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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. [SOLVED] Infected with Incredibar ?
  2. Computer is infected
  3. FBI Malware Locked my Computer
  4. Help with Virus.Win64.ZAccess.a
  5. Help!!MSE wont scan,Keep loosing folder permisions,Pace anti piracy says its 92 gb???
  6. Nothing at all. It is quite strange.
  7. Google Redirect Virus
  8. My poor neighbor slow running with ads everywhere
  9. Problem connecting to the internet
  10. [SOLVED] Something is slowly destroying my files can anyone help please?
  11. Virus putting into power save mode
  12. Two seperate browsers were hacked
  13. Task Manager Problem
  14. Search links are redirected
  15. [SOLVED] Trojan.Agent detected by Anti-Malware - False Positive?
  16. [SOLVED] Firefox issues
  17. tcpip.sys threat
  18. Is this some sort of malware?
  19. Ads, Ads, EVERYWHERE...
  20. Random audio ads played żvirus? Spybot cannot detect it
  21. Is it a virus/trojan/spyware...?
  22. permently remove BackDoor:Win32/Fynloski.A
  23. Hijacked browser
  24. browser being redirected
  25. no internet options in 2 pc's running xp sp3
  26. I think I have a rootkit? help please!
  27. Windows Security Centre issue post Trojan Hider attack
  28. Luhe.Siref.A
  29. MS Webcheker Pop up Virus?
  30. Good old redirect virus
  31. win32 virut
  32. May need help
  33. Just got the "FBI green card" virus...
  35. Virus?
  36. Not sure if infected or not
  37. xp won't start up. will do in safe mode only
  38. Virus preventing safe boot
  39. deploy.jar ok or not?
  40. Task Manager Flashes and Computer is Slower
  41. Random Sound Virus (Windows 7)
  42. Help - Malware and slow running
  43. Random Sound Virus (Windows 7)
  44. Would appreciate your help...Win32/Heur virus...thanks.
  45. Hacked email
  46. virus help
  47. win32/small.CA virus
  48. Potential Compromised Mailbox and Computer running Slower
  49. Things don't feel quite right. can somebody help look into this?
  50. Possible virus, not sure
  51. Hijackthis can't remove registry entries
  52. Windows update and Back-up not available since virus
  53. Please assist me with patched.a
  54. Search Engine Redirect Virus - Need Help!
  55. Please Help: Audio Ads/Hijacked Links/Very Slow Web Browser
  56. PCEU Virus = Complete lockdown
  57. [SOLVED] Infected user32.dll
  58. [SOLVED] Laptop touchpad keeps crashing... Suspect its a malware
  59. ie browser redirects and pop up ads
  60. [SOLVED] Virus slowing computer down from old anti virus
  61. Help Removing PUM.Hijack.ConnectionControl
  62. Laptop running very slow after downloading some PSD files from Internet
  63. Malware problem? Winzip Registry Optimizer
  64. Malware Check
  65. dds
  66. memory maxed off of startup
  67. Please Help! Infected with Viruses, Accounts Hacked
  68. Malware/Adware - Ads placed on web pages
  69. Please help - Removing Virus.Win64.Zaccess.a
  70. FBI Moneypak Virus
  71. Slow computer and strange file in taskmanager
  72. Big Compute Problems
  73. Windows XP Freezes With No Error Message
  74. bugs in system
  75. Possible Trojan & Other Viruses
  76. Computer very slow
  77. A strange little issue....
  78. Babylon Search
  79. Need help removing Trojan:DOS/Alureon.A
  80. The infection fought back..
  81. Compromised...Redirect to LivePerson
  82. Follow external link but cannot save dds.scr file
  83. Need help on removing Virus.Win64.ZAccess.a (2)
  84. need help removing Virus.Win64.ZAccess.a
  85. Help with FBI Virus
  86. possibly spyware, adware or what ever else.
  87. Help with browser spyware, adware or what ever else is on my computer
  88. Urgent help needed to remove multiple virus :win64/patched.A and Trojan.
  89. Infected by windows/svc/host.exe
  90. Redirecting and Blue Screen
  91. Multiple Computer Problems
  92. JS/Phish on Windows Vista
  93. Logs - win64/Sirefef B + Y
  94. Sirefef B
  95. Loooooong website load times virus?
  96. Giant Savings - HELP REQUIRED
  97. Google searches redirected!!
  98. Need help with a nasty virus
  99. Malware Trojan problem
  100. Optimizer pro - not so optimal. Help please
  101. Incorrect Voucher Trojan
  102. FBI Moneypak virus, please help!
  103. Generic_r.BAT - Luhe.Sirefef.A -Infection
  104. Trojan Problem
  105. Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AN
  106. Chrome/IE8 Hijacked
  107. Combofix - how to restore Carbonite?
  108. Browser Hijacked by
  109. Internet problem
  110. ZeroAccess. Please help + Proper logs this time. (Sorry)
  111. system32/services.exe ZeroAccess trojan
  112. Virus/Trojan Problem, Chrome hijacked
  113. ZeroAccess, Please help!
  114. Virus - Windows Defender and MS Essentials turned off
  115. I think I might have a virus
  116. blueberry161 / whitesmoke
  117. Redirect Problem
  118. Whitesmoke virus
  119. [SOLVED] Failed to uninstall using the Control Panel>Uninstall Progr
  120. Malware/Spyware problem - internet connectivity/browser links open different web page
  121. kedxalekcyfy.exe
  122. rootkit.boot.pihar.b-- help please!
