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  1. AVG Hidden Drivers
  2. [SOLVED] mlJBULcD.dll virus problem
  3. I applaud this virus.
  4. Pop-Up Virus
  5. Annoying pop up with Firefox
  6. Help removing 'iexplore.exe' ghost audio virus/malware/spyware
  7. PartnerBHO trojan - can't remove
  8. mlJBULcD.dll virus problem
  9. Possible winlogon.exe error plus more please help :)
  10. Urgent - need help removing wisdstr/msword98 trojan
  11. Winlogon.exe + more?
  12. Search Redirection and ntoskrnl-hook problem. (Please Help!!)
  13. Viruses galore - request help please
  14. That moment of stupidity leads to hours of headaches. (virus?, browser redirect)
  15. I cannot enter gmail
  16. Task Manager,Regedit and safemode disabled
  17. fake security center alert & google redirecting links
  18. AntiVirus Problem, Probably Virus
  19. Confused, and I have no idea what's going on
  20. Broken Shortcuts?
  21. Trojan Virus??? No idea but my computer needs some serious help
  22. Reboot-AH
  23. Google/Yahoo results redirection issue
  24. Google redirects- even after complete system restore!
  25. Google links keep redirecting me to spam websites
  26. defender32.exe help please
  27. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan: my laptop can't complete the GMER Rootkit scan!
  28. PWS:Win32/Daurso.A keeps popping up
  29. Help! I think I have a virus
  30. HELP...can't remove NetZip, Speedbit Search
  31. Need help removing suspected malware/spyware
  32. Can someone confirm if this is a virus?
  33. What is Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger
  34. Computer loads normally, but nothing after
  35. PC Antispyware 2010 - malware infection
  36. browser hijack issue
  37. Trojan/Virus Infection
  38. Hit by Braviax, sdfix helped remove most, but...
  39. I have a trojan on board
  40. I might have a tojan :(
  41. Internet Browsers have been hijacked! please help
  42. Can't get rid of popups
  43. Limewire not working
  44. Please Help Google Redirect Virus (my hijackthis logfile in post)
  45. Hi, i Need Help. Pc is Lagging
  46. Hearing commericals in background, but no web page is opened.
  47. Help!Task manager,regedit,folder option disabling virus
  48. I have a virus. (scvhost.exe)
  49. Google redirecting - Shopica and other sites
  50. HIJACKTHIS log check
  51. [SOLVED] Browser hijacked by clickover.
  52. System locked down from trojan
  53. can't open any programs
  54. Trojan-Backdoor Pigeon found in AutoCAD folders
  55. Google redirects and various malware
  56. Search Redirection Problem
  57. Frequent Crashes, Random Sound Clips, IE not working...?
  58. CPU usage 100% Unable to Run GMER
  59. Computer freezing, have to force shutdown
  60. spy-agent bw!mem removal
  61. Redirection
  62. PC suddenly running very slow and hangs up frequently, suspect virus(es.)
  63. System Security Virus--Severe
  64. Infected by Alureon-CH
  65. DLL bad image
  66. ntoskrnl-hook is detected by McAfee in memory but cannot be removed
  67. Cant get rid of this Virus. :(
  68. frequent pop ups
  69. Help remove skynet
  70. Personal anti-virus
  71. Virus and random crashes
  72. System Security 2009
  73. Really infected
  74. Popup Nightmare
  75. Spyware help (Windows System Suit Related Update!)
  76. Trojans, etc
  77. Browser Hijack?
  78. Suspecting Keylogger, HijackThis log included.
  79. Can't Remove Rootkits
  80. DoubleD, Hostshijacker
  81. bad Malware, unable to run scans, System32\SKYNET found, hearing voices
  82. Problem FOrm my Computer
  83. Rootkit? / PC automatically comes out of sleep mode
  84. Many problems.
  85. Vundo?
  86. SKYNET Problem
  87. Trojan SPM/LX help (log included)
  88. browser hijack
  89. virus wont go away
  90. help! ads keep poping up!
  91. Firefox infected (Windows System Suite RelateD)
  92. Virsus issues Please help
  93. malware
  94. Rootkit agents and data stealing trojans...
  95. Advanced Virus Remover
  96. trojan.virtumonde
  97. Cannot change wallpaper/task manager
  98. GMAIL redirect problem virus
  99. b.exe
  100. Virus that makes every HTML file in the computer look like a virus!
  101. Virus causes computer to slow and freeze so can't complete most antivirus scans
  102. Black box on desktop says my system is infected
  103. Spyware effecting Thinkpas
  104. Need help regarding reader_s which got into my system
  105. Don't Know what to do, need help :/
  106. Suspected Malware
  107. IE, other processes running at 100%
  108. str.sys won't go away
  109. unable to update anti-malware/spyware
  110. Help Trojan/Keylogger Problem!
  111. Fake security alerts...
  112. I need help
  113. "Your computer is infected!"
  114. My HijackThis Log
  115. Please Help: Hijackthis
  116. Nothing can connect to the internet except firefox and AVG?
  117. I have no idea what's happening :/
  118. virus causing overheating?
  119. Trojan Horse: file access denied
  120. Cryptor Virus Major Problems
  121. keygen.exe
  122. New Directions 64bit XP
  123. Need Help with Problem...Don't Know What To Do!!!
  124. Weird Hotmail-related virus - help appreciated
  125. Multiple Viruses found. Please help
  126. Adware Perhaps? Links Opening Wrong!
  127. Rootkit/Agent.LNB
  128. help: cannot access microsoft, kaspersky, avast, and other sites
  129. "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file..."
