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  1. Cannot open AVG
  2. Slow computer
  3. Help! Computer keeps crashing. Blue screen of death.
  4. my laptop wont allow pre cleaning steps
  5. [SOLVED] Windows Antivirus Master Virus/Sys restore
  6. Need Help With Possible Malware
  7. Multiple Virus detection and Rogue Programs.
  8. [SOLVED] Ransomware
  9. [SOLVED] Bios virus
  10. please help get rid of "Smart Guard" (fake anti-virus)
  11. RE: Major Malware Issues
  12. Very Slow The Past Few Days
  13. Connected to the internet, but cannot see the router or printer
  14. Spinning ring - all web pages loading slow - follow up report logs
  15. Spinning ring - all web pages loading slow
  16. from BSOD: Conduit, ect malware:
  17. Linkbucks .Net Famework error
  18. Slow computer + unknown processes + unknown extensions in chrome
  19. Possible malware infection?
  20. I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! Trojans/malware
  21. PUP TotalRecipeSearch.exe
  22. Computer won't open with homepage
  23. [SOLVED] Some program won't run, malwarebyte and eset crashes
  24. Interpol virus takes over the screen
  25. Zone Alarm is apparently inactive.
  26. Can't produce dds log to get started; malware present
  27. My Chrome Extension, is it dangerous?
  28. Win 8 user/multiple popup ads
  29. Dell Xps8500 infected with virus/malware
  30. BSOD Now High-CPU Utilization
  31. pages opening on their own and other things
  32. Checkup 02.23.14
  33. Desktop Frequently Locks Up Malware Check
  34. hijackthis ???
  35. Pup.Optional.eSafe.A
  36. [SOLVED] PUP.optional
  37. Browsers crashing - Norton attack
  38. Win64/Patched
  39. Computer Unusually slow and freeze briefly
  40. Trojan:DOS/Alureon.J Virus - Help Please
  41. zgzzhqlgooz.exe'
  42. Toolbar not working and win32/Toolbar.Conduit.P problems
  43. The ad phoner seems benign at the moment, but it shouldn't be there
  44. Linkbucks ad removal
  45. RSS Feeds Problem
  46. Unable to watch Youtube videos
  47. Infection of a virus/rootkit
  48. New Pages go to Ads - Malware or Spyware
  49. Virus or Malware on my computer, help please.
  50. Windows Advanced Security Center Virus
  51. Friends laptop has a lot of viruses/malware
  52. Browser Crashing and Unknown Processes
  53. [SOLVED] need help to remove search conduit malware
  54. Malware threat
  55. Hijack
  56. My Avast is reporting attempts to visit infected sites
  57. I need a good keylogger software - help
  58. Laptop Virus - Symptoms: Slow, Can't Open Apps, Can't Browse Internet
  59. Internet Connectivity Issue
  60. Getting help from another forum. Apology
  61. need some help with adware
  62. Need help with rootkit
  63. Facing an issue with Kaspersky installation (Solved)
  64. Help with dwm.exe virus
  65. Popup for Free Computer Backup
  66. Random ads sounds in background
  67. New pc names in files
  68. malware/virus problem
  69. TDSSKiller found Unsigned files.
  70. Ad Removal
  71. Protect Conduit
  72. Annoying ads, being sent to other pages, etc
  73. Do I have spyware/malware/virus/trojan on my laptop
  74. Random audio clips playing from unknown source: "Name Not Available"
  75. Pop-up that seems to open up 70% of the time I open new tabs
  76. Help checking DDS and GMER logs
  77. Pando Media Booster
  78. Malware help/no Windows Update service
  79. Malware creating hijacks, links and popups after uninstalling Google Chrome...
  80. Browser redirect
  81. url:mal virus
  82. we download manager pro
  83. win7 pc won't run mse
  84. dwmapi.dll global hook
  85. CPU constantly at 100% as laptop slows to a halt
  86. Possible virus - loss of WiFi connection
  87. Trojan Horse Zbot and Crypt2
  88. White Screen Virus-Trojan/Ransomeware? Windows Vista 32 bit
  89. cannot startup Firefox -- I see the trojan
  90. Firefox pop ups and redirect but not happening in IE
  91. Having Issues...I tihnk I may have been hacked
  92. Possible Infection
  93. Trojan.Agent/Gen still showing after multiple different scans
  94. Possible Malware/slow browsing, Email
  95. Malware Affecting Browsers
  96. [SOLVED] security warning popup
  97. Rootkit and Virus Infected
  98. [SOLVED] Too many pops up window...please help!
  99. downloads from weird downloading sites
  100. hmm, lots of help needed
  101. Stubbon Rootkit virus
  102. Likely virus - redirect, and more?
  103. delta search/babylon etc
  104. [SOLVED] Possible Malware - Windows 7 Freezes But Mouse Cursor Moves
  105. Windows Security (These Files can't be opened) & Weird Audio playing
  106. ESET Threats
  107. Stubborn malware in HP2000 laptop
  108. need help with
  109. COM Surrogate - HJT thread
  110. Cause of high ping!!
  111. Can someone plz help me with my lap
  112. On and Off Virus Attack, ... what do I need to do?
  113. Malware or virus or something
  114. PC Freezes without mouse activity
  116. Suspected Malware
  117. Conduit
  118. Big Problem
  119. Resiliant virus
  120. virus-seriously HAS ME & MY COMP.STUMPED!!
