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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Virus doesn't allow me to run steps to post for virus help
  2. TR/BHO.abbm ?
  3. iPod virus (i'm a newb)
  4. braviax (and others)?
  5. stubborn trojan i cant get rid of...
  6. Computer very messed up
  7. Malware found and other problems
  8. win32.netsky
  9. Pop up ads without internet explorer even open?
  10. Random Mouse Movement/Click Virus
  11. Darn it, merry xmas to my stupidity
  12. Fakeinit, Vundo.MD, Pop-ups.. The Works!
  13. Any Hijack This experts care to check these 2 logs?.
  14. Fan goes crazy and everything is blocked.
  15. MSN Messenger
  16. internet explorer running virus/malware in background?
  17. virus help
  18. Computer very messed up with virus
  19. Fake Alert Trojan
  20. IE8 running itslef hidden
  21. Lots of Issues
  22. Google search redirected
  23. Nothing will run, Please Help!
  24. stubborn trojan i just cant get rid of...
  25. Google link redirect Virus Help
  26. system Tool Virus
  27. [SOLVED] Internet Security 2010 help please
  28. PLZ Help cant right click in IE
  29. How to get rid of Antivirus Live
  30. Spyware - Trojan problem that causes saving problems
  31. HijackThis log, Olmarik trojan
  32. Google Search Redirect Virus Help
  33. Nothing will run, Please Help!
  34. Worm/Generic.AQVG
  35. antivirus infection on my computer
  36. Internet Security 2010 virus and others...
  37. explorer.exe crashes
  38. Search page gets hijacked
  39. Rootkit Agent cihty.sys
  40. Spybot problem
  41. JS/Shellcode.CI Trojan
  42. Every program uses High CPU Usage
  43. Google Misdirection and random tabs
  44. Antivirus Live Help!
  45. Any mailicious codes here please?
  46. Google/Yahoo Redirect ( IMPOSSIBLE to remove!!
  47. need help with vundo.jd
  48. searches in my address bar get redirected
  49. need help with vundo.jd
  50. Malware, Please HELP! Search results go to unknown sites
  51. Trojan Warning Need Help Removing
  52. Browser Hijacked
  53. Help w/ b.exe*32 msb.exe*32
  54. Removing a specific Rootkit?
  55. Possible trojan, can't access systen restore or malwarebytes.
  56. Think I may have a virus or trojan, all steps perfomed!
  57. Google Redirect Virus? Help.
  58. Redirects, APPCRASHes & slowdowns - Hit BAD!!!
  59. windows xp freezing up
  60. Google Search is Redirected
  61. Can somebody read this HijackThis report
  62. Explorer 8 Redirect to
  63. virus that opens 4 websites each time the moment I start internet connection
  64. Goodle/Yahoo redirects to unintended sites
  65. Virus has locked almost everything.
  66. trojan double extention ????????
  67. please help! random audio clips/disk check failure/malware/spyware
  68. Windows Security Virus
  69. Bad Image Error
  70. Aftermath of a Malware Attack
  71. Ads keep popping up on new Firefox windows, Help!!
  72. search engine redirect issue
  73. Possible Virus?
  74. Possible malware/trojan infection - dss, attach and ark attached
  75. Worm.Win32.NetSky false security alerts
  76. Please evaluate my Hijackthis log
  77. I was sent a virus and found it but it won't go away....
  78. Redirect Virus Driving me Crazy
  79. combofix & ashampoo false positive ?
  80. Google/Bing/Yahoo redirect. Continous popups
  81. Seach Engine Redirect/SLOOOOOW CPU - PLEASE HELP!!
  82. google redirects, loud fan, slow computer
  83. Google Redirect! Please Help!
  84. Please help i am completely lost!!!
  85. Repaired google redirect, please check my logs
  86. Google Redirect! Please Help!
  87. Google/Bing/Yahoo redirect in Firefox and IE. Continuous Popups
  88. Help computer messed up from Virus
  89. Hijack This Scan Results-PLEASE HELP
  90. possibly a virus?
  91. Virus Problem - I think
  92. Google redirects, popups, other weird things
  93. Pop Ups & other Browser redirecting annoyances.
  94. Not Sure if This is a VIRUS
  95. Browser Redirect
  96. Multiple iexplore.exe in task Mgr Processes #2
  97. There is no disk in drive Error!!HELP!!
  98. Multiple iexplore.exe in task mgr processes
  99. Windows Police Pro - Other Viruses
  100. Firefox/IE redirect malware
  101. Computer Slow down and Browser hijacking
  102. Help computer messed up from Virus
  103. My laptop was hacked big time. Paypal, and gmail compromised. Please help!
  104. Virus(s) have taken over..epic ftl
  105. Antivirus Live
  106. IE keeps redirecting (especially after google)
  107. is this a virus?
  108. This should be a real quick one...
  109. getting Redirected when clicking on links in google
  110. [SOLVED] Malware problems!
  111. Popup virus on my computer
  112. Alureon Trojan PLEASE Help
  113. search engine redirects
  114. Help!!!
  115. Google redirects?
  116. Computer runs slow, windows can't get updates, can't remove Norton
  117. Hijacked email and need help pls!
  118. mcafee disabled rundii.exe?
