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Unable to Connect to Games' Login Servers

This is a discussion on Unable to Connect to Games' Login Servers within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. TL;DR - Can't connect to login servers of online games, not my firewall's fault, not my internet connection's fault. Supwitdat?

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TL;DR - Can't connect to login servers of online games, not my firewall's fault, not my internet connection's fault. Supwitdat?

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Okay... so this all started a couple weeks ago when I downloaded Path of Exile's beta client the day after open beta went live. I started having trouble connecting to PoE's login servers, and would get an error telling me so.

I checked my firewall, PoE wasn't on the list of included programs, so I added it. Game worked fine. Next day, same issue. Disabled firewall - Nothing. Re-enabled firewall. Game worked fine.

After 3-4 days, no matter what I did to my computer (Restarting, unplugging everything and replugging, turning firewall off, running in admin, turning off other programs while trying to load, etc.) nothing could make my computer connect to the login server.

During this entire time, I was able to connect to the internet without issue. Youtube, forums, google, everything worked great. I could load offline games, but after attempting to run League of Legends, I began noticing any online game was giving me this error. Even when my firewall was turned off, or the appropriate program was included in the firewall's allowed list.

So I said balls with Path of Exile, still have no confirmation on whether it was their client that caused this mess, but regardless... I uninstalled the client, wiped everything related to it, and decided to reset my firewall, just in case I had screwed with it too much and messed something up.

Everything worked fine after that for a solid couple of weeks (League of Legends, in particular, as that's the game I have to "Login" to most frequently nowadays). Last night, though... same problem... I CAN, however, log into and interact with Steam now. (I couldn't while the Path of Exile program was installed.) I can also login to skype, dropbox, etc. It's just games...

Can ANYONE shed some light on *** is happening to my computer?
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