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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Vundo Trojan Attacks
  2. Vundo and other trojans
  3. Deleting MyWay.MyWebSearch
  4. Need Help Removing Spyware
  5. Need help with malware on computer
  6. Downloaded virus from YouTube?
  7. Comanglia
  8. Google trojan - search hijacked
  9. First page of Google results hijacked?
  10. CiD Virus Help
  11. Computer unbearably slow
  12. virtumonde/virtumonde.prx/smitfraud-c/more ): HELP please!
  13. [SOLVED] Infection Cleanout
  14. Help with Prunnet.exe leftovers
  15. Infected Computer Issues
  16. Suspect Backdoor Trojan. Unable to connect to AVG, Symantec, here. Google compromised
  17. Vimax Ads/Blue Screen
  18. TaskBar & DeskTop Icons coming & going
  19. Virtumonde and other possible malware
  20. unable to complete DDS
  21. Problems with 'shell32.dll', 'kernal32.dll'(?) etc changes
  22. Generic Dropper.bu and MORE
  23. internet explorer popups occur while im using firefox and when im not.
  24. Malware Suspected! No Programs running!
  25. trojan jumping from drive to drive
  26. Trojan Vundo
  27. Infected Computer with Malware or some sort
  28. browser redirecting
  29. Trojan Issue - Following Ried's removal instructions
  30. How to remove Trojan "BackDoor-DKI!mem"???
  31. Help with malware/spyware
  32. Trojan horse infections
  33. Pop up and also other problems
  34. hijacked ie no longer works and cpu 100 percent computer crawls!!!
  35. Have I succesfully removed Vundo, rogue.drivecleaner etc.?
  36. comanglia!!! ?
  37. How do I delete Kollah virus from my computer?
  38. Generic8 and Trojan.Vundo Help
  39. Am i infected? Need urgent help
  40. Malware? - Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Also, 4 packets lost?
  41. Popups, Automatic Updates Disabled, other suspicious symptoms?
  42. Virus Problem: Frustration Galore
  43. [SOLVED] Registry Issue, very suspicious files.
  44. Screen no longer goes black
  45. Browser hijack, and a seriously unstable PC.
  46. Google/Yahoo Redirects for Firefox and IE
  47. Invaded Computer
  48. HELP! PC Under Attack!
  49. Am infected with something, credit card # was stolen
  50. Virtumonde - Smitfraud-C - Logs Included - Please Help
  51. Need help with spy/malware
  52. Trojan Issue
  53. Runtime Error, Exception Breakpoint, Browser Hijack
  54. Multiple Trojans found on system
  56. Please help, computer will not work properly in regular mode...
  57. Popups and other issues
  58. Assistance with my Daughters machine
  59. Antivirus toolbar and webpage uninvited pop ups, help needed!
  60. Google Redirect Problem
  61. Cannot ping, netstat etc
  62. [SOLVED] Windows Security Alert/Malware
  63. Trojan injection disabling connection to internet. Please help!!!
  64. Spyware Help needed
  65. IE Taking Over My Computer
  66. search engine results links redirecting to some fishy websites
  67. Computer extremely slow... also, IE is completely gone??
  68. please help remove trojan virus
  69. Need help to get started with malware removal-DDS.scr not working
  70. I need Help
  71. Need help!!
  72. Trojan/Virus, Unsure of what
  73. Trojan downloader : win32/renos.EE
  74. radio playing on its own, Just-in-time Debugger keeps popping up
  75. Follow-up on recent, possible McAfee False Positive
  76. Copy Book, Bizrate Search, Redirection
  77. Infected Registry Keys/ Constant Malware
  78. AVG can't heal it
  79. Malware, Spyware and Trojans, Please help! HiJackThis Log Included
  80. Trojan.Generic
  81. I've got 10mins before i blue screen
  82. Malware help
  83. Spyware Guard 2008 Infection
  84. Google Redirecting and Popups
  85. Win32.trojan.agent virus!
  86. Trojan(s) Found on Laptop, Need Help
  87. iexplore.exe keeps opening...
  88. WinXP problem
  89. Help!! -being held hostage by my computer -Malware,redirects,etc.
  90. Zafi.B virus/worm removal help
  91. Virtumonde Trojan- Help Please
  92. Computer Being Attack/Help Please/HiJackThis Log
  93. Adware/Spyware and Virus Problems.
  94. [SOLVED] Comp running slow
  95. Help deleting spyware
  96. Search Results Hijacked
  97. Spyware Guard 2008 - Won't Delete Off Friends Comp...
  98. Help decifer my HJT log!
  99. Please help. Popup says sinowal.trojan. Thanks!
  100. Malware Infected XP machine
  101. Suspected malware / spyware infection.
  102. Malware Problem
  103. Redirect or Jump from Search Results
  104. possible virus?
  105. Son's computer infected....HELP
  106. Embed Virus
  107. Having malware / trojan problems please help
  108. Pancolp malware
  109. Unable to get rid of some pesky trojans and malware... Please Help
  110. Many issues arise when running spybot
  111. please help with malware/trojan removal
  112. Trojan.TDSServ, Trojan-Downloader.Agent.OGP problems
  113. Computer HiJack
  114. virus help
  115. My hijack log re:Win32.Netsky.Q
  116. Copious cornucopia of crap
  117. Stuck in Malware Mordor
  118. Slow Performance due to Malware
  119. Pesky Malware Worries Me
  120. Random popups
  121. virtumonde problems
  122. Malware-Help
  123. DNS spyware (!?) Help! need to work!
  124. resycled\
  125. PC Seemingly Hijacked
  126. Help! Malware attack. Here is my HJT log
  127. can't search from address bar
  128. rundll32.exe
  129. laptop hijack?
