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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Search engine redirecting virus/malware! HELP!
  2. Computer is running slower then usual
  3. Please help make this computer useful again
  4. widows error message, access denied, can't run tools
  5. Major Virus/Spyware Problems
  6. Making sure I have no more infections
  7. Help, my computer seems to be running slowly and firefox is'nt preforming as usual
  8. malware sending vaio to
  9. [SOLVED] Help! my financial accounts have been accessed! Nasty Virus!
  10. I think I may have a virus problem
  11. Do I have a malware?
  12. [SOLVED] Spybot detects Keylogger
  13. Hijackthis log pls check
  14. [SOLVED] Malware Problem..please help me out!!
  15. Please help with malware situation
  16. Zelokore.dll problem. DDS and GMER reports
  17. hijackthis-need help ridding computer of virus
  18. two iexplore.exe processes and internet takes long time to load
  19. Hijacked Broser by bloodtesting site
  20. HBKiller malware suspected.
  21. Win32/Kryptic.AWC Trojan
  22. Help with Virus (logs inside)
  23. Funky language in a semi-transparent gray box on my desktop
  24. Painful popups taking up download limit
  25. Cleared google redirector, now taskmanager doesn't run
  26. At least Win 32.BHO Trojan
  27. Google ad pop ups/Constant computer crashes
  28. Malware
  29. Computer Hijacked Spyware, Slow Running, Trojans, ect...
  30. Trojan Horse - Suurcher
  31. I think I have a virus =[ (Hijackthis log inside)
  32. mIRC32 auto loads on startup
  33. Browser Search Hijack, Explorer and FF
  34. Lots of trouble w/ win32/heur (virut?)
  35. Active Security+Viruses Heres my HJT
  36. Tons of pop-ups, now very slow - did basic steps
  37. Search Engines Keep Redirecting
  38. Trojan problem!
  39. DDS and GMER Reports
  40. [SOLVED] Random Sounds Virus
  41. DDS and GMER reports
  42. virus help.... creating error pop ups
  43. Kernel_Stack_inpage_error and Virus?
  44. Search hijack and popups issue
  45. Worried about a virus/trojan
  46. help
  47. Help Removing Antivirus System Pro Malware
  48. Am I there Yet - iexplore.exe
  49. Infected with Virus. Any help appreciated.
  50. red circle with x in taskbar/part 2
  51. Trojans, Malware & Rootkits!! Oh my!! Please help.
  52. PC Performance decrease : Posting Hijack This Log - Help appreciated
  53. Virus - any help, please, any at all...
  54. Malware keeps returning
  55. Diagnosis of Suspected Malware Needed (picture)
  56. msa.exe and b.exe issues
  57. Help! red circle with X
  58. [SOLVED] Is This a Virus?
  59. "Gaigaen.exe" Problems
  60. may have keyloggers on Vista
  61. Malware in Vista and flashdrive
  62. msaro.exe trojan
  63. User account help
  64. trouble with malware, adware...
  65. Help Needed Please
  66. Help...had tons of system is very slow
  67. Trj/CI.A on Office 2007 CD
  68. Help silentbanker??
  69. Multiple unknown poblems.
  70. Virus/Malware/spyware causing my browser to crash
  71. Nasty little bugger called Taquito...
  72. Hijackthis Log - virus is blocking explorer.exe and other programs
  73. Help silentbanker???
  74. Trojan:Win32/Alureon.gen!U (Seems like a popular one)
  75. Major Virus Problems - Win32/Virut!
  76. alpha antivirus program hijacked my computer
  77. Redirects to incorrect sites. Tried every option possible. Please help.
  78. Help needed: slower internet access with popups, Malwarebytes won't open
  79. Malware/virus help * did first steps*
  80. Help. I have Trojan.agent.gen on my machine.
  81. Virus taking over all anti spyware programs...
  82. [SOLVED] Antivirus_Pro 2010 Infection
  83. STOP 0x00000050 error while going into safe mode
  84. Help with malware, virus, etc...
  85. What's Disabling Anti-Virus Software From Running?
  86. virus in vista that affect pen drive
  87. Several rather annoying problems
  88. Air Force Vet needs help with Virus
  89. Malware suspected at startup?
  90. My Computer Won't let me update AVG or my OS!
  91. Need sum help with my Laptop...Please
  92. This sounds really bad
  93. dss and attach.txt zipped as requested
  94. Virus/Trojan seems very bad
  95. Application Error
  96. Suspect Virus at startup?
  97. Trojan:W32\Alureon.gen!U Google hijack
  98. Possible Malware Redirecting Firefox to Other Search Sites
  99. bd image error.
  100. SearchSettings.msi Explorer launch issue
  101. Random Sound Virus + Registry editor and task manager disabled by virus
  102. Trojan:win32/Alureon.gen!U
  103. Mbam finds adware, trojan, malware trace, and rogue tool. Please help.
  104. my Rootkit-Pakes.U Trojan log
  105. [SOLVED] Start RSIT inoperative (Following)
  106. Virus, any help is appreciated
  107. Unknown Problem
  108. Start RSIT inoperative.
  109. Browser gets redirected
  110. win update does not work, suspect malware (fsusbexservice), need help !
