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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. NTOSKRNL-HOOK trojan detected - cannot remove
  2. Loads&FREEZE!
  3. Hijacked Links/Administrator Rights Issues/Other Problems
  4. virus?
  5. Internet/Loading/Images/Speed Issues
  6. RunDLL Error
  7. unexpected shut-down.
  8. click on facebook virus link (freddy43.exe??)
  9. Problem.
  10. Redirected Google Searches/Timed Pop-Ups-
  11. Problem with Antivirus System Pro
  12. micorsoft update redirects to google
  13. Windows XP, Help with Malware
  14. Malware/Virus Useless Computer
  15. Need to check malware before Network help
  16. scan secondary drive without risk of infection?
  17. Virus Scan Keeps Causing Blue Screen Error
  18. Need help with firefox redirecting and IE failure
  19. Win32:Agent-Bsu [trj] / Win32:Trojan-gen {other}
  20. Trying to clean out a Dell D400, did a half-baked XP reinstall
  21. Confused
  22. Numerous viruses, worms on mother's computer. 24hrs to clean it
  23. Hijackthis log
  24. continuing the spyware problem thread
  25. help! sound coming out of nowhere
  26. Am I still infected?
  27. Problem with Trojan crypt.eml
  28. Google Redirecting Links
  29. win32/heur virus
  30. Porn virus!!! Help
  31. browser hijacked/ cant run antivirus log attached
  32. Need help with trojan infection...
  33. win32/heur virus, the virus that just won't die
  34. PS (playstation logo) Virus causing loads of popups HELP
  35. Virus
  36. Zapchast.reg
  37. Trojan caused numerous problems..Need help
  38. Maleware Doctor, Google hijacked and IE keeps opening up with adds (I use Firefox)
  39. SDBot problems?
  40. BSoD "fruad.winPCdefender" HJT.
  41. Help! Gekujoni.dll Virus
  42. Normal mode freezes at Startup
  43. Infected with msb.exe
  44. Another ishtupide virus?
  45. Google redirecting me to spamsites/ all folders are read only
  46. Problems with GMER
  47. ccub.exe file
  48. Web pages redirecting to fake ms security center
  49. System Shutdown - Possible virus?
  50. Google-redirect issue
  51. Popups/Windows security centre alerts.
  52. Erratic Browser Performance- Malware?
  53. logs...
  54. Computer version of the Swine Flu
  55. Hijack Issues
  56. Re: NTOSKRNL-HOOK virus
  57. Please help with Malware and Viruses
  58. Browser Hijacked
  59. Infected by Trojan-Dropper.win32.Small.bdf
  60. Problem - can't prompt some applications, can't install some programs- [DDS INCLUDED]
  61. Advised to create thread here; DDS log inside (Explorer.exe crashing/CPU Usage 100%)
  62. Spyware Protect, sdra64.exe, and maybe other stuff
  63. Mozilla Virus/Malware redirects to other websites
  64. Win32.Sality Help
  65. Problems for weeks!-Help!!
  66. Virus won't let IE open...
  67. slow system
  68. Did something stupid and got infected
  69. Google Redirect Malware - Please help
  70. Google/Search Engine Link Redirecting
  71. network cable unplugged????
  72. I have the Redirect Virus - Please help
  73. Admin demoted/WLM Spam Virus/Major programs dissappearing/more!
  74. Unknown Problem
  75. HiJack This Log.
  76. External Drive F is now CD Ram Drive G: #2
  77. Constant Popups, plz help, hijackthis log inside
  78. Keylogging help.
  79. Avast service not starting and can't even launch Hijackthis
  80. cannot find script file c:\windows\system32\killVBS.vbs
  81. Virus in System32?
  82. First of many logs :-|
  83. Costrat ES Trojan
  84. microsoft updates redirect to google
  85. HJT log file thank you for looking
  86. HJT log...
  87. Google and Other Search Engines Links being Redirected
  88. Can't get rid of NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan
  89. AIM Virus
  90. Really a trojan or not ?
  91. Problem with computer, not entirely sure what.
  92. help with
  93. ntoskrnl-hook
  94. Very slow laptop, disk filling up...
  95. hijack this log
  96. Keylogger problem
  97. Help, no trace of what is causing.
  98. Help with Malware
  99. Virus slowing down my computer and can't be found
  100. I need someone to look at my Hijackthis logg
  101. Trojan Removal Help--DDS Report Included
  102. Keylogger problem (MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware and Hijackthis logs)
  103. Too many smtp connections
  104. Cannot update anti spyware or install Spybot search and destroy
  105. Internet Explorer and Firefox Redirect
  106. I think my computer is infected with the flashcodec.exe virus
  107. Serious Problems
  108. Unable to access secured sites like Hotmail/Facebook/eBay (but able to access others)
  109. iexplore and winpc, please help
  110. Please Help! Virus- Computer frozen
  111. I Can't Copy and Paste - Virus?
  112. No Internet and unable to system restore. Help please
  113. Limewire - "The BEAST Within"
  114. Troj/Daonol-fam Removal?
  115. My new HP Mini stopped working! Help Please!!
  116. Need help with multiplying trojans and spyware
  117. Redirected google searches
  118. Bad Image Error and Cannot update Most of my Programs
  119. Redirected when clicking Google search results
  120. Win32/AgentBypass.gen!G
  121. freddy43.exe
  122. slow boot up
  123. mabezat and sality.gen virus?
