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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. MSN infected by image34
  2. Problem with Deewoo
  3. Infected with mimoyibi.dll, muvetuvo.dll,gitalobo.dll, all started with tivivapi.dll
  4. Trying To Clean Up A Computer, Need Help
  5. Help with recent Malware causing pop-ups and slow performance
  6. IE crashes , ad pop up.
  7. Only Affecting attempts to fix
  8. IE7 broke...Firefox and anything else are fine.
  9. severe problems with main PC
  10. Ron tool netupbanner infection, cont.
  11. Possible Malware/Spyware problems or something else?
  12. Sinowal Trojan
  13. Suspected Infection ?
  14. Need help removing Sinowal.Trojan
  15. security toolbar malware!plzzzzzhelp!urgent-----logs as angelfire777 asked
  16. [SOLVED] Cannot Access Add/ Remove Programs
  17. Multiple trojans found by AV but they reappear after AV "cleans" them
  18. False Security Alerts (pop-ups) for alleged "Sinowal.Trojan"; suspicious links
  19. Vimax ads and blocked
  20. Virtumonde, etc. - pls help
  21. Computer Slow after startup, firefox and flash player especially
  22. Windows Firewall Detecting Sinowal.Trojan
  23. Hijackthis Help. Trojans, and Popups
  24. Infection: win32:spyware-gen [trj] and win32:Rootkit-gen [rtk]
  25. Requesting help removing "TinyProxy" Facebook virus
  26. possible Backdoor.PcClient.jhu infection
  27. winweb security popups
  28. Quick Luch Toolbar dissapeared, i suspect some kind of infection.
  29. google search redirect and pop up screens
  30. Cross-Infected Laptop AND GMER.EXE ISSUE
  31. [SOLVED] Possible Trojan Vondu virus and slow performance.
  32. Machine is naked to internet malware
  33. Pc is Nuked: Blocked Updates and pop-ups
  34. Infected with Trojan Vundo, iifdcAtT.dll, pop-ups, etc.
  35. [SOLVED] Popups
  36. Extra "marketing" windows popping up
  37. Search engine redirects
  38. Does this HJT log look suspicious?
  39. Explorer problems, avg cant update, pc freezes.
  40. Really wierd problem with browsers and other things.
  41. Trojan.virtumonde found by Spyware doctor but infection still on pc
  42. Popup help
  43. autorun.inf trojan
  44. System start-up change detected
  45. b5.tmp.exe removal
  46. Stronger adware then I thought...
  47. Constant popups when I use the internet-with things like antiviruspro etc.
  48. Possible Infection Affecting Internet
  49. AVG 8 antivirus unable to update
  50. Constant page re-directing and trojan horse
  51. Another Redirect
  52. Same Ads in different websites, possible spyware
  53. trojan.win32.monder.gen - help
  54. IE Popups, system slow, Symantec Fails to Detect Cause
  55. [SOLVED] Malware download from
  56. Adware infection help needed
  57. Deleting ComboFix
  58. Unsolicited New Window pop ups on IE7 and Firefox
  59. Browser Hijacked - Google redirects, tech support sites blocked - Gmer won't run...
  60. I think I got "juduvokawi" resolved
  61. IE popups (Virtumonde?) and disabled Windows Update
  62. Pop up in mozilla Firefox
  63. Help fix Malware/Backdoor slowing down Pc
  64. Spyware?
  65. Please Help - Antivirus 2009, multiple pop-ups system is very slow
  66. Slowness/Browser Redirection/Program Issues
  67. Browsing slow then stops
  68. Mozilla and IE pop-ups
  69. Firefox and IE; insecure Internet Activity, unclickable desktop icons
  70. Problems with rundll32.exe/explorer.exe
  71. Random Program crashes & restricted Browsing
  72. virtrigger! I have it, I need help!
