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  1. I may have a virus/malware?
  2. Painfully slow computer especially when on internet
  3. [SOLVED] How to delete the adware Unideals.
  4. How to permanently delete Trojan.DNS after MalwareBytes
  5. Redirect and pop up virus
  6. I may have a virus?
  7. [SOLVED] Possible Virus Removal
  8. Computer Keeps Downloading Random Programs
  9. Dell Insp. 15 3000 Series (Win 7 64) Packet loss/DVD drive malfunction
  10. [SOLVED] I May Have A Virus, And Need Help
  11. Laptop riddled with adware /spyware
  12. Preparing Security Options
  13. Dell XPS 8300 Boots Slowly
  14. Unable to uninstall SC:BW
  15. [SOLVED] Laggy startup...programs slow to open?
  16. Several Issues
  17. PUP Optional.Trovi.A
  18. Malware Check
  19. Laptop boots S L O W L Y
  20. Internet provider saying that I could have a virus (from in browser)
  22. PC detected Hacking Attack on your browser call 1-855-704-1387
  23. [SOLVED] Parents computer infested with pop up ads
  24. Malware Assistance Requested (Possibly Trojan.Poweliks?)
  25. [SOLVED] Browsers stopped working for all accounts except existing admin account
  26. kryptik.daya and psw.papras.dr - can't run gmer
  27. [SOLVED] Live stream malware from Strikeout
  28. Looking at my Process list.
  29. Assistance
  30. Virus has caused Network Adapter to now work
  31. CPU hot and computer slow
  32. Virus causing problems with Microsoft Account
  33. [SOLVED] poweliks detected + missing Tasks Bar Icons
  34. General Malware issue
  35. Browser filled with pop-ups
  36. New Gaming PC 0 fps :(
  37. AVG 'blocked due to group policy' & HELP_DECRYPY Files on Desktop...
  38. Pop up ads make using internet almost impossible.
  39. I need help- possible virus/malware
  40. Yt downloader changes proxy settings
  41. Unable to use google/redirecting on regularly used sites
  42. Browser hijacked by mystartsearch
  43. Windows 8.1 laptop needs checkup
  44. Obrona Block Ads/Proxy Virus?
  45. Lot of pup up's while surfing the web, can't use the computer anymore
  46. How do you remove Advanceelite?
  47. AVG 'blocked due to group policy' issue
  48. [SOLVED] Invalid Windows, plus other issues
  49. Infected?
  50. CTB-Locker
  51. "Uniblue Scanner 2015"
  52. Having very bad Malware and possible Trojan
  53. I can't open YouTube.
  54. Software Keeps popping up
  55. Kaspersky install not valid win32 applicaton
  56. Suspicious network traffic, undetected malware?
  57. Rotbrowse, Taplika hijacker, and adware
  58. Youtube won't open on my pc, probably other stuff too
  59. adware/spyware on my laptop
  60. New Lenovo laptop running slow on browsing and everything else
  61. Vosteran
  62. My Sony Vaio E Series is running like a 486.
  63. GamingWonderland
  64. Stepdaughter's laptop a mess
  65. Browser Hijacked by Websearches
  66. Malware Help
  67. Removal of BestSaveForYou PUP
  68. Homepage Changed Without My Doing, Other Issues
  69. Computer re-infected with adware/malware
  70. Wow this thing is really screwed up
  71. PUP Optional Spigot.A
  72. Accidentilly dowloaded malware
  73. sucmauac.exe google chrome taking cpu
  74. Computer infected with adware/malware
  75. help with removal
  76. adnxs redirect in AOL
  77. CPU 100% - how to solve?
  78. Help with HJT log files
  79. Omiga Plus walware in IE
  80. Any browsers opens automatically new tabs:
  81. Is there a problem with this post?
  82. Virus scanners not removing found items
  83. Virus Adware
  84. Can't run AVG & MalwareBytes!! "...prevented by a software restriction policy"
  85. Performance Optimizer
  86. Hearing ads...
  87. Unexplained Network traffic/internet lag
  88. [SOLVED] A failed download at each launch of Firefox
  89. Checkup please
  90. Always programs running when trying to shutdown
  91. Internet Explorer stops responding or runs slow
  92. Urgent checkup please 12.8.14
  93. Trojan.Cidox Activity removal?
  94. Please help!!! After effects of MY START SEARCH adware/malware
  95. Malware or virus
  96. Something really slowing my PC - Possible hidden virus?
  97. Something really slowing my PC - Possible hidden virus?
  98. Cannot get rid of this Adware...
  99. Laptop slower than usual.
  100. Laptop acting weird.
  101. Multiple pop-ups, ads and browser redirects
  102. Fake Adobe Flash upgrade requierd
  103. I think I have Malwars
  104. Computer acting pretty weird.
  105. open software updater : virus ?
