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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Google searches Hijacked...please help
  2. Memory could not be read???
  3. Redirecting Searches--Work Computer-Help!
  4. [SOLVED] 2 of 5 Trojan Viruses Not Removed by McAfee
  5. Shopica
  6. World of Warcraft and its folder in Windows Explorer keeps closing
  7. Firefox and internet explorer error
  8. browser redirect/ system restore virus.
  9. Google redirect virus
  10. Google redirect virus
  11. Can not connect to internet except via Safe Mode
  12. Work PC has a Virus
  13. HIJACKTHIS LOG for 64bit Vista, Please Help
  14. [SOLVED] I have a problem...due to malware(?)
  15. google and yahoo search engines redirects me
  16. Google search redirect problem
  17. Search Redirect Problem
  18. Unwanted sexual advertisements on my computer.
  19. Google redirected to nuisance websites
  20. multiple trojans infected my pc, please help
  21. Possible malware infection
  22. Freezes, Google redirects, Programs not launching.
  23. Help - Bug(s) in my System (?) [moved from XP]
  24. Malware or Virus disguised as iexplorer.exe
  25. [SOLVED] RE:"can't open task manager" -problem came back
  26. Help Needed Spyware.possible_website_hijack
  27. Firefox google redirecting and many other problems
  28. virus blocking updating & install
  29. Virus found in MSDVD folder
  30. Not 100% sure whats wrong here...64bit Vista
  31. pepimude.dll
  32. Iexplore.exe and ghost voice ads along with other issues
  33. help please trojan.fakealert :(
  34. PC & Flashdrive: Virus Help Needed
  35. Dont' know what kind of virus/viruses!!!
  36. Firefox browser hijack and flash drive folders becoming .exe
  37. Smitfraud-C
  38. Google Search links redirects when clicked..
  39. Am I Virus Free
  40. somethings are wrong with browsing
  41. "Auto-directed" to SHOPPINGTIGER.COM
  42. Problems with Internet as well as Cd/DVD recognition
  43. Possible Rootkit Problem
  44. Cannot open Task Manager
  45. the case of the missing explorer.exe
  46. Virus? - Can't open Task Manager & Programs
  47. Explorer.exe Disappearing
  48. [SOLVED] dirsystem.cmd on XPSP3 HD partition
  49. need help to get rid of this spyware/rootkit
  50. Looking for help with scan results & long walks on the beach
  51. Worm problem Help!
  52. Multiple problems -- please help
  53. Computer running slow, need some help
  54. Trojan Horse and Infostealer.Gamepass viruses on my PC
  55. Google/Search Redirect
  56. Vundo Removal/Confirmation
  57. Hijacked Search Results on Previously Clean PC
  58. AppBar Bullet and maybe some other malware
  59. Warning! Your computer has been infected with spyware!
  60. Need help with MSblast.exe
  61. NEED HELP - Bad Image Error/Outlook & Common Files.dll
  62. Help with a Trojan!
  63. ld08.exe
  64. Google Redirect Virus
  65. Hyjacked search engine and recycle virus
  66. Error with a dll file possible bug
  67. XP Deluxe Protector bug really got me good. Stuck in BSOD loop
  68. Hotmail sent spam message to all contacts + slow
  69. Slow computer likely infected...please help
  70. Google is Redirecting... Posted HijackThis Log
  71. Kindly requesting help with removing "bar888"
  72. Can't open task manager
  73. System Security Virus
  74. Adware Problem: Google result links randomly redirect
  75. New Hardware Prompt...Attached GMER Log
  76. Keep getting pop-ups!!!
  77. Virus- Trojan? Redirects searches
  78. Zsnes Emulator Keylogger or falsepositive?
  79. [SOLVED] kaspersky help please
  80. Ntoskrnl-hook, generic rootkid.d!rootkit
  81. Help I have a DNS changer Trojan
  82. PC Freezing, unable to complete GMER.
  83. New/Recurring Virtumonde.sdn, Fraud.Sysguard and others
  84. Can not open regedit, cmd from 'run' or folder
  85. Long Pause while loading pages(need help)
  86. NTOSKRNL-HOOK trojan! help please, SOS!
  87. Please check my system
  88. Wondering if anyone knows anything about this trojan.
  89. Desktop Icons Disappearing
  90. Google redirects search results
  91. Please help with annoying popup and slow pc
  92. Nasty virus
  93. Malware removal problem - Hijack.Sound
  94. I think I may have virus - Cannot connect to internet
  95. PC Shuts Off During Windows Boot-up
  96. CA anti virus
  97. Unknown .EXE files constantly reappearing
  99. Google Hijacker
  100. MBR Rootkit
  101. TR/Dropper.Gen
  102. Google Redirecting and Unable To Load Programs
  103. AVG can't heal because of invalid data
  104. my log-please help
  105. Possible Infection Help pls.
  106. TR/Dropper.Gen
  107. .\SysInfo2.Dll
  108. Boaxxe Troubles
  109. searching hi*jack*th*is, com*bo*fix, the browser closed immediately
  110. Windows XP crashed
  111. Have fun with this one....
  112. Security Compromised
  113. Possible Browser Hijacker - Help!
  114. svchost.exe error
  115. View my highjackthis log. Am I ok
  116. HELP malaware doctor virus/redirection/slow webpages/
  117.!mem in C:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe
  118. Spyware Protect 2009 (rogue problems)
  119. New EXE files, most likely spyware, Please assist
  120. Unrecognized .EXEs appearing; definetely unwanted files. Please assist
  121. Google re-directs, freezes & Update prevention
  122. Virus Help Please
  123. i am a PC novice need urgent help with a virus
  124. Explorer.exe problem!!
  125. Rebooting problems dds
  126. please help
  127. Need help removing viruses
  128. Please help with an unknown Malware...
  129. PC infected with multiple trojans and malware
  130. help!! Trojan horse Crypt.EML!!
