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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Internet & anti-virus not working
  2. Iexplorer.exe invisible audio ads
  3. Antivir Solutions Pro... need help
  4. Trojan ASPX.JS.Win32 Virus
  5. Common Prompt, Task Bar, Regedit Disable
  6. Malware popups, and volume randomly cuts
  7. The wave bar in my Volume control keeps going down
  8. Win32/AntiVirusSystemPro Virus - nothing seems to work
  9. Help, spyware.
  10. Computer Attacks
  11. IE popup ads, wave muted problem
  12. google redirecter
  13. Help! Something's using iexplore and I can't stop it!
  14. F-SEcure Anti Virus constantly telling me that I am infected
  15. Help I believe I have a virus...
  16. HiJack This and ComboFix Analysts, Im not worthy
  17. application cannot be executed the file ---.exe is infected
  18. xp was taken over some malware... can't execute anything including gmer and
  19. First Steps completed, ready for analysis
  20. Microphone and IE both having issues.
  21. Google searches hijacked, Win Update blocked - can't find any problems
  22. Undetected annoying Virus...HELP?!?
  23. Redirect from search results
  24. Re-direct issue
  25. Getting Redirected
  26. Major 'Not Responding' Issue!
  27. Search Redirect Malware and progressive errors
  28. Dangerous virus infected my computer
  29. AV Security Suite Virus
  30. [HELP], Wave Sound Muted, Random Clicks in Background, Ad Popups
  31. Security Master AV Has Deeply Infected My Computer
  32. Computer slow and mouse not working...
  33. Ried home pc 2 (laptop)
  34. Google redirect and slow computer
  35. Looking for Assistance with Hijacker Problem…
  36. rootkit 36240 help please!
  37. Random pop ups muting and "Congratulations you've won!"
  38. Strange Problems...
  39. System Wont Boot - Virus problems - AVGIDSErHr.sys
  40. My computer is still acting weird!
  41. Malware suspected please help :)
  42. Serious startup problem
  43. Keylogger issues
  44. under attack from malware
  45. Fake AV infection
  46. Antimalware Doctor
  47. prep instructions
  48. Ried PC3 (Office)
  49. Ried PC2 (Laptop)
  50. ms32dll.dll virus
  51. Virus Help - No idea what it is!
  52. DDS.scr Starting Window Appears Then Nothing
  53. IE Virus
  54. AV Security Suite
  55. "Congratulations, you've won!" and Pop-up ads
  56. msdll32.dll.vbs
  57. Virus processes appeared after I opened a file I downloaded
  58. Re-Direct Win 7
  59. Search Redirect problems...
  60. Web pages not opening.
  61. AV Security had taken over my laptop help!!
  62. AVG Interent Security Detects **restart.exe**
  63. [SOLVED] HEEEEELLLLPP ME!!!!! I think im infected
  64. Help required fixing redirect and who knows what else...
  65. AV Security Suite
  66. browser redirect AND svchost issue
  67. Being Facebook hacked constantly HELP!
  68. System32 Rootkit.ttds Help Needed/Won't Delete
  69. explorer redirect problem progressing into popups
  70. Virus/Malware Help Please
  71. internet links leading to ads
  72. Possible iexplore.exe trojan.
  73. Trojan downloader
  74. internet links leading to ads
  75. "Application cannot be executed. The file rstrui.exe is infected."
  76. Application cannot be executed Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?
  77. Oh God please help me get rid of infections
  78. Malware/Virus Help Please!
  79. My computer is effected by a virus please help.
  80. Slow Computer Maybe a Virus?
  81. Virus Help - Daughter's Computer
  82. Google redirect
  83. Wave volume control and hidden iexplore ads
  84. Get rid of HelpAssistant folder in Documents and Settings (Rootkit Trojan?)
  85. Redirects and popups
  86. Internet explorer not working after clearing a Trojan Virus
  87. Trojan limiting internet access and anti-virus updates
  88. Redirecting of Google searches & SVCHost.exe acting up.
  89. Threat Detected
  90. Need help please with foto virus ~
  91. Need help removing at least one Trojan
  92. Please help!!! possible coolwebsearch?
  93. Computer is really slow
  94. us bank fake webpage?
  95. Robbers & Theives 2
  96. AV Security Suite
  97. Search Engine Redirect Problems
  98. Computer locked in a shutting down/booting up cycle
  99. Virus Coming After Live Update
  100. Browser Redirects
  101. Can someone help please, Picture included
  102. Trojan problems
  103. Got a couple Trojans
  104. Search is redirected
  105. Google Redirect Virus!
  106. Memory stick with a virus
  107. The X exe
  108. Malicious malware attack possibly picked up from Twitter
  109. strange problem with folders
  110. Google Redirect Problems
  111. Cannot Access Internet Or Update MBAM. gmer Crashes Computer.
  112. Hacktool.Rootkit please help
  113. google redirects and auto pops up
  114. Gala Directory has taken over
  115. My computer is under constant attack
  116. Invincible Virus, which keeps muting sound, and lot of popups..... HELPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. Some Urls are redirected to and other websites (pop-ups also) plz help
  118. PC is erratic-PLEASE HELP!!! loosing Drive F
  119. remove
  120. Win32 Trojans - Browser Re-directs, Page cannot be displayed
  121. Possible further infection?
  122. google links redirecting and computer freezing virus help
  123. Search results redirected
  124. virus' detected, removed, now pc running very slow!
