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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. [SOLVED] Windows becoming inactive. AVG full screen apps minimizing
  2. [SOLVED] iexplorer.exe, high System + TeaTimer.exe RAM usage etc.
  3. I think I have a virus
  4. google is redirecting
  5. Links replaced and multiple popups loading malware/spyware?
  6. Pop ups and google redirects
  7. Desktop Virus issues
  8. Can you help please
  9. Internet Explorer not working
  10. HJT Virus suspection
  11. HJT log, help for new member
  12. Possible Virus Disguised as Screensaver
  13. Lsas.blaster virus stops Safe Mode & .exe's HELP
  14. Can't find/remove Rootkit
  15. Packed.Generic.238
  16. Computer extremely slow!!!
  17. Google Hi-jacker - Asked for Scans included
  18. I have a keylogger or a spyware stealing my infos
  19. Everything I open has a trojan infection
  20. Virus /Spyware
  21. Suddenly slow loading
  22. [SOLVED] Google redirects after fake AV uninstalled
  23. Unkown Virus - Disabled Most Programs
  24. computer freezes when trying to access antivirus
  25. Google redirect issue
  26. Another Google Redirect issue.
  27. spyware problem
  28. Hacking problem
  29. Think I have a keylogger. Please help
  30. CID popups
  31. no Desktop - Trojans-blocked sites
  32. Possible key-logger or Trojan.
  33. Help with Removing Vundo
  34. win32.conflick.c problem
  35. Trojan Horse Clicker ADNM
  36. Virus? wave volume reduced?
  37. [SOLVED] Security Tool/Antivirus Plus/Advanced Virus Remover
  38. [SOLVED] my problems
  39. Need help removing Trojan horse please
  40. adaware virus help
  41. Virus infected shortcuts/volume/images/winrar files
  42. Vundo
  43. Virtumonde.prx Infection - Win XP Pro SP3
  44. Virus changed my background/keeps giving me warnings.
  45. computer restarts itself, recovered from serious error message on reboot
  46. CID popup virus
  47. Vundo Trojan help
  48. Security Tools Virus - Help Needed
  49. STOP: 0x00000050 error while going in safe mode
  50. PC has been comprimised
  51. DNS Highjacked
  52. csrss.exe virus
  53. About:blank
  54. [SOLVED] Acer got aced
  55. google redirect and viruses
  56. Google redirected, popups, and gmer error
  57. PC has been comprimised
  58. Virus/ Worm/ Trojan/ Malware - everything!
  59. Task manager and search on start menu disabled
  60. Google Redirect and Computer Restart, Please Help!
  61. Google Redirect Please help!
  62. Please Help 34 viruses
  63. Internet Explorer keeps opening up randomly!!
  64. Virus/Trojan/Malware Issue, Please help!
  65. AhnRpta.exe and lcw.exe
  66. Something is very wrong...
  67. Something (Virus?) executing Windows commands
  68. cannot access microsoft or other AV sites...
  69. Vista 32bit ntoskrnl-hook with gxvxccounter
  70. Here is my HiJackthis log please help with Computer
  71. Please Help-Performance is Bad
  72. cannot access microsoft or other AV sites...
  73. My HiJackThis Log
  74. Keylogger...
  75. wscntfy.exe problems (inc viruses)
  76. Unusual situation...Need help desperately!
  77. Search engine redirects to random and shopping sites
  78. Userinit.exe Kryptik.ARF trojan HELP !!!
  79. Bad download. Cannot open outlook
  80. Internet Explorer - HSBC Fraudsters? Please help
  81. Can't get rid of Trojan...
  82. NTOSKRNL-HOOK virus
  83. I need help with virus problem.
  84. I need help my internet has been acting weird.
  85. help fixing hijack log/ spyware etc...
  86. Koobface.worm removal aftermath
  87. redirect issue
  88. Google Redirect Issues
  89. Trojan:Win32/Alureon.gen!U
  90. Browser hijacked.
  91. Spybot
  92. Browser Hijack ?
  93. Computer filled with Malware. Please help.
  94. Credit card number stolen, concerned about PC
  95. Antivirus System Pro? And error?
  96. Google redirecting / pop-up to
  97. bad download
  98. Need to Remove Antivirus System Pro Malware from NetBook
  99. Malware that attacks removal programs
  100. Google sites lead to ads
  101. Repeated RunDLL error upon startup in Vista
  102. Repeated RunDLL error upon startup in Vista
  103. Virus help.
  104. Questions about slow computer and lots of popups.
  105. STOP 0x0000007B error while going into safe mode
  106. Redirecter mirosoft/avast/lavasoft won't load
  107. AIM/Firefox Freezing
  108. My PC infected Help Requested WEBWEB123
  109. Bank login problem
  110. Flash Drive & Web Redirector Virus help
  111. Trojan.Win32.Monder.cust & Packed.Win32.Katusha.g virus threats
  112. Cannot access microsoft or antivirus sites
  113. Constant messages stating windows failures
  114. "security tool" virus not quite gone
  115. Antivirus Pro Scan Alert
  116. [SOLVED] Virus ASAP
  117. Windows System Defender
  118. help virus of some sort, new thread
  119. Virus blocking my entire Computer
  120. Virus/Spyware preventing access to Anti-Virus/Microsoft files
  121. ?Keylogger - banned from online gaming
  122. Search results redirected
  123. Computer keeps downloading data
  124. Search Results Hijacked
  125. Unable to connect to Microsoft
  126. windows system defender virus.
