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  1. [SOLVED] Google Redirect + New Page Pop Up = Virus Problem?
  2. Backdoor.tidserv!inf
  3. VBS\psyme trojan 1073740972
  4. fatakvga.exe + 344,064 bytes = stalker suspicion
  5. Google Redirect Virus
  6. Hibernate redirect & search result redirect
  7. Search engine redirected
  8. Fake windows firewall
  9. Google Redirects, Chrome Not Working
  10. attention Rich: can't get to microsoft windows update...
  11. Search result links redirected
  12. Google and Firefox Hijacking
  13. Recently rebooted computer finds Trojan horse downloader downloader.generic9.bsre
  14. Computer keeps crashing - maybe a virus?
  15. Windows Security Center - Spyware Doctor
  16. Scareware/Malware issues
  17. AntiMalware Doctor after Java Update
  18. [SOLVED] Same virus came back after we thought computer was virus free. Help!
  19. Search Engines Do Not Work
  20. search and tab redirect virus
  21. Antivirus Soft
  22. Party Poker Popup Trojan removal
  23. backdoor virus....pls help!
  24. Google Redirects, Random Popups, "Host Process stopped working"
  25. Google Redirects, Chrome Not Working and More
  26. Hibernate redirect & search result redirect
  27. Some kind of denial of service attack?
  28. Please help firefox opens new tabs and svchost.exe issues
  29. Google Redirect - Snake/Serpent?
  30. search engine redirect problems
  31. Browser re-direct
  32. Search results on Google get redirected
  33. error and cant log on IE
  34. Google Redirect
  35. Google malware redirect
  36. One-step adware
  37. stability issues... 78% stability
  38. TDL3 rootkit infection (disk.sys)
  39. help me! Sound virus?
  40. Google search results hijacked
  41. search engine redirects...
  42. Google Searches Redirect/Random Tabs Opening
  43. Search Engine Redirect/ Hijack?
  44. Browser Re-directs; Microsoft Office Fails to Load; Anti-Virus Fails to Update:upset:
  45. Google Hijacked
  46. IE pop ups and browser gets redirected..
  47. Google Link Hijacking and Blue Screen Crashes
  48. [SOLVED] Rootkit Removal Advice
  49. Search engine spyware
  50. Google Hijacker
  51. Cleaned up but still infected(log inside)
  52. Google Search Result Redirect
  53. Services failing to start(no internet, xp theme, sound ect...)
  54. I think I might have adware?
  55. Google Redirect and Antivirus Soft Removal
  56. Google links being redirected
  57. Is this a virus?
  58. Trojan Generic 17 - logs attached
  59. No Sound, No Connection, Win XP Theme Glitched
  60. Problem with SP.DLL
  61. Mysterious windows xp page "click" even though I haven't clicked the mouse. Virus?
  62. Ntload.dll vista problem
  63. Trojan Generic 17 - need help
  64. Malware infection
  65. Virus and spyware help
  66. Trojan Horse?
  67. avowea.exe
  68. [SOLVED] Please help I don't know what else to try
  69. Malware Doctor 2010 Removal and IE Problems
  70. Automatic Website Redirection When Using Search Engines/ Fake Microsoft Pro Antivirus
  71. Antispyware Soft + Google Redirect virus
  72. virus on windows 7
  73. Mozilla won't start- then it does- Trojan worry?
  74. A little help with my HijackThis log please?
  75. Random Google Links - Computer Lag
  76. Unable to access any anti-virus websites
  77. Police Pro Remnants, Maybe Other Stuff
  78. Trojan Dropper
  79. various possible problems with viruses.
  80. Help Request: My PC Freezes/Crashes from a likely virus
  81. virus help
  82. A Plethora of Problems
  83. links redirected in firefox and explorer TDSS???
  84. can't search for AVsoft in IE -get redirected
  85. Failure/Restart While Norton Loads
  86. Malware 'Personal AV' Safety Master AV - computer is sick!!!
  87. Trojan Horse Generic 17.HVJ
  88. Help: I have no idea what to do!
  89. Google Links Redirect
  90. svchost.exe HIGH CPU usage!
  91. Disinfecting nuseek browser redirection
  92. Infected by Antispyware Soft
  93. Random Growling Noise
  94. Mystery Virus!
  95. Help, I have Win32/Patched.DK Virus
  96. malware help
  97. [SOLVED] Good AV and Anti-spyware software, free and some that's not.
  98. Unable to follow first steps
  99. Trojan:Win32/FakeSpypro and Backdoor:Win32/Nuwar.A
  100. Extremely odd complications of an unknown cause...
  101. Rootkit.Agent gdcxqto.sys
  102. .exe - Bad Image
  103. Computer shutting down/freezing suddenly virus
  104. Persistent bugger
  105. redirect search and display problem
  106. internet browser redirects/GMER causes crash
  107. Antivirus websites re-directed & desktop/icons forever to load
  108. computer running slow has popups and keeps crashing
  109. Internet browser keeps opening
  110. Google Redirect Problem
  111. Programs Won't Launch!
  112. Norton intrusion alerts & occasional pop ups
  113. Scam Virus protection took over laptop
  114. Connection Blocking
  115. Antivirus soft infection twice in two days; no internet connection after repair
  116. [SOLVED] Virus has hijacked my Internet Explorer! Please help!
