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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Possible Virus or Malware? Please Help??
  2. My search engine searches are redirected
  3. Trying this one More time - Application infected issue unable to run analysis tools
  4. HJT log
  5. DCOM Server Process launcher service terminated unexpectedly
  6. virus\malware problem
  7. Auto-Exception Malware
  8. Kaspersky user - removing 2 quarantined viruses
  9. Lost Administrator Privlivedges in XP
  10. Shall I clean up detail data from“NameSpace?”
  11. Google/Search Redirect Malware
  12. Search engine redirected!!!
  13. Google Search Redirect
  14. Please help - everything is erased!
  15. use search engine goes to spyware page(s)
  16. MSN Virus ''Foto :D''
  17. Google search redirects and unwanted popups
  18. Slow Boot Up At Start Up
  19. Random IE Popups
  20. Dcom Server Process Launcher & Generic host Process Errors
  21. Green Background with System Infected Message
  22. System Performance Issues - Possible Virus
  23. NT authority shutdown
  24. am i infected???????
  25. Help Please
  26. Help to get rid of a trojan
  27. Nexplore/Shopzilla/RegCure pop ups - Please help!
  28. computer is infected with something.
  29. Hibernation/Desktop setting problem
  30. Need help with a popup virus...
  31. Google hijack virus + no safe mode
  32. Google Redirect problem & computer freezing
  33. IE8 being redirected
  34. I might be infected
  35. Acts like a blaster worm,can't find it though
  36. Checking my Parents' computer
  37. Adware Redirecting Browsers (Chrome, IE, and Firefox)
  38. i keep on getting redirected when i seach for stuff
  39. My HP notebook screen blinks and goes black
  40. Help removing ie/firefox redirecting sites
  41. Weird Virus
  42. Virus is Redirecting my Google Searches
  43. Help! Browser Hijack!
  44. Windows XP virus
  45. [WinXP] Weird virus, PC ***** up after several time.
  46. Yet Another Browser Hijack Thread
  47. Please help me
  48. Problem with removal of Virus from system
  49. Keyboard shift key acting oddly, maybe keylogger
  50. infected with virus.win32.hala.a
  51. Some kind of graphics error/freezing
  52. Another false A/V scanner
  53. Many Viruses and Trojans - cannot download DDS or GMER
  54. Trojan Horse Pakes.emc
  55. Google Search Redirect
  56. Win32/smallCVQtrojan VISTA(hb)32bit. HELP!!!
  57. help please
  58. Browser Redirect Virus
  59. Ie blocks tech sites
  60. need help or computer may take wings and fly
  61. Microsoft Update/Possible Malware Problem
  62. Unknown Computer Issue
  63. Trojan
  64. [SOLVED] svchost.exe annoyance.
  65. Trojan horse Rootkit-Pakes.U infected
  66. Popups, redirects, and generally slow
  67. Malware removal?
  68. Cross Contamination
  69. trojan virus....(backdoor)
  70. Possible hijacker trojan and things "terminated unexpectedly"
  71. Browser Hijacker/Redirect--Please Help!
  72. Green background trojan
  73. Virus help. pop ups wont go away. cant open dds.
  74. Security Center Virus
  75. [SOLVED] Redirect Malware infected my system. Pls Help
  76. Firefox running screwy, comp generally slow after malware bytes scan. (HijackThis)
  77. [SOLVED] Adware/malware/virus problems.
  78. Malware, I think..
  79. Google Redirecting to other pages!! Malware?? Please Help
  80. *Correct logs*Nasty iexplore.exe virus, random infomercials, please Help!
  81. pages redirect to advertisements
  82. Need help
  83. Redirecting links from google
  84. Malware Defense
  85. m3plugin.dll error message HELP please
  86. Google Searches Being Re-directed. Please help.
  87. Windows Security Center Virus
  88. Requesting Review of Logs
  89. Can't open programs!
  90. My pc is horribly infected
  91. Laptop keeps freezing on startup! Help please!
  92. Nasty iexplore.exe virus, random infomercials, please Help!
  93. severe problem
  94. Worst. Virus. Ever. (help)
  95. Redirects and shutdowns
  96. Browser Hijacker--Please Help!
  97. Laptop infected with antivirus live. Please help!
  98. A slew of problems (redirects, shutdowns etc.)
  99. I think I have a virus
  100. Search results hijacked - pc shuts down - gmer does not complete scan
  101. Possible keylogger Infection?
  102. Browser not connecting but network available
  103. Windows XP Virus/Spyware/Malware? Please help!
  104. nscc32.exe
  105. Bad Image Err. Please Help
  106. Not sure if my computer is at risk or not...
  107. ad problems after a Netsky infection
  108. 2010 internet security rouge virus
  109. Having trouble removing virus
  110. Spyware, Vundo problem (logs included)
  111. trojan horse sheur2
  112. pop up adds taken over open windows
  113. IE encounter proplems, computer freeze, etc.
  114. laptop running vista virally hijacked...
  115. Hiloti.gen and Agent2.AEWD
  116. Windows XP/Browser Problem?
  117. Bad Vundo Issue...
  118. ntdtcstp.dll
  119. Worm.Win32.Netsky and TrojanSPM/LX
  120. Windows XP (restarts,freezes, screen in sleep mode)
  121. Redirects? Random popups? Cant install programs
  122. Search Hijacked Logs Per Your Request
  123. HiJacked Browswer
  124. not sure if I have a problem
  125. Can not get into safe mode and laptop has antivirus live
  126. huge problem
  127. How to remove Trojanspm/lx ?
  128. Backdoor.Tidserv!inf atapi.sys Help
  129. Anti Virus Live on my Laptop
  130. another Google redirection one..
