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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. [SOLVED] virus that tries to infect me with other malware
  2. Antivirus pop up message-W32/Dzan.a attack
  3. This computer is infected but it seems to work ok
  4. Browser running slow Win xp pro sp2
  5. Help, my computer has been hijacked!
  6. Malware-systemerrorfixer-my log from PandaSoftware
  7. Trojan Virus Help Please!
  8. Trojan.Zlob
  9. I have a Malware infection, please help.
  10. Hijack Log File - Clean but need help with something
  11. Unwanted Sys 32 files
  12. Please Help, Missing dll's,and uncontrollable popups
  13. WinAble and other goodies... Help? HJT logfile
  14. Slow moving but see no problems
  15. [SOLVED] Audio Hijacker
  16. Weird Hanging Problem
  17. Help understanding HiJackThis log
  18. Impossible Trojans! Obfustat, Sheur, and Generic5...Help please
  19. HJT Help! : Problems in post!
  20. Suspected Browser Hijacking
  21. Constant Popups - Trojano-2873, Agent-NMX, Small-IKZ, Dialer-gen, PurityScan, Adloade
  22. Problem with Services.msc, Connecting to Network and more
  23. on parents computer Help!
  24. Viruses, Trojans, and Spywares, oh my!
  25. Have lost control of computer..!!..
  26. TTC-4444.EXE + tk58.exe + 83122.exe Problems (with DSS)
  27. Trojan.Win32.Dialer.qn and more
  28. Your Privacy Is In Danger spyware problem my log
  29. VirusWebProtect infection
  30. something nasty has crawled in Hijack log
  31. Popups, Worm.Win32.Netsky
  32. Red Biohazard infection, popups and IE jumps
  33. Prob with malware, spyware and trojans.
  34. Trojan.Vundo and Adware.Ezula pop-ups and more!
  35. Help I can't do nothing except in Safe Mode
  36. red dot in toolbar '' activity is being recorded ''.
  37. Software Referral redirects and bogus alerts
  38. [SOLVED] RUNDLL error in windows
  39. Persistent Malware/Trojan
  40. Vundo first, now Panda finds 7 malware files
  41. Desktop background vanishes, sound bite turns on - Windows XP, SP2
  42. system tray notification says malware is installed, also, lots of popups
  43. win32/Small.gen!z - pls help remove
  44. Weird "can't find file" message on startup, viruses not deleting or healing
  45. Hijackthis log, please help!!
  46. [SOLVED] unauthorized "guest user" ??
  47. xpdx.sys (killer virus)[moved from xp]
  48. Exploit MS06-014 Trojan
  49. cyberlog-x, [email protected], [email protected] and many of their cousins; Helppp!!
  50. Hit big time, how can you be sure you're clean?
  51. "online security guide" and "live safety center" deckard log here
  52. [SOLVED] spyware or malware help
  53. pop-ups logintracking101...redirects
  54. Trojan horse downloader. generic6.SJK
  55. Constant Pop-ups: critical system warning, [email protected]
  56. BioHazard Screen Hijack - Steps 1 thru 5 Comlete
  57. htepo virus
  58. Help Please!!!
  59. Infected & Clueless
  60. "Critical Systems Error" message
  61. HJT Log for frustrating and puzzling malware
  62. VirtuMonde, ConHook, and Popuper: I can't get rid of 'em!
  63. marina_bcn's thread
  64. Computer running terribly slow
  65. infection HELP
  66. [SOLVED] Spyware/Malware/Adware
  67. [SOLVED] unable to clean virus and malware
  68. Yellow triangle in system tray!!!
  69. Hijack this Log / Help
  70. Everything has gotten painfully slow on my XP destop
  71. Slowing Down and Popups -HELP!
  72. Google Search Over Taken
  73. Malware/Virus Problem ("Live Safety Center/Online Security Guide")
  74. Explore opening new browser and tracking me
  75. Please Help! [email protected];; Spyware cyberlog-X; Malware thr
  76. Trojan in Colbac.dll
  77. As instructed in another thread, here's my logs.
  78. Evil Blinky Taskbar Thing!
  79. Malware
  80. c5.zedo HELP
  81. Keep getting spyware messages
  82. Is Something Blocking My DSL Connection?
  83. Slow when clicking buttons that redirects [Hijack this help please]
  84. Highjack This log. Please help!!!
  85. WinAble virum problem
  86. Different infections, XP
  87. weird pop ups help!!!!!