  117. Google Redirect Problem
  118. Antivirus Soft: can't enter safe mode, (and renames) have been patched
  119. nukeh.exe
  120. Can't update AV or other spyware programs.
  121. Help with unknown exe in startup. virus?
  122. PRC Viewer Removal Help
  123. Post antispyware soft
  124. [SOLVED] Antivirus Soft problems, possibly more
  125. Search engine link's redirects to other pages
  126. Got virus need help
  127. infected svchost.exe
  128. xp theme missing, couldn't connect to internet
  129. XP Display Theme Missing, Search Engine Redirect Installed
  130. Question Prior to Removal Procedures
  131. .exe duplicate
  132. Trojan in nbtsinst.dll ?
  133. Can't login to certain websites after Trojan
  134. link redirects in google
  135. Anti virus soft issue!
  136. Help !! Random pop ups/ ranom sites /= spware plzz helpp !!!
  137. google links redirect to ads
  138. Antispyware Soft Fake spyware
  139. IE opening itself, Browser re-directs
  140. Game Hacked - suspected keylogger
  141. AVG finds hidden drivers HELP
  142. Search engine redirect and other issues
  143. virus help
  144. Virus only blocks certain applications/websites
  145. help- browser hijacked
  146. Strange music playing from speakers
  147. 30 Second System Shutdown DDS/GMER Stuff
  148. Browser Redirect Gmer=Blue Screen!!
  149. msvcrt.dll as Trojan
  150. mabezat infection..antivirus blocks MS WORD..
  151. Some weird pc problems
  152. Computer infected but can't trace the problem.
  153. computer keeps nonstop downloading of net.
  154. Urgent Help: DNS server keeps changing & redirecting pages
  155. Not sure where problem is.....
  156. Virus?
  157. Nasty Virus on my PC
  158. [SOLVED] Virus disabled my Port 80 even after removal!
  159. Google Redirect Malware
  160. Virus? Or other problem?
  161. Computer Crashing
  162. Google links get redirected to random web sites
  163. Search engine redirect virus
  164. Google Redirect Virus
  165. adaware shuts down by itself along with firefox
  166. Question About Autorun.inf
  167. Need Help with Malware/Virus Invasion
  168. firefox-yahoo redirect virus
  169. Malware/Virus help please
  170. Browsers Redirected
  171. please check my HJT logfile
  172. Browser Redirect Virus
  173. Cannot Connect to Internet due to virus
  174. Computer is extremely slow!
  175. I have either Malex.gen!F or MSIL:Crypt-P infected on my machine
  176. Search engine is highjacked
  177. Antispyware Soft infection
  178. cannot post requested info, help please.
  179. Help (PLATFORM META META.65iic5)
  180. TDSS Rootkit
  181. Virus causing google redirects and no access to Microsoft pages.
  182. Specific new Artemis trojan help needed
  183. request for help from victim of search redirect
  184. I cant get GMER to install properly
  185. Automatic Reboots (w/ proper logs)
  186. Windows 7 - Projekt1 Runtime Error on Startup
  187. Automatic Reboots
  188.!mem in C:\Windows\System32\Winlogon.exe
  189. virus help.i am useless at this!
  190. Windows Upade & Defender update problem
  191. Laptop is really slow to open and close programs all of a sudden
  192. Firefox opens random tabs / redirects sites
  193. malware infection
  194. [SOLVED] Hijacked or redirected notebook problem
  195. [SOLVED] generic.dx!sqk (McAfee) infected :(
  196. Dialler I can't get rid of
  197. Trojan.win32.Agent.azsy
  198. Redirect and other virus
  199. Hijack log okay?
  200. Unable to Install/Uninstall Programs
  201. Google redirect
  202. I believe my child clicked on a "faux" security pop up
  203. Green Desktop "Your system has been infected"
  204. Virus Redirects Google Searches?
  205. computer freezes/beeps
  206. My DDs and GMER thing
  207. Web Browser Redirect Problem
  208. TrojanASPX.js.win32? Can't get online
  209. Need help. Laptop Slow, Constant Browser Crashing and Ads, + Other Stuff
  210. dll is not valid win32
  211. Babylon translator IE8 hijack.
  212. [SOLVED] IE8 wont launch, virus still there?
  213. Internet Search Redirect
  214. Antispyware Soft
  215. google redirect virus
  216. Is my laptop cleared of viruses now?
  217. Web Browsing Problems
  218. search engine redirecting
  219. Diffculty Accessing a Browser & The Web
  220. A0071904.sys
  221. Antispyware Soft fake spyware remover
  222. Virus Assistance Needed
  223. Very Slow computer
  224. Virus Problem
  225. taskmgr.exe/ctl-alt-dlt not working
  226. Virus issue crippled internet access
  227. BS anti-virus spyware trojan. HELP! Can't open programs.
  228. IE8 has been hijacked!
  229. Help with HJT log
  230. Malware Damage to MS Office Installation
  231. Spyware Soft Virus
  232. [SOLVED] Antivirus
  233. virus: can't run dds or gmer
  234. Browser redirect trojan?
  235. Problems with Sygate...possible rootkit?
  236. Need virus/trojan removal help :(
  237. Worm
  238. cannot remove virus
  239. Olmarik trojan help!!!
  240. Virus, closes all applications I open- No idea what to do
  241. Virus/Malware which affects browsing and windows stability
  242. Virus/Malware Infection That Doesn't Allow Applications to Open
  243. Recieving cannot open .exe application file is infected message using Win 7
  244. trojan bho.mep
  245. pop-ups and cannot update virus software
  246. weird process in taskmanager -all logs attacked
  247. Phishing - what is going on here?
  248. Olmarik trojan help!!!
  249. Virus Problem - Antispyware Soft
  250. Please help something wrong with Comp