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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Vimax Ad and Google Redirect Malware/Virus
  2. Computer Problem
  3. No Anti Virus Software Will Install - Help Urgently Required
  4. Possible virus / not valid Win32 application
  5. virus changed my settings
  6. thefeedonline browser hijack
  7. IE popups while using Foxfire
  8. Multiple iexplore.exe (A LOT )
  9. possible trojans/malware. ahhh helppp :)
  10. Serious Infection, HELP needed!!
  11. globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkytevoqcet.dll
  12. infected with ESQUL
  13. Search Engine Hijack Bug - Help, please!
  14. No Virus Software will Install - Please Help
  15. Evil Virus - Help
  16. DDS nor GMER will run
  17. i am hit
  18. Pop-ups from desktop and audio playing
  19. Unable to Check or Scan Hard Drives ?
  20. Apparantly this is related to malware?
  21. Massively Disabling Malware
  22. Recent viral acquisition
  23. Backdoor Trojan Hijacking Internet and potential other dangers
  24. Possible Rootkit
  25. No history or use of search bar
  26. Trojan Problem
  27. Problem with e-mail messages ? virus
  28. "Anti-Virus" Software downloaded out of the Blue
  29. Computer Keeps Rebooting when I run Virus Scan - Follow-Up Post
  30. no menu bar, no desktop icons, no dds.scr, no gmer.exe
  31. FakeAlertEA Trojan found
  32. [SOLVED] DLL globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkymlghsus.dll is not a valid Windows
  33. Virus/Spyware help
  34. Malware, Possible Rootkit Problem
  35. Trojan problem, Please help
  36. Computer Keeps Rebooting when I run Virus Scan
  37. Help. I think I've got [email protected]
  38. Buffer Overflow
  39. Computer got infected with virus need help
  40. Unknown infection
  41. I've tried every program and nothing can locate this virus!
  42. Serious Malware issues...somethings not working.
  43. Skynet Virus!
  44. The uninstalled virus protection is still hidden
  45. Virus Help on XP
  46. programs won't open
  47. worm/VB.BSP - Hidden folder options shows as "??????"
  48. search ettings 1.2
  49. darn virus!!!!!!!
  50. WindowsPolice & TDSS?
  51. Can't execute internet or any other program, pop-ups at startup
  52. ViewMgr error and IE starting on it's own
  53. Please can someone see if my hjt log is clear ? Thanks
  54. MSA.exe
  55. Crashing Problems
  56. Got a pretty bad virus.....
  57. Another rootkit removal help request
  58. Slow computer and slow IE load
  59. Help with removal of suspected rootkit!
  60. please check my Hijackthis log.
  61. Virtumonde virus? HELP!
  62. Avast Antivirus help.
  63. Virus countering my every move
  64. regular crashes
  65. Please Help with Suspected Trojan
  66. Need Help Removing "Total Security" Malware. DDS, GMER Not Working.
  67. Virus blocks all anti-spyware applications
  68. Help what the virus???
  69. Virus may have changed my MyComputer icon
  70. Spybot finds Virtumonde, fraud virusremover and others but can't remove
  71. Rootkit restarting windows, HJt won't work
  72. [SOLVED] Windows police pro virus
  73. DEP Userinit Logon Application Errors/Rootkit
  74. Need help removing malware (DDS/GMER won't work)
  75. Potential Infection
  76. Spybot finds Virtumonde, fraud virusremover and others but can't remove
  77. Pop ups and pc running slow
  78. need serious help...
  79. msb.exe virus - all sorts of problems
  80. Thank you in advance - slow laptop - clean? - hjt log
  81. Windows/temp something odd going on
  82. CRACK.45155.EXE downloaded and installed! help! 64bit Vista
  83. Redirects?
  84. I require some rootkit help
  85. Starting over, virus, spyware & didn't follow directions..sorry:(
  86. rygwz7313434.exe issue
  87. renamed boot up file... now can't boot
  88. No internet and system running terribly slow
  89. Malware help. did first steps
  90. Can't get rid of Fake Alert-S.dll
  91. Something knocking out all scanners - Malware?
  92. [SOLVED] trojan.BHO Help please re-post
  93. can only use computer in safe mode - HELP?!
