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Resolved HJT Threads

  1. Backdoor.Win32.Delf.oz.
  2. google hijacker problem
  3. Wireles Connection Lost?...
  4. [SOLVED] Virus disables various system services, possible backdoor.
  5. [SOLVED] windows xp restore!!
  6. Flowz Computer running slowly CLED error
  7. Win 7 antivirus 2012 scam
  8. Virus Maybe???
  9. browser hijacker problem
  10. Suspect VAIO is infected
  11. ALL files hidden. XP REPAIR "16375588.exe"
  12. Please Help
  13. Google redirect virus
  14. website redirection
  15. bad image error
  16. No audio. Absolutely none.
  17. Unknown Virus
  18. Search Engine Redirect / Random IE Pop-Ups
  19. Google Redirect Virus
  20. screwed up computer, can't even do the DDS thing...
  21. Strange program, red antivirus warnings
  22. Word files and Favorites were hidden
  23. Suspected Malware interfering with Vista functions
  24. Many Error Messages - Posting Instructions Followed
  25. Browser homepage redirected to "" and antivirus disabled
  26. win 7 antivirus 2012 'unregistred'
  27. AVG Residential Shield detects this on New OS.
  28. Fake windows security 2011 *malware*
  29. Navigation to the web page was cancelled - Real Player
  30. Antivirus 2012
  31. XP seems slow--just changed antivirus
  32. My iTunes wont download! HELP!
  33. Virus???: Hard Drive detection error
  34. Windows-error 0xC004D401.
  35. Internet Security Settings General Error
  36. Google Redirect Virus
  37. Need help - IE crashing and random redirects
  38. can someone please check these logs for me
  39. Multiple infection Help
  40. Severe Virus!!! Fake flash player!
  41. msiexec virus?
  42. Can Browser Internet, but downloads slowwwwww
  43. [SOLVED] Sony Vaio virus removal help
  44. Personal Shield Pro!
  45. [SOLVED] network connections list empty
  46. Redirect Virus Help
  47. bad icons
  48. Browser redirect/ but what is it now?
  49. computer lags at start up - will restart saying it has recovered from a serious error
  50. [SOLVED] Realtec ac97 drivers disappear/Bsod
  51. Google Redirect Virus/Blue Screen
  52. Google Redirect Virus and other associated problems
  53. I'm tech support, need help, this thing is nasty.
  54. SUSPECTED MALWARE: Solid MP4 Video Converter & url SearchHook "FACEMOODS"; IE Corrupt
  55. csrss.exe error whenever I start up my laptop [HELP]
  56. Google redirect/ disabled windows security center
  57. C:\WINDOWS\system32\sfc_os.dll - Win32/Patched.NAW trojan - unable to clean
  58. Computer uploading something at 100-300 KB/s
  59. my system infected with mylovefacebook virus
  60. Cannot open anything?!
  61. Possible Adware/Spyware on my computer??
  62. Vista Internet Security 2010 virus
  63. Please tell me what is doing in my IE history.
  64. Re: Hijacked browsers (IE and Firefox):
  65. Iffy Process
  66. Internet redirect after virus removal
  67. internal wireless doesn't work (computer doesn't see my wireless anymore)
  68. How do I get rid of this downlaod when going to in Firefox
  69. Virus... need help, I think I removed it... but it auto-disables security center.
  70. Apple AntiMalware programs?
  71. Whenever I click in browser it opens up ads in new tabs/windows
  72. [SOLVED] Windows xp restore infection.... Help!!
  73. Can't remove hijacker virus
  74. Google redirect
  75. What is doing in my IE history?
  76. Virus xp security 2012
  77. Comp infected pls help
  78. Google hijacked by goingonearth etc
  79. Searches being directed to wrong sites..
  80. Unknown Virus
  81. Trojan BNK.win32.keylogger.gen
  82. Vipre detects and blocks Setup.exe (misc) from running.
  83. Weird process in my process bar?
  84. Windows Vista Recovery virus
  85. Pls help am being hijacked
  86. internet browsers close when clicking on search results [moved fr Gen security]
  87. XP Internet Security 2012 Firewall Alert
  88. System is infected with something. Plz help.
  89. Trojan/Spyware infected! [Antimalware Doctor] Please help!
  90. Could Not Install Security Update for Windows XP (KB2479943)
  91. System incredibly slow
  92. Google Redirect
  93. Unable to install MS security patches manually or via auto update.
  94. Phone/Teamviewer Scam
  95. Severely bad Virus...
  96. Firefox/Google redirect problem
  97. Renosa-J worm from fake Adobe Flash update!
  98. Trojan Keylogger Removal Problems
  99. HiddenObject.Multi.Generic Virus?
  100. Only runs in safe, redirects even in safe, reboots in normal virus' found
  101. virus has taken over
  102. Check-up please
  103. Windows 7 repair...what got left behind after removal
  104. [SOLVED] Virus?
  105. Hijacked by Vista Security 2012
  106. Connectivity Problems?
  107. [SOLVED] Rootkit problem: hidden boot sector.
  108. Google searches being redirected firefox.
  109. [SOLVED] Google redirect Virus/Trojan/Rootkit
  110. Google Redirect Virus
  111. Virus suspected
  112. Virus suspected
  113. Ried - PC2
  114. Malware taking over my computer
  115. [SOLVED] Web redirect, mystery audio ads
  116. Virus - Hard drive failure
  117. Win 7 antivirus 2012
  118. Unhiding data
  119. AVG Identity Protection (possible fake)
  120. Computer shuts off randomly, script is unresponsive, and possible virus
  121. windows vista trojan -missing files
  122. Re: Spyware scan - Win 7 Pro [Moved from Win7 Support]
  123. Vundo Infection
  124. XP Internet Security 2012
  125. Search Engines Redirectin to unrelated pages
  126. Malicious Software removal removed this
  127. Need Help ASAP New Job Depends on it!! BSOF, Internet Redirecting, Very Slow Internet
  128. Trojan Issues...Not Letting Me Run Malewarebytes or Internet Explorer...Please Help.
  131. Icons and desktop acting strange
  132. Weird Problem
  133. Unable to access any antivirus websites or
  134. Computer may be infected
  135. wuauclt.exe oddness. A possible Virus?
