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Bill Kristol Meltdown on Morning Joe

This is a discussion on Bill Kristol Meltdown on Morning Joe within the Current Events forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. https://www.youtube I normally don't share these political clips with anyone outside my circle, but this is share-worthy because it's historic

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I normally don't share these political clips with anyone outside my circle, but this is share-worthy because it's historic in it's histrionics. He's practically CRYING.

Why is he crying? Is he crying because the hated Donald Trump is going to LOSE and there will be 4 more years of seamless, establishment control (with a letter "D" next to it)? Does the Head Cuckservative CRY when establishment power flows seamlessly from one paid-for operative to the next?

NO. Sure his WORDS talk about an expected loss, and bleatingly repeats his usual #nevertrump mantra, but the CRYING people, the CRYING shows us all what he REALLY thinks. And feels.

Trump victory. He KNOWS it. Sure he keeps lying about it, just like a good boy should, but deep down inside his heart of hearts, he knows Trump is about to make good on his promise to "drain the swamp", and Bill Kristol is about the rankest, most rotten, stanky and decayed piece of human remains buried under all that muck. And he's about to be thrown out on his ear.

And maybe prison, with all of his friends in the DNC, and the FBI.

I post this, not as some kind of partisan "politics as usual", but instead to draw a direct parallel from this to what we used to be indoctrinated into believing was what was so wrong and horrible about the (former) Soviet Union, where the government would take internal production data (such as agricultural harvests) and lie to the Soviet people while using the "real" data behind the scenes. There was the (paraphrasing Hillary) a "public" representation of the truth, and there was a "private" representation of the truth. This video shows both, simultaneously, just like the mass-produced lies the Soviet newspaper "Pravda" used to publish in order to persuade the Soviet people into believing that things were JUST FINE, NO PROBLEMS, etc...

Kristol's mouth does it's part, and tells the lies of the campaign, while he can't help but choke back his desparate fear that the American People have already rejected him, and everything he's ever believed in, and everyone he's ever believed in, and forever. It's over. And he's crying tears while his mouth blubbers lies.

In a previous post I mentioned the inevitable civil war. This is just another step towards it. Trump wins, Trump loses, it doesn't matter. We've already seen the machine made naked in all it's corruption and lies, and we already hate it forever. There's never any going back now. And note the fear of Trump's refusal to accept the election. Feigned fear. Civil war is coming anyways. Every Sanders support now feels the "Bern". The FBI refuses to indict, the collusion between it and the State Department. There is no law. It's rotten to the top, and rotten to the core. And everyone knows it. Even if Hillary wins, and even if Trump blabbers some meaningless dreck about "respecting the process", the outcome still remains 20 Trillion dollars in debt.


The Federal Government grosses about 4 Trillion dollars a year in taxes, revenue, etc... and it is 20 Trillion dollars in debt. That's 5 times it's yearly gross income.

If you break that debt to gross income ratio down to an average American household level, that would mean that a family that grosses $50,000 a year is $250,000 in debt. How likely is it that a family, or a person that makes $50,000 a year is going to pay off $250,000 in debt, vs. the likelihood that it will go bankrupt?

I listen to Dave Ramsey on the a.m. radio as often as I can, and his show is mostly about teaching people who are in debt how to get out of debt. Based on my experiences listening to his show, I would say that less than 10% of the people that are 5 times their yearly income in debt have the internal fortitude and discipline to learn how to manage their money, spend less than they may and pay down their debt and live debt-free after that. Which means (to my way of thinking) that there's a 90% chance that the US will go bankrupt. Hollowed-out industrial base, competitive world market, increase in birth rate in the least productive demographics while the most productive demographic's birth rates are decreasing. Bloated military, with all of their entitlements (did you know 50% of military retirees claim that they are "disabled"?). All that money has to come from somewhere, and eventually you run out of other people's money. And then it all implodes. POOF!

Remember 2007, when the housing market collapsed? Remember how much warning we had? I do. It was exactly ZERO warning. One day everything was fine and the next day it was DISASTER. Get ready.
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We don't have a political form. This post is closed.


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