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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Anti Virus Hanging, Possible Zlob.DNS Changer and other odd activity
  2. hijackthis log
  3. Infection with dual boot system
  4. Ried #3
  5. Ried - PC#2
  6. Downloader.Delf.12.AN
  7. [SOLVED] Virus 2009
  8. [SOLVED] dowloaded file - did NOT open or install it - virus program showed trojan -
  9. Lots of pop ups! Also IE not working right.
  10. [SOLVED] Error: "Windows cannot access the specified drive path or file"
  11. Computer Running Slow and Glitchy
  12. Trojan/Malware/popups
  13. [SOLVED] pop ups and redirected browser
  14. Programs Restricted/no desktop/Virtumonde
  15. Apparent Malware/Spyware problem
  16. Delself desktop icon and Brastk.exe help
  17. I also have the "unsolicited browser pops" problem. Tks
  18. Slow browsing help needed
  19. Unwanted popups and malware in the system
  20. error MYWEBS, M3PLUGIN.DLL at start up
  21. Browser Redirects, Hijacks, etc.
  22. Several popups, issues running reports... please help
  23. Need help getting rid of possible trojans (prun.exe, tmpa9.exe...)
  24. Computer has virus need help
  25. probable spyware +windows alert messages
  26. HJT log+strange google search results
  27. [SOLVED] Please I need help reading Hijackthis log Pls
  28. trojan-PWS.yaludle
  29. Infected by TrojanDownloader.Zlob.BXN trojan and a variant of Win32/AutoRun.ABH worm
  30. Windows Keeps Restarting
  31. Computer controlled!
  32. [SOLVED] Browser freezes upon opening then goes to an advertisement page
  33. Frightening Spyware, possibly brastk.exe
  34. "Attention [name]! Dangerous viruses detected in your system"
  35. Infected with Bagel Virus, Trojan Downloader, etc
  36. Search Engine Redirect Problems
  37. Trying to access malware infected drive
  38. [SOLVED] ashtask.dll is missing
  39. "congratulations" virus or trojan or whatever it is
  40. Need help getting rid of malware
  41. Redirect problem
  42. [SOLVED] Being blocked from antivirus sites
  43. Log Help Please (trojans and adware problems)
  44. Search results being redirected in ANY web browser
  45. c:\windows\avguard.exe
  46. Infected with Trojan.Adclicker.HB & trojan generic 826214
  47. Invisible popups, unknown programs running
  48. Error messages involving svchost
  49. Application and IE Title Bar's "flash" (lose focus) - IE randomly shuts down
  50. Sound clips playing every 30 seconds
  51. internet explorer cuts out and unable to download help
  52. Pop ups and trojans, low memory
  53. Random sound clips: "Congratulations - you have won..." and other system sounds.
  54. Computer is constantly accessing internet
  55. Brower Hijacked !! Auto closes browser and/or opens unsolicited pages. Virtumondo??
  56. Hidden Files can't be shown..[moved from xp]
  57. Redirect/Jump Problems
  58. [SOLVED] My hijack this log
  59. Pop ups in internet explorer
  60. Can't remove Renos.AW trojan downloader
  61. Son's Computer is Super Slow
  62. Infected by vundo.gen.k (trojan) and pop ups abound
  63. Infected by trojans in pseudo-codec
  64. Malware: Trojan-downloader-zlob
  65. Help needed. Red X in taskbar that says "Your computer is infected!
  67. HJT log
  68. Pop Up Ads / Vista seems to run slower than before
  69. computer running very slow
  70. File cannot be deleted: cewmd.dll
  71. CPU usage @ 100%
  72. Need help getting started
  73. Horrible infection.
  74. [SOLVED] PC Slow Problem
  75. Repeated Win32.SuperJuan and Win32.Monder attacks
  76. trojan-keylogger.win32.fung...What the heck is this and how do I kill it?
  77. [SOLVED] explorer.exe not working
  78. [SOLVED] Pop-ups every second warning of virus and spyware
  79. problem with trojan-keylogger.win32.fung
  80. Kaspersky Reports Trojan (Zbot); Word, Other Progs Won't Run
  81. Help Removing Zlob.DNSChanger.rtk
  82. [SOLVED] internet pages are being hijacked
  83. Firefox and other pograms are Crashing
  84. [SOLVED] brastk.exe
  85. Malware? Trojan? Google has been hijacked
  86. system32:winsock32.exe
  87. Gmer.exe wont open
  88. EXTREMLEY slow performamce -- found Viewpoint Manager software on machine
  89. pop ups and viruses?
