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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Serious Problems! Please Help!
  2. How to remove "trojan.Win32.monder.gen" virus
  3. Constant window minimising/tab
  4. Computer slowdown, New
  5. Please look at my HJT log and help me..Please
  6. Popups - PC Antispyware
  7. Tons of viruses & slow initially bc of AntiSpyMaster
  8. CPU usage spikes! Hijack this and Dss logs.
  9. Can't open in Safe Mode, can't open Hijackthis!!!
  10. Constant pop ups and antivirus ads
  11. Virus Problem!!!
  12. Constant “work offline” pop ups and more
  13. Windows explorer repeatedly restarting
  14. Very slow browsing/numnerous pop-ups vundo virus
  15. Multiple Popups, MemScan:Adware.Rotator.A
  16. Trojans In My Computer
  17. Vundo Trojan?
  18. Help with a Vundo
  19. system slow, processes disappearing
  20. please help
  21. uiPopupHidden
  22. Bagle.32/ ??
  23. My computer isn't well
  24. Need help removing trojan. Logs Attached.
  25. zapchast.reg,msconfig.exe-Trojan.Please help!
  26. Need help with Popups and websites hanging.
  27. Unstable Win xp and Keyboard mouse failures
  28. Win32:Tenga-b
  29. slow system urqQjkkH threat
  30. Consistant Pop-Ups (Recent Smitfraud removal)
  31. Need help removing Vundo
  32. MSN-'is this you virus' screwed my comp
  33. Popup ads served by Internet Software - how to get rid of
  34. Spyware removal
  35. Suspected Trojan Horse
  36. Packed.Win32.Monder.gen infection!
  37. Hi could i have som help please with pop ups
  38. Pop-UPs HELP!!!
  39. pop-ups and Vundo!Gen.Pac21
  40. Virtumonde keeps coming back - please help with removal!
  41. Well hidden malware, need assistance with removal
  42. Browser+program malfunction - Trojan horse generic10.PWU
  43. SYSTEM ERROR! POP-UPS. W32/sdBot.lpt.worm. Trj/Downloader.MDW. Generic malware.
  44. System Error Fixer / Many random pop ups. Help please.
  45. Laptop Check
  46. Infested with errors and virus, please help.
  47. Netproject malware and redirect
  48. constant popups - zedo sites
  49. [SOLVED] PC being used for sending spam, Suspect: svchost.exe
  50. VirusIsolator Acquisition Without Consent
  51. [SOLVED] hi, I was told that I was infected...
  52. some problems on start up was suggested to repost here
  53. AntiSpyWareMaster automatically installed
  54. Trojan.Vundo causing internet problems.
  55. Slow computer, Fast broadband, What’s the use?
  56. Unable to remove Smitfraud-C.generic
  57. [SOLVED] pc running slow as hell...
  58. [SOLVED] agressive ie pop ups, not even using IE
  59. [SOLVED] trojan.bat.regger.b
  60. Indt.sys Random Noises
  61. McAfee has error, W32/Bagle.gen always returns after manual McAfee removal
  62. [SOLVED] N00b with sneaky virus!
  63. [SOLVED] Sent and received packets abnormality which is weird for me
  64. backdoor.graybird - logs attached, help needed
  65. Virtumonde.FP virus and possibly others
  66. Yellow triangle with exclamation point and other computer problems
  67. Popups/Severe Computer problems
  68. Neeeddd some major help
  69. I am desperate for help with pop-ups! Please help!!!
  70. Pop-up Ads, and Computer Is Infected
  71. constant pop-ups unknown virus
  72. Spyware: Internet Explorer and Firefox infested with pop-ups from fake spyware
  73. I've been violated by the netproject thing
  74. Sneaky Trojan Downloader.XS
  75. Virtumonde, and good trojan challenge!
  76. Serious help need.
  77. PLEASE help! HJT log (win32/virtumonde.gen)
  78. Help! Unkown infection, internet slow, errors at start up
  79. Can't get rid of popups
  80. Deckard System scanner report-continuous pop-ups
  81. TrojanDownloader Del.12.AN
  82. Not sure if i'm infected...
  83. Virtumonde, still has it after VundoFix and others
  84. continual pop ups - vundo? and misleadapp?
