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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Virus messing up my computer
  2. I.E keeps opening a blank page without clicking the ie symbol
  3. Generic - Stubborn Trojan
  4. search engine trouble
  5. Adware/Malware popups
  6. Constant pop-ups - Virtumonde
  7. Internet Explorer Errors
  8. Poblems with ad ware and Trojans
  9. S3 Cookingluck virus /pop up - need help
  10. IE hijacks and spyware ads
  11. Malware nightmare
  12. [SOLVED] virus- lop
  13. Dialer Help
  14. Win Xp SP2 problem with Virus and Malware pop-ups
  15. fp.pc-on-internet driving me up the wall!!!
  16. pop-ups, cannot get rid of virtrumonde, conhook. Cannot run DSS
  17. Constant Pop-Ups w/ IE, and occassional new tab opening in Firefox
  18. Spyware/Trojan
  19. Several virus have been detected but was unable to remove it.
  20. CiD adware infection removal
  21. Kaspersky constantly asks to block road wait.exe
  22. Trojan - consol.dll in windows system32
  23. Blue warning screen on desktop!!
  24. Generic dropper trojan returns after deletion - repeatedly
  25. Persistent Vundo
  26. My Yahoo! Messenger doesn't work because of Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger
  27. IM Virus/Spyware Issue
  28. Help! Lots of Spyware I believe
  29. Vundo Issues
  30. Spyware/Adware Infection
  31. Trojen.Vundo? Help
  32. POSxxx.tmp files, Vundo(?), computer running real slow. Requesting help.
  33. Constant Pop-ups, XP running slow
  34. Virus trouble
  35. Megaclick redirect problem...PLEASE HELP!
  36. ruggling with speed..
  37. Fake alerts from ("Your computer may be running a risk" etc)
  38. Help think I have a netsky
  39. Avast detected Bravesentry!!! HJT log help...
  40. [SOLVED] Help my computer is running slow!
  41. Help with browser hijacker
  42. HJT help please
  43. Trojan Lop.4.F help, log inside!
  44. Trojan Issues - Routing.exe, Andt.sys, Perfs.exe And Others. Need help.
  45. I haven't slept in 3 days [Desktop One]
  46. Could someone help me clear these popups?
  47. Hijacked, Internet Security Suite won't install
  48. Smithfraud/Cookingluck virus/malware
  49. Computer slower than before
  50. XP Running SLow, IE Throws Pop Up, Get Alerts to Install Software
  51. Help !! Pop Ups keep coming
  52. Pop-ups, generally running slow- log analysis included
  53. Having tremendous difficulty with popups and IE in general
  54. can't open C: through "my computer", and cant install some programs
  55. XP Computer unable to download anything, including Antivirus Updates
  56. Virtumonde detection + Other possible virus'
  57. constant pop-ups and explorer.exe error
  58. google and yahoo redirecting.......Aghhh
  59. attacked by enemies; trojans, malware, spyware etc.
  60. browser Hijacked....HELP.
  61. Recurring Trojan.vundo
  62. Plagued by pop-ups, staggering slowdown
  63. mrofinu572.exe virus troubles!
  64. Slow startup, AGO BOT-KU Worm, and who knows what else!
  65. Possible Virus/Computer screen flashes randomly
  66. Slayed by pop ups and norton antivirus
  67. Kaspersky: not-a-virus:Downloader.Win32.PopCap.b
  68. Trj/Spamer.BP - I think
  69. MalwareAlarm Popups
  70. Party Poker & AdsRevenue Popups
  71. My Home Page Hijacked by ""
  72. Explorer constantly crashes
  73. HijackTHis log assistance needed
  74. Zlob.DNSChanger.Rtk and other malware I can't seem to get rid off
  75. Malware/Constant pop ups/ System Standby every 20 mins :win:
  76., skittoday and doginhispen in history
  77. Vundo spyware
  78. help with windows messenger virus[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]
  79. multiple symptoms, finished 5 steps
  80. IE Pop-ups ('virus heat' & 'antispykit')
  81. Errors, viruses, system shutdown and all that fun stuff.[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]
  82. fake security pop-ups - Virus:Trj/Qhost.AD
  83. Doginhispen trojan removal
  84. Pop-ups and Keyloggers
  85. [SOLVED] Sending out mass emails
  86. [SOLVED] Fake Malware Alert? - - Trojan.Adware.W32.ExpDwnldr
  87. RunDLL popups upon startup, malware websites opening automatically
  88. Very slow pc,Please help. Thanks
  89. XP anti virus help
  90. Virus! Trojan, pos.tmp files, computer slowing
  91. Malware sws antispyware help needed
  92. Ctrl +Alt+ Del won't bring up task Manager
  93. Constant Pop-ups - Trojan.Vundo
  94. routing.exe and perfs.exe virus log
  95. warning screen on desktop about spyware and popups...
