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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. SystemTray- VIRUS ALERT! - adware.virtumonde
  2. Trojan Downloader and Maleware infections...
  3. [SOLVED] Google search result is redirected ('Jump').
  4. Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close
  5. i need help or else its the river for me
  6. Help! 100% virus!
  7. Codec.exe virus ? Pop-ups; slow computer
  8. Trojan horse and generic_c.vcz
  9. Very Slow Computer
  10. Please Help I think I have the Downloader Virus.
  11. [SOLVED] i need help please - i have a maleware problem (or atleast i this what i thi
  12. Error Loadsing x2
  13. shell.exe
  14. [SOLVED] though one
  15. virtumonde virus
  16. Unable to access MS Update and security software sites
  17. Trojan-backdoor-progdav
  18. clicked on links redirect to seemingly random websites
  19. PC has google redirect virus
  20. Trogan Horse Genericll.Akaa - Trojan Horse - Vundo.T, several pop ups and Windows Aup
  21. Pop-up's and freezes and slow
  22. All jacked up...please help
  23. High cpu usage with high internet activity
  24. Unkown virus HELP!
  25. Virus alert on task bar and cannot boot up in safe mode or edit registry
  26. Please help! IEMonster and more
  27. IE popups when Im not using IE
  28. Fake Windows Security Messages & Scans
  29. and other random popups drving me insane!! Plz help
  30. Virtumonde.dll and other problems
  31. Very slow to boot up...
  32. google results redirect me to other sites
  33. Virus/Spyware
  34. Cahoot webpage redirect
  35. Slow IE, constant pop ups & windows security update problems help required.
  36. Unwanted IE pop ups
  37. Trojan Downloader Problem Pls Help Us
  38. smitfraud
  39. Problems and Problems
  40. Completely Hidden Desktop Icons and Background - Trojan
  41. Slow computer, IE pop-ups!
  42. Trojan Dropper
  43. Google search results redirect to different site
  44. Computer full of malware and all resources remain busy
  45. What Do I Do Next? Here is my log file.
  46. Ads keep popping up, have been working on for a week
  47. Antivirus XP virus
  48. no desktop once windows starts and other issues
  49. [SOLVED] Problem: Trojan.Vundo.FNQ and Trojan.JS.Injector
  50. Vundo
  51. Internet explorer keep opening up with advertisments
  52. pop up storms with antivirxp08
  53. Post from 25 Sept - Probably overlooked - Plz help
  54. HJT Log - Comp. suddenly unusually slow, No threats detected.
  55. constant popups and windows not updating
  56. Huge system lag, application failures...
  57. Computer hangs with 100% system idle
  58. Virtumonde Virus
  59. Trojan virus and adware
  60. HJT Log Help - Ross
  61. login on problems
  62. Major Virus, Spyware, Trojan horse problems.
  63. Probably unknown NewHeur_PE virus
  64. Antivirus detected Trojan called VBS/Bugestore.A and a Trojan called win32/Bugnraw.IJ
  65. Frumpy mom w 1st virus--search engine virus
  66. Rootkit+Virus. HELP!
  67. hjt help
  68. AdWare/Spyware? Please Help!
  69. first time, help!
  70. PLEASE I need help reading HIJACK THIS LOG!!
  71. Add/Remove Programs window will not open anymore
  72. Antivirus 2009 Virus & Popup Errors
  73. [SOLVED] HIJACKTHIS ..Please check
  74. [SOLVED] RootKit clbdriver.sys
  75. Please help with Autorun.INf virus and malware issues
  76. Slowed down net - possibly from a virus
  77. Weird virus - keeps signing me off
  78. xp antivirus 2008 problem
  79. Google redirect virus & hijackthis log - HELP!
  80. Malware/registry problems
  81. Myway.Mywebsearch which Spybot won't remove
  82. Malware problem
  83. Virtumonde and Automatic Updates
  84. Problem: A0057037.exe trojan horse
  85. IE6 shuts down and PC locks up
  86. Please Help - I'm Infected . . .
  87. virtumonde has practically shutdown my PC
  88. Various Browser Problems - Redirects, slow down, sites not working
  89. I've got many effects after infected! (Win32/Qhost trojan)
  90. Virus Alert In Task bar
  91. Virus Disabled Internet, Safe Mode, Start Run
  92. Help Pls MS ASN1 integer overflow
  93. Pop-ups, missing desktop icons, unable to update windows
  94. Redirect-Threat of Internet Attack
  95. Unable to get rid of trojan-backdoor-progdav
  96. Ascentive/Viewpoint Media Player
  97. AVG not scanning, PC extremely slow
  98. Help Please: HijackThis Log
  99. [SOLVED] My HijackThis log file - pls help!