  88. Numerous Spyware and Virus Attacks. Vundo
  89. Add/Remove Program buttons missing
  90. 'Windows' malware messages
  91. Computer Running Slow
  92. MSN Album Virus: Hijack This Help
  93. Spyguard Pro invaded my computer!
  94. Please help have picked up malware and can't get rid of it
  95. Tagasaurus, ABetterInternet & Omniture
  96. PC Is Infected Big Time
  97. Trojan? Malware? Sulimo.dat
  98. MalWare Infection: "Your Privacy is in Danger" threat
  99. virus (Moved from Windows XP)
  100. vundo and limewire problems
  101. Need Help With Trojan Horse Delf.CLR
  102. Vundo trojan
  103. Vista Dragging
  104. virus & spyware pop-ups... HJT log included, please help!
  105. AVG found a trojan.
  106. LOTS of Nastys
  107. help i've got viruses and adware
  108. Hijackthis Log - Constant Popups, Can't Delete pmkjj.dll, Help?
  109. Google redirection in IE6 - trojan?
  110. func.js + TTC-4444.EXE + tk58.exe Issues (DSS Provided)
  111. Vundo
  112. Multiple issues: pop-up ad, website redirecting, blocking access to areas of computer
  113. No AV for a while, random shutdowns, etc
  114. Adware-Mirar... popups, dummy spyware alerts
  115. I got the PCsecuritylab/antispy storm malware.
  116. constant ads for malware software, warning n desktop, and no access to task manager
  117. Program in taskbar giving me trouble
  118. Virus, possible Tesllar?
  119. Pop-ups, slowness, windows taken over, and strange programs
  120. STILL Extremely infected after ALL THAT!!
  121. PC Security Lab Pop Ups
  122. help please
  123. MuZu's hijackthis log
  124. I think Firefox has been hijacked...
  125. Problem with show hidden files
  126. Constant [email protected] PSW.x-Vir trojan
  127. novice needs help - computer crashes, shuts down internet,
  128. computer crashes/virus
  129. My computer has some infections as per the Internet Explorer Forum
  130. Need help with gomyhit & avsystemcare spyware
  131. Corrected Adclicker-fc data Help
  132. [SOLVED] Newbe w/Log
  133. Very slow system and security toolbar V7.1
  134. Several Hack Tools, Malware, and Spyware have been detected on my system.
  135. Unwanted Hijacker, security warnings, ect...
  136. Can't access control panl, task manager , big mess
  137. Re: Suspect Malware Interdns.exe/MicerDNS - Dimension PC - Need Help Cleaning
  138. Here are my results after using the self help malware removal
  139. Red background wallpaper,"Your Privacy is in Danger"
  140. Only boot in safe mode
  141. Spyware, Virus problems.
  142. computer has slowed down significantly
  143. system performance monitor,security alert-spyware found
  144. missing users
  145. mal/hckpk-a and winavxx.exe help
  146. Any help with this?
  147. Help Please. I have the Cyberlog-X virus need to get rid of it.
  148. Your Privacy Guard malware
  149. Your Privacy Guard Malware
  150. spyware/virus from
  151. nssfrch tool bar
  152. Generic Trojans and AntiVirGear (icmntr.exe infected)
  153. help me remove "nssfrch add on"