  96. Am I in trouble?
  97. 1.tmp please help
  98. Annoying Redirecting Url Virus
  99. [SOLVED] Infected already! Got my pc on Monday...grrr
  100. trojandownloader.xs > no task manager > HELP!
  101. UltimateCleaner and its 3 attendant icons
  102. Computer running slow. Suspect spyware/adware. Please help!
  103. System32\awvvt.exe and xslmefra.dll error plus viruses
  104. Web pages will not display [Moved from FF]
  105. Malware and viruses
  106. hijackthis & superantispyware log help
  107. Confused with Computer error messages...
  108. Pop-ups + Inability to Acess files
  109. Malware / Adware Problem - Explorer.exe keep crashing
  110. somes malwares(many pop-ups) and virus (ex:trojan horse BHO.DFZ, generic9.BESJ)
  111. Search-daily and "securepccleaner" wont go away.
  112. I believe I'm infected w/ the tk58[1].exe virus
  113. Had (Have?) POS Virus and Others, Need to Finalize Cleaning
  114. Yellow triangle AND red circle ad/malware problem
  115. ads keep popping up when on trusted sites
  116. Cookingluck is driving me crazy
  117. explorer running hard and popups
  118. Afflicted with proper.exe and cnvfa.dll
  119. viruswebprotect
  120. Been a bit lax of late and it's safe to say I got got.
  121. Trojan Detected wnl32.dll
  122. [SOLVED] Help getting rid of spyware
  123. weird virus
  124. malware/spyware xadbrk_.exe,trojandownloader.xs and more
  125. Malware/Adware Problem
  126. CiD pop up adverts
  127. Win32/NSAnti problem: Repeated detection
  128. pop ups and no control panel
  129. Pop-Ups, Unprompted Downloads, etc...
  130. Constant pop-ups: CiD
  131. URL Redirect. "Search-Daily"
  132. Random IE pop's, reformatted and still here...
  133. A log from Hijackthis, now what?
  134. trustedantivirus pb
  135. trojan from
  136. Google and Yahoo continues to redirect my Web Pages
  137. Vista Virus? Taskbar/Icons disappear!!!
  138. "Task Manager Disabled... "
  139. The 5 Steps before Posting a Log Difficulty
  140. [SOLVED] Prc viewer keeps popping up, can't get rid of it
  141. Lenovo laptop slow to open IE, getting ads
  142. Constant pop ups - antivirus detected Trojans Vundo & Metajuan
  143. Win32/NSANTI
  144. Advancecleaner bestseller popups
  145. Constant Pop-ups, "infected by unknown trojan"
  146. Started with Advancedcleaner now it is Antispywaresuite
  147. Recurring Pop-ups: Virtumonde
  148. My Laptop is infected, could be Agnido.A...
  149. Trying to get rid of tk58.exe - IE problems!
  150. Need help cleaning a disaster.
  151. Help! My Windows are dying and I dont even know why!
  152. Please Help! I think My computer has been hacked
  153. Half-way there
  154. No input signal and lots of malware can't get rid off
  155. Virtumonde Detected
  156. malware - hijackthis need help
  157. Almost done
  158. Occasional popups, ctrl panel disabled, spyware scanners failing
  159. Internet Explorer auot-start and Yahoo! stuff
  160. Popups Make Taz AnGrY!!!
  161. 100% utilization upon boot
  162. iexplore.exe wont close + pop ups
  163. AproposMedia & Downloader.Generic.AW, followed 5 steps please help!
  164. somethings wrong.
