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removing harddrive from computer to scan with another computer, please advise

This is a discussion on removing harddrive from computer to scan with another computer, please advise within the Inactive Malware Help Topics forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I was wondering if it is possible to remove a harddrive from an infected computer to perform a scan using

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I was wondering if it is possible to remove a harddrive from an infected computer to perform a scan using another known clean computer with anti software?

heres the story that lead me to post this post looking for help

my coworker brought his dell xp laptop, that does not have any anti-whatever, to work for everyone to use in the breakroom b/c the company blocks all company computers from accessing social networking sites, email, and installing programs like instant messengers. well the other day I was using the laptop to show the other coworkers how to use torrents. I downloaded and installed utorrent and went to thepiratebay.org to look for some downloads. i founds some torrents and began the downloads and some completed within the hour. there were a couple torrents that were still downloading and at the end of the day i forgot to shutdown his computer. so all weekend all those torrents where seeding to other computers. come the following monday i go to use the laptop and i could not connect to the companys wireless network. i got a message saying something along the lines "blah blah network trying to join has blocked access to this computer blah blah". so i said oh s***, shut the computer off, and played it off the rest of the day. tuesday comes, my other coworker comes to me and says "can u show me that website again?" me thinking the computer somehow fixed itself i went to go checkout the laptop and internet was working again (for awhile). so i go back to thepiratebay.org, click a few links, found some torrents, then all hell broke loose. as i was browsing the torrents another window popped up looking like microsofts security control panel saying that i'm not protected and that the antivirus is updating. knowing that the laptop does not have antivirus, i realized it was another pop ad, and i clicked the x and the window went away but i noticed that there was an icon by the clock. i clicked it and it was the same pop up window and i said oh s***. i pressed ctrl alt del to end process but instead of the task manager comming up another dialog came up saying something like "unable to terminate" and i was like.... o f***. getting more worried i went back to internet explorer to go to trendmicro and use there free housecall scan, but now the internet explorer doesnt work, no urls i typed worked, i even tryed the google test to see if google comes up, nope, all navigation error messages. getting even more worried, i did a cold shut down or whatever its called where u kill the power and turns the computer immediately off. saying the lords prayer i started the laptop up again, everything seemed normal until it got to the logon/login screen(screen where u pick which user profile to use), and sure enough another dialog box came up saying some like ( blah blah unable to execute logon.exe blah blah click ok"... (sigh), f****** s***. I hope that was detailed enough.

there is a local computer repair store in town that i'm pretty sure they can fix my problem but charges 55bucks. i dont have the kind of money, so my plan is to take out his harddrive and go to bestbuy and buy an external harddrive case, set it up, connect it to my computer, run the scan and remove the problem. my computer is running XP media center and i'm running McAfee Security Center.

is this a possible solution? if not please help and advise on alternate solutions.
thank you
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