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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Your System is Infected! joy
  2. Help with the RECYCLER virus
  3. Directed to random websites off Search engines.
  4. Your System is infected!
  5. Toshiba tablet M400 virus- what to do?
  6. Loan Call, did not make? Infected?
  7. System is Running unusually slow!!
  8. Trojan infection
  9. online scanner
  10. Browser Hijacked with redirects
  11. Blue screen HELP
  12. Google Redirect Virus in both FireFox & IE - Please Help
  13. [SOLVED] Internet stops working after 38 min
  14. [SOLVED] redirect issue
  15. An apparent infection
  16. 'System Security' has taken over my Computer. No Task Manager or msconfig
  17. Iexplorer and Firefox send CPU to 100%
  18. msb.exe trojan problem
  19. can't disable script blocking
  20. Possible infection
  21. Tojan removal help
  22. Google redirect malware - please help
  23. Google Redirect/MSIVXserv.sys Virus?!?!?
  24. Google searches redirecting to
  25. Suspect Contact with a Computer with Virus
  26. Suspected virus causing multiple problems
  27. 100% CPU usage
  28. I have that nasty Google redirect spyware trojan
  29. Re-Direct Malware Problem
  30. Suspected virus
  31. Problems with str.sys
  32. I have Google redirect virus
  33. Help with virus removal
  34. No Icons, Task Manager, and can't run DDS or GMER
  35. Slowdown computer but no detection
  36. Multiple malware/virus problems
  37. Rootkit.ODG problems
  38. Google Searches redirect, anti-malware exe's don't load
  39. Problems with spyware/malware.
  40. Prospective Security Problem in My PC
  41. \system32\avast!Antivirus.exe - Win32/Cryptor
  42. got win32/agent.AW by msn
  43. drive appears as empty folder which runs virus!
  44. Computer Freezing
  45. My documents popping up on start up
  46. ERROR entry point not found
  47. Virus is altering my google search results
  48. BAd image error
  49. Can someone help anyway?
  50. IE Jacked, Spybot&Adaware Won't Update
  51. My log...........
  52. -HELP- Blocked from ALL AntiVirus Sites!
  53. [SOLVED] all browser except firefox being blocked, virus playing ads when no browser
  54. Searches being redirected -
  55. internet isn't working properly; only firefox connects
  56. unsure of my problem.
  57. Computer thinks I have less room than I do?
  58. Problem with Malware, need help plz!
  59. Virus & Trojan help requested
  60. Need assistance removing NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  61. HJT LOG plz hlp
  62. many, many, MANY corrupt installs
  63. Need assistance removing NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  64. MSN Virus?!
  65. Searh Engine Redirects, and More
  66. Recurring Vundo Trojan
  67. Google search redirected..sometimes
  68. Overclick redirect and blue screen of death
  69. Multiple iexplore.exe - Unable to log into websites
  70. Clicksor/Vimax malware
  71. Repeating error message..The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
  72. google search results are redirected to bad sites
  73. all search engines get redirected and i found rootkit problems skynetblabla.dll
  74. problems with viruses (and "antivirus software")
  75. windows host process (arundll32) has stopped working
  76. can't install any anti-virus
  77. Serious Malware issue
  78. something not so nice
  79. multiple problems
  80. May be infected (maybe keylogger) with DDS log
  81. [SOLVED] Please help - Trojan horse PSW.Banker5.OGA
  82. Need help with virus redirecting google
  83. Virus help - having major issues
  84. Google Search Results being Hijacked and Redirected
  85. PC Problems: Phantom Messages
  86. Firefox redirection/pop up & possible Blue S.o.D.
  87. Windows shutsdown at startup
  88. ""
  89. not able to run softwares
  90. Going to reformat unless help arrives
  91. Help Request
  92. System Security
  93. NTOSKRNL-HOOK malware
  94. Going to reformat if my computer keeps this up! HELP!!!
  95. Links are being redirected
  96. Yet another virus
  97. Possible keylogger
  98. Suspect Win32/
  99. Folders Are Disappearing From Hard drive
  100. Vundo and possible other infections
  101. continuation of the viruses, correspondence with Ried, work computer #3
  102. [SOLVED] Windows Installer Pop-Up
  103. Missing Services
  104. removing protected virus from th USB
  105. Virus of the nasty sort
  106. Re: Build gone wrong
  107. can't copy a file - trojan horse generic12
  108. Malware Bytes + Hijackthis log files!
  109. System Security 2009 help
  110. suspected nasties - please take a look @ log
  111. Help Request
  112. rootkit.odg Trojan problems
  113. Pls Help Remove Zlob.jn worm!
  114. ntoskrnl-hook trojan
  115. Unsolveable spam emails/Infected machine Vista 64bit
  116. Redirect Virus
  117. continuation of the viruses, correspondence with Ried, computer #2
  118. Internet Issues; pages not found, random disconnects, etc.
  119. Another Rootkit infection
  120. Possible Keylogger/Malware/Spyware Problem
  121. infected with UACd.sys?