  136. Date & Time Changing Virus?
  137. Google redirects to spam websites, Avg can't seem to remove the virus.
  138. Google redirect virus problem
  139. Need help ASAP. BSOD, Internet Constantly Redirecting, Very slow Internet and....
  140. Internet Explorer Restrictions Virus
  141. Google redirect virus problem
  142. Browser redirect and cannot restart PC
  143. Google Redirect/Trojans seeking moderator/analyst assistance (logs furnished)
  144. Various Viruses
  145. Think I have a virus
  146. Links and Search Fields Redirecting to Spam
  147. Google Redirect (with DDS log)
  148. Can't get this stupid hijacker to go away! (hijackthis log)
  149. Trojan appears to have wiped all documents, photos, etc
  150. Google Redirect
  151. Dwm, Csrss, Conhost virus
  152. Google redirect and outgoing IP blocks
  153. Trojan thinks it can save itself by destroying internet connection. Prove it wrong!
  154. DDS scan log
  155. Got infected, ran Malwarebites still have problem
  156. [SOLVED] admin tools in control panel EMPTY :(
  157. Hmmm...Possible infection
  158. Just precaution?
  159. Rootkit?Trojan?Spyware?...
  160. Cant reply to anyone one in this topic
  161. Please help I think I may have spyware/malware/virus & possible keylogger?
  162. Rootkit Infection - Gateway
  163. Google Redirect, Trojan.Tracur.Gen and kbdsn132.exe outbound
  164. Unknown threat...
  165. Redirecting Virus
  166. .exe - Bad Image problem.
  167. 1st try...redo? an update of what didnt happen
  168. Google redirect nightmare
  169. Possible Keylogger and Contra Virus?
  170. picked up something 7 64
  171. XP Restore virus with a difference
  172. browser links redirecting me to other websites
  173. Infected PC
  174. Red Shield with White x in middle!
  175. WIN32/VB.PWQ and TR/KAZY26115.1 virus' on computer.
  176. Help please... anyone?!
  177. XP Hosts/Internet Problem/Virus!
  178. Virus/TH attack when online, fine off...
  179. Laptop VIRUS causing problems with internet!
  180. Start menu - all programs - empty
  181. xp internet security 2012 removal
  182. Internet Hijacked!
  183. sending spam etc
  184. Rootkit? Avast thinks so, but doesn't remove it
  185. Exception EAccess Violation Error
  186. Cannot run Gmer despite numerous tries.
  187. .exe problems, and possible Malware issues
  188. Can't get rid of FakeAlert on XP system
  189. Virus predicament
  190. Malware may have corrupted key system files
  191. virus that removes desktop & program icons
  192. Scareware on Laptop
  193. Browser May Be Hijacked
  194. A few minor, nagging hiccups
  195. svchost.exe CPU eater
  196. help needed, "windows restore" virus
  197. Goggle redirect and something else...
  198. Licosearch re-direct, Trojan.Win32.LeBag!IK, Win32.Ramnit
  199. Google search result redirects, to random page.
  200. HELP! csrss, conhost and dwm viruses!
  201. how do I know if I have malware
  202. Infection that lead to firefox error and google error
  203. Hit by several viruses this weekend.
  204. Vista Home Security 2012 Alert
  205. How to read this highjack log?
  206. [SOLVED] Windows System Recovery Virus?????
  207. trojan virus 'appears' to have deleted whole hard drive, docs and program files
  208. Help! My laptop is gravely ill
  209. Help Needed, problems with internet access
  210. Need assistance removing the Windows Recovery Virus
  211. only internet explorer will connect to the internet
  212. is-DOUP4.exe
  213. Cannot empty recycle bin
  214. I cannot run some of my programs
  215. McAfee (stinger software)
  216. BSOD Windows 7 ataport.sys
  217. My antivirus is telling me that i have rootkits and a trojan...
  218. Hijacked browser, very powerful / cant delete
  219. Computer is virus infected, lost all files. HELP PLEASE?
  220. Browser not opening home page on startup
  222. Internet Explorer rediredting and opening new tabs
  223. My computer is infected.
  224. Request for assistance cleaning up/out virus & bad image errors
  225. nearly unbootable
  226. recurring Trojan Horse Generic 22 on Windows XP
  228. No program can open on computer?
  229. Sluggish Computer, possible virus
  230. Virus that redirects Google search links
  231. Probable Virus
  232. Please Help me clean the Malware in my system!
  233. Redirection from Google Searches
  234. INternet Error
  235. Rogue DHCP virus in the network
  236. Wiping a Virus Clean
  237. HELP: Binary files downloading instead of file.exe/incomplete!
  238. Windows Recovery Trojan
  239. Possible Virus
  240. Posting logs as requested for slow PC
  241. Google search results being redirected in Firefox
  242. Possible Virus
  243. Completely confused about possible virus
  244. Documents and Programs files are hidden - GMER scans the 'missing' files
  245. Virus? Redirected on search engines...
  246. Redirect virus, random music playing in the background, help?
  247. How can I remove Personal Security Spyware?
  248. rundll32.exe under my username
  249. [SOLVED] email virus
  250. Wife's Laptop Again