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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Suspected infection w/ Ashley Anderson trojan
  2. Might still be infected, trojans
  3. Ashley Anderson virus removal
  4. Please analyze these...
  5. System Slow....Rootkit.Agent.H Found
  6. Rogue Emails from me - this time with log files
  7. Redirect/IE/Fake Antivirus
  8. [SOLVED] Recurring trojan/malware?
  9. Rogue Anti-Virus App problem
  10. Please analyze my HiJack this log.
  11. who knows about sysanti.exe removing
  12. remove combofix help
  13. Trojan Virus TTSVSKAR ???
  14. Smart Engine Rogue infection
  15. spus.sys - possible BSOD source
  16. Trouble removing Antivirus Action - please help!
  17. Trojan Horse or lies?
  18. Virus found by TM now what???
  19. Google search results hijacked please help
  20. Need some help Please
  21. A question about hacks and spywares
  22. Slow desktop - Can't run Spybot/adaware - Hijack this log attached
  23. Spyware BSOD
  24. Multiple Viruses..
  25. Search engine re-direct and browser hijack
  26. Trojan 1ebb.jar from a4hosts(dot)com
  27. Fake Alert Trojan Koobface
  28. Malware Infection-Patched-Sysfile.d and more???
  29. [SOLVED] Malware Problem Windows XP
  30. Google Chrome fails to load + Norton Intrusion Alerts
  31. [SOLVED] Olmarik Trojan, Oh What Fun!
  32. Google redirect to
  33. Losing weeklong battle vs. rootkit
  34. 508.exe Error
  35. internet is not working in regular mode
  36. Aftermath of Malware removal causing blue error screen upon bootup
  37. coolwwwsearch.olehelp trojan masquerading as SVCHOST.EXE
  38. sent here from vista
  39. DDS logs
  40. verclsid running on background
  41. Google Redirect Virus/Malware
  42. Generic host process Win32 Services issue
  43. google-analytics virus, need help
  44. My Hijackthis log
  45. Fake Microsoft security essentials alert
  46. Bank notified me I am infected w/ Zeus Banking Trojan--Can you help?
  47. From the Trend Micro HijackThis logfile.
  48. redirect
  49. Yahoo Search Redirects
  50. [SOLVED] Lot's of problems
  51. Trojan Agent - Continuation of same issue
  52. Certain websites won't load -- I suspect a virus!
  53. malware problem...
  54. Redirect malware
  55. Protection from viruses, spyware n' malware?
  56. albert.exe
  57. Google Redirect Problem
  58. Possible rootkit - hyperlinks are redirected to either ads, Google or Yahoo
  59. Need help with slow computer
  60. Laptop 2. Possible infections. Poor performance
  61. Previous help thread, continued.
  62. Having problems removing pizda_ntload.dll
  63. Random Google redirect to scammy antivirus page, reappears after attempts to delete
  64. Patched_c.JED
  65. malware issues continued
  66. Google redirect virus and winlogon.exe and explorer.exe trojans
  67. Cannot load google, gmail, youtube websites
  68. Malware/Virus Question
  69. Hi. I'm not sure where to post this.
  70. Google search redirects/ Windows updates don't happen
  71. Trojans and Java
  72. HijackThis help please
  73. Browser Hijacker/Rediecting
  74. trojan/virus help!!!?
  75. Webpage redirects in mozilla
  76. I have a Virus!!
  77. Slow computer and redirected links
  78. "Antivirus Action" attack
  79. Malware redirecting browser, diminished windows function
  80. Can't remove Virus, stopping Google Chrome from opening
  81. antivirus action hijacked my computer
  82. Rogue Antivirus Software - HELP
  83. Worm.Autorun
  84. Firefox/Explorer redirect - System Locks Up
  85. Virus on Desktop
  86. Google redirects... please help
  87. Generic host process Win32 Services issue
  88. No Idea What To Do!
  89. Hotmail sending spam... PC Log attached
  90. at very least Bamital infection in winlogon.exe, explorer.exe, and mouclass.sys
  91. antivirus popups unable to run dds
  92. Facebook virus
  93. HELP! Not so random BSOD, hangs, etc.
  94. Google redirect
  95. Got bit...need help please
  96. Adware and maybe spyware and virus trouble here.
  97. Over 10 rundll32.exe running - just acting weird.
  98. Can't run system with Firefox since...
  99. ntdevice problem which Malwarebytes doesn't fix
  100. Slow PC - Possible Spyware/Virus?
  101. [SOLVED] Google, Rapidshare, Hotmail all seem infected ("First Step" done)