  73. Popups won't stop
  74. Winiguard/everad pop up.
  75. Malware help (win antivirus pop-ups)
  76. BAD IMAGE message always associated with "nupanogo.dll"
  77. Mozilla & IE Pop-Ups...Vermundo???
  78. Can't access AntiVirus Websites, can't install HijackThis, ComboFix or spybotS&D...
  79. Popups & Google Home Page Re-Directed
  80. Potentially Keylogged.
  81. Sophisticated Browser Hijack
  82. Win32/Slenfbot.gen!C
  83. Vundo Gen. and popup ads.
  84. google search redirect
  85. My Web Search Virus
  86. IE Being Redirected..Computer Dragging
  87. Possible Virus, Browser Redirects
  88. Hidden Trojan/Keylogger
  89. Virus redirecting google search links and preventing access to Antivirus sites
  90. Hijack This Help
  91. Antivirus is being turned off, won't reload
  92. Security Alert Center Spymare.ispynow
  93. backdoor.tdserv
  94. Possible Malware? DEP - Generic Host Process
  95. Trojan Virtumondo and "Bad Image" popups.
  96. Browser being redirected; unable to access TSF!!!
  97. Csrsc.exe - no disc! and more
  98. Virtumonde, MWSC.taskmanager,
  99. Infected with Backdoor.Tideserv!inf and W32.SillyDC, and webpages have been hijacked
  100. [SOLVED] Win32.Trojan.Downloader.Agent
  101. Random popups and bogged down computer
  102. Insecure Internet Activity-- VIRUS Help
  103. Internet Hijacked Through Video Codec
  104. ruhumowa.dll?
  105. Slow boot, no taskbar or system restore...
  106. Google Redirecting To Other Websites; Constant Pop-Ups
  107. Trojan Horse detected
  108. Windows Startup too Slow
  109. Trojan and Spyware trouble
  110. help explorer.exe keeps closing
  111. Heavily Infected Laptop
  112. HJTlog... Please help me!!
  113. Internet running slowly and disconnecting at times
  114. Slow computer and internet - multiple virus problem
  115. brastk.exe and antivirus pro 2009 malware
  116. Win32.worm.autorun
  117. warning pop up
  118. Need help with Daughters PC
  119. CPU and IE Problems
  120. Help with pop ups
  121. [SOLVED] Hijacked I Think
  122. No logs... can't download the files to get them!
  123. ..tired of having to reformat the laptop because of malwares and spywares.. help..
  124. Images gone in internet explorer
  125. Malware hijacked all browsers, runtime errors
  126. pop ups
  127. malware and random pop-ups
  128. HiJackthis log
  129. Does rebuilding remove MBR problems?
  130. Rogue BHO/DLL causing popups
  131. Smitfraud-C Toolbar 888
  132. eBay account hijacked
  133. Remove Vimax Ads and Spam Pop-ups
  134. Need help removing Sypware
  135. Internet Explorer won't start - error report pop-up
  136. Trojan Horse take over
  137. Slow start up and slow internet
  138. bratsk.exe and karna.dat, deleted but still a pain.
  139. Trojans infecting my computer and security
  140. Family Computer- Blue Screen
  141. Your computer is infected
  142. Help: Infected with Trojan (w32.delf.scv?)
  143. Antivirus 2009/AntiMalwareGuard Popups
  144. Bad Image error
  145. Trojan/malware infection?
  146. [SOLVED] Virus, popups, Antivirus 2009?? Please help! - DDS, Gmer and Attach.txt comp
