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  1. Malware Infection - Computer Will Not Run Any Programs
  2. Search Engine Redirect Virus / Issues
  3. Radom redirecting when clicking on links
  4. Google still Redirecting...
  5. Curious Question: KillSec
  6. Firing up Girlfriend's laptop
  7. random sounds played and anti virus software won't run
  8. Google redirects and popups
  9. I need Malware/Spyware Removal Help
  10. Browsers Keep Crashing
  11. Are my external drives infected?
  12. can't run gmer !!!!!!
  13. Help Removing Trojan Horse
  14. Internet Explorer 7 keeps opening by itself?
  15. Browsers keep Crashing - nothing works!
  16. please help
  17. Help please
  18. hijack or virus?
  19. Need to remove malware, Google redirecting
  20. Google Search Redirect Virus/Trojan Help!
  21. hijackthis log
  22. Virus i think
  23. Redirect occurring along with Malware found
  24. about:blank virus
  25. Win32:Alureon-EU
  26. I'm getting two identical error messages at start up
  27. Programs Blocked
  28. [SOLVED] Redirect from google/yahoo on firefox
  29. Trojans and Potentially Unwanted Program
  30. Virus Problem
  31. conficker virus?
  32. XTJI.bak malware generator
  33. Need Help Eradicating Trojans Vundo & FakeAlert
  34. Recent serious virus- can't execute anything
  35. Google misdirects links in Firefox and Chrome
  36. virdumode virus
  37. HELP! I Have a Virus!
  38. annoying popup virus is blocking everything
  39. Malware disabled everything !!
  40. "" redirect virus (?)
  41. [SOLVED] Advertising Trojan
  42. unable to connect to anti virus sites
  43. system32.yojonosa virus
  44. Website Links Redirects to spam websites
  45. Windows XP crashes after 20 minutes
  46. Trojan spm/lx help??
  47. Need Help removing Vundo virus
  48. Symantec Email Proxy error
  49. Popups and browser crashing
  50. Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.dropper
  51. Being redirrected to ad websites =(
  52. Looking for a Clean Bill of Health
  53. My Documents keeps opening
  54. Your System is Infected with Green Background
  55. huge malware problem
  56. Clicking on any kind of link automatically redirects me to random ad
  57. Happy birthday virus
  58. Strange file in start up
  59. Hijackthis!
  60. random sounds played and anti virus software won't run
  61. Computer infected - another one of those fake antivirus things
  62. Malware Defense Virus Still Lurking
  63. Google / Search Engine Hijacked?
  64. virus transferred to external hard drive
  65. jonal.exe
  66. Google Chrome/Highjack This help please
  67. AVG keeps finding trojan virus' in System32 folder
  68. [SOLVED] Trj/CI.A -- need help removing.
  69. I have got a lot of viruses and spyware in my quarantine area on my anti virus.
  70. HELP! Problems getting any virus/trojan/spyware to download and run
  71. Possible Rootkit or other virus
  72. Can't remove bad registry items.
  73. Search redirect using Google with Firefox
  74. Hijack This log
  75. Possible Rootkit or other Virus??
  76. Trojan horse Vundo.JD found in tclcmd.dll
  77. can't run virus scan
  78. Can't remove bad registry items
  79. Sloooow all of a sudden
  80. *Mirar* Refuses to Uninstall & my laptop is acting up *Badly*
  81. Infected w/ Internet Security 2010; tried Malwarebytes & still infected
  82. Infected by Malware Doctor and re-directed when trying to connect to internet
  83. Virus help please!
  84. slow computer
  85. Vundo.DJ--Help in cleaning
  86. I hate Google Redirect Problems
  87. Malware/Virus? Please help!
  88. Bad Image Error
  89. Very Slow Computer
  90. GMER rootkit scanner freezes or shuts down system
  91. trojan cogfake, adware, rootkit help please
  92. AppCrash
  93. Services.exe virus/malware
  94. Browser redirect, and
  95. [SOLVED] Google Pages Are Redirected
  96. [SOLVED] Possible Virus/Trojan Help Please
  97. Key stroke logger??
  98. Google Redirect & spontaneous new Tab Virus/Trojan
  99. LogMeIn and Malwarebytes
  100. help with virus removal
  101. AVG threat alerts + random IE popups when I'm usuing firefox.
  102. Had virus, need to be sure pc is clean.
  103. Virus and or spyware problems.
  104. Can't get rid of redirects
  105. intermittently slow performance
  106. Google redirect strikes again!
  107. Virus problems
  108. internet security 2010
  109. PC is acting strange
  110. ran rkill, still cant use dds/gmer
  111. Laptop will not run DDS, GMER, IE, etc.
  112. Getting rid of this virus/popup
  113. malwebpage takeover
  114. Unable to start computer in any mode - rebooted from disc - can i get back?
  115. Trojan/Worm - Unable to use tskmgr
  116. Malware help please
  117. antivirus live 2010/ popups, fake error messages, etc.
