, Browser hijacking, Desktop background change auto
  65. AproposMedia is killing me!
  66. Warning! Potential Spyware Operation
  67. Some Pop Ups/Routine Check
  68. Can only run in safe mode
  69. spyware help
  70. PC Infection!!
  71. Unable to remove MailSkinner from registry
  72. Hi system running frustratingly slow
  73. spyware secure i think
  74. LSPfix?
  75. iexplorer.exe and svchost.exe - Application Error
  76. Trojans? Problems with jun.exe files
  77. Please help with this Hijackthis log, new to the forum
  78. Need help with virus and spyware removal [moved from Security]
  79. Computer totally infected. Please check Hijack log and see if I missed anything?
  80. iexplore.exe(possible browser hijacker)
  81. help with trojan horse
  82. Constant lagging. Fake "Windows Security Alert" message
  83. Your Privacy Is In Danger spyware problem
  84. antivir gear
  85. RUNDLL problems on start up :(:( please helppppp
  86. Can't Access Certain Web-Sites
  87. WinAntiSpyware malware
  88. [SOLVED] Constant virus & trojan warnings
  89. uninstalled Comcast, desktop files disappeared!
  90. I have problems with IE and the search
  91. I have two files that constantly try to add themselves to startup
  92. Frequent CPU 100% usage jump while idle
  93. Unable to access certain websites and slow internet
  94. Malware: AV Killer Trojan
  95. softwarereferral pop ups and windowsupdate failure
  96. [SOLVED] friends computer slow,, found infections,, hijack log
  97. Persistent popups
  98. I need help
  99. Not sure what is wrong
  100. [SOLVED] Viral cleanup help needed. - win32/zotob-g
  101. Constant Pop Ups, WinAntiVirus, Broadcaster
  102. can't change desktop background
  103. ieaklog.dll infected...(s-1-5-18) account still affecting PC
  104. computer running very slow.have no idea what it could be.thanks
  105. Computer runs slow and browser won't connect
  106. First Log
  107. Lots of Pop Ups
  108. Web Buying pop ups
  109. Basically my computer is riddled with some sort of adware
  110. Hi jackthis close explorer or IE ... Please help !
  111. I need help with ZapChast.reg trojan
  112. Back again--new virus found--PLEASE HELP
  113. nest o' mess on daughter's computer
  114. winh32.exe problems
  115. Comp sluggish at times
  116. [SOLVED] IE7 homepage resets to "about:blank"
  117. can someone look at my hijackthis log?
  118. constant popups -Trojan.w32.looksky
  119. Supposedly, I Have a Trojan!!!! Please Help!
  120. help me please
  121. WinAble virus?
  122. [SOLVED] Problem with Megaclick?
  123. I want to kill my brother in law
  124. Tired of My Junked up Computer
  125. Virus - Malware Infection!!!
  126. Another whataboutarabit problem
  127. My Log. Lots of problems. :)
  128. Computer bogged down, I've completed the 5 steps
  129. Trojan-PSW.Win32.OnLineGames.aim
  130. IE Problems Adware Malware from Don't Know Where
  131. Someone is in my System
  132. Constant Pop-ups - TROJAN.W32.LOOKSKY
  133. Anything wrong here?
  134. Handmedown mess!
  135. Malware help re:Trojan.W32.Looksy
  136. Nasty prog
  137. Cleaning up my system. HJT log inside.
  138. slow running computer
  139. Task bar and desktop icons come and go every few seconds!
  140. Explorer.exe major problems - HJT logfile included here.
  141. whataboutarabit, whataboutadog
  142. Icon affecting virus
  143. random popups(winactive?), tried many solutions, doing final check.
  144. related to ongoing thread in XP forum
  145. popups - tracking101
  146. continual pop-ups, can't use internet exp.
