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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Virus or malware help needed
  2. Virus attack - Malware ran Hijack report
  3. W32/etap.gen
  4. Unable to run .exe files under vista sp2
  5. Trend Micro Virus alert
  6. Virusss!!!! Pleaseeeee help!!!!
  7. Multiple viruses and malwares (With Logs)
  8. W32.Pilleuz!gen5
  9. Virus help. Can't access the internet
  10. Virus! College student... help needed
  11. Virus help please! Includes HiJackThis log
  12. Anti spyware soft
  13. [SOLVED] Win32.Fraudload and Trojan Vundo
  14. Massive Infection please help!
  15. virus help: cannot open any applications
  16. Compilation of Adware and Trojans
  17. Multiple viruses and malwares
  18. browser *continues* to be hiJacked
  19. Definite Virus... Possible rootkit HELP!
  20. worm:win32/REbhip.A
  21. Google redirecting
  22. need help, malware/trojan infection
  23. IE is slow to close tabs, and other anomalies
  24. ave.exe
  25. - Malware
  26. Win32/Alureon.gen!U - Help
  27. Internet explorer not working after running malwarebytes' anti-malware
  28. Yoautug, "can't kill IEXPLORER" problem and others
  29. Virus/Software Problems...
  30. deleting infected files
  31. Is this caused by a virus?
  32. Banking info and £2,500 stolen from online banking? HELP secure pc
  33. MBR problem?
  34. Virus Trouble! [For lack of a better title]
  35. Need help with a trojan / virus
  36. Need help with possible rootkit.agent?
  37. Google virus?
  38. new folder virus
  39. Virus please help!
  40. Search engine redirect malware
  41. Can someone coach me through this Google Redirect Virus?
  42. Virus causing lots of popups
  43. Links Redirecting to Ad Sites
  44. ave.exe problem and possibly more
  45. Rundll %1 is not a valid win32 application
  46. Help!
  47. "security Tool" Virus
  48. Google Redirects, Cant Update Avast or run Windows Update
  49. Popups, redirects, rogue antiviruses
  50. top browser bar looks weird and keyboard misses keystrokes
  51. Undetectable virus
  52. Malware, links hijacked - Any help greatly appreciated
  53. XP Antivirus 2010 Aftermath Google Redirects
  54. Fake Antispyware Program - "Antispyware Soft"?
  55. Can get Mozilla Firefox to run, but not Internet Explorer, MSN Live Messenger, Safari
  56. [SOLVED] Please Help!! 47 infected objects!!
  57. Hit With The Double Whammy XP Defender Virus and AVE.exe Virus
  58. [SOLVED] info.exe and protect.ed
  59. [SOLVED] Is My Computer Infected?
  60. Unknown malware
  61. computer had cleanup antivirus but still redirecting webages.
  62. Windows security center (virus)
  63. [SOLVED] help with computer without internet connection + very reduced functions in W
  64. Webpages keeps getting redirected
  65. Help!! Got the W32-Polipos virus
  66. viruses block MS update site
  67. registry problem after clearing virus
  68. Web browser will not open except IE; GMER causes fatal crash
  69. I think I have a hotmail virus? HELP!
  70. Cant Remove a Virus
  71. Virus Alert
  72. Windows 7 crashes / SVCHOST instabilities / no internet
  73. Aol email been hacked
  74. How can I run the DDS scan?
  75. Virus in C:\$RECYCLE.BIN Access denied
  76. fake xp security center / ave.exe virus
  77. XP Defender Pro/XP Malware/trojan help
  78. Help!!!!
  79. Virus
  80. "An Unauthorized Change was made to Windows"
  81. Multiple Problems??
  82. Fake windows security thing
  83. Digital Protection Malware w/ Administrator User Account
  84. VERY URGENT.System infected with umdmgr.exe.PLEASE HELP!!!
  85. Firefox Lods sites i didnt requested
  86. Security Center virus/malware
  87. Can't Find virus (I think its starting to gt worse)
  88. Virtual memory is almost at its max and audio option no longer appears
  89. Certain things wont open up
  90. XP AntiMalware Fake Security Center
  91. Browser redirect problems
  92. Search Redirects
  93. Rookit.agent help please (again)
  94. XP Internet Security / Antimalware / Virus / Spyware 2010
  95. Sophos detected Sus/UnkPack-C ... please advise
  96. [SOLVED] iTunes Problem
  97. need to monitor my pc
  98. Malware redirecting my google results
  99. [SOLVED] Can't get rid of a Chinese Popup
  100. First Timer: Needs help on Hijack This Log File:
  101. Newbie need help on hijacktihis logfile
  102. WoW account hacked need to verify my system is clean
  103. Browsers attacked - virus affecting IE, Firefox
  104. Malwares, please help
  105. Help needed - Virus/Trojan attack
  106. Persistent malware
  107. iTunes problem
  108. infected with fake xp antivirus, now pc hangs on startup
  109. VIRUS(s) FOUND Computer Out of Order
  110. ave.exe & win32/Alureon.G infections
  111. hidden driver found by avg dnt have alcohol or deamon instaled
  112. Help! - Backdoor.tidserv!inf atapi.sys
  113. Google Results Hijacked in Firefox
  114. New Virus: The Folder is Empty but the file is inside
  115. Possible Trojan help please!
  116. 432812049wsy.dll error at startup
  117. Being redirected to ad sites
  118. Need help with Gamebox. Other infections aside from gamebox also suspected.
  119. "Application cannot be executed. The file ????.exe is infected.