  100. Desktop Hijacked-PCProtectioncenter
  101. MyWebSearch
  102. Need help with virus- they closed thread- I couldn't get online to post!
  103. Error loading C:\Windows\system32\vtUIJyVP.dll
  104. Scan results for Hijackthis/panda scan please help thank you
  105. [SOLVED] Antivirus2008 Hijak This Log and Panda results please help
  106. Cid: Pop-ups. I suspect Msn Plus!
  107. Possible Virtumonde, M64 plus others
  108. HJT Log; Search Redirects, Sites Blocked, Freezing
  109. Need help with viruses, spyware, etc
  110. Google Redirect + AntiVirus XP
  111. Help needed with Vitumonde infection
  112. Trojan
  113. I've been Hijacked
  114. Unknown malware - constant popups, taking over administrative control
  115. Please check for malware
  116. Help with computer virus - popups
  117. Annoying Firefox Tab Popups (Moved from Ffox)
  118. Desktop changed to warning spyware detected on your computer
  119. run dll pop up on startup
  120. Help needed to remove spyware/malware.
  121. Slow performance after canceled software install
  122. Hijack This Log and pandaactive scan results
  123. HijackThis log
  124. Continuous Trojan Alert - Skypecomm.dll
  125. Scott's Iuser_Admin and wierd sounds Problems
  126. Help Needed Please
  127. Unable to install software to combat Google redirect etc - multiple problems
  128. Dr. Watson and Windows Explorer keep freezing me up!!!!
  129. Help! Blaster:sasser variant, constant virus scanner pop-ups, etc...
  130. Trojan + pop-ups help me!
  131. Possible Smitfraud on laptop
  132. constant registry modification
  133. Constant Pop-ups + Porn Icons, MS Antivirus, Trojan-gen, Vapsup-EB,PLEASE HELP!
  134. blue screen warning pyware threat has been detected on your pc
  135. "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer" desktop - Agent.AADP / Generic_c.VCZ
  136. Ads by Dcad
  137. js/psyme virus aftermath scan from activescan 2.0
  138. need help with redirection malware
  139. Anoying POP-UPS! - Trojan/downloader.UJH
  140. Error Cleaner, Privacy Protector - FakeAlert? Please advise.
  141. Antivirusxp 2008, redirect, virtumonde
  142. "VIRUS ALERT!" everywhere and system not working properly
  143. PC Protection Center 2008 - Malware
  144. Trojan.Win32.Monder.195584
  145. Random Sound and Popups
  146. infected with Virus 101 and Trojan.DNSChanger.Codec
  147. Please help - Desktop warning message taking over my computer
  148. Browser redirection and others
  149. Google redirect virus
  150. Google redirection malware removal assistance
  151. Task mgr disabled; desktop changed to blue screen
  152. Help: redirecting search engine hits
  153. Browsers High-Jacked, cannot visit most websites...
  154. Problem with Parents PC, monder trojan?
  155. Malware problems, followed 5 steps and need help
  156. ABCJUMP redirects website navigation - WinXP
  157. [SOLVED] Fake Windows Security Alerts
  158. [SOLVED] zlob type infection
  159. Constant Popups - Virtuemonde?
  160. Found a couple Trojans
  161. Help!!! Virus/trojans
  162. constant pop ups - generic_pup.x and vista antivirus 2008
  163. Admin acces denied = SpyWare?
  164. Help My Browser has been Hijacked
  165. Virtuamonde(?)infection on someone else's PC
  166. C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1.bin\M3PLUGIN.DLL
  167. Weeks of hell, browsers not loading, vundo, Antivirus 08, more...
  168. HELP HJT Log - Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.cln
  169. AntiVirus 2009 and Vundo
  170. Hijack this log, need help asap please
  171. win 32 trojan and VBS: Malware problems
  172. SmitFraud removal, difficulty: chess
  173. Google Redirect Antivirus 2009
  174. Hijackthis Log for system hijacked by spyware
  175. virus outbreak
  176. Antivirus 2009 popups and browser window issues
  177. [SOLVED] Infected with Deewood (and other?)
