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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Continuously getting a phishing attack
  2. Malware/Spyware
  3. 2 iexplore.exe's!!! (Analyze please)
  4. Please Help Me With This-trojan I Think?
  5. Help - "Warning! Spyware detected on computer!" on desktop background
  6. Slow Internet and just ran DSS.exe :(
  7. Antivirus XP 2008 problem
  8. getting BSOD and warnings~
  9. Can't get on the Internet with this Laptop
  10. xp antivirus 2008 help needed
  11. Virtumonde's galore, spyware pop ups, etc...
  12. Vundo won't go, I'm out of ideas. :(
  13. Locked Out Of Administrative Control On My Own Computer!!!!
  14. trojan.popuper & rogue anti-spyware
  15. XP Cleaner malaware?
  16. Warning Spyware Detected - AntivirusXP 2008
  17. multiple iexplore.exe/rundll32.exe
  18. So many problems with POP ups and anti virus 2009
  19. Is kdqtw.exe in my system32 directory issue
  20. HijackThis log help
  21. Check HiJackThis Log Please
  22. spyware infection, system will not allow a system restore
  23. [SOLVED] help..most images won't load in browser..
  24. NTOS.EXE problems
  25. Unable to set Automatic Updates for Windows
  26. [SOLVED] Homepage changing at random - constant tracking cookies
  28. BSOD, IE and WoW closing randomly/bogus_driver, etc.
  29. Clock Virus Alert and start menu missing options
  30. Blue "Spyware detected on your computer!" desktop
  31. Antivirus 2009 - Can't get it off
  32. CID Help
  33. annoying adware popup antispyware 2009
  34. Spyware Problem
  35. Slow Internet Explorer and Folder Browsing
  36. Trojan - Dreammon.gen!A Detected + Slow Computer
  37. Blue Desktop with spyware detected - appears to be Smitfraud?
  38. Help in removing traces of a trojan
  39. "Windows Security Alert" continues after XPAntivirus removed
  40. Help! Constant Svchost.exe and DEP Error Messages
  41. Need help with spyware/adware/virus, etc.
  42. At startup, xp states cannot find 'Data\Adobe\Manager.exe'. Certain it's virus/trojan
  43. Multiple pop ups and spyware problems
  44. windows xp 2008 virus scan
  45. popups and fake warning messages
  46. Hijack This Log
  47. Popups/can't connect to various sites.
  48. How do I get rid of MyStart
  49. Slow Intenet and Bad PopUps Please Help
  50. Suspicious DLLs causing trouble?
  51. Pop ups, slow & lsass.exe running in background - backdoor.VB.czs
  52. Computer has been hijacked - IE/Firefox inoperable
  53. Random audio ads/music/scenes, routing.exe, macidwe.exe, perfs.exe, tdxdowkc.exe
  54. Yikes! says I'm infected
  55. John Berry's Home Page..Ever heard of it??
  56. Slow, Window Explorer using lots of memory - Virtumondo 2 trojans
  57. IE Pop-ups - Malware
  58. Computer Running Sluggish pt-1
  59. Possible Vundo Infection
  60. Need to get rid of suspected malware
  61. infected- Win32:Adware-gen
  62. wserv32.exe and csrssd.exe
  63. Trojan.Win32.Monder and variants - Automatic Updates Can't Be Turned on, PC runs slow
  64. XP Infected with malware ProgDav and AntiVir XP 2008 fake program
  65. Constant pop-ups (IE) celldorado, CiD:, etc.
  66. Need to remove haxdoor
  67. Blue Screen of Death!
  68. [SOLVED] Looking for clean bill of health
  69. Issue with ADWare...Please help
  70. Infected with Antivirus Master and others
  71. heur trojan mess - Cannot Update OS - SP3 cannot find CLBCATQ dll's
  72. something makes my computer run slower
  73. Possible Malware - Frequent Pop-Ups - winlogon.exe
  74. [SOLVED] Help, fony antivirus program is haunting me.
  75. Pesky malware popups
  76. Constant pop-ups: [email protected], Spyware.CyberLog-X
  77. Constant Pop up- Error loading C:\Windows\System32\byXPIbxY.dll
  78. computer still infected?
