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Xbox One Connectivity Issues w/ University

This is a discussion on Xbox One Connectivity Issues w/ University within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. After doing a variety of testing, I believe I have found a few concrete issues with the connection provided by

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After doing a variety of testing, I believe I have found a few concrete issues with the connection provided by the University.

I am having issues connecting to peer-to-peer environments with my Xbox One on the university connection. Games that run on dedicated servers, like Battlefield 4 and Destiny, I connect to and play with no lag. However, games like Warframe (Xbox One),Minecraft (Xbox One) do not work. I can never connect to anyone, and am forced to play alone or not at all. Even party chat wont function properly, for I cant hear anyone in the chat.

Im going to further this by explaining exactly what happens to the Xbox One as soon as a peer-to-peer enviorment is encountered. When I run a multiplayer connection test after attempting this sort of action, it cannot complete the test. Holding the bumpers and triggers brings me to a detailed statistics page, where everything seems normal, except under upload speed, there is absolutely nothing. This seems to be the outcome of the problem of trying to connect peer-to-peer. If I wait a bit, this should return to normal, allowing me to continue to play dedicated servered games.

The game in question that has forced my hand for a solution is Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Technically the game should run on Dedicated Servers, but since those are not working properly, within 30-40 seconds of matchmaking, the game switches over to a peer-to-peer connection search (Figured out running constant multiplayer tests at different intervals).

This is extremely frustrating as It prevents me from playing certain games with friends and connecting to peer- hosted lobbies.

The school security system that sets up their network is called Resnet. I have both a wired port in my room and a wifi spot. I found that I can avoid packet loss by avoiding the port and connecting my laptop to the Wi-Fi and then using "internet connection sharing" to connect my Xbox One to the internet. But the aforementioned error still occurs in the same fashion.

Just as a side note, my Xbox 360 can function in peer-to-peer environments. It seems to me that because the Xbox One requires more ports to be open, it requires more attention from the internet making this issue arise here, and not on the Xbox 360.

Im looking for a solution to this. I have contacted the service department, but it works very slow. If youcan think of any trickery I can use in order to manage to play peer-to-peer environments on my Xbox One it be greatly appreciated. Even if some measures are not totally legal, Im willing to get this solved.
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Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Your hands are tied here, as you have no control over the network you are using. You will need to deal with ResNet in order for them to look into the problem. Chances are, they will never open the ports.

Even if some measures are not totally legal, Im willing to get this solved.
At the risk of losing your College Degree and schooling, I'm sure this is not the case.
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