  118. "Your Computer Is Infected" Wallpaper/Redirects
  119. Keylogger Help?
  120. Gmer problem
  121. VIRUSES!! Please help.
  122. Need help! Malware infection
  123. Still Unable to Execute Analysis Tools
  124. potential malware has killed AVG and Windows defender
  125. netmjppotd.dll error message
  126. Google result hijacker - trying this again
  127. XP Problem beyond my knowledge
  128. Application infected issue.
  129. Microsoft.Windows.RedirectedHosts
  130. Another Google redirect malware/virus
  131. Can't get to any websites for virus/spyware/adware downloads!!!
  132. [SOLVED] Help needed - Website troubles
  133. Browser Redirect Issue/malware
  134. My computer keeps sucking bandwidth in the background
  135. Fixing Downloader-BSW trojan
  136. virus removed, requested logs to be sure
  137. Background IE ads? Anti Virus not opening. No idea whats going on
  138. Virus/Trojan removal help please
  139. Google Hijack
  140. TR/buzus.cwpm keeps appearing
  141. Browser Redirect Issue/malware
  142. evil virus won't let my laptop let me do anything :(
  143. After removing Trojan.SpyPro still no internet connection
  144. c.exe infection (I think)
  145. Fake-Windows-Security-Alerts, Fake-Maleware-Defense
  146. My Labtop is running slow! I have tried everything. Please Help me?
  147. Help needed.. thanks
  148. Google Links Send Me to Wrong Pages
  149. High CPU Usage?
  150. cmd.exe
  151. fservice.exe problem - please HELP!!
  152. Platinum Soft 2010 virus
  153. Potential Virus
  154. Control panel missing in Start Menu, Anti-Virus not opening.
  155. OE Possible Virus?
  156. Help Please!! Platinum Soft Virus
  157. Antivirus live issues
  158. Computer randomly locks up
  159. "antimalware" on the computer with popups....please help
  160. Google Redirect Virus and several other malware!
  161. Spyware/Malware help
  162. Browser Redirecting Virus
  163. Google redirect BSOD- please help
  164. [SOLVED] numerous high risk alerts
  165. Trojan.FakeAlert, Comes Back After Malewarebytes Removes
  166. Websearch misdirected to "broken link"
  167. Cannot Access Microsoft or Anti-virus Sites
  168. Fake Security Center Virus plaguing XP, can't run any malware
  169. Vundo.JD infection - please help
  170. Win32:Spyware-gen[spy]
  171. 'Security Center Alert' Pop-ups
  172. Help with removal of Trojan.Vundo on 64bit Vista
  173. getting redirected when clicking a link
  174. Trojans viruses, pdm invader...HELP plizzz :(
  175. [SOLVED] Infected Computer
  176. [SOLVED] Google Installer Virus
  177. Error loading fimp.elo
  178. Virus/Rootkit
  179. Visited a fake website, now I'm worried
  180. Redirects and Freezes
  181. Numerous application problems
  182. admin user infected
  183. Please need help asap!!!!!
  184. Trojan Vundo (gelapele.dll)
  185. Redirect Virus with Popups
  186. Antivirus-live-fake
  187. Google Search Results Pages Redirected....Please Assist
  188. Redirects when clinking on Google links
  189. i can view web pages wirelessly in safe mode only
  190. HELP!! Major spyware/virus issues
  191. crss.exe containing malware?
  192. Help with Trend Micro Hijack This scan results.
  193. google link not working
  194. Malware/Virus attack - need help to remove
  195. FAST IN SAFE Mode slow otehrwise
  196. infected with y.exy virus
  197. Can't Update Anything With Any Program
  198. Windows refuses to work.
  199. Redirect Virus but no success running GMER
  200. "TR/Drop.BHO.BL.1"
  201. Labtop slow?
  202. Please help with malware/virus
  203. Explorer not working. . .keep getting an "invaild request"
  204. All Browsers Redirected
  205. Computer Virus
  206. I can not execute any applications. The file is infected.
  207. downloader swf small a
  208. 2 Trojans? Need help!
  209. My anti virus keeps shutting down, convinced it is a virus causing it
  210. services.exe connecting to 100's of foreign address on port 25 making internet slow
  211. Worm.Win32.Netsky, Google Redirect Virus and Blue Screen of Death
  212. Malware detected via Avira
  213. Cannot get on line with any browser except Firefox
  214. Please help, worm.win32.netsky issue
  215. Help: I have been hijacked by MyWebsearch
  216. IE redirect
  217. Online Search Results Being Redirected IE8 and Firefox
  218. Serious Virus On My Laptop
  219. Error loading fimp.elo
  220. Something is attacking my computer
  221. Win7 behaving badly - HJT invalid picture
  222. I think I have a keylogger stealing my passwords
  223. AXEL.DAVE..Please Help
  224. slow computer after removing 43 virus with Avira
  225. "TR/Drop.BHO.BL.1" help me!
  226. Spyware?
  227. laptop computer keeps freezing up after malware removal ran
  228. Fake Svchost.exe and winlog.exe Trojans
  229. Google redirects and random pop ups ads with IE8 and Vista
  230. Continued support from XP section
  231. Antivirus Lite removal
  232. Repeated automatic trojan download - antivirus almost useless against it
  233. 12029 HTTP error after removing (irnr)sysguard
  234. RPS SafeConnect.msi (Verizon FiOs) - Some parts of this file could not be scanned
  235. Failing Windows Update + AppCrash
  236. Errors - Hoping forum could help
  237. Google Redirects and popups - IE only
  238. my computer may not have been fully cleaned here
  239. IE will not connect but can ping
  240. My computer no longer works at all in the slightest
  241. Google links not working...
  242. McAfee On-Access scanner disabled on windows startup - may have had trojan.
  243. virus.win32.gpcode.ak trouble!
  244. Security Tool Virus
  245. Worm.Win32.NetSky and the TrojanSPM/LX viruses Help
  246. slow system
  247. I have a few problems, please help...
  248. Hi, i need a bit of help...
  249. Antivirus Live Virus Help - tried lots hitting a brich wall
  250. Cmd and random user account created