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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. System Defender and Google Redirect Spyware
  2. Miscellaneous weirdness happening -- spyware? virus?
  3. my avg keep popping up, please help
  4. Redirected Search Engine Virus
  5. Browser redirects and BSODs
  6. NADFOLDER & Autorun.inf issue with USB drives and PC's
  7. Internet Only Works in Safe Mode (bogus winlogin.exe)
  8. security tool
  9. root kits
  10. HijackThis HELPPPP!
  11. google/bing redirects search links
  12. Pop-ups (adverts) via IE, quiet annoying.
  13. Google search redirect & random new windows
  14. Trojan hores in atapi HELP!
  15. IE Browser Pop Ups!
  16. Virus? Computer constant beeping, MOM.exe at 50% and webpage redirects
  17. cursor pausing/Hijack This Log
  18. Netbook has VIRUS. Please help - (classified by Windows xp as a worm)
  19. Some sort of AD/Malware
  20. win32 worm
  21. Google Searches Are Redirected!!
  22. Computer sluggish+freezing
  23. Antivir removal
  24. Trojan.Vundo and Worm.Kolab Alerts from Malwarebytes
  25. Weird help
  26. privacy centre
  27. Infected multiple times
  28. Infected ~ Need help
  29. Hijack This Logs Analysis
  30. Help Requested
  31. CPU usage 100% with no programs running
  32. Getting BSOD possible it's due to Malware ?
  33. Unwanted popups and Redirects
  34. Annoying "Search Results" window popup on Startup
  35. Google search redirect & random new windows
  36. Malware Issue / Google links redirecting
  37. Infected ~ Need help
  38. Hijackthis log
  39. browser popups
  40. Malware Problem
  41. Explorer.exe Trojan?
  42. Am I still infected ?
  43. "Restart" of Prior post
  44. I don't know what this program detected can you tell me?
  45. Google Search Redirect help!
  46. Search Engine Results Hanging/Not Working
  47. Possible keylogger
  48. Help!! Google Redirect Virus
  49. PC running slowly, shuts down on it's own, and search engines redirects results
  50. Folder.exe
  51. Important -Need Help New Virus case.
  52. Computer suddenly slow after startup
  53. Very slow PC
  54. Annoying advertisement Pop-ups in IE
  55. pop ups from internet explorer even when it isn't open
  56. TR/Dldr.Zlob.iyt.1 virus
  57. Google Search Redirect. Please help
  58. winspywareprotect
  59. pop ups from internet explorer even when it isn't open
  60. Antivirus Pro 2010 Revisited
  61. Resolved thread yesterday...problem back
  62. Need to remove Mirar program from add/remove program
  63. Memory\CreateProcessA Cannot be removed
  64. Please help!!!
  65. Annoying Virus
  66. Browser redirects/popups to garbage... rootkit
  67. Comp freezes after startup
  68. having problem with malware
  69. Keylogger problems.
  70. Web browsing opens multiple windows with an unknown domain name
  71. malware removal help
  72. Vundo is a pain
  73. Virus aftermath?
  74. Some help here...
  75. Browser search engine redirects (Firefox and IE)
  76. Search almost useless
  77. Trying to get rid of a browser hijacker
  78. Need help with cleansing system
  79. Broken Shortcuts - Revisited.
  80. Laptop Virus won't connect to the internet
  81. Need HELP with AntiVirus System Pro problems
  82. System Defender
  83. Really basic questions about malware
  84. Redirecting trojan/virus
  85. File system error (-1073741819)
  86. Virus messed up graphics card?
  87. Computer Running Very Slow... Please Help
  88. Virus?
  89. Win32:Rootkit-gen Infection Detected
  90. spy ware frezzes
  91. System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm, Posting HiJackThis Log
  92. Multiple processes, programs won't run
  93. Protecting an Infected PC
  94. Backdoor Virus
  95. IE possibly hijacked? HELP ASAP PLEASE!
  96. Banking site log-in redirect, slow internet explorer
  97. WTMKM.exe adware?
  98. Infected with winlogon.exe, can't remove it
  99. Win32:Delf-MZG [Trj]
  100. New version of Avast reports MANY trojans...
  101. Popups and problem with internet explorer
  102. safe to buy online?
  103. Toshiba Satellite Laptop randomly non-responsive
  104. Bad image virus
  105. Browser redirecting, a couple random new .exe's
  106. I think i have a virus, pless help.
  107. Very nasty trojan on my system... please help
  108. Browser Redirect
  109. Why Me!! -- Antivirus Pro Infection
  110. Google Search results redirecting to random sites
  111. Virus/Malware preventing access to Anti-Virus Sites
  112. HELP with removing Malware
  113. Several problems, too many to put in title, HijackThis Log included
  114. HELP! win32.bredolab.b trojan infection xp sp3
  115. Google Re-direct Problems
  116. help some spamm virus idk
  117. Possible virus
  118. hijack this
  119. Not sure if it is a virus, trojan, or spyware
  120. Trojan-Proxy.Ranky.Gl / Virus.Sality.
  121. _ex-08.exe, Total Security, and Trojans
  122. Internet Explorer/Google Redirection and CPU 100% Usage
  123. search engine links redirect to ads
  124. Search Redirect Issue
  125. can't access email computer has pop-ups
  126. security alert center keeps advising me to download something...