  94. Virus Scanning pop-ups..
  95. High CPU usage since a few days...
  96. smss.exe asks to run or cancel on startup
  97. im being hacked right now
  98. Weird Virus. Can't open Google Chrome. Help?
  99. Green AV all the time
  100. pop ups and slower internet
  101. Please help with the Personal Guard 2009 virus
  102. Can not uninstall Cyberdender
  103. No Disk Error (xcopy.exe&attrib.exe)
  104. Hacked Twice. Please Help.
  105. [SOLVED] Anti-virus sites blocked + Taskbar freezing
  106. virus that cancel out my antivirus programs
  107. Pop-ups, Desktop HiJack, computer browsing limited HELP
  108. google redirect
  109. Trojan Horse Generic 14*** Please Help!!!!
  110. Please help, strings of strange code can't be deleted
  111. Could Someone Please look at my logs??
  112. has got me by the... HELP
  113. [SOLVED] 2 blocked intrusion attempts this week (please help)
  114. Invisible IE8 window with tabs on startup?
  115. All ".exe" files - Bad Image error pop up message
  116. browser hijacked
  117. Generic, Artemis, Antivirus 2010 - Programs won't execute
  118. bumped once already waited six days, nobody has responded, please please please help.
  119. Weird computerÔ??s behaviour.
  120. Desperately seeking help ridding Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Rootkit
  121. new message. can't access internet after virus
  122. Issues with virus/malware/registry
  123. All Permissions Blocked! Virus scan, System restore, malware scan, all are off!
  124. PC slowing up
  125. First step of recovery: Admitting you need help & can't solve your problem alone...
  126. cannot access microsoft website
  127. My request has not been tended to whereas other newer requests have?
  128. Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  129. lots of svchost processes going own eating a lot of CPU!
  130. Uh oh, I think my awesome help has disappeared!
  131. Multiple problems: security programs bypassed
  132. SKYNET and wcenter cannot remove
  133. UACd.sys on my laptop
  134. Virus Causing Blue Screen of Death!
  135. When i insert a USB Device The PC turn into Hell....Plz Help
  136. Pop up and Pop unders everywhere!
  137. Can't clean HijackThis entries - other websites opening
  138. rogue.installer and Malewarebytes not working
  139. Total security!!!!!!
  140. can't complete first 2 steps, have possible malware/trojans/cant install windows upd.
  141. unable to download any antivirus program
  142. rundii32.exe
  143. Virtumonde.sdn and others?
  144. System hijacked, can't run McAfee scan
  145. ViewMgr error and IE starting on it's own
  146. HELP!! I can't install or run ANY antivirus, anti-malwares, hijackthis. Nothing!
  147. MBR infected by Hurri
  148. rundii32.exe
  149. Redirecting Help
  150. [SOLVED] Fake SecurityPro- Possible Backdoor Trojan?
  151. [SOLVED] Do I Have Anything?
  152. Malware killing off security software
  153. Infected by Kaboob
  154. Win32.Conflicker.C
  155. Hijack.WindowsUpdates Virus/Malware
  156. Need help cleaning up an infected XP box
  157. voicefive malware
  158. rootkit.tdss, trojan.tdss, newspedia
  159. Having problem similar to msb.exe/a.exe 'Permission' virus
  160. HiJack This will not complete
  161. Total Security virus, Windox XP
  162. Major Probs..Please help!!
  163. Can't open programs! (including ones to make a log) please HELP
  164. UACekodrtvvim.dll
  165. NTOSKRNL-HOOK Trojan/Malware. HELP
  166. "c.exe" Help!
  167. Trojan/Keylogger???
  168. More than usual PF usage
  169. Unknown Virus/Malware/Spyware??? I Need Help!!!!
  170. winhelp32.exe Virus on startup?