  130. Vundo
  131. Really Bad Virus cannot remove.
  132. Bad viruses.
  133. [SOLVED] This is a nasty one...
  134. Hijack This log - Keylogger problem
  135. Virus: Really Need Help Please
  136. BAD IMAGE Warning with Every New Program that Loads
  137. Need help. Virus targeting audio mixer?
  138. [SOLVED] False AntiVirus Taking Over Computer, Please Help
  139. ugbright_antivirus
  140. Can't remove str.sys
  141. Google search results redirecting me.
  142. Trojan Virus generic 13
  143. Virus: Internet Browser Opens Tab Every 5 minutes or so
  144. Heard voices, running slow, popups
  145. Multiple issues, the lastest is "Antivirus System Pro"
  146. [SOLVED] i dont know what it is????
  147. Avira detects trojan at startup Part II, now with correct logs
  148. Malware problems
  149. Pop-Up attack
  150. [SOLVED] Zedo popups, redirects, voices, me pulling my hair out
  151. Bad Image errors/Google Malfunctions
  152. IE Window Popper
  153. Avira detects trojan everytime I open PC
  154. help with win32/cryptor
  155. Zedo popups and redirects problem
  156. Ateention Rathat
  157. Hijack log, please help
  158. trojan help i could only get on scan finished
  159. google redirects to
  160. Possible Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Required
  161. Many problems with computer
  162. vista bad image error, request help
  163. Please please help.
  164. Rootkits
  165. Trojan help plzz_!
  166. W32.sillyFDC HELP!
  167. Microsoft Windows shuts down crucial files on startup and other problems bonanza!
  168. [SOLVED] Virus/Trojan is blocking my Anti Virus,Need help :-(
  169. CPU/Memory being eaten
  170. cursor problems + redirection from google links to scam sites
  172. trojan virus?
  173. potential viral infection
  174. Processes stop working, and computer Crashes
  175. I have a problem: NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  176. Skynet! Please Help Terminate!
  177. Re: Pop ups/ad windows
  178. Explorer.exe Crashing Possible Virus/Trojan
  179. NTOSKRNL-Hook root key infection
  180. Computer Restarting, Blaster Worm?
  181. Help Please!! remove bug/glitch
  182. NTOSKRNL-HOOK has taken over computer
  183. ran dds. but cannot find notepad..
  184. Freezing after login
  185. Firefox losing connection with fine ISP
  186. major problems after dealing with winantiviruspro...
  187. please check my hijack this log
  188. Help with Malware
  189. Virus Help. DDS & GMER Logs Attached.
  190. Windows Logon UI
  191. Very persistent virus. Help is highly appreciated. :)
  192. redirecting browser, It's returned : (
  193. Please help to clean the virus, thx!!!!
  194. "Program too big to fit in memory"
  195. BSOD running GMER.EXE?
  196. Google redirect/computer crash
  197. Computer freeze after login
  198. Overclick redirect using Google
  199. Googel Redirect Problem
  200. Browser hijacked, can't update software
  201. HijackThis log - I pressed on fotos 64bit Vista
  202. Net Worm Kido t?
  203. need serious guidance....dont no where to start?
  204. Mebroot Trojan help
  205. trojan horse generic
  206. Please Help! Google Redirect!!
  207. Virus or something that keeps reappearing
  208. rundll32.exe not found error. Cannot run dds or GMER
  209. infected
  210. Trojan, spyware galore
  211. Please help remove
  212. [SOLVED] Mass Spamming Virus
  213. Virus / Personal Anti-Virus Trouble
  214. Some kind of virus
  215. destop.exe trojan probs
  216. Can't access microsoft or any antivirus sites
  217. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan Please Help!
  218. PC Crashing, Browser Redirecting Help!
  219. A Virus?
  220. anti virus i didn't install...
  221. IE problems after trojan removed by Norton AV
  222. My Search Results are redirected
  223. computer running real slow
  224. ad.yieldmanager pop up
  225. Please Help Removing NTOSKRNL-HOOK Generic Rootkit.d!rootkit
  226. Google Redirecting Virus, HELP!!!
  227. Virus (Hidden Taskbar, Internet Explorer Closeing)
  228. 2 IExplore.exe everytime
  229. Trojan/Spyware Issue - Need help for removal
  230. Virus in email
  231. Your Computer is infected
  232. I need hijack this help!!!!!
  233. Is this a Bagle?
  234. Google misdirect problem
  235. Slow system / Avira warnings
  236. Need Helper to Analyze ComboFix Log
  237. Virus that wont let me access antivirus sites...
  238. Your Computer is infected Screensaver/Bad Image Error/Task Manager Disabled
  239. Poor Performance
  240. Fake Microsoft Warning of Virus...
  241. My computer suddenly plays random sounds
  242. Another hijack (Firefox 3.5.1, Vista Business Edition)
  243. km2357 - virus help - original thread inactive
  244. Viruses found but cannot be removed
  245. TR/CryptRedol.18432.2.6
  246. Pls help! Pls!! Trojan!!
  247. Avg scan crashing to blue screen; virtumonde detected
  248. Search Engine redirect and slow computer
  249. webpage redirect
  250. Ntoskrnl-hook