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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. slow laptop
  2. Win32.TDSS.rtk/reg
  3. Curser Virus
  4. Need help Please... Puter acting wierd
  5. PC antispyware 2010 virus
  6. Google Results Redirected to HP and Laptop Running Very Slow
  7. Malware problem affecting entire comp!!!
  8. Virus that permenently removes all sounds from a pc.
  9. Please Help Cant Open IE or Firefox
  10. Spywareblaster and Firefox
  11. Web Hijacker
  12. Apache 2 Test Page
  13. Win32/VMalum.FOKS?? Help please
  14. Strange Windows Behavior
  15. Bad Image error and Malware problems
  16. Accidentally downloaded trojan.wincod
  17. Virus that preventing me to access any AV sites?
  18. Possible koobface or other Malware problems
  19. A trojan has hidden all of my folders
  20. Can't Bump
  21. unknown virus
  22. Horrible/Annoying Virus gone out of hand need help!
  23. Virus scan shows RPS SafeConnect.msi as pasword protected
  24. Win32/Cryptor Laptop Help
  25. Malware bytes unable to remove
  26. Please help! Wrong application runs!
  27. Trojan Ridden System with Google Redirects/Random Sounds Played
  28. Constant Popups of dating and sex sites
  29. reader_s.exe servises.exe
  30. phantom connection problem - malware?
  31. PersonalAV
  32. Bogus antivirus called Nortel
  33. 2nd computer virus issue
  34. Some parts of this file cannot be scanned because they are password protected
  35. Trojan.BHO.H issue
  36. BSOD issues after using Malwarebytes, can't run first steps
  37. I have the most insane trojan i ever got in my life....
  38. dds/gmer logs
  39. brandnew gateway laptop continues to bluescreen even after harddrive reformat 64bit
  40. Help with log
  41. Help help!! ntoskrnl-hook blocked everything.
  42. Malware stopping programs from running
  43. cant remove trojan!!!
  44. WIN32/HIGRAG.A Virus
  45. .exe Bad Image
  46. Total Security Spyware Removal
  47. Plzzzzz help!!!!!
  48. Need help with my computer.
  49. highjack this log please help
  50. Please someone read my log
  51. .exe Bad Image
  52. NOTOSKRNL-HOOK virus stopped opening .exe help
  53. Issue- Firefox shutdown and Blue Screen
  54. Win32/Cryptor HELP can't run first step tools
  55. I think a previously removed virus/malware may have returned!!!.....
  56. Help required removing spyware
  57. Gmer Scan->sys modification by ROOTKITactivity
  58. Dont know what else to turn to...
  59. unable to open d derive
  60. Google Installer Virus/Malware
  61. Suspected virus?
  62. need remover for
  63. Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy [pop up message]
  64. IEXPLORER.exe unseen and makes random audio ads
  65. Home Antivirus 2010 Known Problem:
  66. Google links redirecting wrong
  67. Something Sneaky going on
  68. Trojan problem
  69. Back door trojan found
  70. Adware_fasterxp
  71. Browsers inactivated by malware?
  72. General inspenction
  73. Infected MSN messenger
  74. is my hijackthis log clean??
  75. C:\Program Files\Common Files\alg.exe is a virus!!
  76. Windows installer pop-up
  77. Windows Aintivirus Pro/Brwoser Hijack
  78. Google willl not open
  79. got new gateway laptop yesterday, blue screen twice today
  80. IEXPLORER.exe unseen and makes random audio ads
  81. Redirector mutated into corrupter? I got issues!
  82. Is my computer infected?
  83. Computer Screwed Up
  84. browser hijacker
  85. Windows authentication problem - virus
  86. what does this script do/how do i remove what it does
  87. Computer Infected with msb.exe
  88. Malware stops me from reinstalling XP
  89. I think i have a virus on msn
  90. PAV anti virus
  91. Google REDIRECT Virus
  92. Google links direct to wrong websites
  93. Vimax Virus & Google Redirect
  94. [SOLVED] Attempts to redirect Google Chrome searches 64bit Vista
  95. HELP computer slow and freezing.
  96. malware "prnky001.PNF", have BSOD, safe mode freezes at CRCDSK.sys
  97. PC slowing down and procs is working hard even when idle
  98. hijacked links problem
  99. ntoskrnl-hook - please help!
  100. Computer takes forever to turn on
  101. need help.. blue screen on every boot
  102. I've been hijacked!
  103. I may have a virus!!!
  104. [SOLVED] Laptop Startup problem
  105. Cannot connect to Microsoft update
  106. Normal boot behaves like a safemodmod
  107. Windows Protection Suite
  108. Can someone help me read my HJT log?
  109. random pop-ups and slow computer
  110. Pop ups and slow computer
  111. Browser hijack & other possible viruses infected
  112. Pornography Files on Desktop
  113. My search engines were hiacked
  114. pop up in ie when on firefox
  115. Computer keeps restarting! Virus! HELP!
  116. Malware/virus
  117. Need help
  118. I have a REALLY weird problem
  119. Need Guidance on removing this Rootkit!
  120. Windows Antivirus Pro [HELP]
  121. Virtomonde
  122. svchost.exe application error
  123. Ntoskrnl-hook
  124. redirecting Google searches
  125. hijackthis.log + MBAM log suspecting keylogger/Trojan. HELP
  126. Rustok trojan N - Possibly more
  127. Virus
  128. cant get you gmer logs
  129. Backdoor trojan
  130. I think I have a virus
  131. Recurring Rootkit.Agent/Gen Issue - Help Needed
  132. HJT Logfile, looking for assistance :)
  133. NTOSKRNL-HOOK DNSChanger!bj SaveSoldier PreViewer
  134. Your system is infected
  135. firefox and internet explorer crashing. trojan and downloader?
