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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Clicking on webpages opens up strange undesired pages
  2. Internet Searches Being Re-directed
  3. art, attach and dss attachments
  4. Redirects and McAfee Firewall turning off
  5. I Need Help Making Sure Everything is Clean
  6. roper0dun.exe ... how can I handle it?
  7. Oyodomo (?) Pop-up.
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials & Ccleaner Fix
  9. searchqu :(
  10. first steps questions
  11. Extremely slow laptop
  12. CPU at 100% most of the time.
  13. Trustworthy virus removal software?
  14. Possible Virus on Windows 7
  15. Random audio loops playing
  16. taskeng.exe keeps popping up
  17. Browser opens unwanted sites
  18. [SOLVED] i tihnk i have a virus
  19. HijackThis Log: Please help Diagnose
  20. Google add malware
  21. Svchost.exe found&quarantined. What next?
  22. Can a virus effect the computer if the file is never used?
  23. Luhe.Sire.A infection
  24. Win32/Heur Virus detected on laptop -- possible false detection by AVG
  25. laptop is acting up
  26. Help with BSOD 0x0000007E
  27. Suspected Rootkit - Please Help
  28. "System Care Antivirus" Virus from email
  29. Possible Malware, Not Sure
  30. System restore disabled, ccc.exe freezing comp, etc.
  31. [SOLVED] Just ran Eset online scanner and
  32. Ransomware encrypted my files.
  33. Checkup again please
  34. Unable to create new folders
  35. I have a b. How do I get rid of it?
  36. Undetectable Spyware/Adware
  37. Pc Was Playing audio with nothing open...
  38. UKASH Command prompt Virus help
  39. Redirecting issues. Malware? Rootkit?
  41. Brother added a virus to my computer...
  42. Virus removal help...please
  43. Yontoo adware detected by ESET
  44. virus took over administator
  45. ZeroAccess virus
  46. msdcsc.exe has stopped working
  47. Homepage being changed
  48. Bing Search Results Redirect
  49. Pc infected, but nothing is found scanning it
  50. Double checking after boot problem...
  51. [SOLVED] Need help to remove ad/yieldmanager popus.
  52. Icons changing and system restore points missing.
  53. Fully getting rid of and
  54. Extremely slow internet when using Wi-Fi- Possible viruses/trojans?
  55. what is going on...
  56. Computer keep rebooting
  57. Computer keep rebooting
  58. Trojan Horse HTML:Bankfraud-BBE detected by Avast
  59. I have a RAT on my computer and need help
  60. Taskmgr.exe High CPU Usage Virus (and Russian Error Message)
  61. Random Audio virus?
  62. Re: Hacker has targeted a folder-all EXE's
  63. [SOLVED] Belated Thanks to Amateur [re: random adverts/audio virus]
  64. Constantly using internet
  65. Laptop checkup
  66. Possible Virus on Windows 7
  67. [SOLVED] Random Radio Plays
  68. EasyLifeApp and fake Flash Player adds.
  69. Suspecting infection deep in the system
  70. Archive Bomb
  71. [SOLVED] possible virus
  72. McAfee has been disabled
  73. Trojan:JS/Seedabutor.B
  74. FBI.Cybercrime lock-out
  75. Web pages broken and accounts being locked.
  76. Run DLL error msg and virus
  77. Google/Bing redirects me to really bad sites: please help!
  78. I think I have a virus/malware etc. Please help
  79. Can not find alot in program files, not in control panel
  80. Opened email and downloaded attachment... concerned
  81. Virus! Pehaps Google Redirect?
  82. Please help me get rid of FreeRideGames malware
  83. Gen varient graftor.7067
  84. [SOLVED] random Advertisement/Radio audio, viruses
  85. Web page being redirected to other site while loading
  86. [SOLVED] help
  87. Bad image error in explorer
  88. Possible virus or malware?
  89. Persistant Malware Issue (been fixed and returned)
  90. AVG UI not appearing
  91. Virus?
  92. Random Music/Ads start playing
  93. help! mixidj on browsers and messing with OS
  94. Fake genuine windows notification
  95. How to get rid of AVAsoft Antivirus Professional?
  96. Trojan Won't Go Away
  97. dds not working {dds.scr dds.exe}
  98. Re Open 'Web browser redirects and add pop ups'
  99. Infected with Sweetpacks via fake Adobe Flashplayer upgrade.
  100. Can't Connect To Wireless or else!!
  101. Possible Virus that doesnt allow me to access my folders, etc.
  102. Computer not acting right
  103. Advertising Virus?
  104. id.cff + whitescreen on startup
  105. Help, I'm Infected
  107. Selection Links
  109. Virus/Root Kit Help
  110. Got a virus from my skype group
  111. Multiple "Trojans" / "Desktop.ini" Trojan via Vipre
  112. Babylon Tarma Yontoo Virus
  113. [SOLVED] Linkbucks redirect... hack? Virus?
  114. Browsers hijacked
  115. Trojan/Virus Removal
  116. Browsers hijacked
  117. Google Redirect virus
  118. Multiple trojans found and avast wont quarantine..
  119. Slow Running Computer possible virus?
  120. malware: popups from pornhub hunting my pc
  121. Homeland Security Ransomware Trojan - Help!...
  122. Computer issues possible virus
  123. I Downloaded a fake Flashplayer and Optimizer pro, HELP!
  124. Help Removing Delta Search?
  125. My PC keeps running out of hard disk space
  126. Met Police Pay To Unlock Virus
  127. How to remove PC Cleaner Pro
  128. [SOLVED] [Second Request] Trojan help, stuborn virus.
