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This is a discussion on Excel macros within the Microsoft Office support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Maybe your expertise in Cell Naming procedures can solve this dilemma for me. Let me step you through this simple

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Maybe your expertise in Cell Naming procedures can solve this dilemma for me. Let me step you through this simple problem.
Step #1 Highlight a specific cell (“E7”) on the worksheet.
Step #2 Initiate the running of the Macro named “Next”. (See macro below)

Sub Next()
ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="Next", RefersToR1C1:="=GENERAL!R7C5"
ActiveWorkbook.Names("charge").Comment = ""
Application.Goto Reference:="Next"
End Sub.

The “Add Name” command, shown above was learned by using the “Record Macro” facility. You will note that in addition to naming the “ActiveCell” as desired, it also adds the exact cell location being named. This works fine for the first running of the macro. Because of the naming of the cell in the Macro’s first run, subsequent runs of this macro always names the same cell. It is apparent that this cell location is written in stone for all duration.
What I am searching for is a “generic” cell naming command, one that names the active cell without identifying the specific cell being named.
Any thoughts on this problem?

Thanx, Bill
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