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Is Blogging for side cash dead?

This is a discussion on Is Blogging for side cash dead? within the Certification & Career forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Can anyone really make any money now a days with a self made blog? If you just have advertizing on

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Can anyone really make any money now a days with a self made blog? If you just have advertizing on the side, realistically, how many hits would you need?
Could you remain anonymous? I'm looking to post about anything illegal, I was thinking more of helping people save money and navigate the complex social service system that I happen to know a lot about and I'm learning more all the time. I would like to one day start a non-profit org to help., but since I've learned from the past of being down on my luck, I choose to maintain my privacy.

I also have ideas of DIY Youtube video projects but I'm camera shy, so if there's no profit in that, I'd rather do something else.

My primary job is just that a job I don't like but pays the bills for now. I'm looking for a something to do that I enjoy which will generate some side income as apposed to a hobby which costs money.

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There are certainly plenty of people who do make money from Blogging, written and Video, though I'm not entirely sure what sort of business profit model you would use.
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Affiliate Marketing is probably the best type of business profit model you could use when blogging for cash. But the thing is ... you've got to entice readers, you've got to interest them and keep them reading on a daily/weekly basis for it to be profitable.

A very successful Affiliate Marketer is a bloke called Finch (website is Finchsells) a quick Google search will find it. He also does a 'Survival Kit' with advice on how to make a success via CPA marketing.

You can have a look yourself if you're interested. :)
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I think that making money on YouTube is more about charisma than what you post per se. Take the video game commenter PewDiePie, who has make over ten million dollars since his debut in 2010. Personally I can't see what people like about him but he must strike a chord with young gamers because every video he posts has an instant two million views.

Sometimes it takes a while for people to develop an online personality and to find out what people like. I was browsing videos about whether infomercial products actually did what they claimed recently and came across a girl from Houston that goes but he name of Grav3yardgirl. I noticed that her early videos didn't have that many views but her newest ones had millions of views. Watching one I saw why -- she has developed a persona that most would-be entertainers would kill for.

A video series that I've watched most of is Mathias Wandel's shop series. He has a moderate but consistent viewing audience and with his shop plans apparently makes a halfway decent living. He training was as an engineer but he has carved out a niche market developing and selling the plans for shop jigs. There are many shop series channels out there but, again, Mathias seems to have that spark of charisma that sets him apart.

Speaking of Wandell being an engineer, another thing that I've noticed about many of the successful YouTubers is that they are intelligent. Many of the top earners have degrees, several have graduate degrees. For instance, Jenna Marbles, who comes across at times as a bit of a bimbo actually has a master's degree in education.

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