  123. BSOD -dell notebook Windows 7 -ataport.sys
  124. [SOLVED] Bifrose and Keygen Trojans
  125. possible infection
  126. Need a check up to see if my virus is gone.
  127. ZeroAccess / desktop.ini(Trojan.Gen 2)
  128. unknown application (kedxalekcyfy)
  129. Windows 7 Issues Maybe Due to Viruses
  131. Wierd Virus in Notification Area
  132. Please help to get rid of a Hider.MPR trojan
  133. Believe files been infected- numerous errors
  134. [SOLVED] I think I may have infection malware/virus as I get a msg "the webpage you a
  135. Virus preventing internet connection
  136. Redirected
  137. Infected services.exe
  138. Redirected to random sites
  139. security issues
  140. Rootkit Problem
  141. Not sure if infected, close call, or false positive.
  142. Virus/Malware problem
  143. FBI Moneypak Virus
  144. desktop.ini trojan
  145. computer becoming unstable
  146. Hider.MPR Trojan
  147. is this a virus/spyware?
  148. I scanned =o
  149. is this a virus?
  151. rootkit problems,please help
  152. Synaptics Touchpad malfunction: dragging instead of clicking.
  153. [SOLVED] Rootkit infection & Adware BHO Problems
  154. New Virus Uses FBI Name!!
  155. Malware or virus downloaded from Google image
  156. Virtool.constructor...
  157. SIREFEF.EZ TROJAN WON'T REMOVED..can't find random.exe files
  158. Possible Virus?
  159. system slow and internet not responsive
  160. Rootkit Issue
  161. Help Me C:\Windows\System32\services.exe Problem
  162. Need help to identify if machine is still infected
  163. Win32/Olmarik trojan.tdl4
  164. [SOLVED] Malware issue
  165. Virus Problem Hides Files and Programs
  166. This computer has redirect virus.
  167. Trojan Help
  168. Svchost Trojan
  169. [SOLVED] and solution center problems
  170. FighterTool Removal
  171. Cant access to any google sites
  172. ad media virus
  173. Desktop.ini
  174. Infected
  175. bad image problem
  176. Google Redirect and background ad's/music with no programs open
  177. "Critical Problem Restart in 1 Minute"
  178. Some form of Zero Access virus on PC, have run other things before coming to this..
  179. laptop freezes when connected to school network, windows defender wont start either
  180. Virus or Trojan?
  181. Metropolitan Police virus
  182. KSECDD.sys is infected with virus.win32.rloader.a
  183. which tool/software can fully remove MyWebSearch malware/virus/trojan ?
  184. Virus? Ads and crashing
  185. Snap.Do problem
  186. Browser hijacked and ghost advertisements
  187. [SOLVED] tazinga redirect virus
  188. AVG stopped working - virus?
  189. help please
  190. Trojan in my registry
  191. Win64/Necurs.A Infection
  192. Avast, Services.exe infected but am unable to do anything.
  194. Automatic scrolling down of pages and certain keys of keyboard not working
  195. IE9 sluggish
  196. Security center problem
  197. Corrupt Keyboard
  198. Google/Bing Searches Redirected
  199. virus 2 :D
  200. Google / Yahoo re-direct
  201. Virus
  202. Google links redirecting to random sites
  203. another babylon takeover.
  204. Random Ad Noises virus
  205. Potential Rootkit/malware
  206. Google links redirecting to ad sites
  207. Computer won't open anything
  208. funmoods/babylon
  209. Slow Win7 Laptop,Virus! HijackThis Log included
  210. Crashing, won't update, but can't find any viruses, spyware, or malware
  211. Google not operating properly
  212. Help. Virus eating memory physical and virtual
  213. System32.exe
  214. Infected
  215. services.exe trojan 2
  216. Help, please.
  217. Random Music and Unable to turn on updates
  218. services.exe trojan
  219. unusual file download
  220. Need help removing a Trojan
  221. [SOLVED] babylon problem won't go away
  222. Search Engine Redirect Virus, Win7
  223. Windows Vista 32 bit operating system
  224. Random Sound Clips Trojan
  225. Artemis Trojan help
  226. Google Rediriect
  227. [SOLVED] Is there a fix for missing exauthp2.dll pop-up message?
  228. [SOLVED] Redirect links & Ads in lower corners of browser.
  229. Am i being hacked?
  230. Google redirecting me to random pages
  231. dell vistro 1500 virus infections
  232. Google doesn't work.
  233. [SOLVED] Pretty sure it's a TDL3...
  234. Solution for missing exauthp2.dll pop-up?
  235. please help - funmoods virus
  236. UPS Email virus
  237. my computer plays ads whether or not i have websites open
  238. PCEU Attack
  239. Trojan:DOS\Alureon.A - I need help!
  240. Windows 7 possible rookit
  241. Searchnu/iSearch
  242. Constant pop-ups/ads while browsing?
  243. Browser redirect problems from virus sites
  244. System Behaving Strangely
  245. pup.bprotector cant remove
  246. Blue Screen [Moved fr General security]
  247. I might have malware and i have tried everything!!
  248. Ads not by this site
  249. Services missing, Chrome Errors, Redirects
  250. Something is eating my virtual memory. Most likely a virus