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What type of questions do IT employers ask?

This is a discussion on What type of questions do IT employers ask? within the Certification & Career forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey guys so i finally got my Mike Meyers A+ Book and i have been studying it hard, i try

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Hey guys so i finally got my Mike Meyers A+ Book and i have been studying it hard, i try to read 3-5 chapters a day, most of the stuff i already know and i am zooming through the practice questions and getting 90-100% all the time! Anyway I am sure i will finish studying fast and will be ready to take my exam. One thing that i am curious about is if anyone here has any idea on what type of questions do IT employers ask during an interview. I know walmart ask questions like "Sometimes extra help is needed during difficult times. Describe a time where you offered extra help during a difficult time, what made you offer extra help, and how did your help improve the situation?" etc. Do IT employers ask similar questions? lol, might be a dumb question but just wondering. Or is it more questions along the line of " How would you direct someone to My Documents?" etc. Thank you much in advance!
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We would typically ask technical questions and then some questions about past job experience and questions about the person outside of work. It will certainly depend on where you apply. Some places may ask really tough technical questions to weed people out, some may ask personality and experience questions.

I would expect anything in between the two extremes and if you don't know something, just describe how you would find the answer. That means more than BS'ing an answer.

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My System

You could get anything.

I once had an interview where the interview pulled out a load scsi drives which were connected to each other then he said why wont these work.

I could see that they were not terminated so that's why they wouldn't work.

I didn't get that job though because they felt the distance I lived from the place was too much of a risk of me not being able to get there on quick notice.

I once had an interviewer ask me what the difference bewteen AMD and Intel. The answer was not much apart from intel have vast amounts of money behind them and AMD don't.

Like I said you could get anything.
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