  147. Virtumonde.prx Free? Confirmation of having been cleansed of this Trojan
  148. Virus Infection
  149. First Log after ComboFix - what next?
  150. Virus Prevents Access to Antivirus Sites
  151. ron ads netupbanner pop-ups
  152. Pop-ups are driving me crazy!
  153. Don't know exactly what's wrong, but this is not good.
  154. Random IE pop-up windows
  155. Uncontrolled pop ups. Installed Avira, now computer barely functions.
  156. Keylogger
  157. Malaware/Trojan Problem - Bad image popup windows
  158. Zlob downloader/AntivirusPro2009
  159. help with Karna.dat, Bratsk.exe & antivirus 2009 complete removal
  160. Malware/Trojans Problem
  161. Backdoor.TDServ!sd6 results in bluescreen
  162. Very bad virus trouble
  163. Malware- popups, and reports of a trojan.
  164. Your computer is infected! pop-up
  165. can't access task manager, regedit and folder options
  166. I have Virus/Spyware. HJT doesn't work [Moved from XP]
  167. Anti-Spyware Sites & Software Blocked
  168. Persistant registry entry
  169. Viruses, Malware, Adware, Spyware, Trojans, Etc.
  170. lwmela.dll logibeja.dll nebazifi.dll
  171. maybe rootkit virus
  172. Hi Guys, Need HELP with new adware/malware problem:
  173. Fake Trojan Notification, Among Others
  174. DDL Error
  175. blocked update of windows defender and phishing filter, vimax ads everywhere
  176. Trojan, Worm and Other Virus Problems
  177. need help with malware
  178. My Hijack this log - The Beep of Death
  179. Various software programs unable to update (probably related to the same issue).
  180. Desktop vanished, Calculator vanished, Remote Desktop Connection(mstsc.exe) involunt
  181. Hijacked home page among other things! :(
  182. Pop-ups, Vitrumonde, slow running computer - please help!
  183. New windows popping up randomly in IE
  184. help with virus LOGS INCLUDED!
  185. "System Alert: [email protected]"
  186. It began with Antivirus 2009 (part 2)
  187. SysNotifier and XPShield (and maybe more)
  188. Anti-Virus 2009 and JAVA_BYTEVER on my computer.
  189. Malware infection
  190. Phantom "iexplore.exe" Process?
  191. Pop-Ups on WindowsXP Startup.
  192. ron ads by netupbanner
  193. AVG finds Trojan horse PSW.Generic6.AQPD--removes, but still infected maybe?
  194. dnserror.htm IE will not load
  195. Pc Fails To Boot Normally Will Only Boot In Safe Mode
  196. Application errors
  197. Warning: Your computer is infected with spyware
  198. Vundo symptoms -- not Vundo trojan
  199. Antivirus 2009 and a lot of Trojan
  200. Help: C:\Windows\Avguard.exe
  201. brastk and tdssserv + can't use .exe
  202. antivirus 2009
  203. [SOLVED] Google Search Links Redirect Me to Unrequested Website
  204. Help with Bratsk.exe
  205. [SOLVED] No Starting of the NEW INSTRUCTIONS
  206. [SOLVED] rundll.32 + userinit.exe again
  207. Random popups and cpu running 50%
  208. Dell Laptop Slowing Down
  209. Trojan Clicker and ZLOB? Internet Problem
  210. Strange Anti virus has installed on my PC without my knowledge! *problems!*
  211. Win32: Trojan-gen
  212. eeekkkk!!!! help me, trojan/virus
  213. system 32 trojan
  214. AntiVirus Pro 2009
  215. Vimax ads; Google results redirecting.
  216. Virtumonde, malware, internet adware, popups, redirection
  217. Can't run antivirus or restore system
  218. possible vundo infection and more!
  219. pop-ups and cpu slowness
  220. Red Button with a white cross
  221. Google Hijacked by virus....browser shuts down
  222. System crashing and desktop stange problem
  223. [SOLVED] Trojan Horse PSW.Generic6.AQPD
  224. original 'search engine re-direct and pop-ups
  225. CPU runs constantly at 20-25%
  226. Virus Suspected - Computer slow and programs closing unexpectedly
  227. definite virus
  228. [SOLVED] critical system warning, virus remover 2008 infected
  229. Firefox redirects and pop-ups
  230. Old Java, got Virtumonde?
  231. Computer virus: logs included - PLEASE HELP!
  232. tinyproxy.exe malware: Need Help!!!
  233. Recieved bad email from facebook
  234. win32/vundo.azw
  235. Can't seem to remove these annoying Popups, Help please
  236. Slow to respond to clicks, disconnects from dialup, lot of programs not responding
  237. trojans/malware
  238. Help me understand My log file?
  239. Trojan.Packed.NsAnti
  240. Win32: Agent-QNI and Trojan-gen
  241. malware on system
  242. Please read my logs I have trojans
  243. Win32/AutoRun.ABH
  244. WindowsUpdate redirects to MSN/Random Pop-Ups
  245. Virus in the system
  246. virus or Trojan horse
  247. I need to remove Malware spyware message-Todd Hoback
  248. A little prob...received an infected e-mail from myself.
  249. Spyware Infection
  250. Constant Pop ups