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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Contextual adware, banneradsgalore popups HELP !!
  2. Browser redirecting / unable to install / run anti spyware programs
  3. Computer not working properly after Avast deleted .dll file!
  4. Big Virus/Malware/Trojan Problem
  5. cant find anyone else with the same problem
  6. Website i try click on is redirected
  7. Virus driving me crazy..
  8. Google redirect problem
  9. Hijacker Virus, Two IEs in my task manager!!
  10. Google Search getting redirected
  11. Major issue with viruses, malware, etc on XP
  12. Google Redirect and aftermath of System Security 2009
  13. Control Panel Missing
  14. Undetected Infections from Bad Google Results
  15. Minor Trojan or Virus?
  16. Task manager has been disabled by your administrator.
  17. Fakeavalert trojan
  18. How to get rid of Win32/Cryptor
  19. Overclick google redirect virus
  20. [SOLVED] Cant install ANY anti-virus...
  21. Viruses taking control over Computer.
  22. Google Redirect
  23. Virus/Trojan/Spyware help needed!
  24. Malware/Virus need help
  25. Google redirects in both IE and Firefox
  26. Need Help with Virus cannot remove. Defender says I have win32/
  27. computer slowing down and dowloaded videos jumpy
  28. Trojan-cookies tracker-blue screen
  29. 2 ieplorer.exe pls help
  30. Home Anti Virus 2010
  31. multiple infections (JunkPoly, Trojen-gen, Rootkit-gen, etc)
  32. Slow internet connection in correlation with a possible virus
  33. Google completely blocked
  34. cant update windows
  35. Hijack This Log
  36. keylogger
  37. win32/slenfbot!generic problem
  38. Downloader july16 virus? Help!
  39. [SOLVED] Viruses locked me out from windows firewall
  40. Hidden Driver
  41. Unable to connect to any online virus scanners
  42. [SOLVED] Virus trouble
  43. Help to Remove Virus etc!
  44. Need Help with Virus
  45. internet explorer with pop ups !!!!1
  46. Uncertain enry in registry..maybe innocent ?
  47. Can't removed spyware/malware or trojan virus
  48. can't remove bravia.exe
  49. Remember Me issues?
  50. Help - Urgent help needed to remove Virus
  51. Pop-Ups Infecting My Computer - Please Help
  52. My Laptop is Infected with spyware or trojan virus, please help
  53. Malware or virus problem....
  54. Detecting Malware, Rootkit, Viruses, adaware, worms...
  55. Possible Viruses That Aren't Being Found
  56. Help with removing a trojan....
  57. Virtumonde and Google Redirects
  58. constant pop up c:\windows\pop.htm
  59. Search Assistant/find popping up
  60. iexplor520.exe and apnet.exe
  61. [SOLVED] HUGE problem updating
  62. [SOLVED] error message help
  63. trojan win32
  64. Redirected, sometimes
  65. Google redirect, programs not running, new thread
  66. HIJACK this log I had some virus issues please look it over.
  67. Slammed With A Trojan Every 5 Seconds
  68. Having multiple issues
  69. help quickly, please
  70. 1.exe/Klone trouble
  71. Google redirect
  72. virus/winifighter problems
  73. Search Engine Redirected
  74. Infected computer
  75. How to safely remove Trojan-downloader.win32.small.alre
  76. XP Logon slow and freezes suspected worm
  77. TrojanhorseBackDoor problem
  78. Click on Google Search Link Leads to Bad Sites
  79. deleted folder problem..plz help.
  80. I need help with some type of virus in my browser.
  81. cmd.exe pops up @ boot
  82. Help Needed - Possible Virus - I've run hijack this
  83. How to get rid of backdoor.graybird trojan on vista?
  84. Virus/Malware causing selected google search to redirect address
  85. rundll32.exe Virus
  86. Trojan / Keylogger
  87. devldr32.exe over 200 processes running
  88. computer become very slow
  89. virus problem!!!
  90. c:\documents and settings....giwldvix.dll
  91. Bad Image - DLL globalroot
  92. Browser redirects, system restore inaccesible
  93. programs will still not work
  94. Need Help possible virus
  95. I fell for the Adobe Flash Upgrade scam...
  96. Trojan / Spyware Suspected.
  97. Desktop.ini Corrupt / Possibly virus
  98. Cannot update Antivitus, cannot open any antivirus site
  99. after trojan attack, computer still doesnt seem right
  100. Codec.exe, computer running slow and webpage redirecting
  101. personal antivirus
  102. i think i maybe infected hjt log here alos
  103. Blocked websites and google redirects
  104. Bizzare problem (probably a virus) NEED HELP
  105. Win XP Pro - BAD IMAGE error
  106. redirects of Google search results
  107. Random Audio Clips on My PC... HELP!!
  108. Redirected from Google search results
  109. Ntoskrnl-Hook --- IE won't open
  110. Fake scanner, popups, hearing voices
  111. Programming Virus with Java
  112. Virus Help please.....
  113. Another redirect malware
  114. Computer keeps giving bad image error
  115. computer freezes all the time
  116. PC Freezes just few minutes after login
  117. Google Redirecting
  118. Virus infecting my network, won't quit. Please help?
  119. Viruses- Quite a few problems links broken
  120. need help identifying this virus.. disabled task manager, registry and SAFE MODE
  121. All applications stops in Vista
  122. Help with win32.tdss.rtk and system32\services.exe
  123. Please Help. Massive win32 unhandled exception errors
  124. pop up/search engine virus
  125. trojan.win32.monder.cqbi
  126. Viruses- Quite a few problems-google links broken
  127. ws2_32.dll virus that i can't get rid of
  128. Suspected Virus! HELP
  129. how to block CiD pop-ups?
