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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Internet Explorer opens random windows itself - adverts
  2. [SOLVED] Suspicious long delay after boot up
  3. ' (Program.exe) has encountered an error and needs to close
  4. Fun.exe is automatically created in system files
  5. IE pop ups, slow computer
  6. Potential Infection,
  7. Please help on virus/trojan: ntoskrnl + dmserver.dll + gaopdx...dll
  8. [SOLVED] Virtumonde.sdn & win32Delf.rtk
  9. Error Messages about Codec opening browser to a website
  10. Symptoms of a virus?
  11. Very slow internet speed, multiple page errors
  12. Vundo??
  13. Trojan, system slowdown
  14. Wsnpoem_v6
  15. Win32/Agent.ODG
  16. HJT Log Help slow computer
  17. Google Hijack Defeating Removal Inc HJT
  18. malware infected computer - help
  19. antivirus blocks internet access
  20. Trojan pop-ups, slow internet
  21. dll error message
  22. Can't get rid of NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  23. Slow Computer
  24. Virus Help: Authority NT error: system shutdown
  25. Vundo Trojan
  26. Trojan Problem
  27. Help!!! Conflicter Worm not all gone!!! (Correct Log Repost)
  28. Browser Hijacking
  29. Computer keeps downloading something
  30. Browser Hijacking
  31. I think my google has a virus
  32. Windows - No Disk error
  33. [SOLVED] Trojan-Downloader.W32.FraudLoad.dxa infection
  34. Spyware Protect 2009
  35. No Clue
  36. seneka, ndler2, browser hijack at Google
  37. Problem downloading program updates
  38. Google Redirect Virus
  39. M3PLUGIN.DLL Error message
  40. Trying to remove spyware/ trojan
  41. Need help with Continuous Pop-ups
  42. Constant Pop-ups including some with no "X out" option
  43. Worst virus I have had
  44. unable to perform auto update and iexplore.exe keep starting by itself?
  45. Rootkit :(
  46. Regedit & Browsers Crash - AV Disabled
  47. Strange problems
  48. Stuck at "preparing to standby"
  49. Need help with trojan
  50. Re: help me please
  51. Please help....Popups and possible Malware !!
  52. svchost.exe virus on USB key..infected 3 computers
  53. [SOLVED] Computer slow and crashing
  54. Suspicious dlls in Start-up list
  55. help me please
  56. Major help with VIRUT
  57. Hijack this help
  58. Help laptop seems to have trogans/ spyware
  59. trojanss
  60. can't get rid of trojans / viruses
  61. Keylogger/Worm/Trojan/ETC Problem. Please advise...THANKS!!!
  62. My browser shut down when I click on it
  63. I have to have some sort of virus
  64. Vundo!grb Trojan Problem!
  65. Getting Rid Of Mal_Otorun1 Help
  66. Please help me remove program name.exe - Bad Image error (Hijackthis log inside)
  67. Google link result redirect.
  68. Mozilla crashes a lot and then comp freezes
  69. Computer keeps freezing randomly, Freezes randomly and forced to restart
  70. Win32.Parite.B
  71. help with adware
  72. Anti Spyware Protect 2009
  73. Computer has become slow lately...
  74. Attacked by Virus and Spyware Protect 2009
  75. Redirected Searches
  76. [SOLVED] Search Redirect Problems
  77. Malware help please.
  78. Leftovers after virus clearing? Weird happenings...
  79. My computer freezes every 23 minutes...
  80. pc wont load all the way
  81. Search Engine Result Redirect
  82. Malware infected computer, popups.
  83. I'm infected with
  84. Ntoskrnl - hook
  85. Multiple programs not opening + Google redirect
  86. Win32.Virut.CF
  87. Slow and freezing Laptop
  88. Virus? Trojan? What's going on?
  89. Please help me.
  90. Computer acting slowly
  91. In Response To.
  92. Recycler virus?
  93. Some Programs in my PC Stopped Working
  94. random warning messages
  95. Firefox redirecting search results
  96. CPU usage 100%
  97. [SOLVED] Redirected Firefox 3.08 Google Results
  98. Desktop messed up, Safe Mode Gone- Trojan????
  99. microsoft website and windows live messenger not loading.
  100. trojan help
  101. I think I have malware called Redirect.Clickshield Malware
  102. IE Firefox all browsers will hang
  103. hemaduwi.dll...dadopuga.dll...tons of malware--please help!
  104. .exe - Bad Image error
  105. cant access certain websites and msn wont
  106. [SOLVED] Problem with popups.
  107. Not sure if I have malware on my computer
  108. IE hangs Glitches Hijack this log
  109. very slow shutdown and website redirection
  110. Trojan.Metajuan
  111. Conflicker worm
  112. Need help with virus removal
  113. viruses, trojans, malware please HELP!
  114. Virus - Process in the name of windows username
  115. Re-Direct Virus
  116. Fake Search Engine Results
  117. Another Search Engine Redirect Problem
  118. Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic8.AAYK
  119. Can't get rid of NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  120. Being re-directed and cannot access my program files because of a virus! Help please
  121. ntoskrnl-hook help
  122. Redirect bug...
  123. Quasi-Freezing at various points
  124. SPYWARE seems to have prevented me from installing SPYBOT...PLEASE HELP!
  125. Re opening my previous thread
  126. NTOSKRNL HOOK - McAfee won't remove
  127. Disabled anti-malware progs, IE7 and almost all .exe files
  128. Slow Internet After Each Reboot -Reopened
  129. Win32/AutoRun.ABH Worm
  130. Computer acting funny after infected file removal
  131. trojan.Wimad.a causing problems...