  171. kaspersky password removal
  172. Help with Malware ("c.exe") continued
  173. alg.exe infection C:programfiles\common files
  174. Help removing Virus/trojan/or worm?
  175. [SOLVED] CMD and others not working.. Help
  176. computer has tojans and more?
  177. Fake "Windows Security Alert" pop-up, pornographic desktop icons and link redirection
  178. Infected again! :(
  179. msa.exe | MS Antivirus (malware) Rogue Virus; NEED HELP (mark 2)
  180. my reports are ready can someone please read
  181. Cannot access security websites, like Avast or Malwarebytes.
  182. Need help! Random trojans and malware
  183. Need help in getting rid of Total Security
  184. tajf83ikdmf.dll has mucked up my system!
  185. Lag spikes.
  186. Data execution prevention and pop ups
  187. Trojan-WSNPOEM_V6
  188. PC Mighty Max 2009
  189. Sticky - NTOSKRNL-HOOK and uacinit.dll problems...
  190. Google extremely slow; every couple search hijacked by ""
  191. msb.exe/ b.exe virus! can't run DDS
  192. MSA.exe virus and others...big problems, i have a lot of info though
  193. Unknown spyware virus
  194. Malware infection
  195. 2nd Topic. Virus Problem (?) Spam
  196. Win Anti virus ??????
  197. virus or spyware problem with internet explorer
  198. some sort of virus (?). Spam
  199. Slow Internet Surfing
  200. Microsoft and antivirus pages won't open
  201. Internet connection slowed
  202. Very slow computer
  203. Trojan horse Injector.FR
  204. Bad image - Not a valid Windows image
  205. trojan:win32/alureon.gen!U
  206. IP hack or unwired modern virus
  207. Redirecting google pages
  208. Slow pc, and cat picture i cant get rid of -Hijack this included
  209. My pc keeps crashing randomly
  210. Undeletable hidden driver rootkit
  211. My computer runs slowly
  212. Please help with malware issues!
  213. Google Redirect Antivirus and Maleware Programs Show Nothing
  214. Unable to carry out first steps....
  215. Not a valid windows image
  216. Help! IE Hi-jacked and Anti-Virus SystemPRO Installed
  217. Manual-Recycler and autorun.inf new virus from USB-flash
  218. Possible Malware/Cannot run spyware removal or GMER
  219. Virus on RAM
  220. Think my computer is infected
  221. [SOLVED] internet Links get redirected
  222. Getting the okay that I'm clear of viruses!
  223. Problem with computer
  224. [SOLVED] Malware and cannot run spyware removals
  225. No beeps no signal on monitor
  226. glps.exe infection detected by prevx but not by nod32
  227. Monopod, b.exe, msa.exe Virus problems
  228. uacinit.dll
  229. In need of a lot of help
  230. Trojan Virus Problem (With Logs)
  231. Monopod/a.exe/b.exe/etc...Can't run DDS, etc!
  233. spyware attachments
  234. Apache 2 test page and sloooow start up
  235. IE takes forever to load. HEre are my GMERH & Jackthis Logs
  236. [SOLVED] 64bit Vista Trojan in java update, removed, but computer still freezing
  237. DVD Shrink won't run / MSWINSCK.OCX missing or invalid
  238. AVG finds infection in System Volume Information
  239. web hijacked
  240. Problem Trojan Horse Clicker.ABCT
  241. antivirus sites do not open,antivirus does not update even when internet connection i
  242. Computer drastically slows down at random times
  243. Fake Security Center Alerts + Proof Defender 2009
  244. Please help me~
  245. Trojan Horse Generic 14.XBT and a4.ADBO
  246. Trojan Dropper please help!!!
  247. Vista becomes completely unresponsive after 5 mins use
  248. Virus, Malware? Help w/ Hijackthislog..Rundll32 error
  249. I Think A Virus Has Killed My Computer
  250. Lingering Braviax Malware