  85. McAfee Security shuts down randomly - Programs slower than normal - Trojan Alerts
  86. Malware Type Unknown.
  87. Yourprivacyguard/systemerrorfixer/...
  88. Popups and slow iexplorer
  89. cant get rid of trojan Downloader.Delf.BDH
  90. i need help immediately
  91. win.exe and autorun.inf keep appearing in c: and d:
  92. Trouble with Trojan Vundo
  93. Popups saying computer is infected: Soaxckuj.dll and Abebot
  94. Purity.scan, Outerinfo, and Trojan
  95. Need help PLEASE
  96. Virtumunde / Explorer.exe Ending / Broswer Trouble
  97. Celldorado, Lolagrove, em.pc-on-internet pop ups
  98. Virtumonde - Please Help!
  99. Rbot.YB and Win32.Bagle
  100. I'm another inexperienced lamo who got infected (hldrrr.exe)
  101. Panda AV found worm
  102. pop ups and vundo errors
  103. cant access my start up menu (moved from Windows section)
  104. Help, popups and system freezes when alarm goes off
  105. Malware causing problems ?
  106. NetProject Malware...HELP!!
  107. sercurity alert pop-ups, virtuemonde, KillAV, explorer.exe
  108. windows security alert "Windows has detected an Internet attack attempt
  109. System Error Fixer,, isass.exe, etc
  110. Dead slow internet + pc + loads of popups!
  111. Yellow Triangle in System Tray: YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED!
  112. malware/adware problems, here's an activescan log, can you help?
  113. possible resounding zlob infection, help!
  114. Google redirect virus???
  115. Zlob.downloader and win32.RENO
  116. RUNDLL error
  117. HELP and other nasty pop-ups
  118. Reboots + Random Crashes + Clienthack 1.9.2d
  119. Annoying "" Pop Ups
  120. Hijack Log and Extra Attached
  121. Removed amvo.exe - are there any residues left?
  122. A little help needed re: log
  123. Help needed - Dialer.Instant Access
  125. Userinit - Bad image
  126. HELP!! I have a rootkit
  127. Vitumonde, Virtumonde.dll, Winfixer2005, Hitbox, Trojan Downloader ConHook, and more.
  128. I've been hacked....please help
  129. Trojandownloader.xs; pop-ups; and more
  130. Help getting rid of spyware, evil to my internet
  131. My Web Search Bar Error
  132. Help I think I still have keylogger & virus!
  133. Need help removing zapchest.reg
  134. Hijack log
  135. a little help
  136. PC Critical condition. Couldn't open anti-v program. Couldn't install dss.exe
  137. Sending Emails alone all the time
  138. Badly Infected Computer.
  139. Purityscan infected.
  140. Constant pop-ups - Trojan.KillAV
  141. Random popups
  142. Smitfraud-C.CoreService, five steps are done
  143. Internet Dragging
  144. Is This Impossible #2
  145. infected with keylogger
  146. smitfraud help
  147. [SOLVED] Google redirection HELP!
  148. Packed.Win32.Monder.gen Virus
  149. Lost Sound and Antivirus programs not working - Trj/Mitglieder.TB & W32/Bagle.RP.worm
  150. Infected w/pop-ups & computer is running slowly
  151. ram usage
  152. Trojan Vundo infection, HJT attached
  153. Conhook.D trojan virus with error messages and pop ups
  154. Infected with VirtuMonde
  155. nncu6k & Trojan.PWS.Onlinegames detected. MSN automated-send links to contact.
