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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Google search redirected/slow
  2. Help With Infection or Bad Update for XP - IE 7…
  3. I beg for your help!(part deux)
  4. hijacked by Security Suites
  6. generic trojan need help locating
  7. Extremely slow computer- no issues reported by spybot/malwarebytes
  8. need help!
  9. USB Device Not Recognised, BSOD and the Phantom Defender.
  10. newbie's computer under threat
  11. Unable to run any programs
  12. Redirect Virus
  13. Need Help...Google search result links redirect hijack??
  14. Computer dead slow - Hijackthis log for review (Windows XP)
  15. unidentified malware ?
  16. MSN Virus
  17. kalak.exe worm?
  18. Help. Problem with Antivir Soultion Pro
  19. Trojan Horse not cleaned by AVG, PCMatic
  20. Network Connection Receiving Too Many Packets!!
  21. Brontok Worm, Windows Vista
  22. winlogon.exe virus
  23. Need guidance with Hijack This Analysis report of processes
  24. combo fix
  25. Bad image error message NEED HELP !!
  26. Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message
  27. windows explorer, media player, internet and more keep not responding
  28. unwanted web page
  29. Random IE popups
  30. search results redirected
  31. redirection
  32. Generic Host Process for Win32 and more
  33. How to remove upgrade.exe securityrisk
  34. Need help with trojan horse 18.BEVH
  35. Help! Problems with malware or after effects
  36. Help please: can't use IE Explorer or Firefox - can't get online.
  37. Security type websites being blocked.
  38. "My Security Shield"
  39. Redirect Virus
  40. Laptop ready for the scrap heap
  41. Links Hijacked
  42. Plz help very bad spyware!!!
  43. Dell Latitude D620 Virus Problem.
  44. XP SP3 fails to install - possible virus?
  45. Hit By Virus :(
  46. Links Being Hijacked
  47. IE popups, navigation sounds, phantom audio
  48. keyboard prank virus?
  49. Virus disabling all applications including task manager can't do anything
  50. Maybe newrelease70700.exe virus?
  51. HTTPS Tidserv Request Problem!
  52. help remove
  53. Yet another search engine redirect virus... please help!
  54. Occasional pop-ups from virus.
  55. Perflib_Perfdata_dd8.dat REMOVAL NEEDED
  56. Got another virus
  57. annoying internet problem
  58. search redirect virus - please reopen topic
  59. Google redirects and popups.
  60. Computer Dragging
  61. Virus - My Security Shield
  62. how do i get rid of this Mal/JavaSnd-A
  63. Antimalware doctor cleaning triggers BSOD
  64. No Sound, possible infection??? Windows ME
  65. Really messed up!
  66. Another Antivir Solution issue ....
  67. Nasty piece of malware .exe help?
  68. Possible gen-tdss
  69. Firefox redirects after removing malware/spyware
  70. Malware hiding on my computer
  71. Problem running combofix
  72. Dos prompt close immediately after 2 to 3 sec
  73. Ghost Audio and Pop-ups
  74. infected, please help!
  75. [SOLVED] Error Messages when Computer Switches on
  76. keylogger on my computer . Please help
  77. Infected with Spyware/Blocked from Web?
  78. Exploit Rogue Scanner of some sort
  79. Google redirect issue in Firefox
  80. Undetectable Virus Affecting Internet
  81. Random clicking noises, audio commercials, slow startup, game minimization, freezing.
  82. Help, My computer has a virus and keeps freezing/shutting down, I need it for work...
  83. Browser has been hijacked
  84. Help - audio virus - "Congratulations! You've won"
  85. Remote Access given to scammer
  86. > Firefox Google Search Malware Redirect problem. HELP NEEDED
  87. atapi.sys backdoor.tidserv inf NEED HELP!
  88. Mess of a system (Hijackthis file inside)
  89. Do I still have a virus? (csrss.exe?)
  90. "Congratulations you've won" virus and other weirdness
  91. internet explorere pop ups when using firefox
  92. Searches Redirected
  93. Virus Locked My User Account constant Pop Ups?
  94. Unknown Process
  95. Trojan.Gen found in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SDRA73.EXE
  96. Virus problem+need Solution
  97. Date change virus in windows xp..Please help..hijackthis log file attached.
  98. virus problem? need advice!
  99. flrvxuftssd.exe has stopped responding.
  100. Trojan.generic svchost
  101. Wave muting and Ads in background
  102. Redirect on browser search
  103. Browser Hijaked being redirected. And comp running slow.
  104. threatening antivirus popups
  105. Suspicion
  106. virus and a redirect plus other stuff
  107. Two weeks and problem remains
  108. someone is hackin me right now. what do i do?
  109. Google Redirect Virus
  110. Browser hijacked and being redirect, now getting BSODed (logs included)
  111. random sounds, clicking, voices, music
  112. Virus causing ipconflicts on entire network
  113. Antivir Problem
  114. Redirects, among other issues
  115. HTTP Attacks
  116. Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger not working
  117. re-rootkit problems and errors
  118. google redirect virus and other problems
  119. Windows update won't load, windows running slow NEED HELP.....PLEASE!
  120. Virus & spyware problem
  121. Virus plays random audio ads
  122. Startup Errors, Laptop wont enter sleep mode
  123. Iexplore Malware/Virus
  124. http tidserv request 1 & 2
  125. Msn virus :( Help?
  126. pop up i can hear but cant see.need help
  127. Browser re-direct / CPU stalling
  128. help please
  129. HELP: TidServ Request virus
  130. very suspicious .exe files, remove?