  79. Pop ups on I.E. Backdoor Trojan, help please deckards included
  80. VAV and friends
  81. computer running slow, problem with Rundll32.exe
  82. Explorer.exe Keeps Closing
  83. Firefox/IE isn't working & has malware pop-ups
  84. Trojan Vundo, Downloader, Agent, and Starpage
  85. HijackThis Logfile
  86. Urgent Help!!!
  87. Malware/Virus causing random popups & blocking some web access
  88. Constant "CID" popups - HJT log attached
  89. system slowdown, cant search the net, toolbar freezes?
  90. (XP system) Applications constantly report - not responding
  91. Massive Slowdown
  92. Popups about viruses and spyware anytime anything is done on the computer.
  93. Internet running slow with reoccuring infections
  94. Virtumonde + WinSpywareProtect
  95. Win32: virut.
  96. [SOLVED] TR/BHO.czo trojan
  97. "Warning! Spyware detected..." hijacked desktop
  98. Red circle with a white cross: Your computer is infexted!
  99. Notebook effected by trojan FAKEALERT-AQ
  100. Highjack log did all 5 steps
  101. Socket Network Sink
  102. Elusive malware after cleanup attempts - popups
  103. Clean-up Help
  104. Antivirus (XP) 2008 and Winspyware Protect - Yippie!!
  105. Explorer.exe Closing
  106. Most trojandownloader.xs issues resolved, but still no internet access.
  107. Multiple Ads, Computer grounded
  108. [SOLVED] Firefox sticks; Possible Virtumundo?
  109. explorer.exe keeps restarting(icons folders close)
  110. Infected with trojan.win32.monder.gen & other issues likely
  111. Is my computer clean now?
  112. Waring !Spyware detected on your computer
  113. JS/Zlob.A
  114. Please resolve this !!
  115. Unable to remove few dlls
  116. "Critical Error!...Microstoft Windows XP Files corrupted. Download protection now!
  117. Hijack This! Logfile
  118. Multiple Popup and Hijacks - Virtuemonde, Makemesearch, Vista
  119. adsrevenue is poping up with IE7
  120. Blue Desk Top that Redirects to About:Security, Pop-ups and Disabled Task Manager
  121. I have Antivirus 2008 and constant pop ups and fake virus alerts.
  122. NEED HELP !!Virus: Virtumonde/XP Antivirus 2008
  123. Getting hit with a lot of Trojans, need help!
  125. Several Problems, Adware related
  126. Problems with antivirus 2008 , multiple trojan horses...
  127. MSN Virus and others, help Please.
  128. help. popups ads.. pop pop pop..
  129. [SOLVED] (Hijacked) Browser NOT working with working internet connection
  130. Internet & comp are running slow ! need help please
  131. Music plays randomly-viruscan log
  132. Boots up very slow and missing task manager
  133. Desktop Background Image Contains a Spyware Warning Message
  134. computer running extremely slow!
