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my steam refuses to update

This is a discussion on my steam refuses to update within the PC Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello, making my first post on this forum about how my steam is misbehaving. It started when i purchased the

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Hello, making my first post on this forum about how my steam is misbehaving. It started when i purchased the HD for this computer with Windows 7 already installed. to my displeasure, it appeared to have been salvaged from a previously used computer and only wiped of all personal data. being one that would rather take this as an opportunity to not have to purchase a OS, I decided to use said HD in its state. (worst idea ever). now i am 4 months into using this HD and i've cobbled together many personals in it that i would very much like to keep. however... as i attempted to use steam on my computer, it appeared to act unusual when i attempted to install it. i previously found misc steam files on the HD before and thought nothing of it and later deleted them. but now i wanted MY account on this computer. saddly, i ran across an issue with how steam updates. this is where i come to you.

it began with installation.
as the client would download, it would meat random points of its installation and 'jump' back to 0kb downloaded. after about 30 min of it fussing around 'downloading' or doing whatever. it spits out that 'steam needs to be online to update' error. after 30 min, of it downloading for it to finally come to a conclusion that i was offline (when i was clearly not) kinda put me in a **** mood. i've tried diagnosing this with a steam support ticket and after 2 weeks of 'radio silence' from there staff, they tell me to reinstall steam... i've done this 3 times....

i then bypassed my USB wifi adapter for an Ethernet connection to the router and like magic, it works. EVERYTHING WORKS.... i thought, 'finally i can game in piece.' it was all for not because not long after i installed steam and all my games that disconnected and vacated to my room to resume gaming via Wifi. i experienced no issues until AN UPDATE. once the download quied up it began downloading as per usual. HOWEVER, if i were to explain the speed at which it was downloading, it would be described as painfully unseen by the naked eye... 300 kb/s spikes that gradually diminished to 0kb/s and never actually progressed the download significantly. the total data that steam 'said' it processed had reached over 200 MB for a 20 MB download. this was Bizarre. I went back down to my living room and connect via Ethernet again and voila, my steam was happy as a cucumber.

I begin to run tests. Ethernet and Wifi alike. I reinstall steam on Ethernet (fine). I update all my games on Ethernet (fine). i do the same for wifi and NOPE. steam was having none of it. as i attempted to reinstall steam the same initial problem with it giving me the 'steam has to be online to update' error re appears. and updating when i DID get steam installed (again via Ethernet) was impossible.

I feel in a way this is all connected. Reformatting is not an option for the moment due to cost for i am a student who pays every cent of his paycheck to his bills and sustaining his life further. the later future will see this problem fixed when i graduate and attain a job but for the time being i'd like my GAMES TO WORK without having to play and irritate my roommate in the living room hence the wifi adapter...
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My System

Hey! Welcome to TSF!

Run Speedtest.net while connected to both the Wi-Fi and Ethernet and post both results back here. Also, make sure your network/wireless card drivers are updated.
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