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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Popups, Weird IE start-up homepage
  2. Panda Active results no infection - but still mass e-mails are being sent
  3. Urgent Help: Privacy Protector Malware
  4. Help me get rid of this virus please!!!!!!!!!
  5. Despirate need of help getting rid of whatever it is I've got
  6. Tons of Pop-ups, keyboard issues
  7. "Is this you?" Virus from MSN. Please Help!
  8. Constant popups; Many labeled Zedo
  9. Help getting rid of Malware
  10. WIN32:TratBHO virus I can't get rid of it
  11. Unexplained popup windows.
  12. Command/outerinfo problem
  13. HELP with a Trojan.
  14. on start pop says i have a trojan- also csrs.exe help needed
  15. Computer has desktop popups
  16. Pop-up on IE had to switch to mozilla to avoid it
  17. 'Downloader' virus? Help help help!!
  18. [SOLVED] IE malware/!
  19. Threat detected: vtstt.dll / Virtumonde / Lop virus?
  20. zlclient/nod32.exe is not a valid Win32 application, and more...
  21. [SOLVED] Help needed
  22. Flashing Taskbar and Desktop Icons
  23. Malware infection
  24. Pop-up problems and some annoying temps..
  25. Windows XP SP2, IE pop-up problem
  26. Rootkit.agent is changing my security on internet and networks
  27. zlob.dnschanger.rtk virus
  28. Lots of Weird Viruses/Malware Popping Up Lately
  29. Winupdate?
  30. Please I need help getting rid of spyware
  31. Riddled computer
  32. Unable to access
  33. PopupHidden?
  34. davebusch's logfile
  35. Multiple infections
  36. [SOLVED] Virus ridden PC needs some TLC
  37. Connection Problems
  38. Older PC Infected with AWOLA, Please Help
  39. Need Help
  40. Spyware/Virus Help
  41. Vundo?
  42. Unknown Files
  43. command service, please help
  44. Win32:Alphabet-P [Trj] keeps appearing every minute... have deckards scan
  45. Serious Malware Problem - Popups/Virus
  46. Need Help With Malwarecrush Plz!
  47. Win32:Spyware-gen [Trj]
  48. Worm.win32.netsky
  49. Hijacked, Virus, and more...
  50. Dell/Google redirect page
  51. [SOLVED] dropper.agent.dgo
  52. HiJack This Report SDODOM
  53. smitfraud c.coreservices removal
  54. Strange Reg Entry
  55. Problems with task manager, dos prompt and pop up
  56. Random pop-ups from Internet explorer, but I use Mozilla Firefox
  57. Besieged by IE Popups
  58. Malware is ruining my comp.! PLEASE help me by looking at my HJT log!
  59. Registry and Spyware Issues
  60. Multiple Spyware Issues
  61. Please - Take Pity on Me, I'm a Desperate Man
  62. Hijackthis log
  63. Continuous popups on Mozilla & IE
  64. Problem with PopUps and windows closing
  65. windows has just recovered from a serious disorder
  66. Malware attack - Win-XP - privacy.securepccleaner
  67. WIN32:TratBHO virus won't go away -help
  68. MSN virus via convo window - looking to clean up!
  69. Unknown processes, mrofinu572.exe, scanregw.exe, help!!
  70. Virus, spyware, adware problems on my laptop
  71. CiD pop-ups - done the 5 steps!
  72. [SOLVED] Smithfraud, Virtumonde
  73. C:\\WINDOWS\\privacy_danger
  74. smitfraud-c.coreservice -- constant popups
  75. "Internet Speed Monitor" pop-ups Please Help!!
  76. Help Ie Problem
  77. Browser redirect/jump
  78. very slow startup
  79. PlEASE HELP ME read hijack log
  80. Google Redirects, no sending email, slow system!
  81. Virus/Trojan will not go away! Please help!
  82. Virus doesnt let me connect to internet with programs
  83. Winspy infected?
  84. Popup EXPLOSION. Viruses and junk.
  85. No Problems -- Just Want To Make Sure I'm Clean
  86. trojan zlob virus (i have log now)
  87. Unstoppable popups in both Mozilla and IE - previously Celldorado etc. now hard porn
  88. I need help - Smit Fraud, pop-ups, desktop background
  89. Bulk/Mass E-Mails being sent
  90. I can't believe my computer is this messed up.
  91. cws.svchost32 strikes again!