  111. Search Engine Redirects
  112. how to removed malware crush
  113. HELP, trojan:win32/alureon.gen!u
  114. Socks.exe
  115. Requesting Help - Visited a Suspect Website
  116. Gaobot worm?
  117. Task manager, registory editor disappears
  118. MSN password interception
  119. Please help with Lenovo _cpnprt2 trojan
  120. Need help please....Rogue Antispyware got in to my PC.
  121. IE Hijack?
  122. WoW Says Puter Got Hijaked
  123. Windows Protection Suite
  124. Security tools infection
  125. pc problem
  126. Keyboard/Software; Issues
  127. Problem with win32.silly or something
  128. Please help! - Virus Entered My Computer!
  129. Cleaning registery threats
  130. Trojan:winNT/alureon.D & Trojan:win/alureon.gen!U
  131. Trojan Surprise (repost)
  132. Search Engine redirect virus?
  133. HELP-Windows XP Home, Slow Computer, Pop Ups, Random Restarts, HiJack This Logg
  134. Keylogger help
  135. Wierd pop-up
  136. Audio Playing In The Background
  137. Help with Hacktool.Rootkit!!!
  138. browser keeps locking up. tried online scanners. found no virus
  139. Kiwee tool bar - Pyagcore
  140. Please help me get rid of Trojan:Win32/Alureon.gen!U off Windows 7
  141. Pop up window bonanza
  142. Server Not Found
  143. Lost desktop due to worm in svchost.exe file - Repost as requested by Tetonbob
  144. [SOLVED] That Securitytool Sure is a Tricky Pest
  145. thefeedyard
  146. I Have Harmful & Malicious Software Alerts
  147. Using GMER
  148. ntoskrnl-hook, MBAM will not run
  149. Trojan.Vundo + Crash
  150. ad manager popups
  151. Need Help Removing "Personal Antivirus" (Rogue)
  152. Browser Search Redirect
  153. Lost desktop due to worm in svchost.exe file
  154. Trojan Horse.. Please Help
  155. Win32 Trojan Tdss Removal Help
  156. Bogus Anti-Virus Software and Automatic Updates Disabled
  157. Can't use DDS, AVG, SpybotSD
  158. Problem with Malware
  159. Windows 7 64-bit, msa.exe and b.exe issues
  160. Rootkit virus help
  161. trojan program packed win32 tdss.z
  162. Cannot delete file AUTORUN.INF
  163. twex.exe trojan
  164. A problem that is probably easy to fix... PLEASE HELP!
  165. here are the logs, virus or malware? Please help.
  166. Problems, mostly at startup
  167. How Do I Remove Patched User32 From My Windows XP?
  168. kaspersky telling me svhost32.exe is a virus
  169. redirect in google
  170. Help with possible Trojan viruses please!
  171. Twext.exe and problems that followed
  172. Google redirection
  173. Hijack this log
  174. Would like 2nd opinion on possible malware/adware?
  175. Help! Virus/Trojen Password stealer?
  176. Iexplore 99% CPU
  177. Please! Help! Having troubles with trojan!!!
  178. Browser gets redirected to another web site
  179. TR/BHO.qtk my virusscan putted it in quarantine but its still active
  180. Trojan.Downloader and Security.Hijack
  181. Windows firewall is turning off
  182. pop-ups when using firefox
  183. - can't run DDS or gmer
  184. critical error please help!
  185. Problem. Virus crushed my pc! I could really use some help. Thanks!
  186. Something is wrong with the computer, fixed most of it but something is still there..
  187. msconfig safeboot vundo.exe
  188. Laptop update issues
  189. Random Audio clips playing, Virus?
  190. Help - Browsers Freezing, Comp. running slow
  191. Suspected trojan
  192. Something from a game arcade site (logs included)
  193. Trojan Virus removed.... I think....
  194. Generic Backdoor!zr Trojan found
  195. Irritating start up prompts!
  196. Google Re-direction/svchast.exe/Windows Police Pro virus (Found, cannot remove)
  197. Problem with icons, viruses, Google...
  198. May have a virus
  199. msa.exe, a.exe, b.exe, c.exe
  200. Need help with this virus
  201. Slow Internet
  202. Max++ trying to take over the world....
  203. Help! vundo virus
  204. Google Re-direction/svchast.exe/Windows Police Pro virus (Found, cannot remove)
  205. Laptop connected to wireless , skype is connected but can not browse internet
  206. Unable to access USB drive due to trojan
  207. Please help me, icons disappearing?
  208. Malicious Virus! Cant run dds.scr etc...
  209. Help, Please!
  210. Computer badly infected with viruses - PLEASE HELP!
  211. Threat Found
  212. Help!!!!!!!!!![moved from vista/win7]
  213. Windows XP Home -- Computer Slow At Times; Computer Randomly Loads In Idle
  214. Security Tool Removal
  215. My previous post maybe overlooked!
  216. Total Security
  217. Trojan, Blue screen within 40 seconds
  218. Multiple Trojans?
  219. Google/Blingo search takes me to wrong page
  220. virus pop up help please.
  221. Unknown processes running - HJT log
  222. Packed.Hidden virus..
  223. Virus appearing on Windows LiveOneCare
  224. ComboFix Log...HELP
  225. Help! Links redirect me to other sites
  226. Have Trojans and Virus
  227. Bad Image Error Message
  228. PC running slow Laptop spybot detects Trojan but cant remove
  229. something clever and nasty on my laptop
  230. Infiltration
  231. loss of internet access
  232. Anti virus pro 2010 help =(
  233. Blue Screen indicating fatal hardware error on playing youtube videos
  234. Unknown virus? :(
  235. hacktool.rootkit problem
  236. help cleaning computer
  237. Help: Malware/Virus Popups
  238. Plz help! Google Redirect and Vimax Ads
  239. Weird sounds coming from internet browser
  240. browser hijack
  241. How can I remove PC_Antispyware2010?
  242. My browser don't works good
  243. Spyware has disabled running SpyBot, Malware & other programs
  244. Browsers will not connect
  245. US Soldiers need your help Win32/AutoRun.VB.DU
  246. Rootkit.TDSS
  247. Firewall
  248. Green AV false virus protection virus reply
  249. PC slowed down and constant pop ups (XP)
  250. Total Security spyware