  124. Is my computer infected?
  125. Maybe a!mem problem...
  126. Need help with computer shutting down
  127. Lost Internet after running combofix.exe
  128. explorer opens and says malicious code detected
  129. Need Help with HEUR Trojan Win.32 virus
  130. lsass.exe and csrss.exe help
  131. virus overload!
  132. [SOLVED] Trojan, pop-ups, with attachments
  133. Google Redirect
  134. Windows takes an hour to boot and then gives a BSOD message
  135. Multiplying trojans
  136. Warning, you are in danger black screen!
  137. Odd Behavior and Redirect of URL
  138. Trojan HELP!
  139. Viruses worms and trojans help
  140. internet explorer totally fried.
  141. Search results redirected unable to log onto gmail
  142. desktop won't load and task manager isn't available
  143. Found solution to virus :"personal Virus"
  144. Are my security programs slowing down my computer?
  145. Task manager and Registry editor got disabled!! Please help
  146. System problems probably related to Trojan?
  147. I have problem With Pop-Up In google
  148. Help with ComboFix analysis computers messed up
  149. new virus called "Personal antivirus"
  150. Computer keeps Freezing
  151. Virtumonde
  152. Need help to remove MAL_OTORUN 1 virus
  153. Computer screwed up, help. (Hijackthis log)
  154. mal_otorun virus
  155. Dewormification
  156. high cpu usage
  157. google redirects, drivers don't work and a bunch of other stuff
  158. Multiple svchost.exe running in SYSTEM? IEXPLORER.exe in there as well.
  159. Infected with mpegbuster which has hijacked internet & System Restore
  160. Recycler Trojan Re-post
  161. Google Redirect preventing use of SpyBot
  162. Flash drive Usb and HDD problem after Infected
  163. WinPC??
  164. Laggy computer/Trojan
  165. A tough one ?
  166. google links misdirected
  167. Help: Virus Recovery -Networking Drivers -Code 24
  168. virus in my windows update?
  169. Bugged Computer
  170. I got problems
  171. Combination of Viruses?
  172. Unable to run GMER
  173. Urgent! We're being attacked and I don't even know how.
  174. Virus
  175. Aruleon / Seneka issues
  176. HELP with Virut Virus [moved from Gen Sec]
  177. Trojans. & BIOS Update...
  178. Multiple svchost.exe running in SYSTEM? Need help!
  179. Malware Help/ All logs attached
  180. khatra.exe
  181. Mcafee freezes computer at 59% every scan
  182. Windows XP- Audio Virus
  183. Gen: Trojan.heur
  184. google redirect problem! PLEASE HELP
  185. google redirect problem! PLEASE HELP
  186. Need help with Virus/Malware (had fake virus scan message)
  187. Help? All my files are deleted!!
  188. Missing Taskbar, Start Menu and Desktop Icons - Desperate Newbie Seeking Help
  189. Downloaded Codec.exe and Suffering...
  190. can't delete file
  191. Internet Explorerer unable to display webpages
  192. Constant redirects in both IE and Firefox
  193. virus in windows update
  194. Suspected Malware LivePro
  195. please help me remove these viruses from my laptop!!
  196. Facebook account hacked, popups and redirected google searches
  197. Internet explorer cannot display webpage after hackroot toolkit removal
  198. Malware Doctor-- not Malware Doctor?
  199. trojan.generic 737813
  200. help getting rid of virsuses!
  201. Windows hanging hanging
  202. Malware. Unable to Update any Anti Virus/Malware Program
  203. unexpected recurring restarts and jfw.sys problem
  204. Trojan or Unknown Viruses please help!!
  205. Infected with Gen.Trojan.Huer.B098
  206. Computer Viruses slowing my computer down
  207. Trojan keeps coming back!!!
  208. Computer Blue Screens When Running Spyware Scans
  209. Trojan.Win32.agent and Strange Antivirus
  210. Constant Send/Don't Send Error Using IE
  211. Strange Popups from and others
  212. My home computer is F-Up
  213. dwtrig20.exe over and over again in message box
  214. Terrible trojan
  215. ongoing mysterious issues
  216. error loading E:\windows\system32\gelaginu.dll
  217. SLOW computer
  218. Chrome Crashing + Bad Image Errors
  219. computer lockup
  220. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Please help
  221. Slow internet because of virus deletion.
  222. Trojan on system?
  223. Recent Norton Scan revealed Trojan.Brisv.A!inf Virus
  224. Not sure, acts like malware
  225. Mouse problems linked with virus... I think.
  226. Applications automatically minimizing/going out of focus?
  227. Virus? Beeping sound!
  228. Trojan/Malware?????
  229. nothing worked!
  230. Trojan.daonol (fmn.yih)
  231. IE links send me to ad sites
  232. Recurring problems
  233. explorer.exe
  234. receiving malicious links on windows Live messenger
  235. Trojan "gaopdxcounter" Reappears
  236. Wierd One Here
  237. Infected? Slow/Freezing/Errors
  238. Warning! Your're in danger! your comp...
  239. Help!!
  240. Recent Norton Scan revealed Trojan.Brisv.A!inf Virus
  241. ie runs bg process and ie image command line redirects - but nothing happens
  242. PLEASE HELP! Blue screen, Popups, Virtumonde, DeepDive, etc.
  243. Hijacked and Possibly with a worm
  244. "WinPC Antvirus" Malware
  245. Can't get rid of Win32.Virut virus
  246. WoW account hacked
  247. Rootkit trojan - sdra64.exe and more?
  248. Need lots of help... system infected
  249. HJT log .. i have any wirus on my pc ?
  250. Opinion Central pop up