  127. dell inspiron 9300 malware
  128. Request for help, Dr. Watson Postmortem
  129. zovujiwu.dll found as vundo trojan
  130. USBSEC/gtk.exe?
  131. Total security version 4.52
  132. Antivirus System Pro completely hijacked my pc
  133. Browser redirecting, a couple random new .exe's
  134. Rogue AntiVirus and Adware MyWebSearch
  135. Trojan hors BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.dropper
  136. help
  137. Google Search and Yahoo search redirected
  138. Help please?
  139. Serious Problems with redirecting
  140. Need some help, Please!
  141. Need serious help!!!
  142. search results links redirected and random popups
  143. bad image problem
  144. Can't open applications...
  145. Search Engine Hijack All Browsers
  146. Need to remove CyberDefender or MyIdentityDefender by its individual files only.
  147. Problems with XP Desktop
  148. spyware help
  149. Google redirected, probable rootkit infection
  150. I think I have a keylogger. Somebody please check my log.
  151. "New win 32" virus --> broken sound?
  152. Google redirect after sysguard removed
  153. Two iexplore.exe in task manager
  154. Google redirect and too many processes running CPU is very slow
  155. zovujiwu.dll found as vundo.gen trojan
  156. Pop-ups and Google redirects
  157. Probably some kind of Trojan
  158. Malware on friend's computer
  159. Ghost in the machine AVG minimizing windows
  160. Win32:Oficla-E [Trj]
  161. TossekA Search Results Redirect Problem
  162. RON tool netupbanner pt.2
  163. Search engine redirect malware / virus infection
  164. Need Help Removing Viruses and Malware
  165. [SOLVED] Web browsers being redirected - likely TDSS rootkit
  166. Regedit disabled by administrator.
  167. Google Results Hijacked (
  168. gphone.exe virus problem..
  169. Windows Security alert FAKE
  170. computer is infected w/ antivirus system pro and doesnt let me run programs
  171. How do i get rid of antivirus system pro!?!
  172. “Pro Scan” virus
  173. something is busy with my pc but it's not me????
  174. PDF Virus
  175. Dell imspiron 9300-/trojan/ malware
  176. Win32:Oficla-E
  177. Malware/Spyware PC Connectivity
  178. Sounds play out of nowhere
  179. Unable to M$ and A-V websites ....
  181. Google Redirects...
  182. Virus Help - Needed Badly!!
  183. Laptop Running Slower
  184. [SOLVED] Could anyone have a peek?
  185. username.exe virus
  186. ? Keylogger for WoW
  187. Please Help!
  188. Hijackthis Logfile help. Please help.
  189. Virus Trojan/Visel/Siggen/Crypt
  190. USB Help
  191. Antivirus System Pro 2009
  192. My Documents constantly opens, trojan, logs attached.
  193. Laptop Virus
  194. "Antivirus System PRO" Kills Every Process I Run
  195. scam
  196. "username.exe" virus
  197. Search Engines Are All On The Fritz, Please Help Me
  198. Need Malware Help Please!
  199. Google redirect, nothing helps
  200. Infected
  201. [SOLVED] Security tool +
  202. Win32:Oficla-E [Trj]
  203. Fear of an infection - Help request!
  204. Vundo help
  205. google search/malware issues
  206. Help with malware - Red X in taskbar
  207. Google results redirected to Britannia/Go-Shopping
  208. Hijack.WindowsUpdates Recurring defects!
  209. Unexpected File Downloads
  210. Google seach results redirected
  211. $recycle.bin virus
  212. Please help me get rid of Antivirus System Pro
  213. Keylogger?! Help!
  214. help please!
  215. Malware/Virus/Trojan
  216. Remove win32 virut from 2nd HD
  217. Antivirus System Pro is destroying my computer!
  218. I'm an Idiot
  219. Bloomin Security Tool
  220. Help needed for a Technophobe
  221. Hijack.WindowsUpdates Recurring defects!
  222. Redirect Virus and Firefox Crashing. Please help
  223. Trojan:Win32/Alureon.CT, Safemode reboot, and Google search redirection
  224. Random sounds, Hijacked Firefox+Google, IE launching under the covers, 100% CPU usage
  225. Sandboxie essledv
  226. infected by win32:fasec trojen
  227. dds.scr not scanning
  228. C:/WINDOWS/drivers/system32/str.sys
  229. Can't search on yahoo or open
  230. Rebate informer/giant
  231. Problem
  232. AutoProtect.vbs
  233. Problems with agent.trojan
  234. bizrumour/ virus! please help!
  235. suspicious pop up message + more
  236. Virus that kills, disables, and destroys Spybot (and other scanners)
  237. drives are comes open with
  238. DLL is not a valid Windows image
  239. no desktop
  240. Completely frustrated GMER Rootkit Scanner won't work
  241. Fake anti-virus installed
  242. "Your System is Infected" on my desktop
  243. Virus/trojan help: HJT Log
  244. Computer freezes and locks up.
  245. Trojan.Sirefef.A - Need Help with Removal
  246. geting YOUR SYSTEM IS INFECTED on my background
  247. Ativirus system pro/Anyone know how to deal with this?
  248. dl.exe ; NTVDM PCU has encountered illegal instruction
  249. keylogger
  250. Fake Anti Virus virus