  156. zlob.dnschanger.rtk
  157. A lot of malware, popups, dll errors, firefox craches and more...
  158. Internet dead except in safe mode, virus?
  159. Constant system defender pop up
  160. trojan-downloader-ruin
  161. Lots of Malware-need help
  162. Think ive gotten myself a pet Vundo!
  163. Can't access CP and date/time, pls help
  164. Please Help!
  165. constant pop ups - Backdoor.Win32.Rbot.jrr
  166. Winspooler pop up and generally slow performance
  168. virtumonde.dlland other problems
  169. Hijackthis and IE problems.
  170. Help removing ntos.exe - causing IE to constantly crash
  171. my pc is giving Zlob torjan issue[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]
  172. Systemtray popups claim malware & trojans, Browser leaps to unrequested screens
  173. C Drive cannot open & Show hidden files not functioning
  174. [SOLVED] Help. Please !
  175. Constant Popups, Slight System Slowdown
  176. need to delete TR/VUNDO.gen
  177. Virus and trojan infected
  178. Constantly shuting down (blue screen) and tons of lag
  179. Please Help
  180. Numerous Errors
  182. [SOLVED] Vundo has been removed, but problems presist!
  183. buffer overload/trojan/malware/adware pop up's
  184. AdvancedCleaner and Others Malware/Trojan Help
  185. I am infected with something! DSS report attached
  186. Several Spyware Warnings
  187. Trojan - Generic10.FSA
  188. outerinfo/malware removal and CRASH
  189. Problem:
  190. HELP! svchost.exe making lot of smtp, http and https connections
  191. [SOLVED] Password stealer HELP!!
  192. My computer is infected with the V
  193. Constant pop-ups in IE and slow system
  194. My HJT Log; Help!
  195. Lop.4.k / What to Do / HiJackThis Log
  196. Wallpaper: Warning spyware threat[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]
  197. something running in background
  198. Malware redirecting from search engine
  199. strange anti virus + printer malfunction?
  200. Please help me!!!! I've tried EVERYTHING!!!
  201. [SOLVED] Error Cleaner, Privacy Protector, and Spyware& Malware Protection Won't Go
  202. gebya.dll removal help needed, please.
  203. Conhook - Virtumonde Pop-Up - XP Media Center SP1 Case
  204. Trojan Virus- System 32- ieupdater error and constant pop-ups
  205. Outerinfo and more
  206. High Chance of Viruses
  207. Replicating virus/trojan horse
  208. Help my sony is sick!
  209. wreaking havoc
  210. cant run .exe
  211. Vundo, My Way, 31 viri total
  212. plz help
  213. Weird CSRSS.EXE, Possibly Virus!
  214. Virumonde detection, pop ups
  215. I think I got everything
  216. malware,spyware,virus, possible trojan...
  217. Pop-ups for MalwareAlarm, AdvancedCleaner, SystemErrorFixer
  218. TratBHO???
  219. Smitfraud pop-ups
  220. Hijack this log help
  221. Virus:Generic Malware (Panda ID'd) + various Trojans...
  222. Generic Dropper.AU - Major Pop-Ups, etc
  223. My computer has been hit by virus
  224. Audio Ads spyware problem
  225. Vundo Trojan
  226. Spyware, Adware, Trojan, Malware and internet explorer crash
  227. Help removing
  228. ucleaner
  229. Lots of Pop Ups - f3.cookingluck
  230. Multiple Instances of iexplore.exe run on startup
  231. Problems with SpyAxe
  232. on Computer and Wont Go Away! :(
  233. "Your privacy is in danger" Desktop issues, Please help
  234. Softwarerefferal help please
  235. annoying pop-ups and adwareBHO
  236. Please, I could use some help.
  237. Internet hijacked. Have followed five steps; need assurance
  238. Trojan.Vundo/Metajuan infection
  239. [SOLVED] UAC Show all processes closes Task Manager and IE7 makes new clicks maybe in
  240. IE browser hijacking
  241. services.exe overload
  242. constant pops up - braviax.exe spyware infection
  243. help removing andt.sys indt2.sys and other spyware
  244. Slow IE 7 Video and Skype
  245. Constant IE popups, core.cache.dsk, vundo, and more! Please help!
  246. Vundo trojan virus
  247. Please HELP!!
  248. Constant PopUps-Logs and details.
  249. C:\WINDOWS\system32\colfkylq.dll
  250. Spyware, Trojan and Virus on Computer