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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. commercials? randomly
  2. Having Issues Updating Avast / Websites Being Blocked
  3. Some type of infection
  4. Trojan Help
  5. system hanging and need to restart again
  6. Having Issues Updating Avast / Websites Being Blocked
  7. Need help with Trojan Horse
  8. Problems with spyware and can not update virus/spyware programs.
  9. Cannot get rid of - Myway.mywebsearch
  10. Help! How to manually remove!mem
  11. Random errors and csrss error.
  12. [SOLVED] Win32:Agent-Bsu [trj]
  13. Open up Documents folder on StartUp
  14. need help reading ComboFix log
  15. Recurring trojan that can't be deleted
  16. Physical memory dump stop error BSOD
  17. Win32:Agent-Bsu [trj]
  18. I believe i'm getting hacked!
  19. Trojan help
  20. Redirect problem and unable to open Spybot SD and Adaware programs
  21. my computer is very unwell - please help
  22. Google Search Redirecting Me to Ads
  23. Need help removing Malware and Vundo or Vendo Virus
  24. infected by sister computer
  25. Bad Image Error Messages
  26. Trojan Horse Invasion!
  27. Undetected Virus
  28. The dreaded TR/Vundo.Gen Trojan
  29. Trojan Blocking Antivirus progams, MSN, Internet Pages, Downloads
  30. Can't open my drive via double click
  31. error loading re-dll
  32. Virus has ruined my account/locked me out
  33. Firefox, Windows Firewall, IE etc will not open and other problems.
  34. I'm an idiot.
  35. Unable to change desktop background
  36. Virtumonde
  37. virus aftermath
  38. Trojan horse Downloader.Agent2.ARZ - Lingering effects
  39. System bogged down, logs attached
  40. Extremely slow internet access
  41. Trojan horse Downloader.Generic8.ACKO
  42. Problems removing Mal/TDSSPack-G
  43. unable to access my C drive from the my computer screen
  44. NTOSKRNL - HOOK trojan
  45. Infected with Whazit - previously Vundo.H and Zlob
  46. W32.Virut.CF issue
  47. Recycled Folder
  48. Google search redirected to random links
  49. Virus? Please help!!
  50. Numerous problems - too many to put in subject line
  51. Please help! Vundo, adware, pop ups
  52. WoW account hacked...possible keylogger?
  53. System won't let me use Spybot or others
  54. ZapChast.reg help in vista
  55. Being attacked by ANG Antivirus & more?
  56. Cannot update Windows - I've been hitjacked?
  57. Google redirect sometimes
  58. Boot-screen & Start-up really slow
  59. Trojan Problems, please help...DW737
  60. Apparent trojan infection
  61. fixing a friend's computer!
  62. Trojan Virus - Malware slowup - Please help!
  63. Weird problem(again) Please help!
  64. virus attack after firewall and antiV. is disabled.
  65. Possible NTOSKRNL-HOOK trojan
  66. Virus prevents some programs from running, slows computer
  67. what are i6t1kgao and 2107652648
  68. I need help removing ZapChast.reg in vista
  69. Trojan/Superantispyware help...
  70. Hangs at "preparing network connections" on startup
  71. Antivirus 2009 Problems
  72. Trojan Vundo help
  73. Trojan/worm/Spyware infected? Please Help
  74. Extremely slow internet access
  75. Constant Blue Screen constantly crashing my laptop
  76. Do I have a trojan from SupportOnClick?
  77. Programs Just Close?
  78. AVG Found Virus (System32/Heur)
  79. Logging into secure sites shutdown ie/aol
  80. New here. Done with First steps. Multiple Trojans need some URGENT HELP!
  81. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Please Help
  82. Google links redirected by seocash! Help!
  83. Help with heftyav.dll\[Morphine]\[UPX]
  84. Redirects
  85. Spyware Protect 2009 alert
  86. system restore knocked out, possible virus/trojan
  87. C:/a.bat contains a sample of VBS:Malware Gen
  88. Problem with vundo
  89. nthost32.exe
  90. Regedit and taskmanager disabled, How can I re-enable these??
  91. Help with heftyav.dll\[Morphine]\[UPX]
  92. Can't install/run any spyware programs. Malware?
  93. Trojan in rundll fie
  94. Re: New instructions
  95. "Congratulations, you Won!" popup sound. help
  96. Hijackthis scan log HELP!
  97. problem
  98. Ntoskrnl-root help plz
  99. google redirect
  100. Malware driving me crazy!
  101. WinPC Defender removed winsock corrupt
  102. HJT Help
  103. Possiable Virus.
  104. Intranet Sites Redirected to Other Internet Sites
  105. a search engine virus/something
  106. Please Help. :( Intranet Sites Redirected to Other Sites
  107. sysinfo.exe restart message at login and Iexplorer.exe does not end at logout
  108. Need Help Getting Rid of Virtumonde
  109. Trojan horse SHeur2.AA00 help
  110. NTOSKRNL-HOOK and PC only boots in safe mode
  111. Rundll error from deleted spyware (Ran multiple cleaning programs)
  112. Trojan.Vundo.H found
  113. missing dll components and browser problems
  114. Cannot open My Computer
  115. Computer Freezes - please help!!
  116. Can't Start Anti Virus - Can't access the Internet
  117. win32trojanalureon help to remove please log file posted
  118. Win32.DNSChanger.ojr
  119. Google Redirect - Nothing has fixed it!
  120. Thumbdrive with wscript.exe
  121. missing DLL file...