  92. comp probs
  93. Need Help geting rid of the ddcyv.exe
  94. Task mgr unavailable, cannot use regedit, cannot change background display etc
  95. Cant get rid of spyware, example Virtumonde
  96. Crazy mad popups/reduced comp speed!
  97. Definite malware - Windows desktop issues - cleaned some, need help for anything left
  98. Virii have taken over!!! Trojan downloader.win32.purityscan.fe
  99. jkhff.dll and other problems on start up
  100. Spyware ads - IE contant popups
  101. Spyware & adware
  102. help with c:\windows\system32\drivers\ntndis.exe
  103. IE opens by itself with ads
  104. Vundo infected -
  105. Constant popups tryint to direct to 'fake' spyware removers
  106. IE opens and Firefox redirects to Zipcodez
  107. rootkit.agent .... can't get rid of it .. PLS help
  108. Trojan rootkits and spyware
  109. Not-A-Virus.Adware.BHO
  110. IE Pops Up While Running Firefox
  111. Slow Computer and Popups
  112. Endless pop-ups & IE 7 tabs, trojans, & problems accessing file folders
  113. I have a Dowloader virus with lots of popups - please help
  114. Yet another VirusWebProtect infection
  115. Trojan found and cannot get it deleted
  116. TratBHO, CTX, Trojan-gen, Agent-HIV, help please.
  117. internet explorer opens by itself, plz help
  118. Pop Up Prob
  119. Error message [Moved from XP]
  120. HJT log -Is my pc clean?
  121. Fake Icons Appearing On Desktop Along With Other Problems
  122. Google search redirect
  123. Posted Logs-need Spyware Removal Help
  124. Constant popups & Internet Explorer stopped working boxs
  125. Suspect PC infection
  126. New programs unable to connect to the internet
  127. amvo0.dll
  128. Need help removing "mm27nov[1].exe", and other
  129. Need help - posting log file
  130. Very slow computer, pop-ups - Spybot not effective
  131. Pop ups and slow computer
  132. Constant pop-ups - Worm.Win32.Netsky
  133. Dropper.agent.dgo - startup errors (registry) + Vundo
  134. Pop ups - Win32/BaiduSobar or Win32/Henbang
  135. Trojan.Vundo found, occasional pop-ups
  136. Problem with pop-ups
  137. Reply to thread 'Win32/Fotomoto malware'
  138. Google hijack fix did not work
  139. Needing help since 1-3-08 Repost/Rescan PLEASE HELP
  140. C:\windows\windows32\awvvs.exe Trojan
  141. Vundo Adclicker removal assistiance logs attached
  142. Pop-ups keep coming !!!
  143. Assistance needed-TFRA/TFRC/TFR8
  144. My computer has been Hijacked
  145. avast! - trojans and suspicious messages
  146. vundo strikes again, help!