  131. Ie8 Killing me. Buggie HP laptop
  132. Google redirect/Can't Update/FireFox Crashes on startup/ Memory Leaks?
  133. Think my PC may have had something and after a second opinion
  134. IE running invisible in background. voice ads.
  135. Popups, Slow, Erratic Behavior - Please Help
  136. Browser Redirect Malware (cannot run First Steps tools)
  137. Google redirect virus
  138. ZFARCH Trojan? Search Redirect Issues
  139. Congrats You Won...IE Popups...Clicking Sounds
  140. Possible infection
  141. I think i have virus on my computer or msn
  142. Security Tool Virus
  143. Wireless internet won't work, virus suspected?
  144. Trojan virus encrypting files?
  145. winlogon.exe trojan! need help! fast plz!
  146. congratulations virus
  147. Something slowing internet WAAAY down and kicking me offline
  148. Unable to remove virus
  149. need help with removing redirect malware
  150. Malware Preventing Installation Of Firewall!
  151. can not install combo fix computer shuts down
  152. Desktop is non-interactive!
  153. Urgent Virus Help!
  154. Some virus
  155. iexplorer.exe slows PC, no safe mode
  156. In Dire Need of helping me Remove the Antivirus Pro Solutions Virus!!
  157. Cant seem to get rid of this virus
  158. Am I alright?
  159. Invisible Ads and Wave keeps muting.
  160. Anything?
  161. Ghost Audio Problem
  162. If I reinstall my whole OP will that gurantee that my computer will start off fresh?
  163. Invisible pop-ups and random, self-playing audio clips
  164. Super Anti-Spyware No Longer Detecting
  165. Trojan Dropper
  166. keylogger
  167. Un-Believeable!?
  168. Malware/virus/worm? Trouble shutting down, opening of tabs, bypassed antivirus
  170. I deleted *most* of the viruses, but still some problems...
  171. Search redirect and unable to download tools
  172. Firefox/IE trojan re-direct issue
  173. trouble removing malware/virus
  174. Gah. Help. Redirect Bug gone wrong.
  175. The Old and technology - Anyone wanna help my mum? :)
  176. Trojans, malware and other problems
  177. Smart Shopper Removal
  178. Need help with removing win32/Patched.DX virus (remade with proper logs)
  179. AV Security Suite... I think...
  180. Questions about file recovery after virus
  181. Help! Getting redirected and can't update
  182. Windows Vista won't start because of corrupted vgkqoce.sys file
  183. Antivir 2010 + cannot run gmer.exe
  184. How to Remove the virus which turning the folders of pendrive into shortcuts
  185. Redirect virus and others virus...please help!
  186. Possible Virus (sanity check)
  187. Need help to remove virus?
  188. Fake Antivirus infection
  189. antivir virus
  190. I think I have a virus...or something...
  191. Antivir solution pro removal
  192. Lots of drive activity/slow system - Spyware/Trojan?
  193. Please help!
  194. Need help with Trojans including - artemis, generic.dx, generic dropp
  195. Need help with iexplore virus
  196. Looking for help with a hijackthis log
  197. iexplore.exe connecting to unknown IPs in background
  198. Is someone stealing passwords from me?
  199. Possible Keylogger
  200. No system restore on Windows 7
  201. [SOLVED] Unable to download/change security software
  202. Online game account compromised - Need help!
  203. Ad yieldmanager that turns off my sound
  204. Malwarebytes Problem - Used to Get Rid of Antivirus 2009
  205. Weird advertisement virus
  206. Tvshack trojan. Help
  207. TR/Crypt? & Google Redirect (HJT Log)
  208. Random Music and Ads
  209. unable to run windows update
  210. Cannot run virus and other programs. Online virus scanning webpages will not display.
  211. Possible Virus??
  212. PLease help me
  213. Help is needed
  214. Problem with Win32.backdoor.shiz virus
  215. Security Warning - "Application cannot be executed..."
  216. virus/trojan/spyware has me good
  217. Trojan/Malware/Virus Infection
  218. Fraud.sysguard infection
  219. Windows Update and google search results not working after virus
  220. Google Redirect
  221. Unable to Use IE 8 Due to Possible Virus or Malware Infection
  222. PLEASE HELP!! Trojan problems
  223. Resident Shield Alert Infection Please Help!
  224. computer sending mass spam email
  225. [SOLVED] Internet explorer pop-ups, "Congratulations you've won", clicking sounds
  226. HP Pavilion dv5000 in trouble
  227. Virus sending emails automatically
  228. I have a virus and can't click on anything
  229. Debug error
  230. Recently infected with trojan.Win32.Generic!SB.0
  231. Random IE Popups and Wave Sound Muting
  232. They got me!
  233. Easier to reformat?
  234. Possible Rootkit problem?
  235. jspack virus
  236. Possible Virus
  237. AntiVir Solution Pro virus
  238. Cannot Remove Marketscore Spyware
  239. Possible Virus
  240. oh dear...not good?
  241. Some form of virius?
  242. persistent Antimalware Doctor infection
  243. sbddinst.exe error
  244. "google Redirect"
  245. Random Popups, wave sound, iexplore.exe
  246. Fixing a Virus Problem Offline?
  247. something blocking me from certain sites
  248. Possible malware --> Java explosion???
  249. anything to be worried about this report "" PLZ Help ""
  250. The wave bar in my Volume control keeps going down (with correct logs)