  102. I Think I Have A Virus That Panda Isnt Picking Up
  103. HELP! Google, Rapidshare, Hotmail all seem infected, although scanned no problem.
  104. RIED - Laptop #2
  105. Internet Slow, no Virus or malware found?
  106. Project1/Lsass Virus - constant restarting
  107. Major Defense Kit
  108. GMER won't scan
  109. wondering this about virus infection
  110. Possible rootkit/virus
  111. Another malware removal help request
  112. Redirects, freezes & blue screens
  113. Fake Microsoft Essentials alert, ran Malwarebytes, now what?
  114. Application cannot be executed...
  115. Redirect virus help!
  116. Remove malware from my WinXP SP3
  117. Virus Help Please/Thank You
  118. ^$^[email protected][email protected]#% Redirect virus
  119. irratic behaviour of browser
  120. Rootkit / Google redirect
  121. Can't run GMER Rootkit Scanner
  122. Google search links sending me to spam\ad websites
  123. Host process hogs CPU/closes, strange pop-ups, Windows won't update
  124. trojan plus blue screen of death
  125. google/bing redirect problems
  126. Scan with another computer?
  127. maleware problem
  128. Help: Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alarm->PC unstable
  129. Just Reformatted twice,virus still here
  130. Trojan Horse Dropper Generic 2.AXMW
  131. Seneka
  132. Help request - PC infected, blocks scanning apps from running
  133. WMIMGMT.exe in Application data folder creating autorun in USB
  134. Trojan Browser Hijacker - help please!
  135. Website redirects
  136. Pop up, unrepsonsive taskbar, virus??
  137. Annoying Pop-ups
  138. Trojan and malwarebytes help
  139. Malware is driving me crazy
  140. Cant navigate to Google or Yahoo
  141. DDS. Txt?
  142. Trojan on PC
  143. Your Help Please
  144. Google Searches Redirected, computer shuts off by itself
  145. [SOLVED] Infected by multiple instances of malware/viruses -No desktop,start menu, or
  146. Multiple Trojan Viruses
  147. SHeur3 Trojan Help
  148. Redirect problem Ie8 & Firefox from ricketwiz
  149. Help with Trojan/Malware removal
  150. Mal/Gbot-A (dwm.exe) Help
  151. redirect problems with google and bing
  152. !!!!!!!OMG Welchia virus!!!!!!!
  153. microsoft security essentials
  154. remove my web search?
  155. trojan attack
  156. Help with trojan
  157. cannot access windows update page
  158. Firefox redirects
  159. Infected by a Russian virus! Gozi.
  160. BSOD post antimalware doctor virus and rootkit.agent
  161. Virus eating my disk space
  162. have i been hacked??
  163. Alueron Malware Help
  164. Norton Alerts and Disabling Sound
  165. [SOLVED] Generic HOST32 Crashing, Google Redirecting, Sound Driver uninstalling
  166. AVGT attention your web page has been cancelled
  167. Resident Shield Alert trojan
  168. tmp.tmp file virus
  169. Adobe Flash Player CVE-2010-2884 Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  170. How to remove remote control hacks that have been put into a computer?
  171. [SOLVED] Help with google search redirected
  172. Computer Slow May be Spyware, Virus
  173. Strange happenings on my laptop II, am I infected?
  174. Infected network, multiple problems.
  175. Malware HELP
  176. malware removal help
  177. Infected With Trojan Horse
  178. [SOLVED] Infected system needs help!
  179. AntiSpyGuard Install - help
  180. Installed free "AntiSpySafeguard".
  181. System 32 Virus
  182. I have lost SOME of my desktop icons and my PC is really slow! PLEASE HELP!
  183. JS:Pdfka-amw[exp] - Virus
  184. Strange happenings on my laptop, am I infected?
  185. Cant access Microsoft and Security websites
  186. winsock svchost manager
  187. Anti-Malware Doctor Problem!
  188. Cannot access Windows Update and get redirected from Google/Bing
  189. My browsers have been hijacked!
  190. [SOLVED] Google url redirect virus
  191. IE8 redirect
  192. Virus cleaned, but browser not connecting?
  193. Can't get rid of pop-up ads
  194. Malware/Redirecting/Sluggishness/Crashing
  195. Avast detecting Virus/worm in Autodesk Backburner Monitor.exe
  196. CPU Usage 75-100%
  197. Help with multiple Malwares
  198. Help please :(
  199. Generic Host Process for Win 32 Services not Working on SP3
  200. Problem
  201. Unknown program 5c8YH8NY.exe problem???
  202. Address bar redirects/frequently freezes/slow
  203. Various Problems
  204. ref: jcgriff2 (getting rid of don.dll)
  205. Internet redirect issue
  206. Hardcore Viruses on my laptop
  207. Google Search Results Redirected
  208. Unknown Source for rundll32.exe
  209. I'm Keylogged
  210. Had many trojans - Still need help Please
  211. browser redirects me
  212. "" hijacking browsers and disabling Internet wireless access
  213. multiple 'ipconfig' entry issue, + SVCHost Network Service CPU usage.
  214. Black Desktop No Taskbar/icons
  215. Possible malware infection
  216. Redirection of IE8 Homepage and Malware notifications from AV Program
  217. Google search links redirect to advertising sites
  218. google search redirect help
  219. Autorun.inf/exe. Need help. Tried EVERYTHING.
  220. Run .dll as an App
  221. Can someone look at my Highjackthis file and tell me if I have a virus?
  222. Win32/Adware.ADON , Win32/Agent.CAFVEUT trojan
  223. Can't access certain websites due to virus
  224. quick question
  225. Cant install any antivirus or run an online scan
  226. Hotmail account sending spam messages
  227. XP User Request Plan of Attack -- for -- SpyInstall_HPPre.exe
  228. "the file svchost.exe is infected"
  229. Error loading c:\Windows\$NtUninstallMTF1011$\mmduch.dll
  230. Can't start thread!
  231. Malware Attack
  232. Trojan Horse Generic 19. NVG HELP!!
  233. Malware Help (redirecting links, and suspecious behavior)
  234. Browser redirecting - cannot get GMER to run
  235. trojans
  236. Computer is infected with malware
  237. Cannot remove program
  238. HJT Log
  239. Trojan Horse: SHuer3
  240. Virus: Tophill maksimus.exe
  241. Virus creates new "infected" .exe files in the AppData folder
  242. Tophill maksimus.exe
  243. Malware removal - help please!
  244. Fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert - cannot remove
  245. Problem, help needed
  246. Posted this once Don't know where it went
  247. Google Search Redirecting to Unkown Sites
  248. svchost.exe
  249. Redirected search results - help required
  250. ISSUES: Crashing, Redirecting & Firewall