  147. Constant Popups - Virus's Found
  148. Continuous pop ups - Win32:Agent LVW(Trj) + CVE-2007-0038 found by AVAST
  149. Bad Malware infection - Spy-rid, InfeStop, Easy Spyware Cleaner
  150. Under Attack by Spyware
  151. Unable to attach anything to emails and keep getting popups/ads
  152. Malware Alarm/SpyHunter problem
  153. Pop-ups when starting IE or firefox
  154. Trojan Horse PSW.OnlineGames.IBA
  155. Constant spontaneous internet explorerer pop ups
  156. W32.HLLW.Gaobot.gen
  157. Completed 2/5 steps - please look over this and tell me what to do
  158. No spyware remover works. Check it out.
  159. Help with HijackThis log
  160. Computer running too slow
  161. AVSystemCare and Missing Control Panel
  162. AWOLA scareware help needed, Log posted inside.
  163. Internet explore opening popup adds at random
  164. constant pops, extremely slow
  165. Attempted epxonwo toolbar removal - 5 Steps: Posting of Logs
  166. Red flashing shield sending Security Alert! message
  167. Bogus Security popups
  168. ZlobDNSChanger - Redirects and PC Performance Problems
  169. search-daily hijack
  170. [SOLVED] Pop-Ups
  171. Malware Help Please!
  172. Slow System & Incessant Popups; regsvr32.exe + Outerinfo + Smitfraud-C.core + ???
  173. Please Help...check Hjt Log...
  174. Files-Secure has invaded [Moved from IE]
  175. Need help~~~ pc really dying =(
  176. Need pc cleanup help after some cleaning
  177. need help with log
  178. Constant pop-ups virtumonde?
  179. Restrictions on my computer please help!
  180. Re: Posted Logs-need Spyware Removal Help
  181. HijackThis Log - completed 5 steps
  182. HijackThis log plus NTRecycler folder too big
  183. malware (search-daily) need help
  184. Avast! found "W32:TratBHO [Trj]"
  185. Constant popups and redirects
  186. Hello
  187. IE7 screwed up by malware? virus obfustat.ADXW?
  188. Re: Can't remove "Securepccleaner"
  189. [SOLVED] Laptop With Malware
  190. XP Running Slow, IE Dragging, Misc Pop-Ups
  191. Constant popups/slow pc - Virtumonde infection
  192. Potential Infection - Unresponsive Computer
  193. Help Computer Is Dying
  194. flashing shield, alternates with blue question mark and red x, balloon pops up
  195. Re: I cannot get rid of Ping.exe - Vundo?
  196. slow pc,pop ups,spyware - kids again
  197. brdr end now issue Help!!
  198. perfs.exe, routing.exe - how do I get rid of them?
  199. Backdoor AHJ variant
  200. Constant Pop-Ups: Smitfraud-C.CoreService
  201. Think I have Virus?
  202. Very Slow Boot up and problems with IE
  203. Viruses Cause IE and Admin Problems
  204. Got infected with virtumode
  205. Unwanted Redirects - Zlob.DNSChanger.Rtk
  206. popups with htt://fp.pc-on-inter...
  207. Hijack this log help
  208. HiJack This Log File - Please HELP! CANNOT REMOVE vturo.dll
  209. ZlobDNSChanger Infection
  210. Awola Removal!!!!
  211. I keep randomly getting redirected to search daily website
  212. Suspected spyware - Constant pop-ups
  213. Constant pop-ups worm.win32.netsky
  214. Internet Speed Monitor Virus?
  215. hijack this log for laptop running vista
  216. Computer slow, IE won't open links properly
  217. Computer Freezes for no real reason
  218. Extremely annoying laggyness; possible virus?
  219. Im Stumped
  220. Constant Pop-ups from IE - HJT Log Review Please
  221. I need help to understand my Log.
  222. Brand new computer - running slowly with various pop-ups
  223. Constant program updates - originated with wr-1-77[1].exe
  224. trojan downloader
  225. Zlob.dnsChanger.RTK aaarghhhhh!!!
  226. HJT Log Check Please - Probable Trojan
  227. Internet Browser Not Loading Pages
  228. Vundo infection
  229. DSS log
  230. Problem with pop-up windows
  231. and other pop-ups
  232. Trojan.Dropper.Vundo.E plus...
  233. need to uninstall malware crush
  234. Windows Explorer abruptly rises and closes (Log enclosed and etc.)
  235. DMQHO.exe Trojan Infection
  236. started 17PHolmes572.exe, Netdde.exe - lots of IE pop up
  237. I have lots of problems, no icons, start bar help needed
  238. Pc tools finds virtumonde but vundo fix doesn't
  239. Need Help Please, Getting Popups and Buffer Overruns
  240. [Requesting Help] Constant Popups "rightonadz/adssite"
  241. McAfee -- Panda ActiveScan problems
  242. Trojans causing big problems - mllmm.dll/exe
  243. IE pop-ups in both Firefox and IE Explorer
  244. suspected malware problems
  245. Constant Pop ups
  246. [SOLVED] Trying To Remove "System Alert" Balloon That Directs To ""
  248. Can you help me please?
  249. Malware crush (im noob help)
  250. Spyware keeps on coming back also can't shutdown from the start menu it's not showing