  119. Hijacked Web Browser
  120. getting Redirected when clicking on links in google
  121. msctrl32.exe malware
  122. Email Worm
  123. Please help w/ Win32 Cryptor Infection
  124. Malware has takenover!!! Part 2
  125. Trojan - computer freezes
  126. Anti virus live help
  127. I need help, here's the scoop.
  128. Missing Command Prompt, Run Command, and Others
  129. MSA.exe google redirect
  130. Virus blocks execution of any exe files
  131. Trouble with Worm.Win32.Netsky and TrojanSPM/LX
  132. Google Redirect and Hibernating Issues.
  133. Security tool need help
  134. Reirecting search results to some websites
  135. Email Worm
  136. Firefox Pop-Ups
  137. Symantic email proxy windows popping up everywhere,
  138. Ashfaq Khan
  139. Pop-up for security tool
  140. Virus creating HelpAssistant folder!?
  141. need help
  142. Spyware problem? or virus?
  143. High Cpu Usage when moving Mouse and spurratic mouse movements.
  144. Hacked on WOW
  145. I can only get online in the 'safe mode'
  146. Computer wont open .exe or access internet!
  147. Malware has takenover!!!
  148. Firefox Google Redirect
  149. Lsas.Blaster.Keylogger, SDRA64...etc
  150. Google Redirect Virus/Malware problems
  151. IE Redirecting/BackDoor Virus
  152. Setup2.exe has encountered an error and needs to close.
  153. MyWebSearch viruses removed...still experiencing same issues
  154. plz help laptop has been completely hijacked
  155. Crypt KSC trojan horse
  156. antivirus 09 or vundo virus..
  157. Trojan Vundoini.A
  158. plz help laptop has been completely hijacked
  159. Browser Search Redirects and Malware
  160. how can I remove tsa.exe?
  161. Google Redirected
  162. Run dll
  163. Links redirect to ad sites
  164. Search Engines Keep Redirecting
  165. Browser freezes after it searches on yahoo,
  166. is trying to invade every 5 minutes
  167. Buffer Overflow bo:heap
  168. anti virus 2009 or...something els
  169. Virus problem
  170. Can anybody help me get rid of a trojan?
  171. Redirected from Google page
  172. Malware
  173. Browser redirecting from Google, but nothing showing on any scan results
  174. Worm.Win32.NetSky
  175. Trojan.Script and Trojan.Dropper
  176. .exe - bad image error messages
  177. Please Help with Inspiron 910 (mini)
  178. mozilla redirects
  179. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  180. Links from search results redirecting me
  181. virus.win32.gpcode.ak help
  182. Microsoft Issues, Virus??
  183. VERY annoying virus/malware I don't know how to get rid of
  184. AdAware, A-Squared, Avast, Avira, IS360, MBytes, Threatfire, Spybot, McAfee = NO FIX
  185. vundo help
  186. Explorer.exe - Application error
  187. some virus, but unable to find it. explorer.exe error
  188. help
  189. AntiVirus Plus is controlling my PC
  190. Help!
  191. VIRUS computer can't start
  192. winmm.dll -Trojan/Malware Introduced
  193. my laptop only connects to the internet in the 'safe mode'
  194. hijacked
  195. Constant Detection of "Win32:Bamital-C"
  196. Key Logger problem
  197. [SOLVED] PC keeps dropping internet and cable company says it is a virus or malware
  198. slow performance
  199. Keyboard repeating what I have typed at random times
  200. Windows does not respond after booting to Desktop
  201. I also have the search-engine redirection virus
  202. Search Engine redirects for no real reason
  203. Slow computer, virus/malware
  204. Profile Storage Space pop up- possible malware NEED HELP!
  205. virus/trojan help please
  206. Cleanin up PC
  207. Possibly might have a Malware
  208. Hijack This and ComboFix Analyze Report
  209. picked up a virus
  210. MWSBAR.DLL infection_help needed
  211. Need help
  212. [SOLVED] Unidentified laptop web errors
  213. Firefox and IE Redirects
  214. Bad Image Virus
  215. Combofix removal help
  216. help with trojan please
  217. windows error code 0x800040154
  218. Google Redirecting Adware Virus- PLEASE Help :(
  219. MWSBAR.DLL infection
  220. Virus that deletes and changes windows files?
  221. Just need to make sure it's clean.
  222. iexplore.exe virus
  223. Trojan Virus help!!!!!
  224. Browser being redirected
  225. System Defender
  226. PC runs slow, web browsers freeze and close
  227. Really need help!!! Atapi.sys rootkit is killing my laptop!
  228. "Happy Hacked System" - Nepalloid problem with usrlogon.cmd
  229. Google Search going to random ads
  230. Redirected to Ads on Search Engines
  231. Music fragments from sort of internet radio start to play all of the sudden
  232. I have the dreaded search engine redirect problem. Need help please!!!
  233. Anti Virus Live and other surprises
  234. Need help with malware
  235. google links redirecting me
  236. Virus Help
  237. Antivirus Live
  238. IE keeps getting redirected to when clicking on a search
  239. CPU Usage At 100%
  240. please help. Malware protection not working
  241. Microsoft Outlook Password Stealer?
  242. Trojan / Virus kills all my processes?
  243. Constant Windows Security Alerts
  244. [SOLVED] Browser redirects from google search results
  245. Browser redirects from google search results
  246. Nee help with removing "Trojan-Downloader.Win32.FraudLoad.gam
  247. Google redirect--please help
  248. I believe i have malaware on my comp
  249. cyberSecurity problem
  250. random audio clips, disk check failure, malware/spyware. please help!