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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Removed AV.EXE and now all programs have lost their executable association
  2. Fake antivirus preventing all .exe
  3. XP Guardian Imposter Virus
  4. Security Warning saying have spyware/adware
  5. Issue with redirection, "zango", and google
  6. trojan virus is making my computer really slow and wont start properly
  7. Continuous Security Center Alerts - Possible Trojan Virus
  8. I have multiple iexplore.exe in task mgr
  9. Virus on Desktop
  10. Lsas.Blaster.Keyloger virus
  11. Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.aj false positive?
  12. iexplore.exe slowing down firefox, itunes wont work
  13. Double Click Virus Has Returned
  14. Wiping the hard drive
  15. Trojan Generic 14 Windows XP
  16. [SOLVED] dds and gmer logs from previous thread
  17. PC infected with samuk, WebToolbar.Win32.WhenU.u & Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon.jfsf
  18. mfpmmc.dll???
  19. Dangerous files
  20. Web browser pop ups
  21. Vista Guardian 2010
  22. Lots of's my hijackthis log!
  23. complete mess
  24. Trojan Virus
  25. "Limited or No Connectivity" Error!
  26. Annoying window won't close and system is slowing
  27. Main Problem: Cannot update windows or connect to
  28. Redirects, weird DLLs... and HD failures?
  29. Four Trojans
  30. Vista Internet security - virus
  31. Searh engine redirect! HELP
  32. Redirect & Trojan C
  33. need big time help!
  34. Fake windows security
  35. Google Redirect on Windows XP
  36. I think I have a browser highjacker
  37. Computer running slow all of a sudden.... Help needed... please!!!
  38. please help
  39. Crypt.XPACK.Gen
  40. Unable to update antimalware or access their site
  41. akisuharuculi.dll
  42. Computer Infected
  43. Virus/Trojan help
  44. o programs will run on xp
  45. Some kind of spyware problem
  46. Yang here, google links keep getting redirected
  47. redirected google results
  48. Spyware Ads Audio from InterNet Unknown source
  49. Can not open any program except for firefox & receive random porn pop ups on IE
  50. Cannot remove virus/trojan WMPSCFGS.exe
  51. Search engine redirects, among other things
  52. my comp is infected. here are 2 scans.
  53. Attempted Virus Cleaning, Now Stuff Doesnt Work
  54. pretty sure i have a virus.
  55. Missing .dll file
  56. Win32/Kates.B!Generic trojan
  57. vista 2010 popup in okla.
  58. Random advertising I.E8 windows open
  59. how to remove WMPSCFGS.EXE virus /Trojan
  60. [SOLVED] Mistakenly downloaded a registry booster....
  61. Malware defense/iexplore trojan/some kind of virus still in system...
  62. SearchClick8 Google Redirect Virus -- Need Help :\
  63. XP2010 virus
  64. Some kind of virus...
  65. ~TM75.tmp; _ex-68.exe; _ex-08.exe,
  66. AVG and Windows defender died
  67. wisecustomcalla.dll NOT IN SYSTEM 32 FOLDER
  68. something persistant attached to my browser
  69. Help! C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe The parameter is incorrect
  70. audio commercials running in bkground.CATBYTE..need help please...Thx.
  71. Win32/Injector.ASB
  72. search engine redirect, computer freeze
  73. Completely hijacked...can't open programs, or internet...
  74. how to remove WMPSCFGS.EXE trojan
  75. Browser Redirect and Site Block Problem
  76. Graphics card stopped working/Malware?
  77. Mozilla Firefox Address Bar and MyWebSearch
  78. Trojan virus on my computer
  79. audio commercials in bkground......
  80. Search Result Links Redirecting to Another Web Page
  81. all Google links go to 'searchclick8'!
  82. email virus help
  83. problem uninstalling favorit trojan
  84. Search Result Links Redirecting to Another Web Page
  85. Trojan nabload.dps
  86. Pop-up virus/Internet issue
  87. Trojan horse Downloader.Mebload.B
  88. virus won't let me run anti virus software, hijacks my browser
  89. Virus/Trojan help
  90. Slow computer, search engine redirects, etc.
  91. Win32/Injector.ASB (Troyano
  92. help!!!! with this
  93. Computer/Mouse Skips Briefly
  94. CPU spikes
  95. Rundll32.exe error and programs don't open
  96. Persistent undeletable folder in temp directory
  97. Laptop running slow
  98. Websites blocked.
  99. Major Problems!
  100. Kb977165
  101. Virus Hijacked E-mail acct
  102. Explorer.exe process flooding
  103. Need to fix the malware (hjt log)
  104. [SOLVED] Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A
  105. MSB.exe is hanging out on my XPS1210
  106. Being redirected from google in firefox and ie
  107. Geek Squad says I have viruses...
  108. Being redirected from google in firefox and ie
  109. Hijackthis log
  110. Really worried pc freezing every 2 mins cannot use
  111. Dialer?
  112. Can't run programs.
  113. Variante modificada de Win32/Injector.ASB (Troyano)
  114. Browser Hijack/Google Search Results Redirect
  115. Help! system32 virus problem
  116. Slow/Sluggish PC[MOVED]
  117. web browsers not working, gmer freezes
  118. Need Help With The Seach Redirect Virus; Can't Run Gmer or DDS!
  119. Help greatly appreciated with search redirect virus!!
  120. Lsas.Blaster.Keyloger virus infection on PC
  121. Search Engines Redirect
  122. Hijack.WindowsUpdates Virus
  123. Commercials coming through the speakers
  124. Security Antivirus removal
  125. Antivirus Soft Trojan- PLEASE HELP! ;((
  126. Urgent help needed please!
  127. Vista internet security 2010 = problems
  128. Multiple Virus Need Help
  129. hp_OWner.ExE Error
  130. worm.generic 45843
  131. Partion overwritten with hacks - DDS and included
  132. I think i got a trojan
  133. Virus / Malware??
  134. Fake Security Alert
  135. tough virus
  136. Trojan horse Agent2.AJBR
  137. infected dll, please help!!