  90. malware help plz cont 2
  91. Virus Alert beside clock / popups
  92. Infected with brastk.exe, wini10802.exe?
  93. more fun with Vundo/Virtumonde
  94. Possible spyware/malware unwanted ad's
  95. acpiz.dll problem
  96. [SOLVED] DNS hijacked? (websites getting rerouted)
  97. FAO SuBs Re email
  98. adware/spyware problem! help!!
  99. plz help me deleting 'vundo' and 'autorun'
  100. [SOLVED] Slow Slow Slow computer. Followed all links to fixes
  101. Help Remove Malware
  102. Annoying Problem (not sure what it's technically called)
  103. Browser Hijacked and GMER won't run
  104. Rogue Software downloaded
  105. Computer infected;Trojan;Antispyware Popups;Redirects to a certain page;and more.
  106. I opened rarpasgen.exe as relized that I am an Idiot
  107. resycled\ hard drive error.
  108. Trojan and Popups
  109. [SOLVED] unsolicited browser pops
  110. [email protected] Problem....n god knows what else
  111. can't update mcafee and lots of popups
  112. Your computer is infected! Few .exe programs will run.
  113. csrss.exe, websites not loading, hijackers
  114. brastk.exe removal problems
  115. Pop up ads / Common folder at startup
  116. Slow computer
  117. Possible malware - prevents one program and causes "fail to install" messages
  118. Google Links going to strange sites
  119. IE/FF Hijacker, redirects+crashes
  120. Malware?! Seekmo popping up!
  121. Win32/fakealert.HT (delself.bat)
  122. Please assist with BRASTK.EXE removal
  123. antivirus/spyware problem
  124. Random Sound bites keep going off on my computer. I NEED HELP
  125. Ads Everywhere
  126. Help please!
  127. Possible Malware? Firefox won't open, slow computer
  128. redirects my internet page to:
  129. Google search is redirecting me
  130. Command.exe,Constant Pop-Ups. Slow Computer
  131. Infected machine? - pop-ups / Windows Security Alert problem / Windows no disk error
  132. [SOLVED] Is my PC infected with Antivirus 2009?
  133. brastk.exe and delself?
  134. virus and what not remover?
  135. Virus that disables everything
  136. Spyware/Trojan, constant pop-ups
  137. Had Blue Screen advising infection and pop ups that looked like they came from window
  138. "Your Computer is infected" Continuous shutdown
  139. This is step five in the process of getting help
  140. '' redirects, sudden slowness, <and more>
  141. virus or something is in my computer
  142. Can't remove brastk.exe
  143. Algg.exe removal
  144. Computer speed problems - Possible Malware issue?
  145. viruses and stuff
  146. I have been attacked by brastk. Any help would be appreciated.
  147. Trojan-Spy.Win32.Keylogger.aa
  148. Help with Trojan/Spyware
  149. Trojan vundo
  150. Unable to browse files to upload because it closes program
  151. Malware/Virus and alot of PAIN
  152. Malware and Viruses
  153. Random Pop-Ups - Trojan horse Downloader.Zlob_r.CQ
  154. Slow Computer
  155. Explorer.exe open and close, how to keep it on always?
  156. "My Computer" (Windows Explorer), Internet Explorer, and Eudora Will Not Open
  157. HiJack This Won't Execute, delself.bat, computer shuts down
  158. SVChost.exe infected with Trj/Downloader.MDW
  159. Extremly slow computer, multiple trojans
  160. iexplorer.exe remains in task manager even after I end process
  161. Torrents OK but web browsing not ...
  162. iexplorer.exe running in task manager when ie is not running
  163. PSW-X/networm-1.vir/[email protected]
  164. windows and other programs not able to update
  165. need help deleting various malware,trojans,spyware, viruses
  166. Anti Virus 2009 virus (plus many others)
  167. Cannot Remove Win32.Agent.pc - Hijackthis log included
  168. I need help reading hijack this log PLEASE!
  169. Windows XP totally freezes up randomly
  170. Spyware Infection and More
  171. [SOLVED] Red circle with an X saying my computer is infected!