  130. Nasty Nasty Malware that wont give up
  131. Misdirected search results from Google
  132. Computer now virus free?
  133. [SOLVED] Not sure whats happening?
  134. Virus Possible MSA / Rootkit [Can only boot up in Safe Mode]
  135. Malwarebytes AntiMalware Problems
  136. How do I remove Combofix?
  137. please help
  138. No Safe Mode, no CMD.EXE, Google redirects
  139. possible trojans, hijackthis file attatched
  140. malware wont work or internet
  141. Several viruses - logs attached
  142. pavuppad issues
  143. Google Search Redirect
  144. Trojans, toseeka redirect, etc
  145. Search redirect and wont let me put back to factory settings :[
  146. Long Battle with Virus, Need help
  147. Google Redirecting
  148. Numerous redirects (cannot remove str.sys )
  149. What Happened? Slow Internet and Computer
  150. Adware.FieryAds/AdSubsribe HELP!!!
  151. trojan help
  152. [SOLVED] Spyware Guard defs old
  153. Computer crashed, and now very slow, please help
  154. Trojan TDSS and Packed.Generic.238 virus
  155. How do I get rid of the IEXPLORE.EXE virus?
  156. Conficker... where is it?
  157. Pesky Pop-ups
  158. Your browser is under the threat of infection.
  159. svchost.exe issues!
  160. Infected with Protection System malware
  161. I think i might be infected with spyware
  162. Possible Virus?
  163. Help needed with removing a virus
  164. Malware Infection
  165. Infected without a Cure
  166. typing hello it comes out h*e*l*l*o*. VIRUS???
  168. "System Security" problem
  169. braviax.exe malware
  170. Being redirected to porn site
  171. Google Search Results Redirects - Repost with Correct Information
  172. Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.AOZ
  173. possible ntoskrnl-hook
  174. Str.Sys Virus removal help please.
  175. Infection i cannot get rid of
  176. need help with removing a file
  177. Google Search Results Redirects
  178. '=78y5' & Windows Media Player Problem!
  179. mass of viruses after website attack
  180. virus that crashes Windows explorer
  181. Google Redirect / Other misc problems.
  182. Trojan Help
  183. IE7 security probs
  184. How do I remove Win32:Patched-KS [Trj]
  185. [SOLVED] New computer got a virus already! Help in removal.
  186. Disabling-Software Malware, Please Assist
  187. Yahoo redirect problem
  188. yahoo redirect problem
  189. Strange Virus?
  190. IDK whats wrong :(
  191. Serious Virus Problem cont. w/logs
  192. Issues with my PC, hijackthis logs attached
  193. [SOLVED] My dad's computer is having problems
  194. Globalroot Infection
  195. 100% virus
  196. HELP how to get rid of Win32/Alureon.gen!J
  197. Help. Viruses!
  198. HELP PLEASE! I think i got a virus
  199. Help, IDK whats wrong
  200. I think i got a virus...
  201. Webpage Hijacked - Please help
  202. Can a analyst please analyze this log, please, and thank you =]
  203. Serious Virus Problem
  204. [SOLVED] quite new, please help
  205. "Fixed" System Security 2009, but still problems?
  206. I have taken the first steps
  207. Search results hijacked - using Firefox
  208. viruses & redirecting Unable to remove
  209. "Your computer is infected" message
  210. Redirect virus, Vimax ads and spyware search and destroy/hijackthis not working
  211. errors
  212. Weird Virus
  213. Help, infected files on online scan!
  214. Can't remove infection
  215. IE will not start reliably.
  216. AVG won't run because of virus
  217. Google re-direct malware
  218. Google links redirect me to random pages
  219. Help please
  220. Virus all clear
  221. need help please
  222. Google Search Result Redirects
  223. 100% CPU usage
  224. A Virus Squeaked Through My AVG...
  225. Small spyware problem, worsening
  226. Infected with hxxp:IFrame-HW[Trj]
  227. Downloader.Agent2.FGA in three separate locations.
  228. Google-redirect/
  229. I think I have a Trojan type virus?
  230. I cannot get rid of Win32/Cryptor viruses on my computer
  231. Major Viruses Problem. Infected with AntiVirus System pro
  232. System Security Virus Help Needed Badly!!
  233. Browser Hijacked
  234. Browser rendered useless, svchost.exe problems.
  235. Unknown virus; Weird symptoms... TDSS rootkit variant?
  236. Am I infected?
  237. Need Help Removing Malicious Malware
  238. Google links redirect me to random pages
  239. Help with Trojan:win32/AgentBypass.gen!G
  240. Search engines redirected, missngpage
  241. Links keep redirecting, I.E acting wacko, etc.
  242. Virus says "Gotcha you" and "you are in my control" it's from Usb/pen Drive help
  243. Trojan
  244. adyeildmanager is killing me
  245. BackDoor.Generic11.ZNE infection. PLEASE help!?
  246. I need help in removing nmdfgds0.dll
  247. System shutting down and turning on by itself
  248. Spyware virus, but don't know how to disable blocking tools
  249. I Frame Trojan Infection??????
  250. Google Redirect Trojan