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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. A Question on copying before I get started.
  2. Background changed, bogus security alerts
  3. McAfee has been disabled and cannot be restarted
  4. Way to many popups
  5. VIRUS Problem - Wouldn't allow applications to run
  6. Slow performance and High CPU use
  7. Trojan Daonol
  8. Unresponsive Security Programs (GMER Included)
  9. c:\Windows\System32\napinsp.dll Bad Image Error need help
  10. TROJAN - WIN 32- VUNDO GEN.H infection !! need immediate help !!
  11. I think I have an adware virus or something help please.
  12. infection please help!
  13. Several problems
  14. Browser re-direction/hijack
  15. Vundo? Pop-Ups mis-direction and others
  16. Virtumonde virus. Having trouble removing.
  17. Ntoskrnl-hook
  18. Malware blocking DDS and GMER from running
  19. Possible virus?
  20. Website Redirects
  21. Problems with New Instructions--DDS and GMER
  22. google redirects me to unwanted website. Help please.
  23. trojan, gmer.exe problems
  24. Program launching problem, logs included. Many thanks
  25. cannot find svchostw.exe . . .
  26. Is it infected?
  27. C drive is full without reason
  28. Google redirect and other problems NEED HELP!!!
  29. Is this a malware/virus?
  30. Trojan Issue Plz Help
  31. Vundo Infestation
  32. [SOLVED] Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close #2
  33. Google Redirect
  34. Google Redirect
  35. trojan problem
  36. Google Links being misdirected
  37. HiJackThis Log File Check
  38. Mute icon in taskbar toggles on/off
  39. WinPCDefender
  40. Computer Slow - Multiple viruses
  41. how to delete permanently?
  42. Slow loading internet pages
  43. something is wrong.
  44. Laptop is slow
  45. [SOLVED] Dr Watson
  47. pop ups, unable to load email, hundreds of internet tabs opening
  48. pop ups from bogus virus remover program
  49. On Startup, Vista Loading Screen Takes Ages
  50. Clarification.
  51. Random commercials and shows playing on my computer!!!!!!
  52. Another redirect virus...
  53. Viruses?
  54. Virus? Recycler Virus?
  55. Computer lag or virus?
  56. Old problem/new problem?
  57. Virus Affecting Permissions
  58. Potential virus/malware infection
  59. Google links being redirected elsewhere... please help.
  60. Computer is slow
  61. trojans and popups
  62. Computer is Infected with Vundo!grb, Please Help!!
  63. On Startup, Vista Loading Screen Takes Ages
  64. Infection ?Thanks for any assistance
  65. Google links being redirected elsewhere... please help.
  66. Disabled Firewall and re-routes webaddress'
  67. Search Re-Directs, svchost errors, other malware problems
  68. Search Engine Results Redirect Malware PLEASE HELP!
  69. Google search Browser redirect
  70. Google redirecting to ad sites, system running slowly
  71. Email, IP Address and Update Problems
  72. Virus/malware problems
  73. [SOLVED] AVG detected a rootkit
  74. Virus Problems
  75. Bit of advice.. please :-)
  76. Can not open microsoft and other antivirus sites
  77. Pop-Ups In Firefox & General URL Relocation Problems
  78. Computer has Vundo!grb
  79. Random pop ups in Firefox, Windows XP running slow.
  80. Ntoskrnl-hook
  81. Trojan Horse
  82. Almost 100% sure that I got some sort of virus today
  83. C:\windows\system32\gukowema.dll (The specified module could not be found)
  84. Help: I think I have a trojan
  85. win32/cryptor
  86. win32 cryptor - Is it gone DDS and GMER reports included.
  87. need your help please..
  89. Virus - Win 32 cryptor Please help me
  90. My PC is infected with Vimax Ads
  91. Virus/worm ?
  92. win32/cryptor
  93. IE6 ('null') message
  94. I think I have a virus or a trojan
  95. Removal of worm... Need help urgent
  96. What's Wrong??????
  97. Problem - No idea what it is.
  98. please help my PC is infected with the Vimax Advertisments
  99. Windows XP's blank desktop and many more....
  100. Vimax Ad, PC running slow, AVG update blocked
  101. Firewall off on Boot - Suspected Malware (via Adobe Reader exploit?)
  102. NTOSKRNL.HOOK and issues with GMER
  103. Computer get slow and freeze
  104. Trojan/Malware Infection - help please
  105. Virus Infection can't install / run anti virus
  106. virus/malware problems
  107. malware blocking internet access, worried it will slowly freeze up my pc
  108. Virus/Malware forcing random Firefox Pop-ups
  109. PC infected
  110. Grey Volume Box
  111. Hard disk keeps working with idle pc
  112. Svchost problem and/or other viruses
  113. ntos, twex, twext, winlogon trojans
  114. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Problems
  115. popups in Firefox and IE
  116. Ntoskrnl-hook - please help!!!
  117. [SOLVED] Hacked with trojans reformatted 4 times didnt help
  118. Icon and programs say "no more files"
  119. [SOLVED] windows xp logs off as soon as i click on a user name on the welcome screen
  120. Resources being hogged
  121. [SOLVED] W32\Autorun.worm.zf.gen
  122. Problems with Vundo!grb
  123. slow PC, browser redirected
  124. [SOLVED] system extremely slow/can't update spyware software/IE won't connect
  125. and no internet connectivity
  126. Mal_otorun1
  127. possible trojan infestation
  128. Popup Virus
  129. Undetected virus?
  130. spyware/malware help. I did First Steps
  131. cannot log off, no network, no task manager, freezing...