  131. Vx2 transponder removal [email protected]!!!
  132. Redirect Browser Hijack USB stick virus
  133. Help.... sysvxd.exe error
  134. green screen, "your computer is infected"
  135. Win32.NetSky....John Connor??
  136. Ridden with Viruses and Trojans; cannot even download DDS
  137. Malware Defense Trojan
  138. Hijacked Search Engine On My System
  139. popups and redirects
  140. Fake Security Center Alert! HELP.
  141. Malware Defense
  142. Think I have a virus
  143. Wow account hacked - Need Security advice (With requsted logs)
  144. Help.
  145. Need some security advice - World of Warcraft account hacked!
  146. False Antivirus Program Popup
  147. Win Secruity Malware - this one has me spinning
  148. Google link redirects to third party site
  149. Hit on January 15 with Internet Security 2010 package
  150. Help with trojan/fake spyware issue
  151. Virus help
  152. How to make ComboFix and HJ This analyze external drive?
  153. Fake Windows Security Center Bug(s?)
  154. Virus/trojan issue
  155. Trojan.Alemod
  156. Search engines redirect and self opening tabs
  157. Google redirect results
  158. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer Crash problem
  159. Google Search Redirect?
  160. Redirect Websites Virus
  161. No starting in Safe Mode
  162. Cannot run Gmer - Cannot get logs
  163. [SOLVED] Can't get rid of Win32.Banker.fgv TrojanC
  164. svchost.exe virus?????
  165. virus or something preventing me from using virus scanners
  166. trojan horse backdoor.generic12.gog.dropper
  167. Redirect Websites
  168. Security Tool
  169. Virus/malware infection, all kinds of bad things happening
  170. need help with NETLOG~1.EXE (logs)
  171. Malware causing XP to be unable to boot
  172. For how long is GMER supposed to run?
  173. Can not access cmd.exe and regedit.exe
  174. Winlogon.exe virus... help please
  175. Worm.Win32.NetSky
  176. cpu running at 100%
  177. Call from Windows Support Centre
  178. Worm.Win32.Netsky (Internet Security 2010)
  179. MFeed & Searchclick8 redirect virus
  180. Infection help please
  181. Keeps getting redirected to other sites...
  182. Infected... i think :S
  183. Windows cannot find C:\Documents and Settings\user\giv.exe
  184. Malware affecting computer background, blocking websites and more...
  185. Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic12.GOG.dropper
  186. PLEASE HELP WITH cls_pack.exe
  187. Hijacked Browser - Please Help
  188. My Computer automatically sends some spam mails
  189. computer horribly infected
  190. Need some help removing virus!!!!!
  191. Internet Security 2010
  192. Need help with NETLOG~1.EXE command
  193. Downloader Virus - Need Some Help
  194. need to delete a hidden virus
  195. Hijackthis log help viruses taking over my computer
  196. TaskManager and RegEdit disabled after reboot
  197. strange problem
  198. I can't get rid of Kollah trojan spyware!
  199. Popups when browsing online - virus
  200. Possible puzzling false positive dilemma
  201. Virus Problem 2nd try - antivirus websites wont open
  202. Virus - Can't open any anti-virus websites or install Avira
  203. Problem with d!rootkit NTOSKRNL-HOOK
  204. HiJAck This Log
  205. Sysdiag64 Problems (reposted with new isntructions)
  206. Win32:Fakeinit-H[TRJ] - Need Help For Total Removal of Virus
  207. Redirect malware
  208. [Virus?] Sysdiag64 problems
  209. I thought unchecking items in the start-up menu would keep me safe...
  210. Invalid Request. You requested a page that does not exist.
  211. ccfgn.dll Infection
  212. Internet Security 2010
  213. tried everything
  214. Porn addiction is ruining my computer!
  215. browser popups, unable to install mbam
  216. help with issue pleas
  217. WINDOWS\system32\zehekilo.dll Trojan Horse
  218. Malware removal? SO CONFUSED! Help :(
  219. Malware Defense removal
  220. Google Redirect, Adobe and IE Crashes
  221. Please help remove virus
  222. Win32:Fakeinit-H[TRJ]
  223. Need help with network after bad root virus
  224. Help!
  225. google results redirected, system running slow, firefox keeps crashin PLEASE HELP
  226. DDR.SCR not working
  227. H8SRTD Virus Infection
  228. Please succeed where I haven't!!!!!
  229. Seeking professional assistance with removal of Search Engine Result Redirecting Viru
  230. rootkit
  231. IE Search results hijacked
  232. Dll issues at startup - at a loss...
  233. Program Errors/Root kits/Vundo
  234. Hijackers and rootkit problems
  235. Hosts File
  236. Hijackthis log, help
  237. Computer Works in Safe Mode/Not Standard
  238. Unable to contact windows update and operate AVG
  239. Please Help: Many Malicious codes/Trojans found
  240. Due to adware/spyware/malware firefox opens random tabs and google redirects pages
  241. Debugging Mode limitation!!! and Freezing!!! and Google Link problem!!!
  242. First ever malware virus Help please!
  243. Do I have a virus
  244. Unable to save GMER.exe scan results
  245. Google redirect bug (hijackthis log included)
  246. Google toolbar search Hijacker
  247. nepalloid virus
  248. Computer has issues, sending packets but will not detect...
  249. Help...
  250. Computer is slow and appears to have a virus. Please Help!