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  1. How to get rid of "Ad Tech" virus?
  2. Trojan Virus Troubles on Windows 7
  3. Malware infection?
  4. Google search redirects to junk sites
  5. Buggy PC; slows down after bootup
  6. Win32 application
  7. Windows Xp Security Virus Keeps Coming Back
  8. Sudden attack by mbl.exe turned into other exe file problems
  9. Windows XP Virus - Multiple Problems
  10. spyware/malware problem
  11. Pls help with trojan/malware/virus problem.
  12. [SOLVED] Multiple problems have disabled my computer
  13. Pop ups - 'XP Anti-Virus'
  14. Windows XP Recovery infection and Google redirects
  15. Browsers infected. Need help plz
  16. data requested by amateur for analysis
  17. help please
  18. internet goes back to previous screen
  19. system sluggish after bootup
  20. Windows picture and fax viewer virus?
  21. Unknown Problem?
  22. Help with Malware/Virus on Win7
  23. system slowdown
  24. Please Help with Various Virus/Malware Problems
  25. Bad image Windows Xp malware
  26. Virus suspected in my Sluggish System
  27. Windows XP Recovery...Fake to remove??
  28. [SOLVED] A lot of malware/virus
  29. Virus wiped off my desktop. Need Help.
  30. Virus help me!!!
  31. Windows Vista Recovery Virus
  32. TR Dropper.gen?
  33. Infected? Or, Just Bad System Files?
  34. Google Redirection
  35. avast frequent popout
  36. Help!!
  37. [SOLVED] malware help as per your instructions
  38. TR/Qhost.vqe Trojan?
  39. Vista Recovery Virus and webpage redirect
  40. Is my PC infected?
  41. Defender.exe virus stopped but malware/roolkits are in my pc
  42. Redirecting and Pop-ups/ PlayPickle add-on
  43. Browser redirects, Windows Update blocked, slow to load Windows
  44. black box with blinking cursor at startup
  45. Fake Windows Security Center
  46. about:blank taking over PC
  47. [SOLVED] very slow laptop after BSOD and hang
  48. Strange Behavior after Visitors
  49. about:blank taken over
  50. Unknown Ads and Popups
  51. Windows Repair Malware Vista
  52. [SOLVED] Suspected Virus, Icons disappearing
  53. Window Security Center Virus
  54. help please.
  55. Trojan.Agent found
  56. Internet Connection Problems
  57. antimalware doctor; browser redirects
  58. IE Manage Add-ons window appears spontaneously
  59. Google Redirect, random music, BSOD's
  60. internet loads wrong pages
  61. please help
  62. Jack Willday
  63. Pc got infected really bad
  64. Malware redirecting to random sites and also opening IE in the background with audio
  65. Virus/Pop ups - Vista Anti-Virus 2011
  66. Please Help, Windows Recovery Virus? Maybe More Please Help
  67. "Windows XP Recovery" and other malware
  69. Redirecting websites/Google search
  70. [SOLVED] Windows Update problem
  71. rundll32 error and website redirecting infection likely
  72. Computer woes
  73. Acquired used PC
  74. Malware defender.exe program
  75. Redirect Virus
  76. Windows Recovery trojan
  77. Had BSOD, repair re-installed and still have viruses
  78. ATI Radeon HD 4570 issue (not working) told to post here
  79. No Internet connection after virus
  80. Trojan/Malware Help?
  81. PC taking 10 mins to start up, think I have a virus, help please.
  82. Removel of flh.exe web virus.
  83. Random background sounds ads
  84. McAfee has messed up my PC
  85. Trojan Win32 problem
  86. MS removal tool - cant start in recovery console
  87. Malware & Temporary Internet Files & Cookies
  88. Windows Security Alert
  89. Laptop acting strange - virus?
  90. Redirecting Searches
  91. My computer is doing things by itself
  92. XP Harddrive Recovery Virus
  93. Started with XP Anti-Virus 2011
  94. Problem with Dell Inspiron 5100-Very Slow!!
  95. Malware Removed, Still Problematic
  96. Another Vista Recovery Virus
  97. xp security 2011/ malware removal tool
  98. Infected with Backdoor:Win32/Cycbot.B
  99. Virus help please
  100. Error loading C:\Windows\iyivuladiwoxewof.dll
  101. error loading iyivuladiwoxewof.dll
  102. trojan/malware help please?
  103. huge malware issue.
  104. Virus: "iexplorer.exe" application not found. Cant open any exe files
  105. Computer infected with malware v2
  106. Need help removing a virus.
  107. The magics of finding the rootkits
  108. Virus help
  109. Virus gives Hard Drive Failure message
  110. Malware Help
  111. Trojan/Spyware Help
  112. Trojan And Adware :[
  113. Please help :(
  114. I've Tried Everything.. Need Some Help
  115. Hijackthis
  116. HELP..SERiOUS iSSUES..dont know whats wrong..
  117. Trojan And Adware :[
  118. Google Redirect Virus
  119. Google redirect, pop-ups, virus
  120. Where has my post gone-need help
  121. CPU has a PC Security Guard infection
  122. Virus help pleeeeease!!!!
  123. TDSS/TDL4 Rootkit
  124. XP Internet Security 2011
  125. need help to remove trojan
  126. Google redirects + scareware and more?
  127. Firewall
  128. Need help with Win32/Heur virus
  129. All kinds of infection...
  130. Erratic browser/unexpected behavior
  131. WIN32/Heur
  132. XP Internet security 2011 alert
  133. Started with XP Anti-Virus 2011
  134. Can someone help me? please
  135. Problems resulting from rogue software and Mac look-alike
  136. Not Sure What the Problem Is
  137. Searchqu / GMER Unzip
  138. Spambot problem, multiple cmd.exe, very slow startup
  139. Redirect virus, Interent script errors
  140. i keep getting the blue screen i think its a virus cause this.