  132. Help:IE about:blank pop up and cpu usage 100%
  133. Another NTOSKRNL-HOOK, seems like its NTOSKRNL season
  134. Can only run computer in safe mode - PLEASE HELP!
  135. google search redirect hell
  136. Trojan.Agent DLL (i think) keeps being created on restart after being removed
  137. Do I have a virus
  138. nowhere left to turn. someone please help:(
  139. adware.winfixer, Trojan.virtumonde
  140. Spyware Protect 2009 on son's computer
  141. Please HELP - Computer starting and running slowly over night - am I hijacked??!!
  142. Bad Virus - Cant get rid of it. Any Help
  143. Trying to run virus scan system stops responding
  144. Trojan/Redirect Virus
  145. Rookit that keeps changing its name at every restart
  146. How to remove 8.bat file?
  147. Strangely slow computer!
  148. I feel screwed. Can someone Please help me!
  149. I think my laptop is under the weather.
  150. System image using a lot of memory
  151. system32 dll trojan causing search redirect behavior
  152. System32 is infected
  153. malware and trojans
  154. Help Analyzing HiJackThis report
  155. You guys fixed my problem but now my clock is off
  156. Spyware on my computer?
  157. popups, slower computer, trojans, help please
  158. 70 + processes running and excessive RAM usage
  159. Computer Running Slow
  160. Malware disables spyware redirects to "fulldotfind"
  161. Initial instructions followed for Malware, dds, attach, ark included
  162. major help, please?
  163. Regsvr.exe
  164. Please Help :(
  165. Possible virus? I need help.
  166. Malware help - can't run DDS
  167. Laptop makes car audio noises through speakers
  168. Removing Virtumonde Remnants.....
  169. AVAST identifying virus, but unable to clean
  170. No taskbar/task manager
  171. Browser redirect and other issues: trojan/virus?
  172. Vundo, Dell PC Running XP SP3
  173. Ntoskrnl-hook
  174. Windows Defender
  175. My DDS
  176. [SOLVED] CPU Usage high, Internet slow, pop-ups everywhere (even when offline), HELP
  177. Similar problem to others mentioned - IE and FireFox cannot move off of home page
  178. Internet hanging up & Spam emails
  179. infected files
  180. Search Engine Redirect Trojan(?)
  181. do not have "appropriate permissions to access the item"?
  182. Bad Image Error prevents DDS and Gmer
  183. Possible Hijack
  184. lewowesa and yepogura found
  185. Google redirects & cmd/regedit not runable
  186. Root Kit maybe????
  187. Malicious Program Installing in Temp Folder
  188. spyware help
  189. Trojan Detected by McAfee
  190. Trojan suspected - IE blocked from all sites but hompepage?
  191. please i need help computer mess up
  192. PC Freezing
  193. Persistent registry key can't be deleted - suspect malware
  194. Trojan/Worm/Backdoor. ANG Popups
  195. Attacked by a trojan ? Generic13.KUA
  196. Generic Rootkit.d!rootkit
  197. Vundo.H disabled all network settings
  198. Generic Rootkit.d!rootkit (Trojan) Infection
  199. Virus? ntndis.exe
  200. No icons, no taskbar, only desktop image in normal mode, part2
  201. Please read my hijackthis file
  202. Startup/Shutdown
  203. Spyware, malware windows XP
  204. Problem with XP: DDS & ark attached
  205. browsers crash on certain websites
  206. CPU Usage always 100%, All security features disabled and unknown partition
  207. Slow computer, pop ups and all
  208. Virus Help--Please?!?
  209. Virus Help
  210. Help, Mcafee down and defender detecting changes after download.
  211. Umm
  212. Redirect to other sites from Google search
  213. Generic Rootkit.d!.rootkit Trojan Win XP SP3
  214. I keep finding Kaspersky junk in GMER
  215. Possible Virus Infection.
  216. "warning: Spyware detected…" 'ahtn.html' is now my background
  217. any reason to worry?
  218. Vundo!grb trojan keeps coming back
  219. Lets try this again
  220. Ntoskrnl hook
  221. "warning: Spyware detected…" 'ahtn.html' is now my background
  222. dwear
  223. Ntoskrnl hook
  224. Spyware/Malware in my system..Please help me to remove.
  225. Help me with stupid spyware!
  226. Google redirecting problem + other funny business
  227. [SOLVED] Win32/Agent.ODG infection
  228. Certain websites redirect to
  229. Laptop woes
  230. Troj Vundo.eox
  231. Virus on my PC
  232. Trojan Downloader
  233. very slow system
  234. Clarification Part Two
  235. Search Engine Redirect Problem
  236. computer freezes intermittently
  237. Help with Trojan Virtumonde
  238. I seem to have TROJ_AGENT.INC
  239. My hijackthis log
  240. Trojan 123 - Help Requested
  241. Computer/Virus problems please help!
  242. Dr Watson postmortem debugger needs to close also Internet Explorer encounters a prob
  243. Vundo after effects
  244. sysxvd.exe NTVDM CPU error, virus?
  245. Internet not working after using 'malware bytes'
  246. google redirect DDS and GMER
  247. Browser Redirect // Pop-up bypassing blocks
  248. Need help with removing Trojan Virtumonde
  249. Google Redirect
  250. Google Links being redirected