  106. Webcam shows in use, no AV install works, on Win7 updates, inet works "fine"...
  107. Popup at startup prevents laptop use
  108. Spyware
  109. savepass
  110. Having Issues with my Laptop, possible virus, malware, adware
  111. Unable to Install AVG, etc.
  112. Slow Laptop
  113. Malware/trojan help
  114. malware removal
  115. GMER not working
  116. Malware, possible virus help please
  117. 2nd PC is very slow
  118. Obrona adware/malware has taken over Steam and Chrome.
  119. Posible Malware /Virus
  120. Virus Attack - Help Needed
  121. Malware in AppData>LocalLow> ?
  122. [SOLVED] AppHangXProcB1 errors
  123. c:\avenger\wth190.dll
  124. Malware/browser ads on computer
  125. AVG - This program is blocked by group policy
  126. Possible virus
  127. AdChoices?
  128. Pop-ups, slow PC - Help! (Please...)
  129. Ledoborota issues.
  130. redirect in AOL Browser
  131. 'File/ directory is corrupted and unreadable'
  132. Virus Help Needed
  133. [SOLVED] WSE Astromenda Removal
  134. I think I have a virus
  135. [SOLVED] In Needed of Help
  136. [SOLVED] In Needed Help
  137. Internet Explorer Not Connecting
  138. Sound works.. but not by default.
  139. pop ups etc arrgghh
  140. [SOLVED] Tuvaro
  141. Virus/ Trojan Please help
  142. Malware issues...
  143. [SOLVED] Problem with cltmngui.exe
  144. Malware, possible virus
  145. 1359 java install error! Please Help
  146. Browser hijacked
  147. [SOLVED] Onlinemapfinder. All clear?
  148. Unwanted Adware
  149. Directed here from Hard Drive Support
  150. Possible Virus
  151. Foxfire - keep getting viruses
  152. 4 month old Dell showing circular egg timer at every turn
  153. Websites not loading properly
  154. Malware that won't go away
  155. Daily pop-up tab in Firefox
  156. Brand new computer with a malware gift
  157. ytd.exe keeps appearing in temp folder
  158. slow browser and boot time - potential malware?
  159. Server execution failed -- second try
  160. Server execution failure
  161. dds is not meant to run in compatibility mode
  162. RIM MDNS Error/PUP.Optional.* Malware Infection
  163. [SOLVED]
  164. error message turning up
  165. Internet & Computer Restart Take Over
  166. Search Protect Infection
  167. [SOLVED] Mysterious internet problems, suspecting malware.
  168. Infected Machine
  169. Fake Pop Up Updates, Rootkit.ZeroAccess, etc...
  170. Rocket Tab- Screen Shot Enclosed
  171. Chrome Problems
  172. Costmin Infection & Others
  173. Astromenda hijack
  174. [SOLVED] Fake Update Pop Ups in Browser
  175. [SOLVED] virus
  176. Internet connection hijacked
  177. Malwarebytes log - delete registry file?
  178. istart123
  179. [SOLVED] OP infected? 2n laptop - no double post!
  180. Computer so slow and keeps freezing..
  181. Scan showed 23+ Trojan Infections
  182. mshta.exe UAC popups constantly
  183. Laptop runs very slow-possible viruses
  184. I keep getting same security warnings
  185. trojan.fake virus 9 of them comes back hourly
  186. taskmgr and regedit wont restore/enable
  187. Ihelp123 malware redirects search results
  188. Help with laptop
  189. help
  190. Both my browsers hijacked
  191. Computer keeps freezing - Think I have a virus
  192. I my laptop also infected with a backdoor trojan/rootkit?
  193. Need Help Nitol-C Virus
  194. Help on suspected malware
  195. [SOLVED] Malware Popped Back 2 days after Solved
  196. Virus with pop-ups
  197. Help! My desktop is infected with a bot/malware
  198. My Friend download 24x7 help on my computer
  199. My Dell Laptop is either infected or a P.O.S
  200. Tuvaro Searchnet Hijacked Browser
  201. HP Admin Acct Don't have passwd anymore
  202. [SOLVED] Hijackers have invaded my computer
  203. [SOLVED] Multiple CSRSS.exe running with Hanging Firefox
  204. Help removing search engines from Chrome launch
  205. [SOLVED] dds.scr malware prep froze my system
  206. AVG and malwarebytes blocked by group policy!!
  207. Re: Administrator Rights Vanished Windows7
  208. Laptop was blocked by avira and alot of popups
  209. OffersWizard Ads Browser Virus
  210. Win64:Evo-Gen [Susp]
  211. Possible running slow
  212. [SOLVED] routine eset online found problem and BSD on running GMER
  213. Remove adds
  214. V9 Uninstaller removal help needed.
  215. [SOLVED] FBI/DOJ Moneypak Virus Ransomware Infection
  216. A few issues - Unsure if virus/malware related or not
  217. [SOLVED] can't remove malware Re-markit
  218. AVG 'Blocked by Group Policy'
  219. Malware / Spyware / Virus message related to 'Defrag.exe' keeps popping up at logon
  220. ASK browser removal help please
  221. [SOLVED] How do you want to open this type of file
  222. Multiple computer issues, Win Explorer stops responding
  223. [SOLVED] 'Trojan.Agent.Ed'+ more stuff found....
  224. Logs as requested
  225. Possible Spyware.
  226. AVG Blocked by Group Policy
  227. High Severity Adware unable to be removed
  228. coputer is very slow
  229. PC Infected Please help.
  230. updateflashplayer********.exe
  231. Cannot open AVG - blocked by group policy
  232. V9 Hijack Victim Needs Assistance, Please
  234. Popups after downloading from
  235. Pop-ups from Supra Savings driving me insane!
  236. Suspicious
  237. ESET NOD32 Win32/sirfef Help!
  238. [SOLVED] Cannot open AVG (AGAIN)!!!!
  239. [SOLVED] Luhe.LockScreen.A / 0tbpw.pad
  240. DDS probkrm
  241. Internet Explorer 11 crashes and other problemes.
  242. IE redirecting
  243. Win32.2URface.bho
  244. Slow Computer, Random Popups, etc.
  245. Cannot set windows firewall error message 0x8007042c
  246. [SOLVED] my pc is very slow
  247. Adware/Malware Problems
  248. yhs4 search
  249. Strange audio Ads.
  250. What is