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No Water For You! (unless you ask)

This is a discussion on No Water For You! (unless you ask) within the Current Events forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. In order to conserve resources, California has issued a ban on restaurants serving water, unless you specifically ask for it.

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In order to conserve resources, California has issued a ban on restaurants serving water, unless you specifically ask for it. If you don't comply it's a $500 a day fine.

Let's look at the stats. Say every person in the state, population 38.8 million, was served three 8 oz. glasses of water a day at three restaurant meals. This would be 7.2 million gallons of water a day. Such a waste letting that water go down all those thirsty gullets.

Now let's look at swimming pools.

43,123 total pools in a study area from San Pedro to Hollywood Hills, Malibu to Alhambra. 15,000 gallons of water in the average pool. That's over 646 million gallons of water used just in one upscale area.

The average pool looses about 50 gallons a day to evaporation. That's 2.1 million gallons lost daily in just that one area.

California makes it illegal for restaurants to serve you water—unless you ask | Fox News

California drought: Are swimming pools a waste of water?
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Here's the thing...half the popular of California can't even afford to go out to dinner. Also to call this a "drought" is quite a funny way to put it.
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Do they allow golf courses to water their grass with anything other than grey water?

They could easily make a special assessment on all pools (visible in aerial photography) and use that special tax to fund "something". Where I live the biggest untapped potential lies with being able to store rainwater and not let it escape down into the underground aquifer. As it turns out, the cheapest, most efficient way to store water is NOT in expensive, above-ground reservoirs, but instead to pump the water back into the ground in certain areas that are more or less "impermeable" layers. Think massive waterproof bowls under the ground. The trick is to capture the rainwater run-off and get it stored underground. But conventional wisdom has always been high-dollar projects for favored contractors building above-ground reservoirs that might lose 30% of the water to evaporation.

In short, above ground water storageL common, bad, expensive, inefficient and stupid. Below ground water storage: uncommon, good, cheap, efficient, smart.
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If there is sufficient runoff to combat evaporation then reservoirs have other uses, such as fish and wildlife habitat and recreation. They also serve in flood control.

However, you are correct about storing water underground rather than in above-ground reservoirs. I have a cousin who is a hydrologist and she has written papers on this very subject. This isn't one of hers but it applies to the area I'm in.

An object lesson is Optima Lake in the Oklahoma Panhandle, where streamflows have declined 99% since the 1960s and the reservoir has never been more than 5% full. Water balances for the four westernmost Federal reservoirs in Kansas (Cedar Bluff, Keith Sebelius, Webster and Kirwin) show similar tendencies.

Ultimately, surface storage of water resources may prove unsustainable in this region, forcing conversion to subsurface storage.

Optima is about 45 minutes south of here and was once touted as a potential recreational mecca for the area.

For a while they did have some decent wiper fishing but the lake was never more than a tiny percent of being full. I trapped some there when I was doing my grad work in what was supposed to be lakebed.

They built boat ramps and campgrounds that ended up miles from the water. Locals used them anyway because they were a nice place to picnic. Then, the Corps of Engineers decided that the local public shouldn't get to use those nice campgrounds and picnic tables at all so went and knocked them down.

This is your government and tax dollars at work. The teardown cost $207,000 dollars on top of the $46 million that was spent building the lake, that almost anyone in the area knew was never going to fill up. I can remember that it was a joke when I was a little kid as it was not much more than a tadpole pond for years.

U.S. Army Corps Criticized For Spending Stimulus Dollars - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

Doomed reservoirs in Kansas, USA? Climate change and groundwater mining on the Great Plains lead to unsustainable surface water storage
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