  141. Any help would be greatly appreciated folks
  142. Virus/redirects/random audio ads
  143. Virus/Slow PC. Please Help
  144. [SOLVED] i think my system is still infected.
  145. Trouble with viruses and Antispyware programs
  146. PC Security Guardian
  147. Never seen this before..icon transparency?
  148. Trojan AVG can't remove
  149. [SOLVED] Rootkit most likely
  150. Windows Recovery Virus - Problems Still Exist.
  151. Windows security alert virus... help please
  152. I destroyed my mom's computer...! HELP!
  153. XP won't boot after virus from Google search
  154. PC with virus
  155. Win32 Error plus...
  156. dwm.exe / csrss.exe / conhost.exe?
  157. Email sents unknown links on all my contacts
  158. Roo kkit/Virus
  159. Lucky to get here.....
  160. Question about First Steps on Win 7 64-bit machine
  161. Major Virus Problem
  162. Help cleaning a webpage-opening and ci.dll corrupting malware
  163. started with google redirects
  164. Website Redirections and Windows Errors
  165. Updated: Various issues.
  166. Variety of issues, Security Shield, no sound, redirects.
  167. Possible redirect virus - help plz
  168. Lots of Trojans, Malware, Virus
  169. Problems with homepage overide
  170. FaceBook spam - Find Who Visits Your Profile
  171. Computer with Malware
  172. had win7 home security 2011
  173. malware problems
  174. Problem with homepage setting- conduit has taken over...
  176. Infected! Not sure with what. Random audio ads with browser not open
  177. Computer Virus causing Bluescreen and failing Windows Update
  178. Windows-Recovery Virus! Still having problems! Help!
  179. PC #2
  180. The application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\w8c6s4xcm66s.dll is not a valid Windows im
  181. network not working every time after i reboot the pc
  182. Another virus problem
  183. Spyware + Possibly Trojan Problems
  184. Potential keylogger issues?
  185. Google redirecting to random sites
  186. pc blocked
  187. Search engine redirects, pop-ups, svchost errors, and ioStore.sys BSODs
  188. what should i do
  189. Google Redirect Virus
  190. Windows XP Computer is Slow and Freezes
  191. Many issues - please help!
  192. [SOLVED] Another Search engine redirect issue
  193. Account Info Stolen and Pop-ups
  194. Redirect virus
  195. Help for thesis about Antivirus Detection Techniques
  196. Infection effecting search engines, other sites.
  197. Trojan.Gen infecting smss.exe
  198. Infected app
  199. Best Malware Protection Software HELP!!!!!!!
  200. Requesting assistance
  201. Browser Redirect Spyware
  202. [SOLVED] Windowsrecovery removal
  203. Google Redirect Virus
  204. Removed Virus but still having problems
  205. Win XP SP2 based PC at work infected.
  206. Trojan Dropper Help
  207. Laptop freezing and Slow
  208. No idea what is wrong, but something is up.
  209. jjg.exe
  210. Have I been hacked, or infected please ??
  211. AVG Scanner not finding virus
  212. xp internet security 2011-no internet
  213. Firefox Running Slow/Crashing & Cannot Remove Startup Programs
  214. Possible virus/trojan?
  215. Trojan Dropper
  216. Virus removal without Clean This!
  217. Malware made my computer unbootable by switching D and C drive letters
  218. Help Me Please
  219. No downloads of security programs or their updates allowed
  220. BSOD before any scans are possible...
  221. Computer Freezes Up
  222. Are these the symptoms of any known virus?
  223. Lingering occasional redirect virus
  224. Rootkits and very slow computer
  225. Infected?
  226. some type of infection
  227. Redirects In IE
  228. Windows recovery
  229. Please help with redirect virus.
  230. Please help, think i am infected.
  231. SHeur 3 trojan
  232. Trojan.Agent.Gen. (suspected) removal
  233. Thank you
  234. slow comp
  235. redirect virus log posts
  236. Trojann Horse Agent_r.XJ help
  238. windows-recovery
  239. Browser Hijack & Win 7 Security 2011 installed
  240. quicksearch virus
  241. Probable virus preventing .exe files from opening
  242. BSOD when running GMER
  243. Virus or Malware Issue
  244. Redirect + other viruses maybe
  245. Infections / Malware / rundll32.exe error
  246. Antispyware Soft Issues
  247. Trojan horse Agent_r.XJ Help please
  248. Removed virus - Can't System Restore
  249. computer is painstakingly slow
  250. help please....