  127. CPU 100% problem
  128. Unknown Virus/Malware/Trojan
  129. UNWANTED POPUPS IN THE Internet Explorer
  130. 5 viruses/malware keeps coming back
  131. Norton caught trojan but am I safe?
  132. Search Results Hijacked
  133. Backdoor.Trojan - Is my computer still safe?
  134. Trojan Nightmare!
  135. Suspected virus-took over email and sent spam to friends emails
  136. Mouse + leyboard stop working?
  137. Can't run Antivirus programs, Google redirects
  138. "Antivirus System Pro" Virus
  139. HJT Log Inside, Started with Windows Enterprise Removal. Please help.
  140. Malware
  141. Google Hijack Problem
  142. An already slow computer getting slower
  143. Very high Services.exe CPU usage
  144. Help - google search redirect malware
  145. Locked up screen--virus?
  146. Search Engine Link Redirect In "All" Broswers
  147. Bump: Malaware infection, help please!
  148. Win32.agent.fbx/torjan SC and PUPSC
  149. PC trouble
  150. Browser Redirector
  151. multiple viruses and trojans
  152. Helping A US Marine
  153. Is there a keylogger here?
  154. slow computer and a browser Hijack
  155. [SOLVED] oh GLEE
  156. Help removing trojan.agent? Required logs included...
  157. mouse + keyboard stop?
  158. Search results redirect
  159. I need assistance
  160. my pc gets redirected
  161. c:\windows\system32\lehebofi.dll
  162. trojan infection??
  163. windows protection shield et al - continued
  164. Trojan Virus - *Help*
  165. I'm so stuck!
  166. [SOLVED] Google search results redirected
  167. Need help with the |Trojan.Agent| and |Worm.Palevo|
  168. Please Help! Virus/Trojan Vundo.gen.ab Performed New Instructions
  169. Audio virus? "creak", "help me!...
  170. CID pop ups!! NEED HELP
  171. Don't think I have problem just want to be safe
  172. Harddrive full of Virus/Trojan/Spyware
  173. Possible Rootkit Infection
  174. Virus Removal Help
  176. sdra64.exe problem.
  177. Fake Windows Security Virus
  178. sdra64.exe
  179. Manually removing the "Antivirus System Pro" virus
  180. Suspiccion of a keylogger
  181. malware won't scan and a.exe etc got installed
  182. Computer won't load internet
  183. Security Tool?
  184. Can you please check my computer's logs?
  185. Please Help!! Malware causing MAJOR internet Slowdown
  186. [SOLVED] do not have "appropriate permissions to access the item" explorer.exe proble
  187. Please help dont know what bad image means
  188. how to remove trojan.psw.win32.sagic.15 virus
  189. AV virus
  190. TR/Dldr.Ag.35328.GA TROJAN
  191. The Redirect Malware
  192. Slow Comp/Pop ups/Malware alerts
  193. Clean your PC from keyloggers - WOW forum‏
  194. Need help removing Vundo Trojan
  195. Computer doesn't reboot.
  196. Trojan.Agent
  197. Win32/Virut - Win32/Heru HELP!
  198. posting right, requesting malware removal help
  199. computer infected (logs)
  200. Suspected Trojan / Spyware
  201. External hard disk trojan?
  202. Personal Guard
  203. Help: Trojan tdlwsp.dll
  204. i can't get help with infection?
  205. Combofix Log
  206. clickjacked: Mouse frozen (HijackThis log)
  207. Personal Guard 2009
  208. Task Manager and Regedit disabled
  209. my pc is infected helpppppppp
  210. malware/trojan help continued
  211. XP Virus returns on Reformat
  212. Do I have malware - part 2?
  213. Browser Hijack IE and FF under Vista
  214. pop-up on start up
  215. Can't Kill A Process?
  216. Log checkup please
  217. Persistant Attacks
  218. Need assistance with PC freezing & Trojan virus
  219. WINDOWS XP / error check
  220. Cookie Problem
  221. SVCHOST.EXE "call home" problem (Win2K3 Server)
  222. Can You Please Check My Hijack This Log?
  223. Virus hiding on pc
  224. HELP, trojans that dont seem to want to go
  225. Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bahu
  226. Trojan Horse Found! (freeze problem help)
  227. Impossible to remove browser hijack!
  228. keylogger/trojan
  229. Ssvichosst virus need help please
  230. virus? malware? please help...
  231. Fake Windows Virus alerts wont get off of my computer
  232. Virus Controlloing all Anti Spyware Applications
  233. Random popups and page hijacking in search engines like google and yahoo
  234. probably not dangerous, very persistant
  235. Trojan infestation - Step 1 complete - Please Help
  236. Hijack this log
  237. vimax problem
  238. Laptop shuts down by itself initially, now it's just real slow
  239. Fake Anti-Virus pop-up
  240. All antivirus / spyware checking downloads corrupt
  241. Hilariously Slow Start Up, DDS and GMER ready
  242. please help, hacked/infected
  243. Virus Removal After-Effects
  244. Pop-ups, Slow computer, Can't open browser
  245. I need some help please.
  246. google links redirecting
  247. different blue screen errors...
  248. google/yahoo results hijacked
  249. Trojan horse Crypt.IQK + System is slow + Attached HiJack and Anitmalware logs
  250. Search engine redirecting to random pages