  154. Regsistry scan worries...
  155. Help removing multiple viruses
  156. [SOLVED] Computer crashes, svchost.exe problem
  157. Random popups
  158. MailBomber.F issue (HJT & PandaScan logs incl.)
  159. svchests.exe
  160. Myzor virus
  161. lost
  162. Spyware and virus removal
  163. HiJackThis Log
  164. yourprivacyguard malware
  165. Linking to wrong webpages
  166. SECURITYONPAGE.COM ~ sitypnow
  167. Another "whataboutadog" victim
  168. whataboutadog
  169. Please Help- annoying pop-ups in IE
  170. Hi all..Help with hijackthis log...pls...
  171. HELP!!! Cid popups..
  172. Constant 'Fatal Error' and 'Critical Alert' Spyware Pop Ups.
  173. Unwanted popups
  174. Live Safety Center and Online Security Guide icons Trojan
  175. unknown 04 start up ?
  176. HijackThis log/email Virus
  177. Suspect Malware Interdns.exe/MicerDNS - Need Help Cleaning
  178. Last one for sUBs! Laptop - onlinegames.gen
  179. HJT report for [email protected] & TJ/BX
  180. constant pop-ups - trojan? worm?
  181. I have followed the 5 steps!!!!!
  182. HijackThis Log
  183. Check-up from Oklahoma
  184. Need help. :(
  185. help me admin been takenover
  186. Vista freezes after startup[moved from vista ]
  187. Help against virus: Backdoor flood
  188. downloader-bew troubles
  189. random internet sites popping up
  190. 9 virus, 2 hack tool, 12 spywares (pandascan) help please
  191. Please Help
  192. Another victim!
  193. PC slow with many popups
  194. Possible Malware/Spyware/Trojan: Internet & Computer Slow Down
  195. BBBBBBB Virus/Malware
  196. Re-install Operating System on Compaq Presario
  197. Hijackers getting on my nerves.
  198. Some kind of virus
  199. Cannot Boot System After Finding Trojan (2)
  200. res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll/navcancl.htm# and more.
  201. Weird Problem
  202. Please help with Hijackthis scan
  203. World of Warcraft Keylogger
  204. some issues
  205. dog info.exe
  206. PSW x-Vir trojan
  207. Trojan - webassist.dll & more
  208. help removing trojan and adware
  209. Damn Winforms.dll ! - For sUBs
  210. computer shuts self off....
  211. help with huijackthis log
  212. IE inoperable
  213. W32.Myzor.FK virus
  214. Winable and Other Problems
  215. Microsoft Visual C ++
  216. Spyware on my XP laptop. Need Help
  217. Persistent Virus Issues
  218. computer so slow it is hardly working
  220. [SOLVED] Attacked by netadv, and spywere popups,- DSS file ouutput attached. HELP
  221. firefox starts automatically
  222. IE popups not going away!
  223. New IE windows hang for 3-10 minutes then work great
  224. Pop-ups, Hijackthis log file
  225. Malware has taken over! Hijackthis logfile follows..
  226. Multiple serious problems...
  227. System32 folder's in quarantine - Log
  228. howaboutadog
  229. onlinegames.gen & heuri-e
  230. Internet / Windows explorer won't run
  231. Trojans, popups galore--response time awful
  232. CTRL ALT DLT won't come up, certain websites load slower
  234. AVG found Worm VB.SO
  235. System idle process high CPU usage, error protector popup,
  236. Lots of issues
  237. Ultimate Cleaner/Defender problems_2
  238. Need help with Virus.
  239. [SOLVED] Malware infection - HijackThis Log Help
  240. All Apps close immediately, help please.
  241. She could be right...
  242. another google redirecting virus issue
  243. Constant Pop-ups
  244. netadv.dll
  245. Avira showing a Vundo.Gen
  246. GOOGLE search problems
  247. How to remove Email-Worm.Win32.Rays
  248. three minute wait for IE to load
  249. Constant popups in IE 6 and Firefox 2
  250. Motherload virus(es)