  130. Issues after reformatting c:
  131. Adware-Isearch infection, can't get rid of it
  132. Malware /Popups after using BitTorrent
  133. [SOLVED] DesktopClock.exe refuses to be disabled from Start Up
  134. My computer is infected
  135. Links getting redirected - hijacked
  136. [Solved]Re-Infection of trojans and malware I guess.
  137. Many Pop-ups - Vundo Malware Infestation?
  138. Picked up Something Ugly - Antivirus 360
  139. and other maladies
  140. Infected and are having issues getting disinfected.
  141. [SOLVED] insecure internet activity
  142. Pop-up Malware
  143. Fake Virus Scanner Virus
  144. Help for reading scan
  145. Boot IE Script Error ....bhtrlufuk.hta
  146. New to this website
  147. Help with a hijacked laptop?
  148. Vundo/malware infection? HELP PLEASE!
  149. VB AXA Trojan
  150. Computer is bugging with popups help with log
  151. Possble virus, need help.
  152. Browser being hijacked, plus GMER not working.
  153. Internet connection gone, i susspect malware
  154. Virtumonde removed but please check HJT log please
  155. Internet explorer re-directions - 2 rundlls in my startup can't be removed
  156. Blue Screen..Lost Wireless Adapter..Dragging
  157. Random pop-up ads
  158. Desktop taken over
  159. logs need help
  160. [SOLVED] pop ups whenever i open up IE
  161. Think I'm infected with multiple viruses/trojans - keep getting popups
  162. browers hijack?
  163. Can not access Gmail and google search results redirecting to different web sites
  164. Trojan.Vundo keeps attaching to new processes.
  165. Remnants of WinAntiVirus2008
  166. Virusmonde problem?
  167. How do i remove ~tmpa.exe & ~tmpa.exe trojans?
  168. [SOLVED] computer help
  169. Firefox and IE redirecting search and Windows Update not working
  170. Do I Have a Malware or Virus problem . Please Help
  171. Internet Explorer won't open and More (log included)
  172. Computer running slow, every web browser has popups!
  173. Endless Pop-ups
  174. VB.dak
  175. WinWeb Security - did I kill it?
  176. [SOLVED] Malware Reappears after Hijackthis removal
  177. nasty trojan on pc (i think)
  178. help needed computer keeps shutting down and rebooting
  179. Thread gone?
  180. Mystery Spyware guard 2008 program installation - malware/virus infection - pop ups
  181. csrcs.exe seems to be the problem for me
  182. Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needed to close
  183. Random Popups
  184. Google Search Redirect/Slow computer
  185. Spyware, Malware and Popups
  186. Internet Explorer redirecting websites
  187. Trojan Vundo Help!
  188. Trojan Suspected
  189. [SOLVED] Red circle with the white X in taskbar
  190. wild new files bajibuli.dll, poruzowo.dll, fenoyoyu.dll
  191. Win32:Rootkit-gen infection, DDS will not run
  192. Malware Help Pls
  193. Re: Security Problem
  194. netsh.exe infection help?
  195. Bombarded by popups
  196. Slow unknown processes
  197. virtumundo and smitfraud
  198. Serious Vista Virus
  199. SpyBot found win32.sdbot.aad in Registry
  200. Need Help....have some viruses
  201. C:resycled boot is not aa valid win32 application file report pls help
  202. Computer does not run correctly in regular mode...
  203. Malware
  204. Pop-Ups and Vundo
  205. virtuemonde is not going away please help
  206. Need Help with Spyware/Virus on my PC
  207. Vundo infection? Please help.
  208. Trojan Help
  209. Rootkit Trojan and Pop-ups
  210. Laptop infected No internet
  211. Need Malware Help
  212. Need help removing Prunnet
  213. memory issues--mzblaque trojan
  214. annoying fake window security pop ups.
  215. PC slower than normal
  216. GMER log - what to do now?
  217. My internet searches are redirected with legit titles
  218. Costrat Trojan Followup
  219. please look at my log file and help if you can
  220. Vnafudcc.dat Virus
  221. Windows loads PC Reboots or Blue Screens
  222. Winiguard Alert! (help please)
  223. Getting popups
  224. Nasty Zlob.G trojan
  225. gateway solo sound and antivirus 2009 issues
  226. c:windows system32 is not a valid win32 application
  227. DDS Log
  228. malware redirecting my google searches
  229. Virtumonde Infection.
  230. Help Needed for self imposed hardship: facebook email/Video site virus/trojans
  231. I have malware/viruses
  232. Automatic updates disabled, popups, slow running system
  233. Virtumonde infection, need help please.
  234. Malware: "Koobface"
  235. new here, have malware or something
  236. Desktop Hijacked!
  237. My logs, need help
  238. Redirect Virus help please!?
  239. This Virtumonde just won't die!!
  240. Firefox hijacked, Avast reports "Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}"
  241. Fake Trojan that won't go away
  242. Very slow startup plus malware/viruses
  243. IE crash after "Insecure Internet activity", "Security Center Alert" popup
  244. trojan
  245. Spontaneous sound plays when computer not in use
  246. Search engine results have wrong URL / Malware?
  247. antivirus sites blocked, google searches redirected
  248. Sysvxd.exe and o/s and gmer issues
  249. Problems After Zlob Trojan
  250. Vundomonde infection - located in system32