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This is a discussion on Wireless audio advice within the Sound Cards forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi guys! First of all, i know this is a 'sound cards' board, but i couldn't find a more relevant

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Hi guys!
First of all, i know this is a 'sound cards' board, but i couldn't find a more relevant board to post this in!

I'm looking for some advice on a potential wireless audio config. Basically I have a Yamaha 5.1 setup in my lounge room, which includes an amp with HDMI and RCA connections. The RCA goes to a 3.5mm splitter box that goes to my TV and to an aux cable that i have on my coffee table so i can plug in my laptop or phone to stream music.
This is where my first question lies. My 3.5mm splitter box is a cheap Hong Kong thing, and it doesn't provide power, so if the TV is on while i stream from my laptop, it will halve the volume of both. Consequently, if I turn off the TV or close my laptop, the other volume will shoot to 100% and often scare the crap out of me. Can anyone recommend a powered 3.5mm splitter to remedy this?

Now to my second question. Is there such a product that will allow me to be done with the auxiliary cable i have leading to my coffee table, and instead implement a bluetooth (or equivalent) receiver that won't absolutely kill the audio quality? I've tried one of the small square Belkin bluetooth receivers and it sounded totally rubbish, so i'm looking for something more robust than that, if possible.

Any advice is much appreciated :)
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