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Bsod when using chrome and launching COD

This is a discussion on Bsod when using chrome and launching COD within the BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi TSF, I just got a new RAM about 2 weeks back...the system worked fine for about a week and

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I just got a new RAM about 2 weeks back...the system worked fine for about a week and then it started having BSODS and hangs with no display and if I try to restart the system by pressing the button on the front panel nothing happens(have to turn off the power switch and then start it again).

I get a Bsod when I use chrome within 2-3 minutes and when I launch call of duty it hangs in the main menu...fortunately nothing happens if the PC remains in Idle state or if I watch a movie using VLC player...

I get a "windows has recovered from an unexpected problem sorta message with BCCode 124. Yesterday the Bsod showed Apc_index_mismatch and today I got Memory Management(pic attached).

I tried using the software in the sticky forum by Jcgriff for the info you guys need but the system crashed...tried it 3 times and failed..
Also tried changing the ram slot on the Mobo, changed sata cables for the HDD and the port but still the issue persists.

Please help...
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Originally Posted by maanas View Post
I get a "windows has recovered from an unexpected problem sorta message with BCCode 124. Yesterday the Bsod showed Apc_index_mismatch and today I got Memory Management(pic attached).
Hi. . .

You mentioned bugcheck 0x124, which is "WHEA" = Windows Hardware Error Architecture, a/k/a "Machine Check Exception".


0x124 BSODs are notoriously difficult to solve because the cause is simply "unknown hardware failure".

Unfortunately, the kernel memory dumps are incapable of telling us which piece of hardware has failed. Dumps are only good for figuring out software problems.

All I can really do here is to give you some hardware diagnostic programs to run.
The problem may also be with other hardware parts such as the motherboard or PSU for which there are no software tests.

Both RAM and HDD diagnostic tests are DOS-based, so Windows does not load during boot-up. You will be booting from your system's DVD/CD drive, so you may need to change the "firing order" (the order in which the system determines which device to boot from first -- e.g., the HDD, USB, DVD/CD drive, etc... ).

Make sure that the DVD/CD drive is first in the BIOS firing order.

If the system [seems to] skips the DVD/CD drive and attempts to boot from the internal HDD, then there is a problem with the CD disc itself or perhaps a problem with the DVD/CD drive.

You will need at least two (2) CD discs -- one (1) for the RAM test and one (1) for the HDD test.

I have found that CD-R type CD discs work best, but you are of course welcome to use whatever kind of CD discs you wish to use.

Here are CD-R discs available from Amazon (listing is sorted by lowest price first + all are FREE shipping) - https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_p...price-asc-rank

From Walmart - CD-R discs (be sure to check out shipping costs) - https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/cd-r-discs

Walmart - CD-R discs - packages under $5.00 - (watch out for shipping costs and check quantity/ number of discs per package) - https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/cd-r-di...rt=best_seller

I would not advise buying refurbished CD discs, even though they are cheaper. It simply is just not worth the risk.

If you are encountering a specific hardware issue, feel free to post in our Hardware Forum - Motherboards, Bios & CPU

Since you mentioned "new RAM" installed about 2 weeks ago - that is where I would start. Did you replace ALL RAM sticks, replace just 1, or add RAM to the system?

Is all of the RAM matched? i.e., are the specs on all RAM stick(s) the same?

It is always recommended that when you replace RAM, that you replace ALL sticks - not just one or two. Replacing ALL sticks guarantees that the RAM will be matched.

If you replaced just 1 RAM stick and have another installed, take out the new RAM stick and run the system with the remaining old RAM stick(s) and see if the BSODs continue.

It is of vital importance that when you run memtest86+ one stick at a time and alternate the slots. In other words, each stick of RAM must be tested by itself in every slot.

Did you have BSODs before you replaced the RAM?

Why did you replace the RAM?

Regards. . .



EDIT: You also provided a screenshot of a 0x1a (0x00005100,,,) bugcheck BSOD. Thank you!

The 0x1a bugcheck translates to a "severe memory management error"; the first number inside the parentheses - 0x5100 translates to -
The allocation bitmap is corrupt. The memory manager is about to overwrite a virtual address that was already in use.
That simply means that memory corruption was about to occur as the memory manager was being instructed to write *whatever* to a virtual memory address or memory address range (virtual memory is the page file, where RAM is your physical memory sticks), but the system realized that the memory address or memory address range was already in use and therefore prevented the overwrite, which would have caused additional problems.

So, to avoid the overwriting of the virtual memory address(es), the system issued a BSOD - to avoid further memory corruption. Nice of the system to do that, huh? :)

It is obvious to me that you are experiencing memory issues. The fact that you replaced or changed out your physical RAM stick(s) within the last 2 weeks must be connected to these crashes, in my opinion.

Please elaborate more on what your RAM setup was before and then after the RAM change.

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OS: Windows 7 32 bit

I was using a 4gb DDR3 1333mhz stick it stopped working...the system didnt boot, got no display but the system turned on with all the fans n heatsink working...so when I replaced it with a new one, the system worked flawlessly for 2-4 days then it started freezing after an hour or two of call of duty. I also played Dota for and hour but nothing happened,watched movies and it was all good but now since the past 4-5 days the hangs,Bsods and not booting after hard restart has aggravated... Now the system freezes in the main menu of both the games. Chrome works for 2-4 minutes as soon as I open couple of tabs it crashes..

The only thing I can do currently is watch movies or listen to songs and work for hours and nothing happens same case in idle state...
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Old 03-16-2019, 08:24 AM   #4
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OS: Windows 7 32 bit

Well since this thread didn't get much attention here, I decided to fix the issue myself no matter what happened...

I was lucky that the Hardware retailer from which I bought the new RAM stick turned out to be a computer expert and being an old customer of his he gave me another new RAM stick.

And after replacing the New#1 stick with the New#2 stick the system worked fine for about an hour or two and I was able to copy the important files and just randomly made a bootable usb drive, thinking of formatting the C:Drive where Windows was installed. And the shocking thing was that even the New#2 stick gave a BSOD after about 2 hours.

Meanwhile, I was facing another weird issue, while on the welcome screen(Blue in color) the circle next to where welcome text is written(animation which circles round portraying that windows is loading) stopped animating, it was still and did't show any animation and windows was taking an extra 15-20 seconds to load while being stuck there.

So, I formatted the C:Drive and since then the system is working flawlessly...(fingers crossed). And I am currently using the New#2 Ram stick.
Maybe after changing the Ram stick for the very first time, some of the windows files got KAPUT! and the System started giving a new Bsod everytime...

Anyways sorry for the late and long reply...the issue seems to have been fixed and you guys can lock this thread...

Thanks a lot!!
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