  131. Results of DDS/GMER
  132. Malware, I'm hit!
  133. Please help the frog!!!
  134. Singing Computer?
  135. Google Search redirect issue
  136.! mem
  137. avg wont turn on!!
  138. Error message help!
  139. Virtumonde
  140. trojan downloaded off a codec
  141. Spyware/Viral Infection
  142. I think I caught a Virus
  143. DDS does not support my operating system (Trojan removal help)
  144. trojan downloaded off a codec
  145. virus help!
  146. Slow performance when accessing drives
  147. IE Crashes - System affected by trojan
  148. Google Search redirect issue
  149. wuauclt, drwtsn32 keep popping up and hogging resources... malware???
  150. Computer Infected and Can't Resolve please help
  151. Possible spyware/malware problems
  152. [SOLVED] Slow shutdown no viruses found?
  153. In dire need of help, several problems
  154. Computer rebooting - please help!
  155. google redirects me to wrong page
  156. gmer wont run pc virused
  157. Lost ``Folder Option``
  158. Has Acrobat Reader been compromised?
  159. Help with Trojan plse
  160. Dear Ried,after all we done!
  161. Not sure if virus, need input
  162. XP Deluxe Protector Problem
  163. Hijacked by scan4port
  164. HELP! Ive done everything brought it to best buy etc :(
  165. Many Problems From All Over The Place, Please Help As Soon As Possible.
  166. Help with unknown virus
  167. Google Redirect to Shopica
  168. TR/small (trojan)
  169. Monitor flickers after startup - Works in Safe Mode
  170. "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer" Desktop Bug
  171. Spyware: Antivirus System Pro
  172. Troj/Agent-INP
  173. Hijack This log
  174. "Were sorry page" Google
  175. Vista Unwanted Sounds Problem
  176. Malware ??
  177. Trojan Problem - Help Please
  178. Troj/Agent-INP
  179. spyware/malware
  180. Only Task Man Works - No Icons or Taskbar Functionality
  181. IE opens itself
  182. Windows wont load past XP splash screen safe mode only. Suspect inetavirus infection
  183. MSN Messenger sending messages while offline
  184. transferred here from "Stop 0xd1 error win xp pro sp3 "
  185. wish i would have come here first...already ran combofix
  186. Backdoor.trojan infecting my computer
  187. Spyware problems HJT log attached - PLEASE HELP!
  188. AVG detected a Trojan and quaranteened it. How to remove it?
  189. Help, just got this message on a site while browsing
  190. [SOLVED] Trying to remove Teamviewer
  191. win32 virus - will not allow system restore
  192. Codec Malware -- Should I Still Do DDS?
  193. Google redirect to other URL problem
  194. Desperate Help
  195. can't see the C drive in disk management
  196. mal_otorun1 malware problem
  197. Backdoor.trojan infecting my computer
  198. HJT Log please help
  199. missing protect.dll file
  200. My Browser is Always Redirecting Me
  201. Disk management can't locate C drive
  202. Laptop Won't Work
  203. Laptop won't connect to internet
  204. Error parsing raw registry hive S-1-5-18
  205. help-I have yoog
  206. calculator pop-ups...
  207. Exploit.Win32.pidief.asz virus
  208. IE crashes whole computer, all windows update sites blocked
  209. my computers running slow and i cant find any bugs this is my hijack somebody help
  210. Mal_otorun1
  211. Scan's / Log's clean..CPU SLOW!! Just re-loaded vista..its slow like a trojan
  212. Lost some Data
  213. Looks like an RPC Problem
  214. I have the google redirect virus - How do I get rid of it?
  215. [SOLVED] Anything odd here? -- XP being quirky
  216. found malware thought remove
  217. Help! bndmss.exe and many others!
  218. Kaspersky service not running
  219. Malware Help Please
  220. Virus?
  221. asdfghj
  222. virus
  223. slow firefox and boot
  224. Spyware/Malware problems
  225. Hijacker in browser
  226. Help with spware (smartbiz etc) search redirection
  227. Please Help! Troj_Gen0x04125 svchost.exe
  228. Help please!
  229. Help!
  230. Google links ALWAYS open in new tab and redirects randomly
  231. Being redirected while using IE
  232. Removed Virus but now have trouble with IE and Firefox
  233. Malware Help
  234. Being redirected, while using the web
  235. Computer infected with spyware, help please
  236. Internet stops working after a while - HELP!
  237. Need help, some various problems
  238. Lots Of Promblems on pc.
  239. Norton was disabled, now system is very slow
  240. Laptop infected with Trojan horse Generic13.AZYO
  241. infection!!! help me help my dad
  242. Serious problem...Please help
  243. [SOLVED] Potential Virus/Malware Interference?
  244. Google Links, CD Probs and Machine Hanging
  245. *Corrected*Internet/Loading/Images/Speed Issues
  246. Positive Rootkits,Malware,Virus & BSOD's
  247. Stubborn Malware..Won't Connect to Internet
  248. Serious spyware problems
  249. Redirected google searches
  250. Trojan Horse Crrypt.eml