  121. Win7 Startup Issues / Conduit
  122. Removal of "Antivirus Security Pro" virus
  123. Possible virus affecting Word 2007
  124. Need help to remove a virus
  125. Two annoying virus/malware
  126. tomken recommended that i open a new thread here
  127. Issues with being logged out of online accounts too early
  128. [SOLVED] a problem with my gateway laptop
  129. Remote Assistance Scam?
  130. Computer running very slowly
  131. Win32:dropper-gen virus
  132. Problems
  133. Bad Image errors
  134. How to remove a virus that keeps coming back?
  135. Infected with Worm:Win32/Gamarue.F
  136. Need help with this problem
  137. Snail pace with Exception Messages
  138. Possible hijack attempts
  139. Another HiJackThis logfile for analysis
  140. Delta-homes
  141. Google redirects to Unwanted Site
  142. Help Please
  143. PUP.Optional.Somoto
  144. Top Arcade Hits Adware and New Window Pop-up
  145. Virus/Malware Help Please
  146. [SOLVED] network error message maybe virus?
  147. [SOLVED] Sony Vaio Desktop White Screen Freeze
  148. Malware Changing Search and Homepage in Firefox
  149. rootkit problem?
  150. PromoteInstaller.exe, makes my computer black screen after login
  151. micropcsupport had access to my pc
  152. Rootkit Problem
  153. Hijack says missing O23 items but cannot remove.
  154. New2me HP Notebook hlp w/possible virus trojan
  155. [SOLVED] Another PUP.Optional infection
  156. What is eating my CPU?
  157. Help with virus/malware
  158. hijacked by ICE Cyber Crime Center?
  159. Adware Removal Help
  160. google hijack and other problems
  161. Win32.Downloader.gen found by spybot search and destroy
  162. Crazy High CPU Usage * All processes
  163. [SOLVED] Malware Removal Help
  164. Persistant popup issue
  165. Google/Gmail access blocked across devices
  166. Virus problem - k8h00.exe
  167. Help removing Rootkit.zaccess.trojan
  168. my browser has been hijacked
  169. Top Arcade Hits and inksdata troubles
  170. Computer freezes & scans won't complete
  171. [SOLVED] MalwareBytes Reporting
  172. Possibly malware problem
  173. win32k.sys
  174. Suspect virus that is undetected
  175. problem
  176. Specialist Crime Directorate?
  177. [SOLVED] Rogue dll
  178. Help!
  179. Very Slow Dell Laptop
  180. Slow system and windows update falling
  181. Win32.downloader.gen found by spybot
  182. Computer freezes, slow
  183. Checkup
  184. Microsoft Security Center can't be started?
  185. Help with possible Zero Access Rootkit
  187. Slow Laptop
  188. Too many pop-ups
  189. Slow page loads, fake security and update alerts, can't access yahoo mail account
  191. syswow64
  192. Have a virus, maybe Win32/
  193. computer has significantly slowed
  194. syswow64
  195. [SOLVED] Computer Running Slow
  196. Browsers hijacked
  197. trojan removal
  198. Forsearch and possibly more infections
  199. PUP.Optional.Somoto
  200. Artemis...
  201. Metacrawler
  202. virus help and slow computer
  203. Suspected Malware on laptop
  204. Malware
  205. BING Bubbles everywhere! CONDUIT?
  206. .exe - Bad Image Error
  207. [SOLVED] svchost.exe problem...
  208. [SOLVED] Defender won't Turn On
  209. [SOLVED] Windows Explorer is not responding
  210. scvhost woes.
  211. mixidj
  212. v9portal site
  213. laptop problems
  214. [SOLVED] vvagfdet.exe consuming computer resources
  215. [SOLVED] search.exe trojan
  216. Computer runing to slow.
  217. slow computer
  218. [SOLVED] Possible spyware/malware
  219. Win32.downloader.gen - spybot found, can't remove
  220. [SOLVED] Just a look over
  221. [SOLVED] Can't use/control/turn on Windows Firewall - Old virus suspected perpetrator
  222. [SOLVED] norton error and EST found
  223. Anti-virus "virus" half removed -i think -help please!
  224. Cmd prompt boxes
  225. [SOLVED] ComboFix found on a repurposed external drive.
  226. HJT Log....
  227. Possible Virus on Windows 7
  228. Problems regarding search engine malwares
  229. Need help getting rid of SafeMonitor
  230. [SOLVED] AVG scan found rootkits on a newly formatted computer
  231. pc speed fix and help 24x7 trojans
  232. BootUp Time Now 4/5 Minutes, Malware?
  233. [SOLVED] How to delete items found by ESET scan
  234. [SOLVED] Weird .exe behaviour, possible virus?
  235. Help..."About Blank" Virus?
  236. Homeland Security Ransomeware virus on my computer. Please Help me remove it!
  237. bit coin miner infection
  238. PC virus infected
  239. farbar
  240. trojan bitcoin miner
  241. Searchiu virus
  242. [SOLVED] how to remove cyber crime moneypak
  243. Google Redirects to Yahoo YQL Console
  244. virus won't allow my password??
  245. Win32.Downloader.gen found by spybot
  246. Recycle bin still shows trash after emptying
  247. twunk_32??
  248. Internal PC Internet Problem
  249. Not sure what is going on.
  250. Is this a virus, malware, or ?