  178. Google/yahoo mail not working - Virus?
  179. Help with Blocked Antivirus sites
  180. Help To Remove ANTIVIRUS XP
  181. Red X next to C Drive Icon
  182. [SOLVED] Antivirus 2009 pop-up
  183. worm.win32.netbooster malware
  184. Firefox getting hijacked in many different ways
  185. "VIRUS ALERT!" message in taskbar
  186. Google redirect aftermath
  187. [SOLVED] can't get rid of zhadao123
  188. Webhancer and update1.exe
  189. [SOLVED] Extremely peculiar activity (automatic/unannounced uploads devour 100% of ba
  190. I have a trojan on my computer named "Hupigon.bitlord"
  191. Win32/Tvido -- "Antivirus XP 2008"
  192. Adware pops up getting more frequent
  193. Hijack Log - Possible Trojan
  194. Infected with virus
  195. win32.superjuan problem - hijackthis log inside
  196. Automatic Update Wont enable & Virus Software Pops Ups
  197. Warning! Spyware detected on you computer! Please activate...
  198. Malware/Help
  199. desktop takeover, cannot system restore
  200. another hijack this log :>
  201. Warning screen takes over computer
  202. Spyware Detected, Virused Computer?
  203. [SOLVED] AntivirXP08 + ntos problem
  204. win32.agent.pz... can't clean my pc
  205. Popups and Random Sound Bits
  206. HJT log , help needed
  207. wowfx.dll woes
  208. Constant pop-up of C:\WINDOWS\System each time I log on
  209. "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer" message on desktop
  210. Blue Screen- Warning Spyware detected
  211. Help , trojan horses.
  212. Pop-ups, redirects
  213. Not in control of browsers
  214. hijackthis log
  215. "Warning! Spyware Detected on your Computer!" on the desktop
  216. need help please with virtumonde
  217. Google Redirect, Antivirus XP2008 and Trojan.Blusod
  218. Browser Redirection Hijack: log info here please help
  219. Can't get rid of "Troj/FakeAle-FK" and "Warning! Spyware detected on your Computer!"
  220. help with qomcyARI.dll
  221. Virtumonde (sp.?) Infection
  222. please help: Smitfraud Blue desktop, smitrem/fraud fix did not work
  223. Blocked Web Access - Virtumonde
  224. fake programe/malware XP antivirus 2008
  225. Trojan Respawn: RichVideoCodec.dll
  226. Start up hijacked
  227. Computer Has Pop Ups.
  228. HighJack this log. Please help, already went through the suggested 5 steps...
  229. virus list from Panda. What do I do now?
  230. proscks trojan
  231. Trojan horse, Spyware pop-warning
  232. Continually losing network connectivity
  233. Quick System Restore and Red X On C Drive
  234. LPT1.HRQ - A security issue?
  235. Trojan Horse KillAV.IL
  236. Google search results hijacked & Adware hijack
  237. Help with popcaploader.dll and A0025618.exe
  238. virtumonde and/or system32 possible trojan/virus
  239. Mysterious Pop Ups
  240. win32.trojandownloader.zlob malware~ Spyware slowing down computer
  241. Can't get rid of trojan.virtumonde
  242. HIJACKTHIS LOG Please kindly help
  243. Virus infected computer.
  244. I have AntiVirus2008XP
  245. antivirusXP 2008 and Windows Update
  246. Trojan.Vundo help
  247. Cid virus?
  248. script errors; broadband connection probs; pc freezing
  249. Possible MSN Virus Infection
  250. ZEDO pop up ads