  125. Virus issue
  126. Trojan disables all programs
  127. Bill112.exe virus
  128. Norton flagged file needing attention - suspicious
  129. Program closing
  130. Problem with virus infection
  131. Malware help needed
  132. Helpassistant virus and google redirect virus
  133. unable to access certain websites
  134. Google Problem
  135. IRQL Blue Screen whenever I try to run Super Antispyware
  136. *** cant post logs
  137. Virus disguised as a .dll file?
  138. computer problems
  139. Severe number of problems need help fixing and GMER doesn't work
  140. search engine redirect
  141. Browser Redirects
  142. Another with Google redirect trojan
  143. Something wrong with my mom.exe
  144. Google Redirecting & Pop ups Please Help!!
  145. Will My Computer be Truly Safe Again?
  146. Re: Browsing Problems
  147. Google Redirect and random Tab openings
  148. Started off as a a Google results redirect...
  150. google redirect virus, but cant get rid of
  151. Alureon.CT
  152. Help w/ hijackthis log
  153. Slow Computer?... -.-;
  154. Lots of connections on port 25
  155. Redirects, Antivirus and Antispyware sites blocked
  156. "first steps" spyware removal issues
  157. Problems - Looks like virus - Please Help
  158. Virus Problem (Re-Do)
  159. Virus Issue (Please Help)
  160. Possible Virus - Several Computer Issues - Internet Connection, Settings, Networking
  161. Google Redirect Problems
  162. I have HelpAssistant Virus - GMER won't complete
  163. Trojan horse Generic17.CFLH & Trojan horse Downloader Generic9.BXWQ
  164. Random Redirects on links from google search
  165. Search Result Redirects, Random Pop-ups
  166. Redirect Problem/Connection Issues
  167. Rediret problems
  168. Google Redirect bug
  169. I got tricked into installing AV Security Suit
  170. Pop Ups, can't access websites
  171. files turned into .exe
  173. Riddled with security software
  174. Computer Running Slow, I suspect virus's...
  175. Google Re-direct Issues; After resolving Antivirus Soft Issue
  176. AV Anti Virus Suite
  177. when I click a link on google it brings me to some random site that wasnt the link
  178. Yahoo search redirects
  179. Google redirect problem
  180. Old Problem New Member
  181. plz answer my quick question for my peace
  182. yet another google/yahoo redirect
  183. Infection - Loss of Internet, Sound Ads, Unable to Update Antivirus/Windows
  184. HJT log file IE not open connexion Internet
  185. Browser redirection
  186. need help with a killer virus
  187. Help please.. possible virus/spyware/malware unable to install antivirus software
  188. Antivirus Soft / Google Redirect - persistent problem (with logs)
  189. Google Redirect and random pop ups
  190. AV Security Suite - Computer now locks up
  191. AV Security Suite/Redirected HOSTS
  192. Love Kills anyone ?
  193. All Media Files Corrupted (Reading as 45KB size)
  194. Still infected?
  195. Still infected? Please Help :(
  196. unable to connect sites that run through google
  197. no IP address
  198. My antivirus says it can't delete the virus binekdel.dll
  199. Inaccessible trojans
  200. Another browser redirect
  201. HiJackThis log file for review.
  202. Constant Pop-ups in Firefox... adware?
  203. Google Redirect virus! Please help!
  204. missing websites
  205. AV Security Suite nightmare (with details)
  206. Laptop freezes when idle
  207. Internet Explore search engine redirecting when web site is selected? HELP
  208. Keyboard only works safe mode; PE_PATCHED.RCS; RogueAV_File.DCT; Rootkits
  209. malware first steps scanning problems
  210. Computer freezes after being on for 10-20 mins
  211. Antovirus Soft / Google Redirect - Persistent problems after trying several fixes
  212. "AV Security Suite" NIGHTMARE!!
  213. gmer stops suddenly please help asap
  214. DLL files missing - after installing Limewire
  215. Browser Redirection
  216. need help removing malware
  217. Google Redirection and Random Pop Ups
  218. Links redirect/No icons work in Safe Mode
  219. Major Malware Infection: BankerFox, Backdoor Trojan, etc.
  220. I need help determining if I have a keylogger or other malware
  221. Trojan Horse PSW.Generic 8.AYA infection
  222. Trojan Horse ircbot.LWM? & Original post from 6/12/10
  223. Redirect and Lag
  224. Possible Trojan Virus
  225. Annoying redirect with google and browser problems HJT log included
  226. Random Tab Pop ups and Just-In-Time Debugging pop ups
  227. Help me plz im scared of virus
  228. .exe bad image error
  229. My son's computer may be infected...
  230. Patched User 32, Artemis Trojan and Ebay Redirect...
  231. Trojan horse BackDoor.Ircbot.LWM virus
  232. Google redirect rootkit, unable to remove by myself
  233. Corrupted executables
  234. BackDoor-DKI!mem continues to be detected
  235. Possible Hijack/Malware IE8
  236. Sinowal and Antispyware Soft
  237. google searches redirected and unwanted new browser windows opening
  238. virus from msn please help!!!
  239. Brower Redirects
  240. Malware Infection / No internet connection
  241. Random Pop ups in Tabs with Firefox
  242. Nasty Malware
  243. wow account been hacked
  244. browser hijacked
  245. Antivirus Soft/AV Security Suite Pop-ups
  246. Laptop crashing constantly!
  247. Popup and strange web usage....
  248. Google Redirect and Toolbar Virus
  249. my computer is said to be infected !
  250. Google Redirect and other things