  136. Virus, malware, trojan? Not sure.
  137. I think i have some malware...
  138. Assistance, not sure what could be problem, thank you
  139. Redirects on search engines and Windows antivirus pro popups... HELP!
  140. Help! redirects on search engine..trojan?
  141. Virus/Malware - Computer Reboots by Itself, Everything Slowed to a Crawl. Help!
  142. Tried EVERYTHING, almost!
  143. Google Redirect
  144. Browser Hijacker
  145. Virus W32.SillyP2P
  146. Virus W32.SillyP2P
  147. Local Disk (C:) Open With?? HELP
  148. HIJACKTHIS+MBAB logs (Have keylogger)
  149. Virus On Computer. All Logs Inside.
  150. Virus stopping anti virus scans.....
  151. Warcraft account hacked .
  152. Malware/Spyware Infected CPU (I think)
  153. Browser is HiJacked!! =(
  154. how to fix "program is to big to fit memory"
  155. Google redirect clickover problem
  156. 84372872az.exe
  157. I think i have a virus, need confirmation
  158. [SOLVED] Popups +Vundo
  159. trying to make sure a keylogger is gone... Vista 64bit
  160. Google redirecting..
  161. world of warcraft hacked ....
  162. Computer won't boot after AVG scan
  163. Google Search Results Hijack
  164. I think I've got an AutoRun.inf and/or Recycler virus??
  165. Google Redirection
  166. My HiJackThis.log. thanks =)
  167. Problems with mshta.exe (browser hijacker?)
  168. Pop-ups in Ebay
  169. Possible Keylogger threat on my cpu
  170. cant open any exe file.................
  171. Virus in WD Passport external hard drive
  172. possible trojan?
  173. infected with: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M
  174. ntoskrnl-hook
  175. malware infected computer: tony_g
  176. Not sure whats going on
  177. Pleasee HELP!! hijackthis log!!
  178. infected with: Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.M
  179. XP desktop no connection after update/virus
  180. filoloye.dll virus comes back on reboot
  181. I got a virus
  182. Hijack Help
  183. Search Engine Redirect Problem
  184. False AOL Parental Control Redirect
  185. Hijacked browser, can't update ad-aware/windows
  186. virus,mailware spyware help.
  187. HJThis logfile
  188. Unable To Remove - uacinit.dll
  189. Search Engine Redirection
  190. Please Help Explorer.exe Problem
  191. I accidentally clicked a wrong link and BAM! Virus of some kind.
  192. Infection Help
  193. Google Redirects to Spam, Host Services For Windows Has Stopped error
  194. Google hijack - help needed please
  195. Google redirection
  196. Please help with this odd PC infection, thanks!
  197. No Microsoft or Antivirus Website connections
  198. Please help me with Win32 ranuvozo.dll
  199. Here is my Hijack this log, can someone please help
  200. Did first steps as requested
  201. Mouse & Keyboard stop functioning
  202. Cutwail trojan/svchost 100% help please
  203. Annoying pop up with Firefox
  204. Some symptoms I need help with...
  205. take a look on this log
  206. I can't open ANYTHING. :(
  207. virus on ie
  208. Are there still viruses on my computer?
  209. Need help with Trojan NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  210. Google re-direct, and computer running slower
  211. Google results hijacked- Please help
  212. 200 viruses!
  213. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Generic Rootkit.d!rootkit
  214. Virus infection: Win32/Heur.dropper + HJT log
  215. Google redirection
  216. log file please help
  218. Virus!! koobface i think
  219. Bootscan Virus & no access to Task manager
  220. Trojan virus downloaded via activeX request
  221. laptop virus prefenting any .exe
  222. Help with removing a Trojan Downloader
  223. combofix log-what do I do now?
  224. Clicking sound and songs/audio advertisements playing automatically!!
  225. virus problem cant run anything
  226. Bad image DLL error message
  227. [SOLVED] Infected with HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen HTML script virus
  228. Infected System (logs attached)
  229. Is there a Trojan seeding program?
  230. Unremovable Virus? Sophos user
  231. website searches misdirected
  232. Bootsector Virus & cant access task manager
  233. log file...need help
  234. "Your System is Infected"
  235. Slow Comp [Logs]
  236. Computer worm - koobface
  237. Google Redirection Virus?
  238. Windows protection Suite virus, Pls Help...
  239. Help please, losing video and email being sent out by a virus
  240. Need help with viruses please - logs attached
  241. I Think I made a big mistake!!!HELP
  242. nasty virus please help
  243. virus killing spyware n antivirus programs
  244. Personal Anitvirus
  245. I have the PC antispyware 2010 virus and can't kill it
  246. Virus preventing running any type of program
  247. 3 Virus Issues
  248. First steps complete...Please help
  249. Total Security Virus
  250. Windows XP keeps auto restarting