  172. from all scans, spybot search and destroy, ace utlities, virus scans, fail
  173. System is slow and won't boot - Virtumonde Trojan detected, keeps reappearing
  174. Malware disables TrueVector Internet Monitor Service
  175. TotalSecure2009,Zedo,888ladies,Russian dating popups and also computer running slow
  176. Re direct virus?
  177. Windows Explorer, My Computer, System Restore and Internet Explorer don't work
  178. Constantly Quarantine message - Mal Outorun1
  179. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Log
  180. Malware/Virus
  181. Red X Popup and Trojans
  182. XP AntiSpyware 2009 - BRASTK.EXE
  183. Suspicious processes
  184. pop ups keep coming, probably micro AV still infecting system
  185. Continous Popup - CleanUpTools
  186. Red circle in the taskbar
  187. Simply riddled with various malware
  188. Can't update Windows + Pop-Ups in Firefox
  189. Computer infected. Please help: Red Circle with White X in taskbar/"PC-Antispy"
  190. Time changed to 24h and reads "VIRUS ALERT!" also various "Security Alert" popups
  191. Infected with virus/trojan
  192. HijackThis log for Antivirus 2009 virus
  193. TotalSecure2009 - VIRUS
  194. Backdoor allowing execution of trojans and more on my computer
  195. Just a check up really
  196. Red circle in the taskbar and brastk
  197. My computer's just getting slower and slower :(
  198. Recycler trojan
  199. Trojan Horse.Dropper
  200. frostwire and pop ups
  201. Virtumonde
  202. Trojan/Spyware infected! [Red icon with white cross appear on task bar] Please help!
  203. Please help me remove anitvirus 2009!
  204. Windows Firewall Pop-up:
  205. downloaded codec.exe-virus/cmptr problems
  206. Constant Pop-ups: Vundo, Virtumonde, cmdservice and more
  207. Need help removing malware...
  208. Help. Problems with Malware
  209. XP Antivirus 2009
  210. Virtumonde Infection.
  211. Generic11.ATCH trojan, IE bogus antivirus?
  212. Computer running slower than usual...
  213. Virtumonde/Monder infection suspected. Assistance requested.
  214. Constant bogus system alerts and VIRUS ALERT! displayed alongside the clock
  215. ie6 ads, help please
  216. Hideous virus IEXPLORE.EXE help me get rid of it please!
  217. [SOLVED] &quot;windows secuirty alret&quot; popup
  218. [SOLVED] b.exe malware bug
  219. Is NB_AS_Turorial.exe malware ?
  220. Hijacking Help
  221. Virtumonde Please Help Nothing Seems To Be Able To Remove
  222. activescan logfile
  223. The PC is stuck in first gear.
  224. IE POP UPS still
  225. Win 32/Rustock.gen!C Virus
  226. Virtumonde.prx keeps coming back, can't turn auto windows updates on
  227. Please help with log
  228. HJT Log - Windows Error
  229. Extremely slow + programs not responding
  230. Desktop Dissipearing Help Please
  231. Mouse cursor virus and slow computer
  232. ??? I have 2 - explorer.exe files running ???
  233. Popups whenever I open a Folder
  234. TROJ_AGENT.APTW and Possible_Zlob-8 and bogus antivirus pop-ups
  235. OS slow- VM memory always low- HJT Freezing
  236. Pop Ups and Sound Files
  237. I'm infected and some other problems
  238. winnzy32 missing
  239. HKLM/Software/Altnet
  240. Ok, before I fixed a trojan problem and found the source but I still need help....
  241. "uipopuphidden" message, what is this?
  242. Trojan - MCHLNDRV.SYS
  243. Possible Malware etc/ SP3 problems - analysis required please 2
  244. [SOLVED] Desktop Image Replaced With Spyware Detection Warning; DisplayProperties Tab
  245. Google redirect virus and iexplore.exe problem!
  246. Random .dll's, Failing Internet, Can't Get Through Start Up
  247. [SOLVED] Infected with Trojan
  248. Trojan-clicker.win32.tiny.h....and many other varieties
  249. Help i can't open Hikackthis
  250. diallers found on laptop