  165. Unknow start-up entry
  166. [SOLVED] I have a virus; McAfee, hijackthis + firewall wont work
  167. Onlinegames-CAZ
  168. Worm/AutoRun.K
  169. Windows Security Alerts and background change
  170. Popups saying spyware and virus on system
  171. virus problem
  172. AMVO.EXE & Hactool.Rootkit & Infostealer.gampass
  173. "Constant POP UPS- Unknown Trojan"
  174. HijackThis log Help
  175. Command Service, possibly more; popups and lagginess
  176. please help computer is infected
  177. Infected by Worm.Win32.NetSky
  178. BHO virus attack
  179. Constant Popups- Warning:possible spyware or adware infection
  180. Hijack This Log - UseHerFrendlee
  181. Services.exe possibly infected
  182. I Have 11 Viruses And 78 Spyware..........want A Solution
  183. "Fake" Windows & MS-DOS Security Center popups
  184. Need help cleaning laptop with malware
  185. Computer Running Very Strange Please Need Help
  186. malware malfunction
  187. yahoo messenger virus, svchost.exe!
  188. Need help removing Adware.Websearch
  189. Daytotals rerouted my searches
  190. Old and tired and IE just keeps on opening.
  191. Infected pc
  192. Slow Internet, Pop-ups, and C++ Error
  193. Laggy PC
  195. Multiple Problems
  196. Help with removing MyWay.MyWebSearch
  197. HOSTs file (blocked website)
  199. It just keeps coming back.....
  200. Advanced Cleaner and other Spyware
  201. Can't get rid of Vundo
  202. 25 Malware Infections 1 virus infection HELP!
  203. My computer has been hijacked
  204. Hoo boy this one is rough!
  205. Malware Opening IE on it's own
  206. Malware, Popups, very slow unresponsive computer
  207. Popups, ImIServer, Iseach, Abetear...
  208. constant popups and buffer overruns- vundo?
  209. is my Hijack this log
  210. jkhfe help.....
  211. Can't get rid of Downloader.gen.a
  212. Serious Issues- Wimad.D & more - CAN'T EVEN RUN DSS!
  213. I cant get rid of Trojan.Vundo
  214. Very slow! Virus? - a.doginhispen & b.skitodayplease
  215. 81u3f4nt45y-24-01-2007 surabaya
  216. Resolved
  217. Virsus producing popups
  218. Please help spyware and trojans killing comp.
  219. cpu slow and buggy...
  220. Constant Pop Ups on IE - Smitfraud c.coreservices
  221. zlob.dnschanger.rtk virus
  222. Winxp desktop background changing on me, internet killed as well. DSS log enclosed
  223. Did 5 steps-need log review & remove KillAV.HN
  224. IE and registry problems
  225. Windows IE popups, malware slowing down system
  226. Help!!!!!
  227. need help with a spyware!!
  228. Multiple Trojan infections - Vundo, Ranky, Spambot etc
  229. [SOLVED] Need vundo help please
  230. MSN Trojan/Worm/Virus
  231. Vundo Virus
  232. popups, extremely slow computer
  233. Download trojan blocker??? Ruining my life
  234. win32.trojan.agent - please help me remove
  235. Please help with pop ups I cannot stop
  236. Malware Issues
  237. help - how to get rid of trojan-downloader.win32.small.htb?
  238. Please Help-Annoying Pop Ups
  239. Microsoft Update Machine?
  240. Virus.Win32.Trats.d
  241. Logfile of HijackThis
  242. ZV6000 hijackthis log
  243. unable to remove ngvafcakae.exe please help
  244. Virus/Buggy application
  245. Need Help Removing awvtu.dll from Computer
  246. "Your computer is infected!" pop-up (
  247. possible blaster worm infection, PC auto-shutsdown
  248. HJT Log
  249. Hijacked IE, need help please....HJT log attached.
  250. Not sure if something is wrong