  138. norton no help against virus
  139. XP - trojans, popups, strange startup programs.
  140. SKYNET? - cannot run updates/boot in safemode
  141. vista home malware
  142. rootkit.agent removal wgajuqo.sys
  143. Fake Worm System Security Suite Trojan.
  144. Please Help with googleupdatetaskmachinecore.job
  145. cant open any exe. files
  146. SV1.exe playing random audio ads on my computer
  147. Security Antivirus
  148. PC Seriously Infected.
  149. Redirect of searches and pop ups for viruses
  150. In dire need of help!
  151. Help! Fake Worm System Security Suite Trojan.
  152. Specific software that can remove a cloaker?
  153. [SOLVED] ! Infection - Worm.Win32.NetSky
  154. gmer crash
  155. Worm.Win32.Netsky
  156. Worm/Generic.AQVG
  157. have i been hacked? help me please
  158. Problem with many threats
  159. Infected Hosts File
  160. redirect virus help please
  161. do I have threats like keyloggers or spyware?
  162. exploit.IMG-WMF
  163. Unable to boot computer with Trojan Virus on XP
  164. Win32.Drowor and/or other Malware?
  165. KB977165 on Vista
  166. hijacked browser
  167. I.I.COM.COM - Can't Access CNET Downloads
  168. Pop-up error messages for a program I don't have.
  169. Virus Help
  170. Fraud.sysguard infection
  171. Internet works, IE doesn't
  172. window crash and bsod
  173. system restore has been stopped group policy ,blank pop up
  174. Need help with an undeletable file causing an error
  175. Antivirus Soft Virus
  176. Need help removing AntiVirus Soft and Gamevance
  177. fake adobe update HELP!!!
  178. Search links are redirected, unable to run dds.scr
  179. Undeletable files
  180. BIOS infection ??
  181. [SOLVED] spxm659.dll
  182. No exe's will open, bad image error and virus created administrator profile
  183. ViewMgr Problem. I don't know how to fix this.
  184. Search Redirect
  185. Problems with slow system/application startup
  186. Win32.siveas-b (expl)
  187. Error loading MPHN.VMO on startup
  188. Web Browser Redirection
  189. Virus problem...
  190. OK my friends comp is requiring a captcha
  191. gmer locks up my computer
  192. My computer immediately enters standby
  193. Google Redirect - gmer crash!
  194. 2010 internet security on computer now programs will not run w/o open with box
  195. fake virus protection need help bad
  196. What is purger.exe ?
  197. Help! Trojans and worms oh my!
  198. and
  199. gtg.exe & gtf.exe VIRUS
  200. Can't access Hijackthis
  201. Suspected Malware on Dell 14z
  202. Please help with 'Personal Security' trojan
  203. Using Instructions for Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help
  204. Internet Security 2010, Help?
  205. Vundo Virus
  206. "Your system is infected" malware
  207. ad.yieldmanager
  208. Cannot connect to antivirus databases..HJT LOG
  209. C:\Windows\system32\......exe viruses
  210. Help - Had and deleted Ardamax Keylogger but pages still won't load..
  211. Win XP, google search redirects, popups, BSOD
  212. Trojans Found And Now Pages Freezing
  213. Your system is infected - Internet Security 2010
  214. [SOLVED] Weird Microsoft Security Essentials Entries
  215. Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk] Removal Help
  216. malware-antivirus ad popups
  217. Google virus?
  218. Need help with real bad virus
  219. Help! Infected with Win32.Drowor.a!
  220. My anti virus disabled by trojan??
  221. Virus infection is disabling programs
  222. PC running slow!!
  223. Win 32 Problems
  224. Windows XP Home SP3 computer infected
  225. Suspected Virus!
  226. Windows XP SP3 computer infected
  227. Google redirects, BSOD, can't complete "First Steps"
  228. Infected with Fraud.Sysguard
  229. Norton pop-up window appears when viewing web page with images
  230. not able to login
  231. Avira: TR/Agent.39424.W maybe related password steal of hotmail
  232. Can't Update Windows or Anti-spyware Programs
  233. Overhiting Account, second time
  234. Computer acting weird.
  235. Computer beeps once and then freezes
  236. system 32 trojan - PLEASE HELP
  237. Trojan/Malware affecting my internet
  238. help with locating and removing a virus
  239. //Remove Antivirus Soft\\
  240. Js redirector trojan
  241. X.exe is infected
  242. Computer is definitely infected.
  243. Virus that sends links in emails?
  244. Viruses Probably Trojans
  245. Win32Services Popup Error
  246. Search engine redirect problem
  247. Help! Fake 'security warning'; won't allow applications to run
  248. win32.generic virus
  249. I cannot get rid of these 191 viruses, HELP
  250. Fake AntiVirus, Popup Alerts -- Similar to