  129. Another slow computer
  130. Virus Redirecting, Fake Antivirus, etc
  131. Minor virus issues
  132. Help with Clara Chrome Toolbar
  133. [SOLVED] email to goes blank
  134. lax1.ib.adnxs pop-ups
  135. suspected malware: Can't load one website on any browser...
  136. Frequent job exposure to possible threat sites
  137. Rootkit Removal
  138. [SOLVED] u-search hijacker?
  139. Rootkit/malware removal
  140. Redirected to porn site
  141. [SOLVED] Easylife virus?
  142. IE 9 Loading too slow if at all
  143. Windows Won't Boot Up After Norton Scan
  144. PSW.Generic8.BFIK
  145. Need help with potential e-mail virus
  146. trojan or virus
  147. How do I fully remove StrongVault?
  148. Suspicious.Cloud.7.F, Trojan.Maljava, and others
  149. Blank white screen
  150. Suspect audio virus and tool bar removal
  151. 100% CPU Usage
  152. TIF Are not delete
  153. TCP Flooding Attack and New User Accounts
  154. computer recently slowed down alot - malware? virus?
  155. [SOLVED] Malware pest
  156. [SOLVED] Unsual programme downloaded
  157. [SOLVED] WinVd32.sys
  158. Fedex Virus
  159. Help with Malware issues WinXP on HP laptop
  160. Computer very slow
  161. Asus Netbook infected
  162. Home Sweetim. com
  163. Laptop may have a virus
  164. adyieldmanagemente pop up.. i think its a trojan
  165. Need help getting rid of website-blocking virus
  166. something slipped past AVG
  167. HJT Log
  168. Google redirects, nothing seems to work
  169. Nvidia display driver stopped(virus)help
  170. Need Help Please, Strange pop Ups, shutting down for no reason
  171. juchecker.exc in wrong folder Malware?
  172. Chrome playing random audio at 3:30 am. Slow loading. Mouse flakey.
  173. Unwanted Proxy - cannot remove, trojan: Sirefef!cfg spotted
  174. JS Exploit blacole
  175. Fbdownloader has hijacked my IE8
  176. HTML:Framer-D [Trj] Infection
  177. HP Laptop running VERY sluggish
  178. fbi moneypak virus
  179. fbdownloader hijacked IE8
  180. Bad Image Error
  181. Google search redirect virus
  182. random intermittent scratch/pucker sound after install
  183. Unable to open programs
  184. Internet is VERY SLOW
  185. Urgent: Exploit:JS/Blacole.GP
  186. IE requires "Run as Administrator" and more
  187. Random File Replication
  188. Malware Pop Ups Redirects etc
  189. [SOLVED] FBI DoJ ransomvirus
  190. incorrect (porn) pictures instead of real ones
  191. Need to see if laptop is clean
  192. IP Spoofing/Internet Dramatically Slow/Please Help
  193. [SOLVED] fault with running GMER
  194. Yandex
  195. Homepage Hijaked, Help Needed Please!
  196. Malware? Virus? O.S. Problem? A Total Mystery To Experts
  197. DDS download
  198. popups
  199. adyieldmanager pop up annoying me! Please help!
  200. Browser diverting to ""
  201. Halpz! Left clicking opens new tabs O_O
  202. Need help to remove virus!
  203. Malware please help
  204. Computer getting slower by the day!!
  205. [SOLVED] mobilewitch problems
  206. IE very very slow
  207. iexplorer.exe and Trojan:JS/Medfos.B
  208. Random pop up ads
  209. Infected with
  210. Wave volume keeps muting itself and invisible ads!
  211. [SOLVED] Hidden application causing headache(in Chrome)
  212. Certified Toolbar Virus
  213. [SOLVED] progressive protection virus windows 7
  214. WinZip Registry Optimizer Virus
  215. not able to load pages, times out
  216. 3-1-5-21 Virus
  217. CyberCrime virus
  218. need assistance with malware removal
  219. Trojan:Win32/EyeStye.N
  220. Backdoor:Win32/RDPopen.b appearing in Microsoft Security Essentials
  221. MBAM and SAS report Backdoor and Trojan Siggen Infection
  222. ref from Windows Vista/Windows 7 Support
  223. Claro Search Virus
  224. Acer Laptop with viruses and no internet connection
  225. Ads popping up, words are links to ads
  226. Virus in Temp Folder unable to remove
  227. 10-26-2012, 12:47 AM
  228. vbc.exe command prompt at startup, pc running slower
  229. HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus - Firefox websites logged out
  230. RunDLL Message
  231. Error message: Generic Host for Win32 pops up randomly
  232. IE 9 Redirect
  233. Infected, can't move files, etc.
  234. [SOLVED] Files & Folders disappearing from c: drive
  235. PCeU Ransom Hijacker (New) Dec30/12
  236. [SOLVED] Error Message: C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe is not a valid Win32 applica
  237. Virus causing multiple instances of iexplore and rundll32, Google redirects
  238. Mocaflix + Limited Knowledge = &$^%&$*$
  239. [SOLVED] Please check for Citadel - I removed Dept of Justice Ransomware
  240. wpbt0.dll virus
  241. [SOLVED] Search Conduit on Firefox
  242. Problems
  243. Cannot create shortcuts
  244. Network problems/possibly caused by malware
  245. My AV found something from the same site twice
  246. New Laptop, small hiccup
  247. Computer Running Very Slowly
  248. Unable to open .exe files... "The requested resource is in use"
  249. FBI Virus - another victim
  250. Unable to connect to internet