  132. uipopuphidden hi, I recently had help to clean up my
  133. Google redirecting search results to ad sites.
  134. Sysvxd.exe problem
  135. Ntoskrnl-hook
  136. HJK This , Blank desktop please help
  137. cannot remove generic.packed.200
  138. unexplained lockups
  139. Can't log onto windows XP
  140. Vimax and google ads
  141. search results blank
  142. iexplore.exe
  143. Automatic Update service disabling
  144. Referred here
  145. Windows Installer Continuous
  146. Suspiciously Fixed by Microsoft?
  147. reply to CHemist/ Reid/ Logs attached
  148. Hoping to get some help
  149. Comodo reporting malware
  150. Vundo trojan problem
  151. Google Redirecting my search results
  152. Removed bugs, now lots of problems...
  153. CiD popups
  154. virus infection! can't log onto windows XP
  155. Please Help
  156. Adultfilder and other popups in firefox and IE
  157. svchost.exe trojan problem
  158. Computer almost completely locking up.
  159. Virtumonde infection Part 2
  160. Spyware removal
  161. Spyware, Pop Ups PLEASE HELP!!
  162. Trojan and frightening popups in IE
  163. Slow computer, problems viewing videos, etc.
  164. Internet Explorer missing .dll file
  165. Vondo!grb virus help
  166. google redirects me when i search
  167. Desktop being flooded by .txt files.
  168. Myriad of Problems
  169. Partypoker popups
  170. connection issues / freddy35
  171. Flash Player & System Restore
  172. Google search redirected
  173. Browsing got VERY SLOW...HJT File help please
  174. Antivirus XP Virus/Malware - HELP
  175. pop up problems
  176. Trojan??
  177. google redirects me when i search
  178. Error msg when Windows starts, no sound and Media Player automatically starts
  179. submit suspet file for chekup
  180. Logfile analysis needed - trojan, maybe rootkit removal...
  181. Recent attacks from a virus previously ignored.
  182. browsers arent working....
  183. Services.exe Virus
  184. bad worm, need help
  185. Trojan infection
  186. computer running really slow.
  187. My brother downloaded something and...
  188. want to make sure everything is clean
  189. laptop very slow to boot - help
  190. Removing Trojan - Redirecting Google Search
  191. Trojan problems
  192. Random lockups/Google Redirects
  193. help with win32 trojan/rootkit
  194. computer about to crash.. urgent help needed
  195. Virus that was ignored strikes again.
  196. Keyloggers
  197. Need help removing muzupera.dll and possibly others
  198. Need to Make Sure Spyware/Trojan is Gone
  199. Possible Trojan.Generic Infection
  200. msDNSResponder.exe + System Getting Slower
  201. Infected with Trojans, Pop ups, and Viruses
  202. Possible virus, please help
  203. annoying virus help
  204. Virus? Now Google redirects me to adverts
  205. Google redirecting search results
  206. virus NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  207. Malware Help Please
  208. AntivirusXPPro2009 Virus
  209. Problems with a.bat zapchast.reg trojan
  210. Popup browser with ads
  211. DHCP Client and Host Process for Windows Malware
  212. firefox redirect, cannot restore point, cannot log into most virus sites
  214. wyyo.exe
  215. HELP please
  216. Mouse freezes up on Dell
  217. IE Keeps Opening
  218. [SOLVED] Fake Java Update and subsequent problems with Spy Sweeper and McAfee Antivir
  219. trojan removal
  220. virus causing svchost.exe error?
  221. Google searches redirect me
  222. Vundolized?
  223. spyware or virus infection
  224. Help with trojan.brisv.A!inf
  225. Redirect Virus on Search engines
  226. Has anyone heard of this.
  227. Help Needed - MyDoom
  228. Malware/Virus disaster
  229. Tough little virus
  230. Please help removing Vundo!grb
  231. Ntoskrnl-hook
  232. Antivirus 360
  233. Clicking on Google search results leads me to ad sites
  234. Help with redirect problems
  235. IEXPLORE.EXE starting randomly, causing pop-ups and slowing computer
  236. Root Kit
  237. [SOLVED] Antispyware 2009 and popups coming back after format/reinstall
  238. HTML/FakeAV, redirect to "system may be infected"
  239. Google Virus!
  240. Nosound Problems
  241. Virus triggered by system restore
  242. New Thread / Mozilla slow & IE Pop-Ups [GMER PROBLEMS]
  243. virut/rootkit virus found in computer
  244. Please help. Office PC has a virus
  245. My Computer Random Shut Down and Freeze
  246. IEXPLORE.EXE causing problems?
  247. My computer has the word VIRUS ALERT beside the time and i cant get rid of da virus
  248. IE and Outlook won't connect to internet
  249. Infected by Vundo!grb virus
  250. junk on my desktop