  122. Trojan.Generic.1454320
  123. Ati2evxx.exe trojan
  124. Trojan Generic! Artemis
  125. possible virus issue, windows xp theme gone?
  126. Please help with trojans
  127. yoog search
  128. Problem with "" popup
  129. Win32TrojanOlmarik Assistance
  130. CPU running 75% to 100%, USB Ports not working and bad battery message popup
  131. Infected Computer (MSN IM sends out links) - Please help
  132. Malware or trogans seem to be the problem
  133. Please Help! Vundogrb!
  134. Virus/Malware Help Needed!
  135. Help, slow computer
  136. No completely sure of problem cause
  137. trojan problem
  138. recurring rundll error message after infection with silentbanker
  139. welt888 and hotmail
  140. firefox not working + anti-virus problems
  141. I believe this pc has some sort of virus
  142. Virus, Plz Help! No internet, no taskbar, antimalware programs blocked, no copy/paste
  143. Anyone know about
  144. I ran hijackthis and need help finding which process is causing damage
  145. Please Help Analyse :) ..?
  146. PC 2 - MSIMG32.dll BAD IMAGE
  147. C;\\Windows\System32\dsprop32.dll problem
  148. Serious Virus Problem - Please Help
  149. Windows Internet Explorer blank pop-up
  150. e5d141.tmp problem
  151. Possible malware infection preventing updates
  152. 2 possible trojans, cannot boot to windows
  153. Once on a site, cannot click to download another site.
  154. Spyware Protect 2009 Alert
  155. TWEXT.EXE Virus
  156. TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos.BAH Infection
  157. Search Engine redirect
  158. Khtra Virus
  159. Please tell me this isn't Virut
  160. Re: Help with "New Win32" Virus
  161. Help with Trojan - JOPAXX~1.EXE
  162. Trojan downloader and pop ups
  163. cannot delete trojan
  164. Malware/Virus/Spyware on my Computer? Please Help :D
  165. need administrative assistance
  166. i have no ideas what is going on.
  167. My CPU usage shows 100% Usage
  168. Virus Sweeper in mozilla won't go away
  169. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan
  170. Please Help with Google Hijack
  171. AVG Reported Infections! HELP!
  172. Vundo/ Haxdoor E Issue
  173. McAfee Deleting Generic rootkit.w
  174. Trojan removal and damaged internet help
  175. Popups + Additional Malware
  176. Google Redirect
  177. virus
  178. Search Results Hijacked
  179. Trojan horse , pm_setup_util.exe ?
  180. and Redirecting
  181. Help needed to remove virus/malware
  182. Just did clean install, already have Malware. Help required please!!!
  183. Slow performance and High CPU use
  184. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan
  185. Having problems with hidden files
  186. Request for Assistance
  187. Malware Problem.. getsearch0330...HJTlog
  188. Severe DNShijacker or Something Like That?
  189. Trojan Horse GC
  190. A LOT of Trojans Popping up on my symantec!
  191. Popups, dakuzuso, slower, relapse, help please?
  192. Google Search Results Redirection
  193. Google Search Links Redirecting
  194. Trojan.trace, am i clean?
  195. New W32.dabble worm?
  196. c windows sysvxd.exe ntvdm cpu illegal instruction pop-up
  197. hacktool.rootkit
  198. I think I have a Virus
  199. Spyware Infection
  200. SpywareRemover2009 driving me nuts please help!!!
  201. IE popups / errors
  202. Help!
  203. Missing msconfig.exe
  204. Computer being ravaged by unknown virus
  205. vundo/vundo778/haxdoore
  206. Cleaning up an infection
  207. Possible Hijack
  208. Fixwareout report
  209. Major Issue?
  210. firefox and IE running very slow (100% CPU usage)
  211. unable to update antivirus/ search redirect
  212. Firefox and IE running slow (100% cpu usage)
  213. flipboi15 thread
  214. Win32 Properties Box At Startup *edited as asked*
  215. Problem with unwanted ads
  216. Virus/Trojan disabling McAfee
  217. Google/Yahoo redirect issue (possible trojan)
  218. Ntoskrnl-hook
  219. (Trojans/worms etc)
  220. Possible virus or malware???
  221. HELP Vundo.GB &
  222. FPS drops in games caused by virus/spyware
  223. computer weirding out
  224. suspected rootkit issue.
  225. pc slow/wmp will not play/virus...?
  226. Sysvxd.exe / NTVDM CPU illegal instruction pop-up
  227. Web pages keep getting redirected
  228. Search redirect and Unable to update spyware software, etc.
  229. PC Slow - IE opens by itself - pages do not load completely
  230. Search engine redirecting to adware websites, cannot run new antimalware programs
  231. Please help, I have no idea what is wrong.
  232. Search engine redirecting to ad websites, cannot run new antimalware programs
  233. Computer very slows and cannot connect some devices to USB ports.
  234. Mal-ware removed...still acting up
  235. combofix will not run
  236. Worm infection, suspect worm_vb.npm
  237. Getting Popup Windows all the sudden...
  238. Spy Protect 2009 Problem help
  239. Virtumonde Infection
  240. Slow computer, cant find anything wrong?
  241. Please help!! Struggle with Backdoor Ranky Virus
  242. litkmsi.dll HELP!
  243. computer weirding out
  244. Trojan(s) Issue - May be Vundo or Spyware Protect 2009
  245. help please with spyware protect 2009
  246. Forget Solving It- Evaluation Needed Badly
  247. ~e5d141 again Windows ME - DDS not compatible
  248. Google redirect virus
  249. Google Redirect Virus
  250. Mcafee referred me to you all for help... Trojan/virus removal troubles!