  122. Search Redirects
  123. Overclick.CN redirect driving me crAzY-Please help!
  124. Malware calling itself XP PERSONAL DELUXE
  125. boot problem
  126. Bad case of infection, disables most programs
  127. backdoor:win32/bifrose.EO
  128. NTOSKRNL Hook found on system
  129. Had bad Virus/Malware on it (Security Scanner 2009)
  130. Virus Infecting HTML Files - 2
  131. [SOLVED] Intermittent Google Redirect
  132. Attempt #2...Questionable problem..Can't get work done.
  133. help I dont know if my computer has virus or not
  134. NTOSKRNL Hook found on system please help
  135. Need Help with Stubborn Rootkit
  136. Unhandled win32 exception...
  137. Google Redirects
  138. Redirected Web Pages
  139. Need Help with Trojan
  140. Search engine redirect
  141. Spyware
  142. redirecting and other problems
  143. in registry called rundll.exe
  144. Rootkit.agent
  145. Google link redirects; random computer freeze and BSOD
  146. Following NEW INSTRUCTIONS, gmer.exe causing shut down
  147. [SOLVED] Dell imspiron 9300 spyware doctor problem
  148. Persistent and kinda creepy malware.
  149. Vista - Bad Image Problem - Explorer.exe and Windows Codecs.dll
  150. wireless keeps dropping and reconnecting?
  151. i think i have a win32/cryptor virus..NEED HELP DESPERATLY!!!
  152. Being attacked by adware/
  153. win32/heur nightmare
  154. Laptop virus Free?
  155. Need help on possible mal-ware and clean up
  156. NEW THREAD!. DDS Log, and attachments provided.
  157. Program starts up after deleted
  158. Win32/Patched Help
  159. Trojan/Malware Issues
  160. multiple problems
  161. Help with Microsoft Word Virus
  162. TempEI4
  163. 0xc0000033 Explorer.exe
  164. Browser Hijack?
  165. New poster shoots in the dark... :/// problem
  166. Vista PC Connected to Internet, Browswer will not load!
  167. Well I think I got a Virus or two.
  168. Gmer doesn't work
  169. Adware Adroar warning keeps coming up
  170. user accounts password protected, firewall disabled
  171. Problems with keyboar, shutting down and comp recognising battery
  172. pctsTray.exe HELP!!?
  173. going crazy....
  174. Invisible Pop-ups
  175. Virus, Crashes, Blue Screens
  176. Rootkit and Multiple problems
  177. Nim.something virus
  178. Please Help Remove Google Redirect Malware:Skynet
  179. Search Results redirected
  180. Malware removal
  181. Possible Brower Problem?
  182. UAC Virus/infection
  183. PC severely hosed due to Trojan
  184. Torjan/Spyware in my pc. I have no idea
  185. Malware I think Spybot wont install
  186. Emergency Spyware infection
  187. Personal Antivirus‏
  188. Mirar Toolbar
  189. Severe Infection...
  190. pc keeps rebooting
  191. suspected trojan sucking all my comp's memory.
  192. Taskbar will not appear
  193. Start up Problem
  194. Infected computer, Need help
  195. IE will not launch
  196. Avast! detected a Trojan Horse!
  197. Need help with virus
  198. Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger help
  199. Spyware rampant
  200. Virus problems, or simply McAfee
  201. Help Please
  202. Infected with Trojan.BHO.H & Trojan.Agent
  203. Symantec Endpoint Virus?
  204. can't install antivirus on my pc
  205. Urgent help needed...(VISTA)
  206. Was Google redirect, can't rid machine of trojan
  207. Potential Trojan
  208. [SOLVED] Followed instructions, here are my logs...
  209. Will not let me download antispyware.!
  210. Gxvxc Data, completed instructions now
  211. HELP , i have something called
  212. [SOLVED] Help with the Internet Redirect Virus.
  213. Unknown Malware Problem
  214. Spyware/Virus Removal (cont'd from previous thread)
  215. [SOLVED] Vista/virus
  216. HELP , i have something called
  217. Infostealer virus
  218. McAfee cannot delete trojan
  219. Removed Trojans but may still have some malware left!
  220. 99 problems
  221. Win32 / Rootkit.Agent.ODG trojan = Father's Day Mayhem
  222. Bad Image Messages
  223. Why has my computer gone so SLOW??
  224. Search engine Hijacker
  225. msb.exe
  226. Need help with reviewing RSIT Log
  227. Vimax ads taking over my computer
  228. 99 problems
  229. Google hijacked? Please help!
  230. Multiple Trojans
  231. Nasty malware
  232. NTOSKRNL Hook Trojan...I Need Help!
  233. Need HJ This log review please
  234. Virus - Disables HJ, Anti virus and redirects
  235. Google Hijack - Newbie Jumped the Gun?
  236. Search Choices get Redirected
  237. Avira finds TR/Dropper.Gen [Trojan]
  238. Infected by Personal Anti virus- Help
  239. Virus Help
  240. small worsening virus problem - spyware
  241. [SOLVED] Analyst attention is desired
  242. Crowd or party sounds when screen blanks out
  243. Suspected Malware
  244. redirect virus?
  245. [SOLVED] unknown virus
  246. Extremly slow computer
  247. laptop is running slow and I think my computer has a virus (or 2).
  248. Virus infecting html files
  249. [SOLVED] Helkern
  250. Pc freezes from time to time. Hijack log atchd. Thanks.