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Troubleshoot! A Virus. OH, NO!

This is a discussion on Troubleshoot! A Virus. OH, NO! within the Inactive Malware Help Topics forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello, This first time I have ever gotten a virus on my labtop since I've gotten it. Ugh, very fustrating,

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This first time I have ever gotten a virus on my labtop since I've gotten it. Ugh, very fustrating, also, I'm the type of person whose a do it herself person, plus I literally have no money to spend on professional help or professional programs. I've spend quite a bit of time trying to locate the problem myself and spent some time researching signs that I should be looking for to identifying the type of virus. Does knowing the type of a virus determine the type of protection I should use? Anyway, even with all my researching I barely skimmed the surface of figuring out how to get rid of this annoying menace of a virus, however I'm glad to say that I have stumbled upon this website for tech support. I say I can only go wrong not taking a risk and seeing if I can get further help in my problem. SOOO with that much said, the problem:

The virus occured about Jan 13. I thought that I had gotten rid of the virus once but within a few days it reinstalled itself and seemed to be worse, i guess after talking to more and more ppl about it that its common.
Before the virus caused a series of pop ups saying such and such file is infected, which turned out to be everything I tried to open. Then after that "warning" I'd get another pop up sayin that my computer is unprotected and would pop an antivirus scanner and automatically starts to scan my computer. As soon as it begins to scan another pop up will appear asking if i'd like to purchase an antivirus program and automatically sends me to a webpage of the program. I tried to go to other sites after that but I couldn't. That is the reoccuring problem. I tried to open file such as debug, or norton, or program and controls to uninstall files that aren't need and with every attempt I'd be directed to the Antivirus scan(that's what it was called).

I wanted to know a few things; as well as, advice. Right now it seems as if the virus is gone. I haven't seen a trace of it yet, but this is the first day I'm trying again to get rid of it after turning my computer completely off for a week, so I'm trying to search through my computer and ensure that its well rid of. I thought it was gone once before and then it came back slightly worse than before with more pop ups than usual I have a hunch that it will come back slightly more worse than the second time. How do you suppose I go about cleaning it?

First: I found some virus scan programs off of others reply saying what can help and what can't help with scanning for viruses. I'm a little effie on whether or not to use them because the internet is one big containation as far as I'm concern.
What I have: Windows 7 upgrade advisor
Malwarebytes' Anti-malware
Norton Sercuity Scan
I also have another one that is on my usb the name I forgot because it was renamed to be hidden from viruses.
What types of scanning program are acceptable to download? If there any other suggestion that I should try please let me know. A problem is how to use the scanners. I'm not sure that after removing "so called threats" that they are completely gone. Each scanner says something different. Majority votes that their is not problem at the moment. I am not so sure.

Second: I get warnings issued from my labtop's security saying that I have an unprotected computer. I'm not sure how to check what programs are for security which are for scanning purpose only. Or do they both work for the same cause? I need advise on what programs are available for protecting my computer. Are these security programs going to help me in the future with preventing another virus? and is there any other kind of programs I should look for to installing on my laptop for further problems?

Thrid: Whats a DDS and a root kit? I was reading up on some of it but they were very vague on detail of explaining what it is exactly and what they do. I've only found ways of getting to it.

I'm not much of computer person but I actually try a lot harder that most to be able to fix my own problems with my labtop. I'm a full time college student with no money what so ever and currently living in a town where computer help is very sarace. If any one can help me in this I will most grateful beyond this world. My labtop controls most of my school work progress and well as personal I'm sure people are basing their work life around the efficient running of their computer. Please is needed.

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