  135. infected with xp antivirus 2008 and more
  136. My Hijack This Report~Pop Ups Problem
  137. Generic Trojan Horse and AdClicker Popup Problems
  138. Trojan:win32/vundo.gen!R & WinSpywareProtect...please help :(
  139. Trojan.Win32.Monderc.gen & Vista Antivirus 08
  140. [SOLVED] Blue Yellow Desktop Hijack
  141. Pop-ups, redirects and disabled task manager
  142. Cannot start in normal mode or safe mode w/ networking.
  143. Unwanted "antispyware", superslow computer and "bluescreens"
  144. WinXP sp3 owner begging for assistance
  145. Vundo Death
  146. Troan horse generic.10.B_ _ _
  147. Suspected Vundo Virus
  148. Urgent, Please run thorough my Hijack This LOG
  149. Trojan horse BHO.EOW
  150. HJT & Activescan log.
  151. Google Search Results Redirect
  152. help needed with popups and blue screen - Adware.MaxSearch
  153. Virtumonde and more malware
  154. Following The 5 Steps 5th Step
  155. Windows update disabled, popups slow Inet
  156. Various Viruses (trojan.Blusod, trojan.Faveavalert, missing file .tt3.tmp.vbs)
  157. Virtumonde, hitbox detected. Google not responding, Unable to access Gmail/NetFlix
  158. Multiple pop ups, slowdown, hardrive hidden, taskmanager blocked, IE hijacked
  159. Can't remove spyware
  160. dll errors, bad images, major registry problems
  161. The Problem is MALWARE I think – Captured the Web Home Page, Constantly throws ip Sec
  162. windows security alert....spyware
  163. Lost Control of Task Manager and rest of computer
  164. Help! Virtumonde problem
  165. Infected with System Defender and Antivirus XP 2008
  166. Computer infected with Antivirus XP 08 and Malware Protector 08 -- HELP!!!
  167. Malware playing games with me
  168. WCS.exe-AntiVermins, AntiVerminser, or AntiVermeans
  169. xpantivirus-hijacked desktop. bluescreens blpho95e
  170. SeanL- just started using this computer again wanted to makesure it was malware free
  171. Win32.jeefo virus / malware.
  172. Please help ! Trend Micro Chip Away Virus !
  173. Win XP infected with Trojan Zlob (wcs.exe) and Trojan Brojack (zfe2.exe)
  174. Virtumonde Infection, Please Help!
  175. popups, slow machine, random blue screens..
  176. Hyjack log, Brook86
  177. [SOLVED] Second firefox.exe and high CPU activity
  178. [SOLVED] Pop up from various sites
  179. Antivirus XP 2008 and Malware Protector 2008
  180. IE and Mozilla problems.. And also Windows Update! (Moved from XP support)
  181. Dll windows:bad image Troj
  182. slow security scan
  183. Warning: Spyware has been detected on this computer
  184. Popup help
  185. warning! spyware detected on your computer!
  186. trojan-agent.gen
  187. Need malware removal help
  188. Not sure what i got
  189. Need help with Trojan.vundo
  190. [SOLVED] SecurityRisk.downldr
  191. Browser anarchy!
  192. XPAntiVirus2008 Problems!!
  193. Virtumonde attack
  194. Frustrated with a persistant Trojan that rewrites itself!!!
  195. IE error - was constant popups and random noises - AVG removed 45,000 trojans
  196. [SOLVED] Comp. slow with popups, Trojan win32monder
  197. Jump Virus - Help Need
  198. Winspyware Hijacks my desktop and screen saver
  199. Trojan detected. Please help
  200. Help needed with popup windows
  201. Virus alert in clock area and no adminisrtaive ability
  202. Google is Hijacked! Results can't be reached
  203. perfs, routing - random sound clips??
  204. my hijack log-- kewin118
  205. Puper Trojan w/HJT - I 'Think' I got it
  206. Can't remove ccfgn.dll
  207. Here is my Deckard log. Please help!
  208. pop ups and google redirects
  209. [SOLVED] Antivirus XP 2008 hijacked
  210. The worst of all: hldrrr.exe -don't know what to do
  211. Another VirtuMonde/Vundo
  212. Please I need help reading HIJACKTHIS log
  213. Some sites/addresses blocked
  214. Explorer Bar Missing at Startup, Malwarekeeps coming back
  215. Pop-ups saying I have Spyware and infected with Trojan Horse
  216. Adware.Purityscan keeps coming back
  217. Yes another help thread :>(..
  218. Constantly rising memory usage - unknown infection
  219. Trojan maybe??
  220. Strange program cause radio clips to play.
  221. Hijack This Log....have a virus...I think??
  222. Trojan Attack - IE7 & Outlook Gone!!
  223. Malware Downloaded to my System - DeeWoo, OuterInfo, CoolWebSearch plus others
  224. Active Pop-ups, Internet Explore random closing and Sounds
  225. Please Help
  226. 100 percent cpu usage
  227. Just cleaned out AntiSpyCheck--need help w/log
  228. Trojan virus (trojan horse PSW. generic5
  229. [SOLVED] Freezing, Crashing IE7 & Vista.
  230. symlcsv1.exe IM-Worm.Win32.Pykse.l
  231. HJT help here
  232. i have a virus! "spyware found" desktop background, graphics messed up, blue screens.
  233. Hijacked for the 1st time. Please help.
  234. Constant pop ups alerts
  235. Slow internet, somewhat slow pc
  236. Adware, Spyware, and or Virus Help
  237. Blue/Yellow box with Warning Spyware detected
  238. From Internet Speed
  239. Proud Owner of a Vundo? Windows stops running.
  240. Problems with Spywares and Adware, makes my pc not function well
  241. Repeated Shutdowns after AntiSpyCheck and Security Toolbar 7.1
  242. virus? help please
  243. Disappearing Windows Explorer
  244. Startup-screen extremely slow
  245. Pop-up + Slow computer + Google website disabled - Please help!
  246. Pleace help with Hijack this file
  247. SecurityScannerSite.Com Pop Up
  248. Trojans Reproducing After Being "Deleted"
  249. I have a spywaredestructor pop-up and can't kill it
  250. Specific sites won't open