  120. HELP! Pcmcia.sys malware keeps reappearing!
  121. trojan-bnk.win32.keylogger.gen :: zidane21
  122. Possibly multiple viruses
  123. PC Security 2010
  124. Search engine result redirected randomly, won't load
  125. PC extremely slow / unresponsive after trojan/malware
  126. Win32/Peerfrag.GW Worm
  127. [SOLVED] Malware Issue
  128. HighJack Virus Software
  129. Computer Freezing and Popups
  130. extreme sudden slowdown of laptop
  131. Bogus XP AV virus
  132. Strange Virus - Combofix can't delete it
  133. [SOLVED] Please Help: XP Defender, Redirect Virus
  134. searchclick 6
  135. Avg found Trojan horse downloader.agent2.vn1
  136. bad image error (googleupdate.exe bad image)
  137. I Keep Getting Constant Pop-Ups and Ads
  138. please help
  139. Internet Explorer pops up with random sites
  140. cannot delete icons on my desktop
  141. search engine redirects virus
  142. yahoo/google redirect
  143. Possible to detect rootkit with Process Explorer?
  144. SVChost.exe Cpu Usage. Virus or Malware infected?
  145. help cant remove whatevers here nothing cautches it
  146. Unable to remove trojan.agent/gen
  147. Help with lowsec trojan...
  148. Need help removing fujack virus.
  149. Very weird virus
  150. Yahoo and Google redirect
  151. Hijack this report + others. help please. virus
  152. Exe Trojans in my temp Folder. Please Help
  153. Trojan/Popups
  154. Mailware wont go away, and browser keeps getting redirected
  155. Trojan/Malware
  156. Google Links being redirected ... deja vu
  157. Bad virus - cannot even open antivirus programs
  158. Trojan/Malware help
  159. fake aol page asking for credit card and slow buggy overall
  160. Read only folders (all)
  161. problems all over
  162. confused-lost-infected
  163. Malware - Please Help //
  164. island.exe
  165. Ignore alarm of virus detection!
  166. Help with Virus in System32
  167. Double activity on my actions, presence of jnq.exe, help cleaning computer?
  168. Trojan attack
  169. Can't remove maleware and browser stopped working right.
  170. Virus problem
  171. DDS Log, Constant Bad Image Errors
  172. Google Redirect Problem
  173. Help Popups/Slow Computer Includes Hijackthis log!
  174. Vista malware causing blue screen. Only runs for a few minutes in Safe Mode.
  175. Google Redirect
  176. My computer is lagging randomly and running slow!
  177. Weird Error Messages - trojan/malware?
  178. Trojan/Virus left by xp defender
  179. Google redirecting me to other ad sites .
  180. Koobface, altered registry, trojan
  181. unknown malware
  182. Virtumonde Trojan
  183. Possible Rogue Anti-Virus/Malware Program
  184. trojan-spy.zbot
  185. HiJackthis Log help!
  186. XP security virus
  187. internet running slow
  188. Different Computer, same problem!
  189. The Notorious Vista Security Tool
  190. Trojan Help
  191. Pc problem
  192. Search Engine Redirect virus Please Help !
  193. Google redirecting me to ad sites
  194. [SOLVED] ads for virus protection
  195. W32.Blaster.Worm
  196. Help, thought to have Sasser Virus and have tried everything
  197. system 32 error
  198. Anchor Free/Hotspot Shield Ad...
  199. win32.agent.ieu - help needed to remove this
  200. [SOLVED] Task Manager won't open
  201. Slow computer, virus/trojan/spyware problem?
  202. computer is too slow, like it has a trojan
  203. Google Redirect clicksearch6
  204. Google Links Being Redirected
  205. Browser Redirection Problem!!
  206. HiJack This Log, Constant Bad Image Errors
  207. Can't remove Infospace / Kiwee Toolbar
  208. PC won't boot after restart after finding av.exe
  209. Frustrating virus/spyware need help
  210. Trojan Horse Vundo.KY - popups and unknown files
  211. Search engine redirect/Fake Windows Security Center
  212. Trojan detection
  213. Impossible Browser Re-Direct Problem! HELP!
  214. Problem with Virus and "anti Virus software"
  215. 2 iexplorer instance virus
  216. trj/sinowal.wx Removal Help
  217. Problem with Virus and "anti Virus software"
  218. Security Tool/Trojan Nightmare - Please Help!
  219. Laptop has error at home, but runs ok at office
  220. Firefox crashes when using search websites
  221. Rootkit or...?
  222. browser redirected to
  223. Admin rights lost on Windows 7
  224. PLEASE HELP with Virus/Worm "Win32-Alureon-FR
  225. Computer freezes, redirects, slow, won't open browsers
  226. Firefox marks my site as a threat
  227. Bo:heap...Can't find file that Macafee dictates
  228. PC running erratically and slow
  229. Cant access windows update (trojan?)
  230. eSellerateEngine.dll and eWebClient.dll
  231. redirect virus on my pc
  232. Win32.Banker.fgv Help Please
  233. laptop makes random "boing" noises
  234. weird virus
  235. Help! Searchclick6 has taken over my google searches!
  236. Redirect Virus
  237. PC accounts won't load when i log in
  238. Please help, I have very major problems. Can't even login now.
  239. used combofix - don't know if I got it all
  240. Gmail account hijacked; Possible trojan
  241. Please help, I have a Virus/Trojan/Spyware
  242. virus causing popups and google chrome isues
  243. [SOLVED] UUJAQVLK Service.
  244. Google Redirect Virus! Searchclick6
  245. Google Redirecting to
  246. Virus/All files needed attached
  247. explorer redirector getting me down
  248. Spyware/Virus Issues
  249. Internet Explorer RE-DIRECT
  250. Please help I think I have a virus