  147. Computer resources being used up too fast
  148. Just having this checked
  149. Administrator Rights Removed- Hijack This Log
  150. [SOLVED] XP slow and freezing up
  151. Multiple spyware - returning donor - will donate again!
  152. virus protect pro and pop ups
  153. Panda Log for Ried's review
  154. Check my log please
  155. Winantivirus and related PUP adware spyware issues. 5 steps completed
  156. Deckard System Scan What To Do Now
  157. heres my hijack this log I downloaded a please help
  158. trying for the last 3 days but cannot delete startup entries, keep coming back. HELP
  159. Pop up system alert to buy new antispyware
  160. Hijackthis Query!! Need Clarification!
  161. Right clicking disabled on Start Menu & etc
  162. something called w32 trojen
  163. HiJacked - please help
  164. sucure your pc malware
  165. PC Froze with Virus
  166. IE automatically opens another window
  167. new here and need help
  168. Malware Detected - HJT Log
  169. System32 Error codes, Please Help
  170. click on C:/ on my comp. got msg from AVG
  171. Lost Control Panel
  172. Task Manager & Registry Editing Disabled
  173. tk58.exe & func.exe are ruining my cyber life!
  174. [SOLVED] NTRootKit-J!rootkit - recurring detection problem
  175. I need to get rid of WinAntiVirus
  176. Follow up on the thread: virus pb (or so I think...)
  177. Trojans detected but not deleted.
  178. Constant Pop-Ups and Running Very Slow
  179. Think I got a bug, Hijack Log and Activescan Log
  180. Help -- very HiJacked...
  181. Exploit-ByteVerify Trojan and SpywareQuake
  182. Rbot-YB? Have popups & Keeps changing IE properties
  183. Windows Messenger-style hijack
  184. PC Infected with W32 Looksky malware Help needd pls
  185. Trojan infection/No Control Panel
  186. Virtumonde Detected
  187. Please help hijack log
  188. Need to get rid of whataboutarabit & whataboutadog...
  189. Hijack This (Deckard's) log help
  190. Lots of unwanted popups,
  191. (anyone?) HJT log and pop up hell after total restore
  192. Spyware/Malware/SOMETHING Steps 1-5 completed(kind of)
  193. Hijack this log, please help!
  194. constantly redirected
  195. tr/dldr.conhook.gen malware
  196. [SOLVED] PC takes 3 mins to boot min...
  197. please help with dss hijack
  198. Hijack this log
  199. Please Help Updating Problems
  200. Worm virus Problem
  201. Virtumonde virus?
  202. Ultimate Cleaner pop ups
  203. Fake virus alert pop-ups - Tk58.exe
  204. [SOLVED] Computer runs very slow and freezes. More detail inside.
  205. HijackThis Log & ComboFix report
  206. This operation has been cancelled due to restriction in effect on this computer...
  207. Computer won't boot to desktop
  208. Please help! HiJack This log attached
  209. whataboutarabit how to rid it
  210. Virtuemonde
  211. Save my Computer
  212. Adware problems
  213. qwintdmt.exe and brbr program
  214. Virtumonde. Please help me get rid of this insanely annoying virus
  215. Pop-ups and Trojan Worm
  216. Was informed DriveCleaner sign of malware
  217. Help! Same Virus as many others
  218. Hijacked--virus protect pro, [email protected]
  219. Please Help, Very Frustrated
  220. Unable to post info concerning browser hijacker
  221. Start-up errors after four steps finished
  222. [SOLVED] jump or redirected
  223. Bho [Moved from General Security]
  224. Slow...Winantivirus and others
  225. sinstod A / jeaajea.dll / heeeelp
  226. Error loading Explorer.exe
  227. trojan.w32.newmedia PLEASE HELP
  228. Please Help!!![moved from vista]
  229. [SOLVED] Trojan problem (smitfraud-c/zlob??) HJT log
  230. Poss. Trojan Horse - Qhost.gen
  231. USB memory stick infected, files inaccessible [Moved]
  232. Computer Slow Freezes and High Cpu
  233. Pop-ups
  234. Please Help
  235. pop-ups and sloooow internet.
  236. [SOLVED] Trojan.w32.looksky worm infected my com!
  237. Computer Cleanup
  238. PC #2: Slow Performance/10-minute Startup
  239. Your Privacy in Danger!
  240. Someone help me out please?
  241. Zedo infection, numerous pop-ups, slow system
  242. Pop-ups Page redirects and windows explorer issues
  243. Constant Pop-ups from CiD and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Obfuscated Trojan
  244. Please Help... Billions Of Popupups - Really Slow - Startup Takes 10 Minutes!!
  245. Spyware Help!!...
  246. really bad virus, please help
  247. spyware,malware
  248. Need help with CiD popups
  249. Spyware infection! maybe trojan.W32.looksky
  250. Trojan.w32.looksky